1. welian

    Fantasy The Dragon Contract | IC

    In-character thread, under construction, do not post.
  2. welian

    Fantasy The Dragon Contract | World Info

    And here's where I would post my lore - IF I HAD ANY!!! Jk, jk, this thread is a work in progress. Keep checking in to learn cool deets about the world of dragons.
  3. welian

    Fantasy The Dragon Contract | OOC

    Out of Character discussion for The Dragon Contract. We have a Discord server for OOC, but on-site threads are very important. Admission cost is one (1) dragon-related meme. https://discord.gg/QVmSNfUvEj
  4. welian

    Fantasy The Dragon Contract | Characters

    Character Sheet thread for The Dragon Contract Thread Rules: Only post completed and approved profiles in this thread. Send profiles to @welian for private review, or post profiles in the OOC thread for public review. Character-related questions should be asked in the OOC area. Character...
  5. welian

    Fantasy Abducted By Dragons To Do Their Evil Bidding?!

    Once upon a time, in a forgotten realm, the world was ruled by dragons. This is not an important detail to you, because you are human, and you live on Earth in the year 2021. You have important, real-life things to think about, like school and work. Unfortunately for you, your homework will...
  6. RogueJumi

    Fantasy Heroic Fantasy Partner Search [MxF]

    Hey, there! Looking for some RP, hope to get a bite or so. Just shoot me a DM if you're interested! Hey! I'm a male in the Eastern time zone (UTC-4), but I work from home so my hours tend to be all over the place. I'd RPed for several years before life got in the way and so I was on...
  7. XQueen_Of_AvalonX

    Fandom Looking for a long term partner for Fairy tail rp one x one search

    Hello hello, fellow roleplayers! i’m as of late i’ve really been wanting to do a fairy tail role play Here's a few details about me. i try my best to reply as frequently as possible I'm not going to point out if you make a grammar mistake. I'm not the type of person. I love adding romance to...
  8. Mutt

    Fantasy Writing Partners! (Always Open)

    Hello! I'm Mutt, I'm 26, non-binary, and ace! Please call me they/them! I'm addicted to World of Warcraft and watching stupid videos on youtube. I really like to read cheesy paranormal romance books and fantasy books. I've been roleplaying for around 15yrs now but I haven't gotten anything...
  9. Wolfiee

    Fantasy Love, Death, and Scales (CS Thread)

    ❝ Love, Death, and sometimes Scales. ❞leviathan.introduction. Welcome, In this thread we will be playing as a group of dragon shifters who have recently moved to a new territory. This group is newly formed with most the dragons already knowing one another. So we will see how their lives unfold...
  10. Esodra

    Fandom The Legend of Spyro RP

    Hello all! I am still rather new to this site and not really sure how it's working, but I'll try anyway: I have for some time now been looking for Spyro RP, and I stumbled upon this site and thought I might look for some people here! I am looking for someone who would like to RP The Legend of...
  11. Ashhole

    Multiple Settings Hey, I don't know what I'm doing.

    Hello. I'm looking to do something with my life. I'm just going to get right into it.. I like to roleplay a lot, even going into adult-roleplays, they've become rather enticing. It's just something to keep me interested and reading. I've come to RPN for a new way of exploring more writing...
  12. Aurus

    Fantasy Need more myths or monsters in your life?

    Hey there, I am Aurus and I always have a burning desire to play weird and cool magical creatures. Not those boring humanoid ones like elves and sparkly vampires or whatever, but actual magical beasties like dragons, gryphons, sea serpents, phoenixes, psychic nightmare creatures, ect. I have a...