warrior cats

  1. Chill Alley Cat

    Fandom Windclan's blinding storm

    The sky was a pure violent white, the sleet consuming all it touched with its ghostly tone. The day sky has disappeared to be replaced by the brightness that scorned the eyes as if staring into a cold sun, making time unmeasurable. Frigid air slices any living thing open to bite at its bones...
  2. Sunfall27

    Fandom Dawnclan: Life to Death

    Dawnclan territory is situated on a cliff covered in lush forest. A thin river runs through the center of the territory. New apprentices are just about to began their training and journey through the clan. The leader, Thistlestar, gathers the clan under Tall Oak to name them.
  3. ASFinnie

    Fandom Everyone loves Cyanfeather [Warrior Cat Romance RP, 1x1]

    Everyone loves Cyanfeather I had just came up with the idea of a Warrior-based rp. It want this to be based off of a character or characters, of that matter. Come up with your own cat; don’t use one that already exists. Same goes for the clans. (There will be 3 clans total; we’ll need to come...
  4. Sunfall27

    Fandom Warrior Cats/ Warriors Dawnclan Interest Check

    I've been tumbling back into the Warriors fandom and I wanted to see in anyone else wants to do a clan rp. Basically from apprenticeship (I thought we could skip over kithood because there isn't much of anything to do) to death.
  5. Chill Alley Cat

    Fandom A medicine cat’s loyalty

    Alright the starter is on you now : ) //
  6. prospitest

    Fandom A Bird's Path

    Finchpaw's pads were sore from walking on the hard terrain. He felt as if with every step, he was trudging up a hill with rocks on his back, weighing him down. It had been two moons since Pineclan had set out to find a new territory. Their old territory had quickly become invaded by other rogues...
  7. Chill Alley Cat

    Fandom Looking for a warrior cat RP buddy

    I'm inexperienced in RP forums but really wanted to try it out, but if you are interested in having your OC a morally gray or unique support character then I'm your best bet! I love intricate slow burn RPs with morally gray characters and hate people taking things personally and powerplaying...
  8. Darling..

    Multiple Settings 🦢🏹ー|| 𝗧𝗵𝗲 𝗔𝘁𝗹𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗰 𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗻 𝗰𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂||_…✉️

    ーWelcome to me cosmic cove. If you wish to roleplay with me you must reach my requirements. ┌── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ──┐ →Even though we roleplay, I would like to chat as well. I need friends. Cmon. Pls.🦢🏹 →At least a paragraphs worth of writing🏹🦢 → Respond within a week ┍━☽【❖】☾━┑ My fandoms: × 🏹 My hero...
  9. marss

    Fandom someone help my warriors craving

    hello all! ive recently gotten a strange itch to roleplay warriors. i haven’t read the books in ages, but i’m hoping to find time to get back into them soon! i still do have all the basic knowledge, so i’m looking for more an oc x oc long term roleplay! first, a bit about me though. you can...
  10. Mollystar45678

    Multiple Settings Looking for an RP (open to anything)

    Pretty much open to anything, just lemme know what you may have in mind.
  11. m a n d e l a

    Fandom ˜”*°•.˜”*°• օʋɛʀɢʀօառ ɢǟʀɖɛռ •°*”˜.•°*”˜ ᴏᴄxᴏᴄ, ᴏᴄxᴄᴄ, ᴅᴏᴜʙʟɪɴɢ

    💀 Hello there 🦋 I am Charlie, or the names in my signature. I go by he/they, and I’m non-binary! I enjoy a good fandom role play, and I hope we both share the same interests so we get along better i don’t exactly have an age range, considering I’m a minor myself, just as long as your willing...
  12. luxnoctis

    Multiple Settings searching for rp partners! [advanced/long posts/complex plots + more!]

    hellooo~!! name's lux. c: despite the young account, i'm a bit of an rp veteran (~9 years experience), and am looking to get back into my old past-time with a couple other advanced players! if you're also on the hunt, i encourage you to keep reading- and if everything checks out, i hope to rp...
  13. Clyvelle

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell][September Event]Will You Walk With Me?

    Goal 1. Follow your friend as he talks about the past 2. Enjoy the Ryken countryside 3. Get some points Cast Ciu'nan Michael
  14. Clyvelle

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell][Jareth SS]The Search for Truth

    Goals 1. Canonize the Adventurer Guild's efforts to locate Michael 2. Set up NPCs for future use 3. Inject mounting intrigue in Ryken Cast
  15. moon_struck

    Fandom seeking writing partners :)

    Hello Everyone, Just a quick introduction! I am a 27 year old female, who primarily will be active in the evenings or weekends seeing as I work a full time job during the week, but promise to do my best to provide quick and quality replies as often as I can. I did take a little break from this...
  16. phoenixofwinter

    Multiple Settings Open for anything* (*restrictions apply)

    Hi again! Fun story, I forgot I had an account here!! Anyway, hi, hello! Honestly, like the title says, I'm pretty much open for most things. Don't worry, there's only a few restrictions!! 🚩Please no minors! I don't have anything against yall, I just feel it'd be weird ;-; 🚩Please no NSFW (or...
  17. zerosense

    Multiple Settings Bored

    Pm if interested! About me: 1-4 paragraphs 3rd person Past tense 18+ Part time worker Full time student during academic year Only plays f in fxf or fxm unless we are doubling. Will respond at least every week if not more. Romance is a must Roles (^= craving, *=plot) Deity x worshipper Vampire...
  18. onestepback

    Fandom - A new End -

    are you here for the COH staff, Tribe Leaders or COH? well this is just the place. COH MEMBERS- Require: a paragraph. detailed. a few mistakes are fine, warrior cat rp exp COH STAFF- REQUIRE: MENTOR KNOWLAGE? WILL BE JUST LIKE IT LEADERS- REQUIRE: PARAGRAPH
  19. Rorry

    Fandom ROOOARRR!

    Hello! I’m Rory! I love roleplaying, and am new at this! I can get a bit confuzzled on roleplays so please don’t get mad or frustrated! I usually write one paragraph! Depending on the day, I might write a lot, or write a little! i can do: FXM, MxM and FxF! My Fandoms! My hero academia (I’m...
  20. Clyvelle

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell][Jareth]Chapter 2: A Red Wind Blows in the Desert, Part 1

    Goals 1. Escape the red storm 2. Figure out Jareth's geographical location 3. Find a path back to civilization, ultimately Ryken 4. Figure out why slimes make good travelling companions (or not) Cast Jareth Fletcher Achu