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Sand billows across the dunes, the heat of the suns beats heavily on your back, and the pathways you follow are worn and broken from lack of maintenance and years of use. You can hear the distant sounds of a broken-down city, the clanging of metals, and raised voices as vendors try to get customers. As you approach, the noises get louder and louder until you enter the busy street market of Tisne. A planet where those who wish to be lost and forgotten go, and you fit right in. Tugging your cloak tighter around your body, you continue to make your way deeper into the market, careful not to get sucked into buying some overpriced device that will singe off your hair. You see many faces as you pass through, the weight of poverty and a life defending themselves, evident as they look at you. Broken android parts, missing limbs, you could find anything here.

But you aren’t looking for trinkets and toys, no, you have a specific destination in mind. You enter a used parts store, the small brass bell ringing as you enter the building. The small shopkeeper pushes her glasses up the bridge of her nose as she scurries up her step ladder, eager to take a look at you. “Oooh yes, I saw your message that you would be coming. Come come, let me see your card.” You don’t say anything and do what she says, pulling out the blank card. With a press of your finger on the screen, it lights up, showing your identification. The woman hums in a pleased manner before nodding her head eagerly. “Yes yes, right this way.” Down she goes, her small frame quickly descending to the floor before she opens the small half-door which opens and allows you to head deeper into the shop.

As you pass the various junk and parts, you can hear a muffled noise coming from behind a wall. It doesn’t take long before the woman moves a few bobbles and books and the wall opens up. “Now, there’s a lotta people who would be eager to find something like yourself, so you better tip me good!” A small hand is extended to you and you can’t help but sigh before paying the woman. Her silence would ensure your safety. You enter the room and as the wall shuts behind you, you feel relief. You are hidden. You are safe. They can’t find you here.

Wars are not a stranger in the galaxy, they have been going on for thousands of years, shaping the people and planets as each occurs. But for a time, the tensions between the Empire, the Free People, and the Imperium seemed to come to a halt, a tentative peace developing between the three of them. This is something that rarely occurs and after 15 years, it seems that things are beginning to change once again. Inner-world conflicts and small skirmishes fought between ships, are all the signs of a war’s approach. This does not go unnoticed by those who inhabit each of the planets. From those within the Empire to the Free People, they have all started to become aware of the tensions returning once again. The Imperium has grown tired of playing pretend and their battleships have started to roam the galaxy, waiting for a challenger to approach them. This has caused many to flee, hoping to find sanctuary before the battles begin. Others relish the opportunity to participate in war, eager to prove their worth and power against their enemies.

It will happen for it has been foreseen. But for now, they must wait. They must all wait. The pieces on the board have begun to move, taking them to the desert planet of Tisne, where they hope to stay lost and forgotten by those searching for them. Nobles with bounties on their heads, members of a secret brotherhood hiding in the shadows, anything can happen on Tisne and it can happen to anyone. There are secrets and treasures to be found, friends to be made, money to be paid, and it will all happen as they meet in the secret room. The room where nobody seems to share their true name or abilities. A room of lies and deceit, yet with truth woven in. But can this group of adventurers find a way to overcome any differences they may have and find a way to push through the hardships and trials that await them? For now, the future is unclear, but perhaps in time, the visions will clear and strengthen, showing us what truly will become of our galaxy.

The universe itself was created from magick, and therefore every living and non-living thing has magick inside of it, even if only a few cells. However, within living things, the magick is generally more concentrated and can give them special abilities that normally nobody could have. There is usually a range of magick that one can have, and it is rare when someone does not possess it. Those who possess weaker magick often will have identical abilities as it will not start to become more individualized unless someone is particularly gifted, even in the slightest of ways. In general, magick will first present itself as foresight, allowing a creature to be able to avoid some things due to quick reactions before anything has a chance to happen. If their ability is beyond this, next they can develop visions and glimpses of their future, along with those closest to them. The next ability to develop is either the ability to levitate and move things without touching them or the ability to directly speak into someone’s mind. At this stage, the magick begins to become more tailored to the user, giving them abilities that would suit their specific needs and situation. There is also dark magick, which can only be taught to those talented and strong enough to withstand the effects the magick will inflict. This is a forbidden practice and can result in imprisonment, the removal of their magick completely, or even death.

The Free People.
The Free People or the Free Planets, are a group of planets that do not align with the Empire or the Imperium, leading them to lead their own planets individually rather than answering to one ruler. These planets work in a democracy, their leaders having conferences about ongoing conflicts and aiding planets or moons that are endangered by the Empire or the Imperium. Many radical leaders come from the Free people and they often will use their positions to encourage more to rebel under the influence of the Empire, urging them to become free from such an existence. Because so many influential officials and planets exist in the Free People, the Empire often has clashed with them, fighting over a planet’s future, while the Imperium has simply destroyed a planet or two due to feeling disrespected. This has caused relationships between the three nations to be rocky at best over the last few hundred years.

The Empire.
The Empire was formed many, many years ago and is currently governed by Emperor Ondarrol Besham. Within the Empire, there are many planets, all governed by appointed households that the Emperor has chosen. In each House, a duke or duchess will reign until they are either replaced by their heir or another House that is gifted the planet. There are certain expectations for those who govern planets under the Empire’s rule as if they don’t meet the standards the Emperor has set or they become too influential among the other Houses, they will most likely be killed off or at least stripped of their lands and titles. This can make life in the Empire rather stressful as even the commonfolk are desperate for the Emperor to be kind and generous. With a wave of his command, his soldiers could storm their homes and wipe them all out, especially those who opposed him. Rebellion in the Empire is strictly forbidden, even talk of it can get one placed in jail for years at a time. This has resulted in many individuals practically disappearing at night or fleeing the Empire as a whole, desperate for a life they can call their own.

The Imperium.
Unlike the Free People or the Empire, the Imperium is a force that only looks out for their home planet and crushes those who would endanger them. The planet Creos makes up the entire Imperium, housing some of the most dangerous and experienced military and monarchs that the galaxy has to offer. This planet is based rather far from the others, making it difficult to approach and crush at the source. However, the Imperium is always on the hunt, searching for planets to destroy until it is just a select few that are allowed to co-exist with Creos. The only true contact they have with other planets is through trade as they need a healthy economy for the security of their future. But that does not mean they will not squash any competitors. Between the Free People and the Empire, the Imperium has obliterated multiple planets and moons over the years, as well as taking government officials hostage for years at a time, and even executing them. The Imperium is a force that is unmatched, the war ship being enough to send a whole planet into a frenzy. With their greed and anger, they are heavily avoided out of fear of what they may do to those they land their gaze upon. This planet is a complete monoethnicity and they preserve this by keep all 'outsiders' from living on their planet or moons.

Planets and Moons.
Mithoria: The Free Planets — Count Elisnath Hendun — Senator Brekai Wraywis
This planet is a combination of intricate canyons, desserts, and multiple oceans. While there is not much diversity on the planet itself, it makes up for it with its residents. A huge trade planet, there are constantly ships leaving and arriving with various goods from different galaxies. This has encouraged there to be a large immigrant population of humans and aliens, as work is easy to find on Mithoria. However, the government of this planet is practically nonexistent, causing many crimes to go unpunished and criminals to wreak havoc. Pirates are exceptionally common here, arriving on their ships to steal cargo, money, and even extra workers, leading to some pirate groups being the ‘law’ if you will. They have taxed certain imports and even forced ships to turn around, due to their goods not being up to their standards. But if you keep your head down and your goods at a decent level, life on Mithoria can be pretty uneventful and rewarding. Those on Mithoria can often be seen wearing muted colors and clothes that allow for a lot of movement. Due to the fact that Solar Sails and ships are the main form of travel on this planet, people tend to wear clothes that will protect them from the sun and wind, but allow them the fluidity to be able to maneuver their craft without concern. Mithoria's diversity in people has caused them to have a wide variety of languages spoken, making it a lot easier for foreigners to communicate even with the locals.

Phides C11: The Free Planets | Countess Amaelea Nappoul | Senator [Unavailable]
A moon of the planet Matroth, a barren wasteland that is uninhabitable, and yet Phides C11 is an oasis, filled with beautiful greenery and a wide variety of flora and fauna. A dense rainforest covers the planet, causing the weather to generally be humid and rainy, outside of the small patches of clear sky that you will see when you are in the cities of Phides C11. This moon is primarily a farming moon, the resources that grow on it are highly sought after outside of Phides, causing them to have a rather successful exportation business. These materials are often used to generate fuel and sustainable housing for the more barren and dangerous planets and moons. The inhabitants of Phides C11 tend to be quite friendly and welcoming, not knowing the strife of war or famine. Because of this, they are extremely welcoming to all travelers and refugees, offering them a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. Their leader, Countess Amaelea, is known for her sharp intellect and ability to broker peace agreements with even the most hostile individuals. Due to the fact that people from Phides C11 rarely leave, there is only a small percentage of immigrants or refugees, causing the moon to be a monoethnic place. They rarely speak any common tongue outside of those who work in the trades, making it difficult to communicate if you are not somewhat knowledgeable of their language. The people of Phides C11 often wear loose-fitting fabrics that allow plenty of airflow and movement. They tend to leave their skin exposed in order to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

Ungorix: The Empire | Duke Sorru Tahma | Senator Hiesha Rulune
An incredibly technological planet, it is very distinct due to the fact it is completely made of metals and is split into nine plates. Because of this, natural life such as trees, grass, and even flowers are not found, only being brought back through trade or growing them in greenhouses. The inhabitants of this planet are known for their extreme intellect and ability to invent and build robots and androids without much trouble. Life is fast-paced and technical, everyone is a cog in the machine, working to keep the planet running. Each plate of Ungorix serves a different function and houses different tax brackets. The higher the plate number, the poorer the people who live there are. The people of Plate 9 suffer the most due to being completely cut off from natural sunlight and warmth, causing them to rely on artificial heating and light. The presence of The Order is extremely prevalent here as they police each plate and keep everyone in line. The main source of income from Ungorix is their intellect and inventions. Many inventors and scientists are hired by the Empire and other planets, bringing in a rather healthy income. The inventions are extremely popular off planet, causing many to buy in bulk. Life on Ungorix can be intimidating and uninviting to those visiting or hoping to move there. The people tend to be rather blunt and somewhat detached as they are so focused on the welfare of their planet’s technology and their own work that they don’t have time for idle chatter. Their leader, Duke Sorru, is a very stoic and strict man, not having time to deal with rebellion or disorder. The common language is the secondary primary language, meaning that everyone knows how to speak their native language and common. The clothing of those on Ungorix is very clean, muted in color, sharp shapes, and form-fitting.

Olmelara: The Free Planets | Queen Ashemi Thendaa | Senator Zeerth Fels
A planet made up of 85% water, it is a place that feels as if it came straight out of a dream. Beautiful oceans wrap around the planet, supporting diverse and colorful life under the waves, while a kingdom rests on some of the only land available, the rolling valleys and domed buildings creating a peaceful scenery. The kingdom of Olmelara is generally quiet, with only tranquil sounds of nature and music making their way across the waters. As one of the most influential of the Free Planets, Olmelara is blessed with the fortune of good income brought in by trades and marriages. Due to the large amount of water, there is a huge industry involving water power, fishing, and even precious materials that grow deep in the water. Because of this good fortune, the people of Olmelara are known for their luxurious clothes and homes, even the poor own comfortable homes and businesses, something that is quite rare, especially for planets as large as Olmelara. It is governed by a monarchy, the current queen being Queen Ashemi, known for her fairness and her diplomacy as she works to achieve peace across the galaxy. The people who live in Olmelara are peaceful and tend to be slightly aloof but not unwelcoming. They are curious and creative, always eager to express themselves through clothing or performances. This is a popular place to vacation, leading to there being a large influx of travelers during the warm months. Olmelara is generally a polyglot nation and therefore it is common for residents to speak multiple languages fluently.

Sion Z97: The Empire | Duchess Yeveh Palisam | Senator Miash Ansollim
A moon of the planet Vurun, a world made of bitter winds and acidic air, Sion Z97 is a welcomed surprise, at least under its surface. At first glance, Sion Z97 is a barren wasteland, the whole moon surrounded by thick swirls of clouds and ice, mountains of snow, and icebergs covering the surface. But underneath the frozen ground, a world unlike any other exists. Beautiful bioluminescent lights cover the cities of Sion Z97, the uniquely shaped buildings, and dwellings being carved from the material of the moon itself. While there is not a large population on Sion Z97, there are many who are important to the function of the Empire. The most experienced pilots and members of The Order have come from this moon, the harsh and frigid atmosphere making it an ideal training ground for the most severe weather and situations that one could encounter. Due to the climate and hostile alien life that inhabits Sion Z97, it is not a popular place to visit and instead is usually avoided. But this doesn’t mean the inhabitants view it that way. Those who live under Duchess Yeveh’s guiding hand, understand that hardship and perseverance are what will get anyone through dark and difficult times. The people of this moon are strong and do not bend their knees in times of sorrow and war. A bit reclusive, the residents of Sion Z97 are often regarded as closed-off and uninviting, preferring to focus on their own rather than strangers. Those who visit or live here will wear multiple layers of thick hides and furs, covering almost every inch of their bodies, protecting their eyes from the harsh sun glare that threatens to blind those who aren’t prepared.

Ierus: The Free Planets | King Joren Otteraa | Senator Ura Matissa
A paradise of lush green forests, rushing rivers, gorgeous lakes, and floating mountains, Ierus is a place that attracts the attention of all who visit. Known for the floating buildings and landmasses, those who wish to visit must have access to a ship at all times if they are to get around anywhere. Once part of the Empire, they are a symbol of hope and rebellion within the Free People and therefore have more weight in the Democratic Council of the Free People, which can be a good or bad thing depending on who is sitting within the government. Currently speaking, there was an internal revolt, a half-brother seeking to steal the claim of his elder sister once their shared father had passed. This caused strife throughout the kingdom and planet as those who supported their usurped queen were imprisoned or killed. Now a usurper holds the title of King and may steer Ierus towards destruction if he continues down the path he is pursuing. The citizens of Ierus are known for their charm and social intellect, often being able to convince the most frugal man to spend coin at a local race. There are many forms of income here and the nobles of this planet are known to keep a certain amount of space between them and the commoners that they govern. There are many radical thinkers who reside here and they are often very vocal, protesting and advocating for those in need. There are many languages spoken on Ierus as it has served as a refugee planet for some time after it’s departure from the Empire. The residents of this planet are often dressed in very fine fabrics and jewelry, but it is more subdued unless they are of nobility.

Kovuna: The Empire | Duke Krazza Nehann | Senator Eedna Koteli
A planet of red rock and unbearable heat, Kovuna was once uninhabitable, unable to support any life, especially nothing human. But that all changed as more and more people began to fight against the aggressive lifeforms on the planet to start the construction of their great city. A large city in a dome was created, keeping the harsh elements and monsters from harming the residents of the planet. Within the dome, a utopia of sorts was built, with lush greenery and even small rivers running through the city itself. The dome, which was invented by the people of Kovuna, is similar to that of a force field, allowing ships and individuals with the proper identification to enter the city without fuss. Still, guards and droids arm the perimeter of the city, keeping it safe from those who would wish harm upon them. The main source of income for a planet as harsh and tumultuous as Kovuna is rare gems and precious oil that can power a city for years at a time. Due to how small the city is compared to the rest of the planet, it can be difficult to move here, leading many of the residents to be less than welcoming to strangers appearing at their doorsteps. But there are those who fight against the harsh nature of the planet and have set up small towns and cities across the red rock desert, learning to live with the planet instead of against it. Those who live in the deserts of Kovuna usually only speak in their sign language as any extra noise could attract the attention of predators, while those within the main city usually speak the common language as well as their own native language. The clothes differ as well, those residing in the desert often wear clothes that hide their skin from predators and help them blend into their surroundings while those in the main city will wear bright colors and unique fabrics, unafraid of what waits for them outside of their dome.

Tisne: The Free Planets | Countess Yudirre Evulun | Senator Ryrkis Moth
A planet with multiple suns and moons, the sheer heat has since dried out Tisne and created a great desert planet that never seems to end. The Great Dunes of Tisne have been immortalized throughout time, as many great battles have been fought there and many hidden creatures discovered, causing this planet to be a hub of activity from dawn until dusk. Those who go to Tisne are searching to erase their pasts, hide who they are, and escape the eyes of the government and judgment that would push them to death or jail. There are many types who stay permanently on this planet, and many are not the most kind. Due to the fact this planet is most unregulated, save for their two rules, it attracts many who would do harm onto others, whether that is physical or emotional, there are characters here who do not wish to make friends or do any good. Many illegal and illicit things can be found and purchased on this planet due to the black market, making this the perfect place to receive books on dark magick and things of that sort. The government of Tisne tends to turn a blind eye to what goes on, often just satisfied to be cooped up in her palace, away from the poor scum that inhabits the planet. The residents of Tisne can be a mixed bag, some being kind and genuine while others would sooner put a blaster bullet through your stomach than have a civil conversation. Due to the sheer amount of runaways, outcasts, fugitives, and wanderers on this planet, many languages and species can be found, creating a rather rich melting pot of culture. The clothing on this planet is usually like all desert planet garb, loose fabrics to protect the skin, muted in color, and of poor quality.

Raegantu: The Empire | Duke Cavresh Yndor | Senator Zovih Olozre
A planet that has the ability to make anyone feel as small as a bug, Raegantu is a place full of mystery and wonder. Everything on this planet is much larger than any other, causing the cities and the palace to be built within the trunks of the trees and other flora that are sturdy enough to house people. Life here is unique and bizarre, many creatures that populate the glowing forests are undocumented anywhere else. Raegantu is a planet that never is dark, whether it’s the two suns that fill their sky or the glowing of the planet itself when the moons come out. Life here is complicated at best, but those who inhabit this strange place have little reason to want to move elsewhere. Deeply connected with naturally occurring magick, Raegantu has learned to harness it into orbs of power that can help enhance weapons and even armor so that the wearer is able to withstand more and even improve their magick for a short period of time. This is something that everyone in the galaxy is desperate to get their hands on so it’s not surprising that the Empire was eager to bring this planet into its control. The people of Raegantu speak their own native language but use common as their secondary due to the immense trade business that the planet deals with. Their clothes vary from loose-fitting and lightweight to form-fitting and sturdy, most likely due to the variety of jobs that are available on this planet.
Available Roles.
The Rangers: 0/4 — Rangers are the most gifted trackers and hunters, being able to find their mark in different galaxies if they need to. They are known to blend in with any crowd and disappear into any landscape. They are difficult to find and are even trickier to defeat if someone were to be caught up in combat with them. They no longer have a home planet and very rarely do they see one of their own kind. Elusive, they normally avoid any situation that would draw attention to themselves, desperate to stay out of sight.

The Order: 0/6 — Knights, generals, commanders, those who have trained in The Order often have very successful military careers and often serve or council nobility. They are usually extremely talented individuals, but some are considered to be frauds, only rising through the ranks due to money and political positions. The Order is often feared by commoners of all planets, knowing that their weaponry and magick could very easily spell their death. Rarely does one in The Order travel alone, and their employers always make sure to have a decent amount on hand, just in case.

The Nobility: 0/4 — No matter the planet, there is always nobility. They govern the inner workings of their planets, with the assistance of their Senators and councilmen, and are often the causes of many of the wars. Nobility can be a gift or a curse, depending on the wielder. Some use their position of power for the greater good, seeking to help their people and economy. Others will use it for evil, wasting money, raising taxes, sending innocent people into pointless wars. There is a certain level of unease when dealing with nobility as no one knows what they might do. (PM me for nobility options!)

The Brotherhood: 0/6 — Much like The Order, The Brotherhood has ultimately been established on every planet, protecting the innocent and true. They are the assassins that deal justice upon the corrupt and powerful. The are only whispers on the wind, a ghost story to keep people in line. Or that is what people tell each other. The Brotherhood operates secretly in plain sight, training and preparing to correct those who wish to harm the commonfolk. They are lethal and effective, being able to go toe-to-toe with those in The Order.

The Scavengers: 0/6 — Commoners who have no choice but to make a living off the scraps of others. They are resourceful inventors that know how to survive off nothing but the dew the morning brings. They can adapt and survive in almost any condition, making robots and weapons out of what normally would be considered trash. Highly intelligent, they are forced into poverty due to things outside of their control, usually making them radical and unaligned with political power or anyone in authority.

The Senators: 0/4 — The right hand of all reigning nobility in the Empire or the Free People, Senators will represent their government and planet in whatever Congress or Galactic Senate they are apart of. They are selected by the reigning nobility and will often advise and assist their monarch with all things political, including war. Extremely persuasive and charismatic people, they can be dangerous to oppose. The second most powerful position in government, this power can be easily used for evil or greed, making it highly sought after. (PM me for senator options!)

The Treasure Hunters: 0/8 — A group of treasure hunters from the planet Mithoria, they have been traveling the galaxies in search of the most precious and rare treasures that anyone can find. They have hunted down myths and legends, only seeking glory and riches. It is said that they have stolen ships with the ability to form new planets, androids that truly seem to be human, and jewels that give them more wealth than any emperor or king to exist. Dangerous and unpredictable, always watch your pockets around this lot. (PM for available positions!)

The Pilots: 0/4 — Talented individuals when it comes to ships of all kinds. Masters of their crafts, they can be exceedingly difficult to catch if not on foot. Many of them participate in the races, an event that many of the planets participate in. Thrill seekers, they are often too daring for their own good. A good pilot is needed for any adventure, meaning that anyone with skill will charge quite a price. They are loyal to their ships and their money, making it difficult to hold onto them if another employer offers a bigger paycheck.

The Mercenaries: 0/3 — Nobody knows the true story of a Merc and nobody needs to. They joined The Guild to make money and to do work that nobody would dare to do. Some of them come from The Order, while others may be retired from The Brotherhood. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you'll find a royal that has taken this job. There is a wide range of skill here, so the bigger the payment, better the quality. They stick to their own moral compass and the rules of The Guild, nothing else.

The Rebels: 0/6 — They have opposed their government and in turn have become enemies of the state. On the run, they have often found refuge in smaller, poorer planets, where they spread word and rumor about the corruption and evil they have experienced. Most are from the Empire or the Imperium, causing them to hide within the Free Planets, hoping to stay hidden from the blades of their old rulers. Some rebels may seek to start a rebellion, to raise an army and win independence for their people. Others are content to caution those interested in moving to their planet.
Welcome to 𝐁𝐄𝐘𝐎𝐍𝐃 𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐑𝐒! This roleplay is inspired by Star Wars, Dune, Treasure Planet, Titan A.E., etc. and other various Sci-Fi movies/games, which is why roles and lore will be similar/the same as my inspiration! This is going to be an ADVANCED roleplay and needs to be treated as such if you are applying! This is NOT first-come-first-serve, meaning you will be accepted via PM if I feel your character is a good fit. If you do not receive an invite by the time I specify, that means your character has not been accepted. That being said, Discord is required for this roleplay as it will be our OOC since it's far easier for me to keep track there. This roleplay also has an 18+ rule as I simply do not feel comfortable with having minors in this roleplay. I will be providing a plot summary and F.A.Q here just in case anyone needs it!

Frequently Asked Questions.
What species can we play?
• You can play as humans, aliens, cyborgs, etc.! If you would like to play a non-human, just run it by me first if they are going to have any special abilities or attributes that I should know about. If you are playing a non-human you can also opt out of using a face claim and instead write a detailed description of the character. If you would like to use a face claim, AI-generated images are NOT allowed and instead I suggest you use illustrations that can be found on Pinterest or Tumblr!

What kind of weapons can characters have?
• You have free reign over weapons (only if they aren't OP) and so you can pretty much turn anything into an intergalactic Sci-Fi weapon! Light sabers, various blasters/guns, energy whips, energy bows, whip swords, etc. the world is honestly your oyster! Just run it by me if your weapon is particularly powerful!

Do all characters have magick?
• It is rare but some people are born without magick. Most possess it, even in small quantities. Those who do not possess strong magick usually only have very basic foresight which allows them to have better reflexes, (ie. they will catch a cup right as it starts to fall without even noticing it) but that is about it. Those who possess stronger magick will have more abilities and will be marked in their personal files as being a high magick user.

Is there a Dark Side?
• Just like all stories, there is indeed a 'dark side' that the characters can cross into. This can mean they started to learn dark magick or they simply have turned evil and therefore are no longer walking in the light. The dark side mainly pertains to the morals and magick of a person.

What is dark magick?
• Dark magick is forbidden and mostly forgotten. It contains curses and abilities that can kill far too many people and can destabilize governments and planets. Dark magick takes its toll on the user as well, infecting them with the dark powers, causing there to be visible physical changes. It is obvious when someone is a prominent dark magick user and therefore they will become a very highly prized criminals with an extraordinarily high bounty.

Will characters travel to different planets?
• Yes they will! Now for those with multiple characters, they do not have to travel to other planets if they do not wish to, but those who will are more than welcome to and will experience different conflicts and adventures!

Is there a character limit?
• Currently there is a six character per user maximum, however if you are applying I would suggest starting with one or two just so you can meet the deadline!

Can you have multiple nobles, senators, or mercenaries?
• No! You may only play one senator/noble/mercenary as these are more limited roles and therefore nobody can hog 50% of them. If there comes a time when those roles are still open and applications have closed for good, you may apply for an additional senator/noble/mercenary.

What do the senator and nobility roles do?
• So with roles such as the senator, characters most likely will play senators that are either on the run or have been replaced by the current leader of their planet. This means they will have the connections and knowledge of a senator but potentially without the government influence (yet). For nobles, there will be a range of heirs, children of current rulers, possible rivals, and even runaways. All of the nobility and senators will be hiding their positions as people can collect bounties on them if they return them to their home planet.

Do those from the Empire get along with the Free Planets?
• Generally the Free Planets are more welcoming than those from the Empire, but tensions are still there with both of them. It is not uncommon to see them fight or disagree as their politics and ultimately morals tend to be drastically different.

Plot Summary.
For one reason or another, you have abandoned your home world and landed in Tisne, a planet that is known to attract those who wish to disappear and those of a more unsavory nature. It is a planet with rules that really boil down to two things; keep a weapon on you and one eye open. This world, though violent and unpredictable, has allowed many to disappear into hiding, living out the rest of their days without worrying about being brought back due to a bounty. But due to the tensions rising between the Free People, the Empire, and the Imperium, even a planet such as Tisne cannot shelter you forever. You, along with many other characters, will go through various efforts to run for bounty hunters, stop civil wars, win back birthrights, and even go against the Imperium itself.

This roleplay will focus heavily on the characters alongside some plot-specific events. Due to the wide range of character types that can be played, there will be multiple types of adventures and experiences that the characters will go on. They will travel to other planets and moons, fight unique villains, assist in civil wars, and even potentially form a rebellion! There are endless options of what you can do, but there is the backbone of these specific events that will keep the core of the roleplay on track. Character development is very key to this roleplay so things such as character death, trauma, romance, and general drama will occur and is always encouraged! There will be options to play any spectrum of moral alignment for characters and specific plot points/events will be available for those who align under those values. If you have any questions regarding the plot or lore, please DM me! I am simplifying it for now but it will be expanded upon in the server!

Roleplay Rules.
• This roleplay is 18+!
• You must have discord as the ooc will be located there
• You do not have to have any Star Wars knowledge to apply, this is just inspired by Star Wars and other Sci-Fi media
• This is NOT first come first serve
• You can have up to 6 (six) characters if you can handle them! However, THEY MUST BE BALANCED!
• Characters will all be 20+ years old
• No OP characters or weapons
• Realistic face claims or detailed descriptions will be allowed! (For those making non-human characters, AI is not allowed! You may use illustrations though.)
• This is an advanced roleplay so I am expecting multi-paragraph in-character posts
• Please keep characters balanced.
• Be kind to everyone
• All of RPN's rules apply
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Thinking of a The Brotherhood member who's a defector from the Imperium's military
Interested as well. I'm also interested in possibly playing a Noble.
The discord will only be available for accepted characters since this is application based!
Ah, I see, so the character application thread still needs to go up, or have I completely missed it?
Should we ask lore/gen questions here or in pms?
EDIT never mind I just reread and you literally said at the end to pm you lol
I am so in, may I pm you the idea for my characters? There are two, with linked backgrounds.
You can yeah! They will still need to be submitted to where the rest of the applications are though (if you’re just looking to get them okayed)

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