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  1. ShadStorm98

    Fandom  MCU Future Roleplay

    Many many MANY years have passed since the ultimate battle between the Avengers and the Mad Tyrant Thanos. Ever since that fight, all the chaotic occurrences have slowly diminished. Sure, you'll get a supernatural event every so rarely, but it never got to that point of extreme. Life pretty much...
  2. bork bork

    Fandom  fandom rp partner search!

    Hello!! I'm looking for more roleplay partners Some things about me: -I've been rping since I was in middle school and I'm 21 now -I'm part of the LGBT community -I go by she/they pronouns Below I've listed the fandoms that I roleplay, my roleplays are generally oc x canon and yes I am...
  3. frankface

    Fandom  Big Gay MCU/Marvel Search!

    Semi-lit and up only. Minimum of one meaty paragraph until I know you well enough to know that quality drops aren't constant. Pairings I do (who I play in bold): Steve x Tony Peter x Wade Thor x Bruce (In all honesty I'd probably like a mix of all three of these in any roleplay we take up)...
  4. roxas

    Multiple Settings  Multiple interest check

    Hi I am new here but I have been doing this for 9 years I might be more comfortable with those around my age so 18+ I can be active alot and sometimes not that much but if you get busy let me know and I'll do the same I mostly do mxf and can do both male and female must give atleast a one to...
  5. Cutiekat

    Fandom  Need a Bucky Barnes or Steve Rogers for my O/C

    Hi! I’ve been away for awhile, but after a nasty breakup I’ve decided to distract myself with some RPing. Anyone who role plays as Steve or Bucky, welcome, we can discuss everything and decide on the details together.
  6. BoredomIsADrug

    Fandom  Looking for someone to play Deadpool for me.

    Please be literate, and don't ghost or leave without warning. I'm looking for someone to play Deadpool against my character, and I can play a lot of people from the MCU in return (except for Loki, I suck at him). Doubling is accepted, and even encouraged. The dynamic is probably going to be...
  7. ArpgJ

    Fandom  Looking for someone interested in Vampire Diaries or Marvel Universe

    Hi! I'm AJ and I'm trying to get back into the swing of rping and looking for (1x1) or I can do doubling. The two fandoms I'm into at the moment are The Vampire Diaries or The Marvel Universe. I know random. I'm looking for a Kol Mikaelson or Damon Salvatore for my Bonnie Bennett for my...
  8. BoredomIsADrug

    Fandom  Hi. I need serotonin. (Marvel and a bit of anime)

    I'm feeling depressed and need something to ease it all. I don't care if it's short term or long term. Here are my requirements: Fandoms: (Bold means I have AU's for the fandom) Marvel/mcu: I'd like someone to play comic/mcu Loki or Deadpool for me. The only comics I've read are the 'Agent...
  9. donotrefertome

    Fandom  New in town

    Hello! I’m new here and trying to figure it all out, so please have patience but I’m trying! I’m an experienced rp-er but I haven’t done forum style in a long time (as in please be 18+ I’m 22 so it’s just for comfort’s sake.) I love fandom role plays but I’m open to OC/OC if the vibe is right...
  10. foreverandalways

    Fandom  Marvel?

    Hey all! I've recently been watching a lot of MCU shows and movies and have since been craving a MCU RP. I can double as pretty much anyone but please ask as there a couple I won't as I feel like I don't do them well. Fair warning, there are some I haven't played before, so I will be willing to...
  11. Scarlet-White

    Fandom  Roleplay partner for MCU or Anime storylines (Canon x OC)

    Hi everyone! I am interested in finding a partner to get started on my 1st roleplay on this site. I am preferably looking to play OC x Canon. I would be using my OC while my partner would be interested in one of the following canons + storylines. Some canons I would like to roleplay with...
  12. bork bork

    Fandom  multifandom rp

    Hello!! I'm looking to do some roleplays I've been roleplaying ever since I was in middle school and I'm 21 years old now, but I am somewhat new to this site. I've had this account for a little while now, but still getting used to how this site works cause I wasn't on it a lot before. Below...
  13. bork bork

    Fandom  Marvel Interest Check

    Hello! I'm looking to do more Marvel rps right now, PM me if you're interested I do double up canon x oc and I prefer for my love interest to be Loki
  14. BoredomIsADrug

    Fandom  Specific Marvel Plot I want to try.

    Hi. You might know me as that one person who almost never posts outside of interest checks. If not, then hi. I'm BoredomIsADrug, and am currently in need of a specific plot. I used to do this with another roleplayer but got ghosted a while in. My requirements are simple: 1. Please don't ghost...
  15. RogueBird

    Fandom  Interest Check (Fandoms)

    I'd like to start with saying I am subject to changes, including throwing ideas around. A lot of the fandoms I will be sharing here are going to end up being anime related and each roleplay could end up being both canon-divergent and sticking to the canon stories. That'll all depend on how we...
  16. StruggleBus

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a Partner!

    Hey everyone! Mind the formatting, I'm typing this on my phone over a lunch break at work. This post is NOT indicative of my writing style/quality. Just like literally everyone else on this platform, I'm looking for a writing partner! I do not mind if you're male or female, so long as you're...
  17. tabbybutnotacat

    Fandom  MCU Search

    Hi there! Tabbybutnotacat here looking for an MCU Rp! I've been watching through all the movies again since WandaVision was just released and I'm absolutly craving an MCU RP! I'm 21 and live in the Eastern Time Zone. I can usually reply once a day, but on busier weeks it could be a little as...
  18. iSpudsy

    Fandom  1 x 1 fandoms inside the best dumpster fire

    Ello, you can call me Spuds or Spudsy. Things about me? I guess I'll bore you with the details. I'm in my twenties and as far as time zone goes I'm in the EST. I've been roleplaying for quite some time, starting with the ever loved text type. Ah, those days seemed better. I'm gonna keep this...
  19. BoredomIsADrug

    Multiple Settings  Alright, another search.

    Hi, I'm BoredomIsADrug. Lets just get the basic info over with. I'm open for basically anything, and am currently opening this search thread for only a few people. Maybe one or two. Fandoms: Marvel/MCU. Have also read the 'Agent of Asgard' comics and am currently reading others. (Looking...
  20. silent whisper

    Multiple Settings  delete please