marvel universe

  1. Names McCree

    Fandom  A small rp search

    ~Intro~ Howdy! Yall can call me either Connor, Lixor, Dez, or whatever else ya want. Let me say. I've been roleplaying for a good two-threeish years, and I am but a Simple HighSchooler with a semi-busy life. I love roleplaying though I don't do it as often as I like. I do enjoy talking, but...
  2. SophisticatedTruffle

    Fandom  Looking for a Loki *I know. Cringe. I know.*

    Hey guys I told myself I wouldn't make this thread but I also told myself I would never drink alcohol when I was an adult but here we are. I'm looking for a *good* Loki to be played against a character I haven't been able to give justice. I'm not really into a Loki that never turned bad...
  3. LadybirdMooch

    Fandom  Avengers....Assemble

    So, I've been watching hella Avengers edits after rewatching Endgame for the billionth time and I kind of want to do an Avengers AU before Thanos or something...I dunno. I just want to do something sweet and fluffy and possibly romantic though the pairing I'm craving is strictly platonic and...
  4. Omens

    Fandom  Avengers/Doctor Who Crossover (18+)

    Hey, I'm looking for someone to play Loki for my male OC. I will double as any MCU or Doctor Who character. My character is the son of the Doctor and River Song. He's a few hundred years old and recently regenerated. He stole his father's TARDIS and has his mother's taste for trouble. He lands...
  5. AlmighTy

    Fandom  Young Justice Base

    The Base Each member receives an invitation to the justice leagues second base upon arrival they all are given three things A room key A young justice ID And phone Batman stands in front and runs down the rules, going to schools is a must to keep up with your persona( Gotham Academy)...
  6. Superwholock

    Fandom  Spider-verse RP Interest Check

    Would anyone be interested in a Spider-verse rp? It would be mostly OCs, but we would at least need someone to play Miles and Peter B. The other canon characters from the movie would be open if anyone wishes to play them as well. I want to see if anyone is interested before I explain the plot...
  7. TeamRocketsJessie

    Multiple Settings  Marvel

    Hey! I’m looking for someone that would be interested in a marvel rp, the two ships I’m craving the most lately are Tony x pepper or wade x Vanessa. I’m willing to double up as well(: please reply here or message if interested.
  8. Musa Ink

    Fandom  Back and Looking for New Partners

    Hey guys. I'm looking for someone who would want to do an Antisepticeye X Darkiplier OC or Sander Sides OC (Specifically Deceit x Anxiety/Virgil) For the Antisepticeye X Darkiplier, I will be playing Anti. I have a few different stories for this one so we can discuss it more in Private I also...
  9. Vagrantspirit_

    Realistic or Modern  Realism and the fantasies that lay beyond it

    Why hello there! Thanks for visiting my rambling! I'm eager to RP, so I'm going to jump right into business! Rules: -18+. I am not comfortable with RPing with minors -No one-liners, please. I don't like enforcing length requirements as I believe writing as a certain flow, but single lines...
  10. monxmiracle

    Fandom  Looking For RP Partners

    Hi RPNation! So I'm currently on the hunt for some 1x1 RP Partners. I would prefer to find people in a similar age to me so anyone born from '03 to '93 the oldest. Or around 17 to 25 as of 2019. This will change as I age, so just pay attention to the years in bold. But basically the youngest I...
  11. Superwholock

    Fandom  Interested in 1x1 rp for Anime, Video Games, Movies, TV, Books, etc

    Hi, my name is Supes! I'm fairly new to this site, although I've been roleplaying for almost a decade now. I like to think that my roleplaying and writing style has improved in that time; I tend to have a minimum of 4 sentences per post and good grammar. I appreciate it if my partner is able to...
  12. Karabunny101

    Fandom  Fandoms, Fandoms and More Fandoms!

    Hello! My name is Kara! I have not been on here in quite a while and it seems some things have changed. Thus, I may be putting this in the wrong place, hopefully not. Let me start out by saying I am sorry to anyone I have RP'd with in the past. I had some major health issues come up and it...
  13. NintendoStitch2003

    Fandom  Marvel MCU - Civil War Roleplay

    I'm interested in doing a Marvel Cinematic Universe roleplay with anyone who might be interested. All I ask is that you try to match the length of my responses and that you allow me to play as more than one character. The one is a mix of Tony Stark x Peter Parker (Platonic or Romantic) and...
  14. eri.g.

    Fandom  Avenger RP

    Hey guys! I’m a female rper looking to do a long term avengers rp where we both play an OC and a canon character of the other persons choosing. I like detailed writers who add description and aren’t afraid to mix things up! I’m more than capable of adjusting to write the same lengths as my...
  15. _talknerdy.tome_


    Hiya! I'm looking for an Adv-lit, longterm Roleplay partner to indulge with me in one of the following Avengers Ships! ~Stucky~ ~Thorki~ ~Starker~ I personally enjoy collaborating with my roleplay partner to come up with exciting and detailed plot lines that keep the story going. I also...
  16. fandomlove1514

    Fandom  Anyone want to come look?

    looking for a few fandoms. I do double and will post who I would like you to be. Oc Canon pairings are love. Ask about modern settings or pairings. When comes to super powers please no godlike powers. I prefer mxf but with doubling I wi do slash.In parentheses is who I want you to double as. And...
  17. TeamRocketsJessie

    Fandom  Deadpool

    Would anybody be interested in a Deadpool and Vanessa (copycat) rp? I’m willing to play either Wade or Vanessa
  18. LittleButton

    Fandom  Little Space (M/M)

    Hello everyone! I'm looking for people who might be interested in doing a Little space/Age regression roleplay. I'll be roleplaying the little and I'm open to doing a variety of fandoms or we could use our own characters. Doesn't matter to me! There's a couple requirements for those who might...
  19. PhoenixRising23

    Fandom  Looking For a Long Term Partner

    Feel free to PM me anytime about anything of interest you see here :blowkiss: Hello and thank you for taking a look at my thread! As the title states, I'm currently in search of long term role plays. So I'll give you a bit of an overview on me. On top of being a writer, I'm also a filmmaker. I...
  20. MainEventMan

    Fandom  Strange Marvel/DC Crossover RP starring Spider-Man and Raven? (Looking for someone to play Raven!)

    Hello! So I had this odd idea for a Marvel/DC crossover RP, revolving around a strange pairing I had in mind. Spider-Man x Raven. XD So here's my idea. Pete and Rae are both teens, right? Well, in Peter's case he's usually a teen in high school in most of his continuities. :P So I had an idea...