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Have you ever asked yourself, who is a fool?

A fool is said to be someone rather idiotic or stupid, someone who trusts easily with no clarification, that who believes in everything heard, and who believes in themselves in an oddly disturbing way, or they who believes in nothing but thoughts, them who have blindly believed by nothing but an illusion, he who didn't embrace truthful reality, and she who didn't accept loss.

Some may be called idiots, some may rename them into another language. Baka, dommkopf, and fatui.


Doesn't that one feel familiar..?

The last one..

"I never asked for redemption.. Never.."

"Dottore.. Hahahaha!"

"Monsieur Neuvillette.."

"For experimental subjects."

"We shall become the heart that pumps money around the world."

"Surrender is a valid option. I promise it'll be gentle."

You recognize those lines, don't you? You know those of Teyvat, who have placed upon themselves the name 'Fatui,' a name that took it's reputation high up by force, forces of the shadows. Lurking beneath what stays dark of crowded areas which the sun's beams could not light, neither with it's power of wisdom nor thunder, neither with the strongest of wind or the toughest of stone, neither with it's waters nor flames, or with it's coldest of spikes and storms. In fact, it's cold breeze took shelter for those of dark hearts, and placed upon them it's blinding storm, never letting the public of people know whether there's something behind the storm or plain snow. Public eyes turned around there heads to keep on their normal activities, although some have been sadly caught by those lurking in the storm. Placing upon them eternal cold, they have been cruelly wounded from the inside and outside. Heavily walking towards escape, demonic stares and devilish thoughts roaming through the snowy air. Cursed with the horrific feeling of being followed and stalked, they have to move on or else their fates would be death. Some may decided to befriend the devils and shake hands, but others believe that would only lead to uglier destinies. Those brutally and fatally wounded would rather place their lives in the hands of a god, hands of mighty forces, or hands of the people they trust. All those poor souls, despite those who've dealt with the demons, have had enough. Most of them find a way to forget, talk it all out to somebody they trust or love, and maybe even seek the help of others to take down what remains of the darkness.

The only thing they vengeful beings could find was a blond-haired traveler with a flying white-haired fairy, and besides.. There were some who wanted to avenge themselves, and so all helped to take down the freezing darkness, in where nobody could find but them who've dealt with such wicked intelligence. There may be people who didn't like the sound of the cursed fools' plans, and thus, have decided to help. Those stabbed hearts found concrete to fill their holes with, so on, they have decided it was finally time the preys became predators.

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