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Fantasy ┌ spellsword ┘ Of Fantasy and Anime

Sir Les Paul

The Duke of Chords and Apostle of Ghan
Anime have drawn inspiration from classic tabletop games for years—some better than others. I myself am a fan of the DnD-into-anime style and it does seem to be increasing in popularity. Some are isekai with the main character bringing in outside knowledge, some follow the trope of the protagonist being far too powerful, many depart from their roots well within the first season. This is not what spellsword is about. My mission statement in designing the game was to create a balance between the aspects of anime I liked from the genre and my actual experiences playing both tabletops and Baldur's Gate 3.

In terms of anime, the inspiration being drawn from here include but are not limited to Delicious In Dungeon, Goblin Slayer, Is it Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon, Jobless Reincarnation, Frieren: Beyond Journey's End, and Grimgar: Of Fantasy and Ash. I will be using the full English names of most anime for the sake of clarity. As for video games, there is clear parallels to Baldur's Gate (or any DnD-inspired video game, honestly), but also elements in some ways taken from the Elder Scrolls and Warcraft.

What I wanted was a game that organically gave the players a slight power spike in their characters without giving them absolute main character syndrome. What I wanted was super human feats that felt very anime-inspired but without the absurd scaling that comes with shonen anime. I did not want to make magic scale up to an atomic bomb just to keep up with a fighter enhancing themselves. However, I did want to preserve the feeling of high-level warriors being far outside the realm of human potential. In short, I rewatched a lot my favorite anime and even read some of the manga to figure out what I felt were the elements I wanted in a roleplay that would work in a roleplay to be a compelling, engaging game and pick out many of the drawbacks of each source material.

The ultimate goal for spellsword is to feel very much like a classic fantasy dungeon-delver with some anime twists thrown in, not a cheesy light novel being adapted into a anime to push sales.

The world will have darker themes, Goblin Slayer is in that list for a reason; there will also be racial strife, slavery, colonial land-theft, and a history of war crimes. Most of that won't actively affect the characters for a while, but it will define the world they'll be in.

This interest check is exactly that: just throwing feelers for anyone that would be interested. There is a OOC made and the Lore is mostly-done with plenty of room left to make edits, add things in players want, and expand the in-game dungeon. I wanted to create a solid base for the game, but avoid locking players out of options if possible.

If this at all interests you, here is link to the OOC (which itself has the game Discord Link) and the Lore. If what you see appeals to you, shoot a reply here and share your thoughts. Hell, even if you aren't interested, feel free to share your thoughts or perhaps your favorite anime of those listed (or a similar one I didn't list).

I realize I should probably note my goals/expectations:

I would prefer a smaller group of 3-5 players and I likely will not have my own active combat PC, instead more than likely taking the place of supporter unless someone else really wants that spot.

My general goal is a post per player per week-to-ten days, though I have my post post cycle system I'll outline later. Faster is fine, speedposting is not.

I really like to bounce ideas for classes or systems off of others, so working together to make something unique is totally on the table so long as it fits within the wide magic system.

For writing standards: third person past tense for the majority (though this can vary for specialty posts or purposes, such as internal dialogue if that's your style) and normally multi-paragraph posts, but not necessarily light novella-level stuff.​
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oooooh I’m so excited 😭😭
We absolutely love following the ethically worrying ambiguous money

I’ll pop into the ooc in a bit 🎵
I see this is getting quite a few eyes.

I will make a quickstart guide that condenses almost all of what is written into a helpful packet to get the setting.

...just let me finish writing the rest of the stuff I'm drowning in. XD
Oh my, I remember Grimgar being one of my favorites when i watched it. It did a great job at progression and giving a sense of depth to its world. I have no doubt smth inspired by that will be fun. So, I'd say you could color me interested

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