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  1. Gods_Finger_Gun

    Multiple Settings  Finger_Gun's Interest Check

    Finger Gun's Interest Check Intro Hello those who read my post! I am God's personal finger gun. You may address me as such or simply call me boop. I love many things including writing, poetry, gaming, D&D, working on cars, music, drawing, and baking to name a few. I am old as bog budder and I...
  2. viceroy

    Multiple Settings  Searching for 1x1 RP Partners - Fandom & Original

    Hey! I'm Viceroy but you can call me Vice. Or Roy if you think you're funny. Either works. Some things to get out of the way first: I'm 16. If this makes you uncomfortable, you can leave now. I prefer that no one under the age of 15 roleplays with me. Please be honest with your age (or general...
  3. HolographicHydra

    Multiple Settings  Follow the Shimmering Scales... (Multiple Plots Inside!)

    ~Welcome~ Hello! I'm HolographicHydra! It's a mouthful, I know, so feel free to call me Hydra, or whatever nickname you feel fits! A few things about me to start off with! I'm an avid roleplayer, having started writing around 10 years ago. I'm not really new to this site! My old account is...
  4. TheDarkLady

    Multiple Settings  Long-term/One-Shot Roleplays (Open)

    Hello! I am an 18 year old looking for some roleplays. I will only do one or two at a time, mind you. Title will say if it's open or closed for now. • It will take me 30 minutes to a week or two to reply. If I still haven't replied after 3 days to 2 weeks, feel free to just send me a message...
  5. necoco

    Fantasy  until death do us part :: original search (m/f)

    hey, I'm Neco! posting yet another search thread cause I got another random idea I wanna try out, heh. only very recently got back into RP about a few months ago, so I'm still a bit rusty overall, but I do have a few posts I've done so far that you can take a quick look at if you're curious...
  6. _Sargotha_

    Multiple Settings  A Partner Is Sought For [Closed]

    I have looked through previous threads of the unanswered type to find someone to do a 1x1 roleplay with and have not had any luck with someone that takes my fancy. So, I figured that it was time to create my own advertisement and hope that someone will match what I would like. Fandom Genre - By...
  7. house elf

    Fantasy  ❝STORM AND ASH.❞

    ❝ STORM AND ASH. ❞leviathan.introduction. THE NAMELESS ONE and his siblings have slept for nearly a millennium leagues under the ocean's surface. Born from the fiery magic of the magma deep below the crust escaping during the Slaughter of the Isles, he emerged from his egg as large as a castle...
  8. Littlestar

    Fantasy  His Dragon [Currently Closed] {Main} (1x1)

    This is the main.
  9. Acathla

    Fantasy  Dragon RP

    So I have a dragon character with no real home and no real mate to speak of. If anyone has another dragon they would like to play that they have never been able to write with before, let me know!
  10. Hazmat44

    Fantasy  Legacy of Dragons (Closed)

    Kirsey stretched, yawning as he woke up. A dozen various knick-knacks decorated the rock floor around him, none of them coming close to the velvety pillow he’d been sleeping on. The cave was large, but not excessively so; a flat mirror was mounted to one wall, and a number of cosmetic items were...
  11. RockNRollAllNite82

    Fantasy  Skyrim RP.

    I'm looking for a partner for a Skyrim RP. I can do multiple paragraphs and play multiple characters. I am looking for a partner who can do both. I have included my character below. Hope to get this going soon. 😊 Bjørn Olafsson Age: 32 Height: 6'4" Weight: 224 lbs. Hair and Beard...
  12. Broodmother

    Fantasy  [self indulgent dragon rp interest check]

    The Sea is your mother, the Sun is your father, and your destiny is to be exalted above all other beings beneath the Moons and on the Earth. The Star of the Age of Man has set; once a great danger to you, they are now but sparks of a bygone flame, huddled in their nests like so many other little...
  13. L.Amour

    Multiple Settings  Searching for those dragons.

    Hello rpn, I am really craving a dragon rider, war on dragons and fight for dragons type of thread of which I am not seeing a lot of. Something that focuses on the characters, both potentially human or humanoid and dragon, the bonds they may or may not share. I'm not looking for something with...
  14. Hazmat44

    Fantasy  Legacy of Dragons

    Once upon a time, there was a place called Illycrium. It was the realm of dragons, a chink between worlds where no threat could assail them. It was from this realm that dragons strode forth into the world, treading on all those beneath them and obtaining the gold and treasures of other races...
  15. Gezellige

    Fantasy  Dragons??? or smth else fun idk!?

    Anyone vibing with some sort of,,, dragon related roleplay?? Dragon riders (not like the dragon riders show but like, just people riding dragons lol)? or like, not even dragons necessarily? Just something fun, and magical, and just, an all-around good time? Just to goof off and let off steam in...
  16. citrineburm

    Fandom  Looking for an invader ZiM au rp

    I’m looking for anyone willing to rp with me, I’d prefer if the other person person was of adult age, if we can discuss the rp over discord or something that would be good too because I’ll be more active there
  17. Tiff the Odd

    Fantasy  Dragon Rider Plot! {Dragon and Mentor needed} Semi Adv.

    Hello! I have a plot about dragon riders! This is a semi adv. roleplay and I do ask that you roleplay at least two characters. My character is a 12 year old dragon rider who is also the last heir to her family’s throne. You would be playing her male dragon and then one more character of your...
  18. Count Gensokyo

    Fandom  (Mario RP, anyone?) Paper Mario: The Mystic Tapestry

    O, wandering misfit...yes, you! Do you have what it takes to weave back the threads of destiny? This is going to be an interest check in the classical sense—I'm not ready to move through with this yet, but I definitely want to gauge interest. If what you're about to read catches your fancy...
  19. Aron the Aron

    Fantasy  The Princess and The Dragon, not the most imaginative story out there... (private)

    @MJ ._. Here's something to get you started! The darkened world of Mitil's closed eyes spun as she slowly roused from her... slumber? Was she just sleeping? It certainly didn't feel so, it was much too cold to be her quarters, and whatever she were on was hard and icky. A splitting migraine...
  20. FlameAriiDrayceon

    Fandom  How to Train your Dragon; canon divergence

    This is Berk. And every now and then, fire rains down from the sky. "Watch those Nadders!" Came the cry in the distance, following a flock of spine-tailed creatures squawking in alarm and taking off. To Arii, they were mere silhouettes, framed by the firelight of raised torches. They were much...