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  1. Corpse

    Fandom  Team Free Will | Supernatural Roleplay Search

    Hello, I'm Corpse and I have been roleplaying for four years. I'm looking for someone to roleplay the 'Supernatural' universe with me, I have some notes that I would like to talk about then I will get into more of who I'm looking for and what I can give to you...
  2. Mobius

    Fandom  Mobi's *New* Riverdale Search Thread

    Welcome to Mobius' brand new (if you're reading this right away, that is) Riverdale 1x1 search thread! Woo, cue the fanfare and fireworks! Honestly, I got beyond tired of bumping my year old search thread that was strictly for FP x OC and I thought it was high time I made a brand new search...
  3. hazytrickster

    Multiple Settings  Trick's Partner Search!

    Hello! My name is Trick. I'm an 18 year old writer who's new to the site! I've been roleplaying for ~8 years now (I grew up on the internet - both a blessing and a curse), and writing stories since I was a toddler! I graduated high school early, so I'm currently in the weird phase of life...
  4. Miu-Miu

    Fandom  Danganronpa CCxCC, MxM, And FxF Interest Check

    ♡Welcome To My Danganronpa Roleplay Interest Check♡
  5. liae

    Fandom  I do not know how to use anything here buuutt I wanna rp so I'm gonna attempt to figure it out

    ALRIGHT SOO I have an idea for a rp and I really really really wanna do it with someone soo It's a my hero academia rp, the ship's OchaToga (Uraraka x Toga),, Before anyone comes at me for my choice of ship I apologize hbjsbdbjsj The idea that I have for it is that they're both 15, Uraraka and...
  6. Vanic Vigilante

    Fandom  Male x Female rp

    Hi I’m looking for a male x female rp partner that’s familiar with the game My Friend Pedro
  7. LibbyM098

    Fandom  Star Wars: The Creed

    Location: Hutta Ras Elased had grown sick of this planet. He had gotten no where with his leads on other Mandalorians. It seemed his sauce of information was inaccurate and liked leading him on a wild goose chase. He walk into a small pub and sat down in the corner of the room, feeling...
  8. artfvlly

    Fandom  the 100 ocxoc or ocxcanon???

    hey! my name is art and I have a craving for a the 100 rp. im semi lit to lit, I usually try to do 3-4 paragraphs minimum but I will match my partners style (no one liners tho please, ily guys but I need food for thought) i'm keen for oc x oc or oc x canon, i only really play female characters...
  9. totally not Iron Man

    Fandom  Spider-Man: Into the Fandom-Verse

    Every world has a Spider-Man.She0l Whether you're from an alien planet, a galaxy far, far away, or a place where every day is 'talk like a pirate' day, you're going to be seeing that friendly neighborhood webslinger around. But something isn't right- because all these spider-people are...
  10. Devilish Angel

    Fandom  Team Free Will | 1 x 1 Search |

    Bonjour, my name is Devilish Angel and if you're looking for a partner to roleplay the 'Supernatural' universe with, then I'm the one you're looking for. In this thread you will find somethings about me, my rules, and any ideas that I might have for this roleplay. I'm also very open to any...
  11. daffodil_dreams

    Fandom  Oc x canon Interest extravaganza{Always Open!}

    Hiya, the names Delilah! I'm currently looking for oc x canon roleplays. I'm 100% open to doubling, and I'm not too picky on what characters I can play for you. I just tend to tone down harsher characters like Byakuya since I feel bad if they become too harsh. Here's some of my rules: • Please...
  12. Annabella

    Fandom  On The Hunt | 1 x 1 Supernatural

    Hello, my name is Annabella and if you're looking for a partner to roleplay the 'Mafia' universe with, then I'm your girl. You will find my rules and some things about me down bellow. I'm very open to any original ideas that you might have floating in the wonderful brain of yours! -About Me ~...
  13. shisorutoaisu

    Fandom  quirky [bnha cxo]

    hi nerds, how are we feeling in this quaratine tonight? personally i'm currently vibin' w bnha canon x oc i would love to write toshinori or inko above all else but i'll write just about anyone that isn't shigaraki, chisaki, endeavor, dabi, or hawks sorryyyyy if you'd like canon x canon or oc x...
  14. Chocolate-Strawberries

    Fandom  Haikyuu Rp!

    Hey there! I'm interested in a Haikyuu rp! I usually do a couple sentences per post. When I'm active I reply fairly quickly, but I don't know how often that'll be. SHIPS- I ship pretty much anything. I'm lenient. However, here are some of my favorites! -Kenhina -Tsukkiyama -BoKuroKenHina -Hinata...
  15. KaitWink

    Fandom  Mostly Fandoms (and some random half-baked ideas)

    Hello all ❤ I'll try to keep this short since no one wants to wade through 16 paragraphs of block text. Me: ♡Semi-lit to literate (I often mirror post length.) ♡28 years old, and I've been RPing for 10+ years. ♡Able and willing to play females AND males, though my writing is better as...
  16. Pixelleci

    Fandom  MHA Roleplay

    [Discord] MHA Roleplay [Discord] MHA Fandom Roleplay [AFA] MHA Fandoms Roleplay Hey all! I’ve been a little more invested in MHA (My Hero Academia) lately, and while I’m watching the show, I want to do some stories! I’ve already had spoilers about manga and show, so don’t worry about...
  17. Necroski

    Multiple Settings  Fantasy/Star Wars/Dark Slice of Life/Harry Potter/Canons and OCs and more!

    Hey everyone. Thanks for coming to check out my post. I'm Necro! I'm a roleplayer of over 10 years experience in multiple settings/genres, and am looking to find some partners who I can create some epic stories with. I'm up for both fandom RPs and original ones too. Just be aware that I'm not...
  18. Marcella

    Fandom  The Family Business | 1 x 1 Supernatural |

    Welcome! my name is Marcella and I am currently looking for someone to write with in the 'supernatural' universe. read below for info about me , my rules , and my ideas! About Me -She/her -Pacific Standard Time -Dog mom -Music lover -Active reader -3rd person, literate - usually writes between...
  19. ceebi

    Fandom  ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴅᴇᴍᴘᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏꜰ ᴛʜᴇ ʀɪɢʜᴛꜰᴜʟ ᴋɪɴɢ ᴏꜰ ᴀꜱɢᴀʀᴅ | mcu roleplay

    The Redemption of The Rightful King of Asgard with @Laufey as Loki Lauferyson & @ceebi as Juuri Daughter of Atticus
  20. Marci

    Fandom  The Road So Far | Supernatural 1 x 1 | & The Vampire Diaries Roleplay Search

    Hello, my name is Marci but you can call me Mars if you would like. I'm looking for someone to roleplay Supernatural or The Vampire Diaries with me, I'm doing both in one thread because I thought why not kill two birds with one stone. I will be talking about who I'm looking for separately but...