dark fantasy

  1. novacid

    Fantasy  chaos of divinity [nova x nightjar]

    No angel was supposed to want war; they should strive for peace, right? Solas believed so, though he understood why harm had fallen humanity over the years. He had helped where he could, but humans were surprisingly stubborn, not at all as he expected when the world was still young. In the...
  2. Ekko

    Fantasy  The Fallen

    Hello, My name is Jayden and I love Dungeons and Dragons (5e) I'm not much of a DM so I'm kinda looking for one that might be able to help out. I am looking for a group willing to play this out. Rules - Please be able to push out at least one reply a week if you aren't able to just tell us the...
  3. TheCynicalWriter

    Multiple Settings  Cynic rp search

    Salutations! Welcome to my little space on RPN - been awhile since I have been here, but I am back and ready to rp once again. Looking for two rp partners - [0/2] Information: ◇ I am looking for a partner that can deliver quality, quantity isn't a concern for me, solid paragraph or two is good...
  4. RainyMorning

    Multiple Settings  Whispers From The Dark

    If you'll allow me, let me intoxicate your soul with my words. Side Note: I only play female unless we double up on characters then I will play a male! ⋅ ⋅⊱❖⊰⋅ ⋅ INFO My name is RainyMorning, but you can call me Rainy. I have been roleplaying for three years about to be four I really crave a...
  5. RainyMorning

    Multiple Settings  Whispers from the dark

    ⋅ ⋅⊱❖⊰⋅ ⋅
  6. Blxxckbird

    Fandom  Ancient Magus' Bride?

    Hello all! I just finished Ancient Magus' Bride and I am kind of in the high of finishing an anime, and desperately want to explore the world some more. I was wondering if anyone else loved the anime and wanted to maybe come up with a plot for this fandom rp? I would prefer someone who writes...
  7. Allyceana

    Multiple Settings  Ally's Library Of Ideas

    PLOTS My Bad Boy Muse A is a very nice girl and Muse B is the bad boy type, they are both really good friends and care about each other. Muse A finds out their boyfriend of three years cheated on her, Muse A ends up going over to Muse B's home and the pair get drunk and have fun. Muse A ends up...
  8. l u k a s

    Fantasy  𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐑𝐄𝐒𝐓𝐋𝐄𝐒𝐒 𝐀𝐍𝐃 𝐅𝐎𝐑𝐆𝐎𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐍 - a supernatural roleplay recruitment / interest check .

    [ the cherry on top is i get ] --- grim reaper · a being which comes to collect the souls of the dead , and bring them to the afterlife . - see also , spiteful , and lazy . the witches · older women of a certain circle , who meddled where they shouldn't have . and brought upon themselves a curse...
  9. Seige

    Multiple Settings  For The Love Of....(Partner Seeking)

    fa-alarm-exclamation fa-spin fa-5x For the Love of Muse! Meet and Greet: Why greetings fellow RPN community. I hope everyone is getting by alright with these tough times that are upon us. Its been a struggle that's for sure. With the unusuallality I feel that its best for people to find...
  10. D. Rex

    Exalted 3e: Dead of Night

    For the IC posties.
  11. The Black Knight

    Fantasy  Witch Hazel [Supernatural Anime Fighter RP] Recruiting!

    For those writers who like “fighter-type” role plays, I bring you “Witch Hazel.” This role play is anime in theme, which takes place in a fictional city called, “Cauldron.” Expect many witch and magic themed words in this RP. Inspirations are Witch Hunter Robin and of course, anime fighting...
  12. EdwardDewey98

    Fantasy  The Endless Night - A Gothic Dark-Fantasy Roleplay [IC] [CLOSED]

    Preface It is the year 1678. The sun hasn't come up in several weeks, and now a blue moon has risen over the continent. The city of Castow struggles to maintain the peace as Vampyrs and Werwulfs prey on the innocent. Ghastly figures can be seen in the darkest corners of the city. Humans attack...
  13. Bunesh

    Fantasy  I am your villain - Dark Fantasy RP

    What would you do in search of justice for your family, your friends and, your people? This is the question you faced after witnessing the massacre of your home and everyone you loved and cared about by soldiers of the Dorn Republic. The High King of Dorn, King Vaelictus Dorn IV - has long...
  14. OpalBeauty

    Fandom  Seriously Craving...

    Greetings fellow Supernatural Fans! I have been desperately craving Supernatural RP's! HOWEVER. Just as everyone else, I do have my expectations... > I will write M / M, F / F, and M / F pairings. > I am looking for those who can double up in Canon Characters and Original Characters with me...
  15. Twenty below

    Adventurers Inn (closed)

    "Welcome to the adventurers inn. I am Gillian. Owner and proprietor. Stay relax or if you need work you've come to the right place. I have eyes and ears all over the kingdom and know the best jobs that the authorities cant or wont do." The inn is a simple place. Lots of tables filled with the...
  16. Arynne

    Fantasy  First Age Exalted

    About six or seven years ago, I was part of one of the best roleplaying experiences I ever had: a game called "To Throw a Spanner in the Loom of Fate", where the PCs were all gamers stranded in Creation...along with Exaltations, their gamebooks and full knowledge of the setting's secrets and...
  17. Grey

    Dice  Shield of the Stormcircle - Characters

    Name, appearance, public persona go here. Backstory optional. Attributes Strength Dexterity Fitness Intellect Intuition Willpower Bearing Guile Composure Skills Mental Academics ¬ Administration ¬ Artisan ¬ Craft ¬ Investigation ¬ Lore ¬ Fate Medicine ¬ Survival ¬ Social Animal...
  18. Grey

    Fantasy  Shield of the Stormcircle OOC

    Shitpost, ask questions, talk about characters and setting here.
  19. Simply Cliche

    Fantasy  The Chimera Effect

    The Chimera Effect "There are those in this world who would seek to play God. Do not be tempted by their honeyed words, for theirs is a fool's game and the very arrogance behind their desires will bring naught but downfall and ruin. Gods were never meant to be mortal." The Premise You can find...
  20. Twenty below

    Adventurers Inn (4/5 open)

    Welcome to the adventurers inn. A place were all adventurers, treasure hunters, and mercenaries come to relax, buy, sell and find work. This will be your epicenter. You can buy equipment, sell what you don't want and get missions. The rules are simple. We use d20. Outside combat: doing any...