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Hi all! I’m Lola and I’m looking to see if anyone may be interested in a group RP where each person plays a creepypastas canon character and an OC. Each OC starts as a teen hearing about urban legends in their area. The group ban together to hunt down these legends and understand them, After a while in the RP we introduce the Canon characters one by one, and then eventually we meet them all and from there the story is ours to work with/finish. Of course we can name it together as well if anyone is interested’

This is my OC if anyone is interested! Ideally everyone’s OC’s would turn into these older teens and grow from experiences within the RP, so my character’s description is what she is like when the group meets/starts this. This means I’d prefer not mixing fandoms 💚

Name: Luna

Age: 16

Description: your average high school alt girl, she liked band tees, jeans, and vans. Her clothes are colorful but in a low key kind of way, red and muted whites, some pink bracelets, anything to stand out against her relatively plain appearance. Her hair is medium length, keeps a good size ponytail but looks better down. It’s this burgundy red with splashes of light red making for a nice blend of colors. She is tall, like 5’8. She is also very skinny.

Personality: She has an unhealthy obsession with the world around her and is trying to understand EVERYTHING. She is curious, outgoing, and a take charge woman. But she fears the unknown, hence her need to know and understand everything. Her favorite thing is dreaming, she loves to speak about her dreams, has had several recurring dreams, and is able to lucid dream sometimes. She is a little dramatic, but only because she cares about so much.

Backstory: she’s in highschool, she takes as many extra classes as she can before going home because home is full of yelling and arguing. She decided she was done one day about a week ago. She “ran away” and has been abandoned house hopping since. She still makes it to school using her moms name at the gym so that she can shower regularly.

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