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Fantasy ๐…๐ข๐ซ๐ž ๐š๐ง๐ ๐๐ฅ๐จ๐จ๐ | open


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All it took was a spark. The flames burned so brightly that they created life as if they were Gods. Humans were born out of the power and rage of dragons, causing both to have a symbiotic relationship as they traversed the new world. Dragons mentored the humans in a way, sheltering them, giving them their fire, and ultimately helping them control their magic. This was especially true in Nordua, a continent where four giant dragons had once had a great battle that had shattered the land into four pieces. This story was well-known and it wasnโ€™t surprising that the humans that lived in Nordua seemed to be more advanced and in tune with the dragons that they lived among.

A group of humans had settled in what was named Rhaeclya, where they built a city to live in and eventually a castle. Their leader was highly revered and loved due to the one thing that set her apart from all the other humans. She had bonded with a dragon. Sharing a bond with a dragon that had survived the Great Dragon War was unheard of and frankly terrifying. They were the oldest creatures to exist and seemed to know far more about the world than humans ever could. And yet, there they were, dragon and dragonrider, patrolling the skies of Nordua, settling disputes and ultimately establishing and strengthening her claim as the ruler of the continent.

This kingdom was the first of any and being the first Queen of the First Men was a heavy responsibility but one that she shouldered gracefully. Her bloodline was heavily sought after and it wasnโ€™t long before Nordua was heavily populated, many noble houses forming due to war, wealth, and dragons. Still, she created a dynasty that one could only dream of having, which was why there were many enemies of Nordua. They wanted her throne, her lands, to take over her bloodline and have it for themselves. For over 150 years, Nordua stood at the height of the world, their power and influence unreachable, until it wasnโ€™t. War had broken out in Nordua. This would later be known as the War of Fire and Blood.

Music drifted seamlessly in the air, fabric swirling, laughter echoing, it was a perfect evening. A celebration, a wedding. It was a time to be joyful, to enjoy the brilliance that was a marriage between a princess of Rhaeclya and a prince of Vashil. The kingdoms were allies and this union seemed to please all in the realms, strengthening both kingdoms. It gave Rhaeclyaโ€™s royals an ally across the seas, and it gave Vashil a small taste of the power that Rhaeclya held. The wedding was held in Rhaeclyaโ€™s capital, in the Carnaeth Keep where royals and nobles from all over Nordua attended and celebrated the union between Rhaeclya and Vashil.

A cry broke through the light-hearted atmosphere, declaring that this was not what had been promised to the King of Vashil and that the marriage between the prince and princess was a sham. Screams of terror filled the air as people began to panic, trying to escape the onslaught of death that became the guests. There were far too many of them and it was difficult for the guards to even see what was happening. The King and Queen yelled out in desperation for their daughter to be protected, to get her away from the violence and death, but when she was found, it was too late.

The princess of Rhaeclya, of Nordua, had been killed. Her body was found lying against one of the pillars in the room, her arms hanging limply at her sides, a sword through her chest. Her blood formed in large crimson pools, staining the stone beneath her. The wails of agony from the queen were enough to send chills down even the most stoic of knights. The tragedy that befell the kingdom and the continent as a whole was not an expected one and certainly wasnโ€™t something that they thought the royal family of Vashil had wished upon them. But they were wrong. Days later, envoys had returned with word from the reigning King and Queen that they had not been pleased with Rhaeclya and the line of succession. They wanted their blood to be next in line and if they couldnโ€™t have that, then they would take the throne by force.

War had been declared upon Nordua. Noble houses were reached out to by the crown, asking for their support, and some answered the call while others seemed to be loyal to Vashilโ€™s crown. Too long had they been sitting in the shadows of Rhaeclyaโ€™s throne and they were desperate to see its downfall. A war of fire and blood was sure to commence, and one would only hope that whatever banner they chose to follow would lead them to the right side of history.


The North.
Tun is located far to the North in Nordua. Nestled within the sides of the mountains, the cities within this frozen land have remained protected and hidden by their rather awful weather. Known for having winter for nine months out of the year, the people who reside there are very resilient and strong, being able to withstand the harshest winters and still be strong enough to far and cultivate in the spring. For resources, they are essential for the minerals and metals that are mined from their mountains and ice. They are rich and pure, creating fuel, tools, building materials, and even luxury items such as diamonds. Their dragons are known for their large sizes and old age, but they are often noted to be lacking in color and are often considered plain-looking. The noble families of Tun are House Harringlor, House Ackles, and House Vaelor.

The East.
Nireath can be found amongst rolling blue waves and warm stretches of black and red sand. Known for its extravagant plays, art, singers, and location, it is a popular place to vacation. The people of Nireath are often considered to be laid back and sneaky, almost always whispering in the ears of the rulers and nobles, trying to find someone to protect them and give their economy a boost. Those within the walls of Nireath can be some of the most manipulative and socially intelligent people one could ever encounter. This makes them dangerous in various ways. They have trades set up between the crown's allies and within Nordua. The dragons of Nireath are often slim and fast, able to weave through the most complicated sea cliffs and pop on the other side unscathed. They are quite brilliant in color and are also able to be underwater for some time. The noble families of Nireath are House Galarius, House Dragen, and House Celaleos.

The West.
Araes is a land that glitters and glows like the stars themselves. They are rich with precious gems and other rare materials. All of the architecture and people are covered in gems and beautiful fabrics, even those who are considered to be poor. The country has thrived from its trade of precious materials, causing the noble families to be popular to win over. With Araes backing you, your finances will be covered without any worry. However, Araes seems to struggle deeply with their slums, often having issues with hiding those they consider to be blemishes or getting rid of 'defective' dragons. While it's all in the name of developing their country, some may feel it is not something they would like to associate with. But that is neither here nor there. For they are beautiful and perfect on the outside so there's little reason to look at this blemish. The dragons of this kingdom are known for their brilliant coloration, almost sparkling in the sunlight. They are beautiful creatures and their offspring fetch a very high price. The noble families of Araes are House Tartigar, House Caleris, and House Blackmont.

The Kingdom of the South.
The Kingdom of Rhaeclya is the oldest kingdom ever recorded. The first to discover magic and dragons, they are very knowledgeable about the world and war. They are currently the sole ruling family of Nordua, but they have various castles across Rhaeclya and Nordua where their royal relatives live and govern those areas. Rhaeclya is feared throughout the realm and its throne is greatly desired by those outside of Nordua. Since they are the oldest kingdom and are arguably the strongest kingdom, it has caused tensions to rise over the years. They have been very strategic with their alliances and forms of income, protecting themselves even from the noble families in the other parts of Nordua. They are strong-willed and their dragons are the same. They have been carefully bred for battle and are often noted for their resistance and the strength within their fire. The noble families of Rhaeclya are House Doreris, House Veltalor, and House Aertheos.

The Brief History of Nordua.
Magic is as old as the world itself. It seeps out from inside of the planet like blood within a body. The presence of magic caused fire, ice, stars, water, wind, earth, and dragons to be born. Because magic was untouched and unmanaged, the various elements and ultimately dragons were created to put balance to it. The great beasts took to their corners of the world, but a group of them settled on the continent now known as Nordua. The land was barren and magic was rampant, but the arrival of dragons seemed to balance it out. Oceans formed, forests grew, mountains burst from the earth, and the dragons found peace. For a long time, they were the only creatures to exist, their presence being enough to keep the magic and elements from overwhelming one or the other. But one dragon, Zeirlu, awoke from his slumber and began to encroach upon another dragon's land. The battle of dragons was great and forcibly split the land into the four countries that make up Nordua. Their fire was so fierce that it created four unique biomes and the sparks of these flames created new life. Humans.

Humans were special as they were able to harness the natural magic of the world to a certain extent. They could use it to create, to fight, and to communicate. Their innate connection to magic ultimately connected them to dragons. This was how the kingdom of Rhaeclya was formed. The first royals of the small kingdom had made a pact with the dragons that populated their new home to fight together and protect their shared land. This alliance allowed both to conquer their enemies who wished to take their dragons or the kingdom. As time passed, Rhaeclya's kingdom grew and soon they had multiple castles they called home across Rhaeclya and even in different parts of Nordua. At this point in the roleplay, they have been the sole reigning kingdom for over 150 years, but various influential noble families in other countries also prove to have influence when it comes to the crown.

Welcome to ๐…๐ข๐ซ๐ž ๐š๐ง๐ ๐๐ฅ๐จ๐จ๐! So obviously this is a prequel to my own roleplay and inspired by House of the Dragon because I have been living for these vibes! This is going to be an ADVANCED roleplay and needs to be treated as such when you are applying! It is not first-come-first-serve, meaning you will be accepted via PM if I feel your character is a good fit. If you do not receive an invite by the time I specify, that means your character has not been accepted. That being said, Discord is required for this roleplay as it will be our ooc since it's far easier for me to keep track there. This roleplay also has an 18+ rule as I simply do not feel comfortable with having minors in this roleplay. I will be providing a plot summary here just in case anyone needs it!

Plot Summary.
This roleplay is indeed connected to another one I have, so some of the lore and kingdoms will be the same. However, this will take place 200+ years into the rule of the first kingdom of men, Rhaeclya, and the first great war they were involved in. As the sole reigning kingdom of an entire continent, it was viewed as a power that everyone wanted a piece of. If one controlled Rhaeclya, then they had access to the great wealth that filled Nordua. Vashil, another older kingdom, had become allies with Nordua and expressed an interest in strengthening Rhaeclya's royal bloodline. There had been discussions of marriage between the two royal families, but Vashil was more ambitious than Rhaeclya gave them credit for. They did not want a marriage, they wanted the throne. Upon arranging a marriage between a prince of Vashil and a princess of Rhaeclya, the King and Queen of Vashil broached the topic of succession within Rhaeclya and stated that they felt the throne would've been better protected if their son and his new wife were to sit it.

This was passed off as a humorous thing, a joke, and those within Rhaeclya chalked it up to nothing more than royal banter. But towards the end of the wedding between the prince and princess, members of Vashil's guard committed great treason, all in the name of their crown. They killed the princess and declared that Rhaeclya would soon fall and be taken by Vashil. Naturally this outraged Rhaeclya's current King and Queen and when they reached out to Vashil, they were greeted with ill-news. It was to be a war for who would take the Dragonfire throne and become the most powerful ruler in the realm. This was the official beginning of the War of Fire and Blood, which would persist for three years.

Now, the roleplay will start before the wedding and will follow members of Rhaeclya's royal family, royal guards, and those from noble houses all across Nordua. You will have the option to play characters who align with Rhaeclya's crown or ones that will align with Vashil's. There will be various battles and other tense moments within the roleplay that can result in character deaths or betrayals, all of which will be quite exciting. This will be pretty lore-driven as the war went in a specific way, but there is plenty of room for character growth, adventure, drama, and even romance. There will not be battles constantly happening, so the characters will be able to travel across Nordua and explore the different countries and the nobles that live there!

Available characters will be those within the royal family, nobles, and then those within the royal guard. If you have any questions regarding the plot or lore, please DM me! I am simplifying it for now but it will be expanded upon in the server!

Roleplay Rules.
โ€ข This roleplay is 18+!
โ€ข There will be premade roles for you to choose from
โ€ข I will not enforce things to be super historically accurate when it comes to etiquette!
โ€ข You must have discord as the ooc will be located there
โ€ข This is NOT first come first serve
โ€ข No OP characters or dragons
โ€ข Realistic face claims or detailed descriptions will be allowed!
โ€ข This is an advanced roleplay so I am expecting multi-paragraph in-character posts
โ€ข Please keep characters balanced.
โ€ข Be kind to everyone
โ€ข All of RPN's rules apply
love the lore, very interested ! Can't wait to see all the available roles
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WRAOW i love me some dramatic fantasy!! i can't wait to see the roles hehe
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