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  1. scarletwitxh

    Fandom  fandom search | mcu, stranger things

    I started rewatching Stranger Things to watch season 4, and I forgot how much I love Steve Harrington. So, of course now I have the need to rp a couple different fandoms. Looking for: someone 18+ someone who can write enough to keep the story going someone who can help plot someone who likes to...
  2. gansuki

    Fandom  The New Avengers - The Next Generation (Main RP)

    House of Hex Upstate New York Tuesday, July 5th, 2062 12:30 PM EST It was a bright and sunny Tuesday morning. Henry was already awake and finishing up his 5th cup of coffee. He slept for only 3 hours last night because he was so nervous but very excited about the new arrivals for The New...
  3. ZaynMaliksheart

    Fandom  Multifandom Roleplay

    I’m looking for 2 x 2 descriptive roleplayers! I’m not picky on rules just don’t over power my oc or spam me. 7 lines minimum. You start and I can’t wait to rp with you !! Please BXG only <3 - Marvel # - divergent + - fast & furious * - Star Wars * - Criminal Minds # - Blue Bloods # -...
  4. niebo

    Multiple Settings  fandoms, original settings, all are welcome ♥

    about me x i'm 25 y/o, european, studying and working full time, but since the university year is done i have much more time on my hands-- so, i'm here again x since i'm in my twenties i usually prefer someone of similar age to be my partner but that's not a must x english is not my first...
  5. DowningInRemains

    Fandom  Rema's Multi-fandom RP Partner search

    Introduction: Hello, my name is Rema. I've only been on rp nation for almost a year, but I have over a decade of role-playing experience and have generally done writing as a hobby for a long time. My focus on RP is often characterization and world-building, either expanding upon concepts that...
  6. Call Me Dio

    Fandom  “look at her -- i would die for her. i would kill for her. either way -- what bliss.” - 1x1 Interest Check

    Hello there! Call me Dio, Yes like Dio Brando, or the band, or Ronnie James Dio? Are there any more Dio's I need to be aware of? Regardless I am a 16 year old roleplayer from the CST area of American. I'm nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. I'm currently working a part time job at a fast food...
  7. shisorutoaisu

    Multiple Settings  shiso's back alley fandom+orig bargain bin, featuring favorites new and old! | added: mlpfim

    hello rpnation, it is i, shiso, returned for one of the laziest of my search ads yet i'm just so existentially exhausted i don't wanna bother with the coding today, y'know? =v= about me: ■ i'm 28, she/her, queer, tired, live in the gmt-7 zone ■ i write third person present tense multipara, up...
  8. gansuki

    Fandom  The New Avengers - The Next Generation OOC Thread

    Hi! This is the OOC thread for The New Avengers - The Next Generation
  9. gansuki

    Fandom  The New Avengers - The Next Generation CS Thread

    This is where you all will be posting your character sheets! Name: Alias: Age: Gender: Pronouns: Sexuality: Appearance: Backstory: Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses:
  10. gansuki

    Fandom  The New Avengers - The Next Generation - CLOSED

    It's been 40+ years since the death of Tony Stark. The Avengers have fallen apart and no one is fighting crime anymore. That is until a wealthy wizard named Henry Hex came in and formed the next generation of Avengers. Henry aims to recruit some of the best superhumans to fight crime. And he...
  11. supernootural68

    Fandom  Content (1x1 hunt)

    Hi! Welcome to my rp hunt, I may suck at creating ads- but I make up for it in my posts! I’m noot, 24, central time zone- and super excited to meet some new partners! Like stated above, I am currently on the hunt for some new partners! I am a lover of oc/ oc, cannon/ cannon, oc/ cannon...
  12. Bacon Bits

    Multiple Settings  burnt bacon (multiple plots + fandoms and so on)

    Hey! Thanks for popping in. Before I got started, I figured I’d include a little about myself. - I’m 20+ and I operate very loosely on EST (typically like Noon - 2 am). - I’m in college right now, so eventually I’ll return to classes and responses may get to once a week, during my busy periods...
  13. ares_l

    Fandom  fandom rp search! (craving stranger things!)

    hey y’all, it’s ares! so, i’m gonna be straight forward, i’m hyper fixated on a bunch of things right now, so this thread is currently what is happening! all plots and characters will be discussed in pms but i do want to do oc x canon, and i’m willing to double. for my fandoms, i’ll list the...
  14. MainEventMan

    Fandom  Marvel/DC Crack Ship anyone?

    So I'm a big fan of comic books as well as fluffy romance stories, and this particular pairing just so happens to be on my mind! I'd like to engage in an RP starring Spider-Man and Starfire! I was thinking it could be set in an amalgam Marvel/DC universe (but without the weird amalgam characters...
  15. anxienthistoryy

    Fandom  Asgardian Affairs (Loki & Eira)

    makin' fonts work here. if you change the fonts, change 'em here too. love and paranoia love and paranoia -- -- change title here. if the placement of the title looks wonky, feel free to mess with the font size, letter spacing, and 'margin-top' or 'left' to move the position. Asgardian...
  16. B2018

    Fandom  The Marvel Cinematic verse! Oc x Cc adv lit! Searching for a Steve Rogers!

    Hey! 23 year old female here seeking other adult writers to work with. Today I’m on the hunt for something a tad different. Today I’m actually searching for fans of the MCU. I’m looking for people passionate about plotting who’ll listen to my ideas and help me work out wether we can make some of...
  17. GucciDishTowel

    Fandom  Marvel! (Moon Knight and Spiderman centric)

    Hello! I'm Potato, 26 and looking for a new partner or two for a Marvel thread! Currently I'm looking for a Spider-Man/Moon Knight thread (blended works even better!) I'm more versed in the movies/series, but I do know a little of the comics and I'm willing to do my research! So before I dive...
  18. Lir_the_witch

    Fandom  Spider-man? spider-man! [Oc xCannon]

    Okay let's start off with the fact Spider-man is my favourite marvel character. Ever. He was my first introduction into the marvel universe [I was like,,, 7 or something, Spectacular spider-man show was my favourite] I haven't watched most of the movies though, which sounds insane [I prefer...
  19. reachforthesky145

    Multiple Settings  Olympic AU check!

    "Wisdom's daughter walks alone. The mark of Athen burns through Rome." - Rick Riordan Hello, hello, hello! Welcome, all mortals, heroes, demigods, Gods, and Goddesses alike! As the name implies, I am looking for a Greek God/Goddess AU! I am in a plethora of fandoms and would love to...
  20. excalibur

    Fandom  palladium poisoned ✨ mcu onexone

    hi hi hi i've got an itch for my favorite tin can and scrunkly meow meow so naturally here i am, making a nuisance of myself she/her, mid twenties, queer, indecipherable sleep schedule, call me whatever you like :3c o1. limits - the ooc and ic mention of: smoking, drugs, vaping, alcohol, and...