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Fandom Fate/Noble Souls: Missing Link (Lore)

Servant Creation

In this section, before you begin your Servant creation, it is very important to know what kind of Class your Servants will be put under. Each Class has its own Skills that comes within the Class container. They are different from your Servants' Personal Skills, which are exclusive to your Servants outside of their Class Skills.

Servant Classes and Class Skills
  • Sabers are Servants that wield swords and possess high parameters. Usually considered to be the best Class overall. Their Class Skills are Magic Resistance (defends against magic-based attacks) and Riding (allows to ride any vehicle).

  • Lancers are Servants that wield pole arms such as spears, lances, etc. Often the most agile among the rest of the Classes. Their only Class Skill is Magic Resistance.

  • Archers are Servants that excel in ranged weaponry (and despite it's name, the weapons are also include firearms and throwing projectiles). Often one of the more difficult Classes to control due to their near-independence, coinciding with their Class Skill Independent Action, allowing them to remain active while away from their Master. They also come with Magic Resistance.

  • Shielders are a recently new Class of Servants that was added to the standard line-up of Classes a hundred years ago. It was originally an Extra Class and it came to be once it was determined by the Mages Association that there are more than enough Heroic Spirits who could qualify, and partially influenced by an accidental summon of a certain 'Knight of the Round Table'. They heavily rely on defense. Other than Magic Resistance and Riding, they also possess the Class Skill Self-Field Defense, granting them the ability put up powerful defenses to them and their allies. The higher the rank, the more area the defenses can cover.

  • Riders are Servants that wield powerful Noble Phantasms in the form of mounts, which can range from simple horses, vehicles and supernatural creatures. They put heavy emphasis on speed thanks to them, though it may vary depending on the Servant summoned. Their Class Skills are Magic Resistance and, well, Riding.

  • Casters are Servants that excel in magecraft. They're one of the weakest Classes in terms of physical ability. Their Class Skills are Item Construction (creating items with sufficient materials) and Territory Creation (altering the area to suit their abilities).

  • Assassins are Servants that are masters of stealth. They're one of the weakest Classes along with Caster and they're often notorious for primarily targeting Masters than Servants, not helped by their moderate combat abilities (though this varies between Servants). Their only Class Skill is Presence Concealment, which renders them completely undetectable.

  • Berserkers are Servants that rivals Sabers in terms of power. This is all thanks to their Class Skill Mad Enhancement, trading their sanity for boosts in their parameters, rendering them insane, psychopathic and, well, berserk, making them very hard to control.

  • Rulers (GM Exclusive) are Servants that serves as overseers of the Grail-Gem War. Their job is to ensure that the war won't escalate to the point of getting civilians involved. Their Class Skills are Magic Resistance, Item Construction, God's Resolution (giving them two Command Seals that they can use to force a Servant to obey their order) and True Name Discernment (knowing the True Name of the Servant by at least a good look).

  • Avengers (GM Exclusive) are Servants that are driven by revenge that have never faded even in death. Originally a forgotten Class, they're summoned along with Ruler to act as "executioners" on those who break the rules of the war. Their Class Skills are Magic Resistance, Avenger (becomes stronger the more grudges (i.e. damage) they receive), Oblivion Correction (knowing their enemies' past action and use it against them) and Self-Replenishment (Mana) (constantly regenerates a miniscule amount of mana until they satisfy their revenge).

Differences Between True and False Servants

True Servants
  • They are associated with the Holy Grail.

  • They are summoned from the Throne of Heroes.

  • They are based on historical, mythological and public domain figures.

False Servants
  • They are associated with the Recreation Gem.

  • They are summoned from Valhalla.

  • They are based on characters from any fandom like anime, cartoons, videogames, etc.
New Free City

Greetings from New Free City!


By the year 3000, many places around the world have becomes fully technological. One of these is New Free City, the Cyber Capital of California. It is named as such because it is both the place where the Cyber Livelihood Law was passed (which allows everybody to use robots known as "Cybers" in their daily lives) and because it is where people are free to do whatever they want. Emphasis on the word "Free". People living there are free to do as they pleased, including crime.

New Free City is one of the places that have a very high crime rate. What was supposed to be a place where people can do what they want with their lives has become a cesspool of criminals. It doesn't help that most crimes committed also uses Cybers. The worst however is that the city is home to two rivaling robot manufacturing companies; Shenzheng Industries and Nanba Technologies.

Shenzheng is a Chinese-owned robot company that specializes in mass-produced and cheap Cybers. They may lack the quality of their Japanese rival, but thanks to their cheap production values, they are the fastest-selling Cyber company in the world. On the other hand, Nanba Technologies is a Japanese-owned robot company that takes its time to create high quality, yet expensive Cybers. These two companies' rivalry are as heated as Microsoft versus Apple. Both of their Cybers are used by the residents of New Free City in their daily lives.

And before you could ask; no, Cybers are NOT capable of magecraft. You can have cybernetic implants, but you cannot be a full-on robot Master.
Important NPCs
While you have the power to make as many NPCs as you like (provided that they don't do anything that could disturb the plot), there are some key figures that you should be aware of as they are important throughout the war. More will be added as we progress through the RP.

  • e568089446ac393f0b7c8b27e62ffbf5.jpg

    -Last Active Executor, Strongest Mage of Today-
    Aya Ho-ohmaru is the last active Executor among the others who have either retired or long passed. Originally tasked with observing the war by the orders of the Holy Church, Aya decided to take part in it after being contacted by her adopted grandmother to help her "son" adjusting to his new environment. And by "take part", it meant fighting Servants to test her enhanced body after she subjected herself to have her entire skeleton reinforced and added cybernetics.

    While armed with rocket-powered gauntlets and some martial arts training, Aya is known by both the Mages Association, Holy Church and even the entire world to be the strongest mage of the modern era. She possessed the knowledge of all thing magecraft, including the language of the Gods that was said to be lost in time. But what the world doesn't know is that Aya possessed a secret weapon that could make her a very formidable and very difficult opponent, one that she rarely used because it will make her fights boring.

    Her secret weapon is the Seventh Holy Scripture, a Conceptual Weapon owned by the Holy Church. It is known as the "Immortal Killer" for being effective against vampires and other immortal beings. This includes Servants. It has multiple forms, each named after a cause of death. It's default form is a pile bunker (Conviction) and the others are a rifle (Immolation), a whip sword (Blood Loss), a ballista (Collision), and many more that she has yet to reveal.
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