dark fantasy

  1. Incineroar

    Fantasy  Dragon Keep ~ (Furry Roleplay)

    Looking for a male partner to have a rp with :3
  2. Trektek

    Fantasy  Misadventures with Steam

    Steelhold was without a doubt, the busiest place in the entirety of the Steam Empire. Which made sense, seeing as how it was also the capital city of said empire. And even with its boundaries expanding every day, everything important had to make its way back there sooner or later. Hence, back to...
  3. Damian Jorgensen

    Multiple Settings  Seeking Long-Term Creative RP Partner

    I'm looking for a female OC (cis MxF character pairing) rp partner. About me: I main hetero males. I'm 32 and on sabbatical from law school. As a result, I have a lot of time on my hands and am looking for an active/dedicated rp partner that posts 1+ times a day. I can reply quite a bit; for...
  4. Low-Budget Man

    Fantasy  Civilization (A Fantasy Historic RP) IC

    Global Event (For all players) January 1st, 4000 BC An amber comet streaked against the sky. A fiery tail followed a blazing core of extravagant light. The comet slashed across the starry heavens; its faded amber trail splitting the sky in two. So bright it was, it could be seen during the day...
  5. Squire Fungus

    Fandom  "So Put your Glasses on, Nothing will be wrong."|A Berserk 1x1 OC AU search

    Rules and Major Disclaimers: This RP will contain spoilers for the MANGA of berserk, I will not do the anime world under ANY circumstance. This is berserk, so there will be alot of Dark Themes involved. I warn you now for future reference, however there will be some stuff not mentioned due to...
  6. cosmix

    Multiple Settings  Looking 4 Roleplay!

    Hello! I'm Cosmix and I'm looking for a roleplay partner, just before we get started, I'm in the GMT timezone, i understands if that's hard for you and it's totally fine if it's a problem! I'm also only able to roleplay and message on here, i apologise! My storage isn't the best. I'm literate...
  7. CalypsoArcane

    Fantasy  Looking for Roleplay

    Hi there! I am currently looking for a romance and fantasy roleplay partner to start up a plot and create characters with. I have a few plot ideas as well as character ideas and I would love to find someone willing to develop the plot of the roleplay together. Looking for original plot lines as...
  8. NaughtiDoti

    Multiple Settings  NaughtiDoti Search Thread.

    Heyo! I'm NaughtiDoti, but you can call me Doti for short. Sorry, this isn’t as pretty as some of the other checks I’ve seen out there, but I’m still new to RPN, and I’m not quite sure how coding works here. I’m hoping to find a few partners, and friends so I figured I would set up a list of...
  9. TheSilverQueen

    Fantasy  Storyboard (CloseD)

    Found a partner, thank you
  10. maliwannabe

    Fandom  Dirk's 2021 Roleplay Hub (Original & Fandom 1x1s; Open)

    Hello hello, everyone! I'm Mali/Dirk/Bear or whatever you'd like to call me! It's about time I made a new hub for my partner seach that covers all the bases & not just a few things here and there like my older searches do. I'm looking for both OC and Fandom based roleplays and for the most part...
  11. Hylius

    Fantasy  The tragic hero (Hylius/AprilBaby)

    "O Goddess, hear my prayer..." Ares was doing something that he does at least three times every day: praying to the goddess that he worshiped ever since he was just a small child. Having been taught the faith by his parents since he was just a mere boy of three years old, he became a devout...
  12. KayWyn

    Fandom  Ah, Look Who's Come Crawling Back

    Oh, hello there. I'm KayWyn, or just Kay; it's all cool with me. I've recently returned from my ADHD brain hyperfocusing on learning programming and getting more of that Art MileageTM that I stopped existing to the world as a whole. Crazy how that happens amirite haha Anyways, I've returned...
  13. x_wright mind-x

    Fandom  Supernatural OC / CANON Plot Prompts

    I am a lover of the Supernatural TV show fan. I have seen all episodes of all 15 seasons, so no spoilers here! But first, about me and what I am looking for in my potential writing partners: > Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day. > No one-liners or short stop...
  14. Jigajig

    Fantasy  テンブレード: The Ten Blades

    The sun shone down upon Darkstone a busting town of activity. A beautiful day indeed. Once again the streets were filled with the sounds of it denizens going about their daily lives and business. Darkstone is known for it's massive underground dungeon and mining exports. Under the town is a...
  15. AWildThing

    Fandom  Homestuck 1x1 RP involving Ampora/Vantas ship (any)

    So this is my desperate attempt at finding a semi-lit to paragraph style partner that’s into Homestuck, and specifically involving ANY of the following characters/ship: ♒Eridan Ampora x Karkat Vantas♋ ♒Cronus Ampora x Kankri Vantas♋ ♒Orphaner Dualscar x The Signless♋ I am specifically...
  16. Jewel

    Multiple Settings  Advanced Lit. Partner Search - Royal Themes

    Jewel's Fantasy 1x1 Partner Search ABOUT ME Hello, my name is Jewel. I consider myself to be a literate roleplayer. I prefer to write around 800-1000 words per post but I can quite easily adjust to accommodate my partner. I am not interested in fandom roleplay whatsoever. I'd...
  17. BubblegumApocalypse

    Multiple Settings  Bubble's Interest Check (Semi-Lit, Plots Included)

    Heyo! It's Bubble here with a post that's been a long time coming, my search for a new 1x1 RP partner. A Preface Before the Good Stuff (Including My Guidelines): Boi oh boi do I feel so old trying to do all the fancy coding and formatting that is all the rage in todays roleplay communities. I...
  18. HappyHedgie

    Fantasy  Medieval Dark Fantasy set in a pseudo-Italian City-State

    Heya! You can call me Appy and I'm happy to say that this will be my first foray into writing/posting on this platform. I've had around 5 years of writing long-form roleplays before this, but have yet to write on this site yet. I hope you all will bear with as I figure things out. Hopefully...
  19. K.O.D

    Fantasy  Lands of Roh- The Giantslayers

    The cold chill began to bite again into the wardens gathered at the training camp as the orders to douse the flames spread throughout the camp. The veterans knew why this day was important. The lord warden herself was delivering the deployment orders on her way to Therious by way of the coastal...