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Hello hello!

I am a Quidditch ! Welcome to my rp search

Apologize if this is a bit wonky I haven't done anything like this in a couple of years

Hello hello!

I am a semi-advanced writer who is looking for a fellow 18+ writer to write some good ole fandom rps with me!

I can provide an rp sample if need be

I am mostly looking to write ocs at this time but can be persuaded for canons in HP only

I can double ( write up to 6 ocs per rp)

Please DM Me if interested thanks loves!

If I have an * next to the fandom , I am highkey craving to write it and have several plots in mind for it !!!!

Harry Potter (marauders era, golden trio era, fantastic beasts , legacy and even aus and all sorts of time periods). ********

How to Train your Dragon *****

Percy Jackson *

Warrior Cats *
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