canon characters

  1. SLGaming

    Fandom  Kingdom hearts Sora X Riku RP

    Would anyone like to do a Sora X Riku RP with me. They are super important to me. They made me realise I am gay and are one of if not my biggest comforts. I am going through a rough time and could use it. I have multiple plots planned so let me know if anybody is in
  2. Responsible_spider

    Multiple Settings  Roleplay!

    I am looking for some people to roleplay with, I have a few ideas,(some are fleshed out, some are just general pairings.) Most if not all can be platonic. You could also bring some ideas if you would like! I'm not too picky, I don't generally do sport roleplays, but I'm open to the idea as...
  3. czeckyourself

    Fandom  Stars Wars: The Clone Wars or The Old Republic

    Hi everyone! Trying to gauge interest for a romantic/action/drama/adventure/possibly angst with either my OC in the Clone Wars era, or a Bastilla/Revan shipping from the Old Republic (I'd play Revan, and my OC is male too. I prefer MxF pairings). I already have some ideas for both. About me: I'm...
  4. ethanlefeb

    Fandom  Final Fantasy XIV! Ships! Adventure! Small Lad!

    Help me, I installed Final Fantasy XIV and now I've been unable to stop spending my money on mounts and fantasias. Hello, there! First things first, I haven't actually used this site in a while, so bare with me as I come to grips with the particulars of it. That beings aid, I've got a whole...
  5. jezebel

    Fandom  ATLA; siblings

    Before getting into everything else, I wanted to go ahead and give the disclaimer that I am looking for sibling incest ships in this listing! Anyway, on to everything else! I am a 21+ MFA student, living in EST, and quarantining with my beloved cat. My pronouns are she/hers, and I write...
  6. Battaswing

    Fandom  Looking for a long-term partner to rp TF2 with! (:

    Hello! I’m new to the site, so I’m not sure if I’m formatting this post right, but I’m looking for someone who’s willing to do a Team Fortress 2 RP with me! I personally really like angsty roleplays, but I’m flexible and always open to ideas!
  7. themagnoliaofutah

    Fandom  Reflections of Remembrance (A Disaster in the Dreamscape episode??? Scene??? - Louise and Nem)

    The Attorney shifted slightly, and continued. "They killed me. Sealed me away for what should've been an eternity." " But, but the twins- Celine -" Louise shot a look at Wilford, and he fell silent. He's a murderer. A madman. Why are you covering for him? Truthfully, she didn't know. @Crow
  8. Exotic Oceans

    Fandom  Supernatural |TV Show, OC's Welcome|

    Um hello! My name is Ocean, I'm looking for someone that is willing to play Sam, Castiel, or Dean. I got into the show because of all of my friends telling me that I would love this show so I watched it and man I do not regret it. I always try to match my partners writing style but me myself can...
  9. Exotic Soul

    Fandom  Looking For Supernatural Roleplay (TV Show)

    Hello! So at the start of the summer I started watching supernatural (Season 7 currently) and I have really fallen in love with this show and I am currently writing a book based on the show. I am looking for someone who would be willing to play Dean for me, I am willing to double up so it is you...
  10. hijoro

    Fandom  LF Compilation of Final Fantasy 7 RP

    Hello! My name is Abeja, and I've been obsessed with FF7 content for most of this hell year and would love to have a rp based in/around the plot! Crisis Core, the base ff7 game, Advent Children, I'd pretty much be comfortable in any plot besides Before Crisis. Idk what's going on with them Turks...
  11. weebshit

    Fandom  Interest check😻

    Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in a haikyuu, hxh, aot or bnha rp? I am Somewhat new to role playing, I got my experience from doing outsiders roleplays on instagram. I am experienced in playing as my oc, Nishinoya, yamaguchi and a few others, I will double if asked...
  12. Game of Chance

    Fandom  A Constant Battle of Hope and Despair

    Alright, so, I've looked for this kind of thing before, but I've never really gotten anything to get off the ground with it (and I'm sure many of you have been in the same boat). But, hey, before I cut to the chase of what exactly I'm looking for, let's talk compatibility, yeah? So, we'll keep...
  13. Akari-sama

    Fandom  Hazbin Hotel!

    I Dont require much other than do not spam me if I dont respond. I have a tendancy of falling asleep at random times and/or Something with my puppy has come up. You play my crush(es) And vice versus. I sometimes will need a reminder of who your oc is also. My crushes: Lucifer Alastor I am...
  14. Natalie H

    Fandom  1x1 Pokémon Sword/Shield Rp

    Hello! I’m Natalie, 21, hope everyone is doing well! I’ve been RPing for about eight years now, though I’ve never actually RPed Pokémon before now. To keep it simple, I double. I’m looking to blend action, adventure, romance, and drama together. I normally use a female Oc, and for this...
  15. KaGAYama

    Fandom  Frozen rp (or any Disney movie)

    Hi! I’m looking for someone who would want to do a frozen rp with me, modern au or original universe. If it is romance, I’d prefer Kristanna and ElsaMaren Also any other Disney movies to crossover into Frozen! I usually write at least a paragraph Or two, But if there’s interaction between...
  16. Akari-sama

    Fandom  MDZS and The Demonic King Who Chases his Wife rp

    Looking for rp partners! I just started MDZS. My rules: Do not spam me, I play my oc and your crush and you do your oc and my crush, don't spam me please I hate it when people do that
  17. bwars

    Digital  ✧B's character-emporium✧

    :bishiesparklesl: greetings, all! welcome to my little corner of art-attacks and disasters. it's most likely that nothing finished will ever go in here but i thought i'd at-least show off some of my original characters. (+ some canons from fandoms which i adore!) :bishiesparklesl: 90% of...
  18. bahlaan

    Fandom  self-indulgent canon x oc (craving transformers; undertale)

    .・゜゜・show me wonders of your world henlo! ( ˙꒳˙ ) i’m bahlaan, and i am here to update my roleplay resume┈┈ ♡ a b o u t m e - age 24 - lgbtqia+ - sappy romantic who likes being stepped on - lazy lit; word counts usually around 800 or more ♡ r u l e s - +18 only - doubles (or more!) -...
  19. Muralliann

    Fandom  The Vampire Diaries Or The Originals |FxF & MxF|

    Hello, my name is Muralliann but you can call me Ann. I have been roleplaying for almost a year and lately I have really been wanting to do something with The Vampire Diaries or The Originals, I'm looking for someone who is semi-lit or you can be literate that is fine with me too. I only play...
  20. jessielushesu

    Fandom  Mutli-Fandom Partners for 1x1 !

    Hi! I'm really new here, but I love roleplaying and I am half asleep now so I'll edit this with more info later for now, *Here's a list of things I roleplay* Degrassi The Next Generation: Season 1-7 is not listed at the moment, but it's what I'm looking to roleplay the most! Hello, here's a...