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Multiple Settings We Were Once Legends

This Rp is inspired by JRPG's and some anime (I guess haha). Most notably Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. That being said lets get into the nitty-gritty details!

There are many worlds, each being independent from one another and separated by the dimensional barriers. These places were vastly different from each other, even so, they were similar too, some worlds more than others. There are high-tech worlds, which invested there time into research of technology improving it to a sci-fi degree, these people sought out the stars, traversing into space and finding themselves lost to the endless sanctuary of stars, but to no avail. there were also planets more Intune with magic, they decided to invest their time into the studies of mana, creating a world run by magic as opposed to battery. It was believed that the infinite sky once held all the worlds untied together, but at some point in history they were separated due to a resource conflict, so it was best the worlds were locked away.

Even so, Humanity would arise to the occasion, a special few, powerful individuals known simply as "Legends" were extremely powerful, so much so they could open the barrier by sheer willpower. They would open a doorway into the dimension barrier to traverse to the other worlds, this doorway looked like a crack in space, with light peaking out. These individuals, in practice, were meant to rise up to the occasion and protect the innocent and those who couldn't defend themselves. But there are those who would use their gifts for evil. Those people were the ones who were taken into custody by the Gods to be imprisoned. The criminals would have their legendary equipment, powers, and abilities sealed away as punishment. Even worse, there memories were also taken, making them a blank slate. As atonement for their crimes the Gods would explain their wrong doings, but also make them undergo missions in their stead.

Character Expectations/Character Guidelines -

That's where the Story would begin. We wake up with no recollection of anything, our memories wiped clean. the Gods explain our crimes to us and tell us we must do missions for them, because even though we are dangerous we are capable and useful. Our characters have had our legendary equipment and powers sealed into a Lockeblade. Which is a sealing technique, basically the gods take what makes us legends away from us; Our True Form, Our Specialized Magic, Some Unique Feature of us, A Legendary Weapon, Powerful Summon, the list goes on. Then once they have taken it, a special smith (Also a God) will forge them into a LockBlade, this is a sword with chains wrapped all around it, which has a padlock located somewhere on it, the swords can be different in length and width, heck the blade can come in many forms, byut due to its nature as a technique, it'll always be a sword. The reason they seal our legends away is so that we can't use our abilities whenever, but because they are very useful they don't want to rid us of it. During Missions we will be granted permission and granted a SoulKey which is a key made of pure energy which will unlock the sword and allow the Legend to gain temporary access to their Legendary Equipment or Ability. A person may have multiple Lockeblade's, One for a set of Legends (the term for Legendary Equipment and Abilities, ETC). A Lockeblade can only contain so many items at a time. However, even so, the player still has abilities they can use, such as racial abilities and even simple elemental and support magic, anyone can learn it or simply use a magic crystal. Also regarding our character's, they don't have to be evil, our memories were wiped, that's not to say the gods are bad, but that has yet to be revealed, so your character could've been good, but as far as we know we are "evil" since that's what the gods have been telling us. so it leads to an interesting dynamic, we could act good with the new "us" or continue to act bad, since they already think they are. But eventually our memories will be returned, and how will our characters deal with that?
Note: Summons would be sealed within a Lockeblade, but something more sentient with its own thoughts such as a pet, would be hard too, and once unsealed it couldn't be easily re-sealed, so instead the true and powerful form of a pet would be sealed into the blade instead.
Also no fanfiction characters, this is strictly Original Characters, thanks!

The Tone is both happy but can be dark at times too. The Characters may have to undergo hard trails but will ultimately come out on top.

Each Story Arc will differ. But initially I'd like to establish characters and their relationships with each other. Once that is started, then we could start going out and doing random missions for our freedom, after that the story will likely start to pick up and then there will be more of an overarching plot.

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