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  1. italianissima

    Fandom The Boys x Marvel...but it's 1x1! ♡ ccxcc ♡

    > ▪︎ INTRODUCTION Hello there roleplayers! My name is Beatrice or you can just call me Trixie. My pronouns are She/Her. My timezone is GMT+1. > ▪︎ BEA, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? • MxF/MLW or MLM pairings. • I don't mind if you're 18+. However, keep in mind that we keep things SFW so let's say...
  2. italianissima

    Fandom The Boys x Marvel [Group Roleplay]

    > ▪︎ **INTRODUCTION** Hello there roleplayers! My name is Beatrice or you can just call me Trixie. My pronouns are She/Her. My timezone is GMT+1. > ▪︎ **BEA, WHAT ARE YOU LOOKING FOR?** • **MxF/MLW or MLM pairings**. • Advanced Literate or Novella writers. • I don't mind if you're 18+...
  3. xMochax

    Fandom Searching For Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Roleplay!

    Hello! If you are seeing this then welcome! I'm looking for a roleplay for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, specifically the 2012 and Rise version! I might add in Mutant Mayhem and 2003 in the near future, but I want to wait until the series come out and I need to catch up with the 2003 version as...
  4. PlutoPlague

    Fandom Craving List! (OC/CC, doubling)

    I've done one of these before, but lately, I've committed to finishing different series (begrudgingly). Here's a thread about what kind of roleplays interest me! First off, introduction: Hello! You can call me Pluto, I go by any pronouns and don't have gender labels, but I'm fem-leaning. I...
  5. spiritmeadow

    Fandom meadow’s hazbin hotel and helluva boss search!

    an introduction Hello and welcome to an interest check centered around hazbin hotel and helluva boss! I am brainrotting both fandoms and would love to get some roleplays! quick things about me You can call me meadow! I am 22 years old! I go by he/him and neopronouns. My timezone is EST and...
  6. ghost zombie jesus

    Fandom Hazbin Hotel Radiostatic RP

    It's RadioStatic week on twt and seeing all the fanart makes me want to RP this ship. I know it's very specific but I'm hyperfixated on Them. About Me: I'm 27, bi ace agender (they/them) PST timezone I'm new to the RP scene, but I've written a bit of fanfiction (if you'd like to see a sample...
  7. forgot10

    Fandom : canon test muses from red

    hello! my name is red/10, i'm 24, i have another interest checker but that one is more general and has mong term rps in mind. but here!!! is the test zone!!! general rules apply: since this is a 1x1 interest check i ask that no minors reach out to me. i write in 3rd person, past tense...
  8. Corvus_crow

    Fandom [Dungeon Meshi RP Search] [OPEN]

    Welcome to my thread! If you're here I must assume you may also be interested into delving into the world of Dungeon Meshi with someone else. I'll be quick and to the point to start; I'm seeking Canon x Canon, as the thread title implies. I'd lean most towards Labru [Laios x Kabru] but I'm...
  9. Oooooodin

    Fandom Critical role rp anybody?

    Howdy howdy, I have an itch to do a critical role rp, Preferably I would like to do either a Percildan or widowmauk rp. But honestly anything would be good so long as you know the material. I'll be waiting
  10. Oooooodin

    Fandom Critical role rp request

    Howdy names Odin, I'm currently looking for someone to role play with specificly to roleplay the critical role and Legend of Vox Machina Fandom. I'm fine with most every ship but I really want to do a percildan or a widowmauk rp. I'm caught up on all of the material from current cr and I'm very...
  11. VaporStar_

    Fandom Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Roleplay Search)

    Hi Vapor here! I finished Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and I'm looking for some roleplays !! ⁺    ˚ . *     ✦ .  ⁺   .⁺    ˚⁺    ˚ *     ✦ .  ⁺   . ═════╗Basic Information ╔══════ ══╝★Gore\ angst, I'm fine with both gore and I absolutely adore angst. However, please don't go overboard with it...
  12. riwole_

    Fandom curse them fools. || Genshin Impact.

    Have you ever asked yourself, who is a fool? A fool is said to be someone rather idiotic or stupid, someone who trusts easily with no clarification, that who believes in everything heard, and who believes in themselves in an oddly disturbing way, or they who believes in nothing but thoughts...
  13. Tearyfalls_file

    Fandom ⤷ DREAMING ᶻ 𝗓 𐰁 - Gravity Falls

    "What is this place...?" The words reverberated through the air, bouncing off unseen walls before returning, as if seeking confirmation. "Am I dreaming...?" Welcome to DREAMING, a whimsical RP venture I've conjured up! This inaugural thread marks our foray into the surreal, where the beloved...
  14. spiritmeadow

    Fandom Marauder’s Era Interest Check!

    hi hi! cinders here! this is a group roleplay centered around the Marauder’s Era of the Harry Potter universe. Canon Characters like Peter, James, Lily, and Original Characters will both be present here. Hogwarts life of shenanigans, drama, that sort of stuff. rules and notes! . site rules...
  15. axelX2

    Multiple Settings 🔆Axel's RP Partner Search🔆

    Hello, hello to all the wonderful people here! To start, my name is Axel, I'm 16 years old and go by all and any pronouns(though they/he are preferred most of the time). On the EEST timezone. I have about three years of roleplaying experience, if not more under my belt and I whole lot of ideas...
  16. Tabbypie21

    Fandom Billford gravity falls role play.

    Hello I’m not sure why but I’ve been craving to do a Billford rp lately. I do have a plot in mind we can discuss that and other details in pm so please either comment below or pm me if you would be interested.
  17. Tabbypie21

    Fandom Gravity Falls role play.

    Hello there I am currently in the mood to do a Gravity Falls role play containing CCxCC we can discuss plot, rules and all that other stuff in pm , however before you message me, because of a learning disability I have I do have a difficult time coming up with long replies to rps so because of...
  18. spiritmeadow

    Fandom Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Search!

    Hi Hi! Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss have absolutely taken over my brain so here I am looking for some HH and HB roleplays. A Summary About Me You can call me cinders or snowy! I'm 21+ so please be 18+ of age as I do not roleplay with those under 18. My timezone is EST, different timezones are...
  19. Aquanette

    Fandom BNHA OCXCC Partner Search

    So I’m looking to do an MHA RP OCXCC So I have a few ideas and I’m open to hearing yours as well. I want us to make this story together after all, but here is what I don’t want to do, the canon story. Don’t get me wrong, I love the MHA story. I wouldn't be asking to do an RP if I didn’t...
  20. Tabbypie21

    Fandom Helluva Hotel role play.

    Hello everyone, I’m currently looking for someone to do a Hazbin hotel or Helluva boss ship role play with me. We can discuss plots and stuff like that in PM , please either comment below or PM me if you are interested. Ships I’m interested in: AlastorXAngel PentiousXArackniss AsmodeusxFizz...