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  • Gotta be thankful for being able to tell when someone leaves a PM so you know they ditched you 🙄
    People could at least tell you they don't want to keep RPing yeah that's still sucks especially if they didn't reply for weeks but at least you know not to expect anything to happen.
    I'll never understand people saying they want to RP with you and just leaving not to long into it
    Anyone else hate when people comment on RP post and have no interest in RPing I find it so annoying and it gives false hope especially if it's a RP you've really wanted to do
    God I hate that too like they rather suggest a idea instead because it's similar to yours but it's really not and they just wanted a excuse to tell you about it.
    It's annoying like don't even bring up the original idea just ask about yours instead that would be so much more simple
    mine was I think it was over in Deviantart think it was a post for a My life as a teenage robot RP and basically they just messaged me saying they aren't interested and basically they just messaged because they know I RP because of that post which fine but why bring it up?
    Here's just a list of series I like I may not want to RP them all the time but in case anyone wants to ask to RP here's stuff I like

    Sonic (Games/IDW and Archie)



    Yo-Kai Watch


    Marvel(comics and cartoons maybe some games)

    DC(comics and cartoons)

    Transformers Animated


    Hazbin Hotel

    Powerpuff Girls

    My Life As a Teenage Robot

    Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

    Ben 10 Omniverse

    Adventure Time (OG and Fionna and Cake)

    My Little Pony FIM

    Lot of these I like to do set in the future because I like using next gen OCs as some of the characters I play so know that before asking although some of them can work without doing future stuff.
    Just gonna say don't start a RP if your not sure about it or at least make sure to discuss it the other person or at least tell them your not sure so they know because it sucks when someone quits on you and you could of known the hole time they weren't fully into the idea.
    Note to anyone who actually wants to RP with me if I ask you to not do something please don't keep doing it I will just leave it's one of the few things that I will leave for
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