1. Deadbeard

    Fantasy  A Lament for Lleris (Interest Checks)

    "Lleris had once been a haven for the pious. Followers of Belgar would flock to the nation's capital, Venyll, and pay homage to the remains of long dead saints; commoner and nobleman alike found comfort in the protection that their deity offered; Belgar's teachings were the foundations of all...
  2. Lexis_Graziano

    Fantasy  Rp Partner Search

    Looking for a semi long time partner. I reply often but am ok with slow responses. I play FxM and am willing to double. I am open to most plots and will try fandom if I know it. Please message If you'd like to try.
  3. Livarian

    Multiple Settings  Searching for some 1x1 partners

    Hello and welcome to my little roleplay hunt. I am going to make this as simple and to the point as I can. ✬I am a woman in my mid Twenties, I have been writing and roleplaying for over ten years. I would prefer to rp with mature adults. Please no one under the age of 20. ✬I love to hash out...
  4. incandescent

    Multiple Settings  looking for partners !! romance, angst, hp, pjo, etc.

    hi, hello! i'm salem (pen name, but i wish my real name was that cool). i'm seventeen years old, i love my cat, and i think that cake is honestly a bit gross. i'm totally new to forum roleplaying but i've been roleplaying on instagram and tumblr for maybe 6 years now. i've especially been...
  5. Heavi

    Fantasy  "The Fight for Eterna" ➸ Role-Play (IC)

    fa-heart The Beginning It was late summer and the sun shined bright on the inhabitants of Terra. The capital was thriving and it showed. Crops were in abundance and women wore expensive dresses. The many bakeries, taverns, bars, and diners in Rose emitted mouthwatering aromas that filled the...
  6. Heavi

    Fantasy  "The Fight for Eterna" ➸ High Fantasy RP (CLOSED)

    "Nasty, horrid, dangerous, evil - It doesn't matter what you call'em as long as you kill'em." On Eterna, there is peace among humans. Primarily because m o n s t e r s exist. Luckily, there's a very popular job around, "Slayers". In this role-play, our OC's will be "Slayers" - humans who kill...
  7. Kawaii-Angel

    Fantasy  Soft, Royal Romance [MxF or FxM]

    Hello! So, I'm making a video game and need to feel out one of my OCs more. The story itself is quite dark, so I need a softer RP to balance out how she acts outside of that story's environment. With that said! She's a crown princess and a demoness. For this RP, your character would be a...
  8. Eragon

    Fandom  Chronicles of Narnia

    I’m looking for someone 19 + to do a Narnia role play! We can discuss plots if your interested! No mature themes. I can write well with length. Characters will be 18 +.
  9. lafeae

    Multiple Settings  A Few ideas and Genres (looking for something Dark)

    Hello! I’ve got several ideas on the brain, and I’d figure I’d lay them out for anyone who might be interested. I’ll put the relative details next to the titles, like pairings and such. A few rules: I’m looking for literate (2-4 paragraph average, unless rapid fire?), 18+, and open-minded. I’m...
  10. Crazycat1001

    Realistic or Modern  Princes x Princes characters

    Post your character Bios here
  11. Crazycat1001

    Realistic or Modern  Prince brothers x Princess

    Welcome to the castle , I hear you are here to be betrothed to one of our Princes ! We hope you enjoy your stay ! And good luck in the competition. ! Brothers Oldest Second oldest Middle Second Youngest Youngest - Crazycat1001
  12. Steel Accord

    Fandom  2 Game of Thrones ideas.

    Both are meant to be primarily romance RPs with a lot of plot and building of the relationship before consummation. One of which is far more in-depth but I think could be cool if done well, and the other is a little more loose. 1. The Winged Knight and his fey bride: For those who don't know...
  13. T

    Multiple Settings  Closed.

  14. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  The Prince's Ward (F needed)

    Bear in mind that this will be an alternate universe. We can alter names for the sake of respect to the British Royal family. But I wanted to use real locations and factual lines of succession. The rest … is Hollywood. You are an illegitimate Countess of Essex. Your father is a Prince of...
  15. Dartwind

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Long-term Semi-Lit to Lit 1x1 RP Partners!

    ABOUT THE ROLEPLAYER Hello all! My name is Dart, and I am 19 years old, with no preference for any particular pronouns. I have been RPing for quite a few years now, and writing for upwards of seven. I am an artist and writer alike, with a passion for creation and all things new. I would say...
  16. Swift_Phoenix

    Fandom  The Princess Switch ~ A Medieval Maze Runner RP

    The Princess Switch A Medieval Maze Runner RP By @Swift_Phoenix and @Aramas Kingdoms/Provinces (with Relevant Characters): Lavina (RCs: Swift, Alex, Sonya and Newt) Myrrinn (RCs: Thomas, Teresa, Minho) Trisian (RCs: extra -- maybe Alby, Brenda, Chuck) Fayntre (RCs: extra, just in case we...
  17. JustRani

    Realistic or Modern  A Medieval Times Realistic Roleplay (based of history )

    Hey! What's up? I'm Rani, currently 13 from Israel. Most of you people might think that because of my age I'm immature. But, I'm trying to be as mature as I can and show that I'm serious (ofc some jokes is always cool), my only border is grammar but I'm kinda good, and if I get something I...
  18. unscripted

    Realistic or Modern  ♛ A Royal Affair ♚

    Day 1: Scene 1. The Welcome Dinner The cocktail hour is just beginning and all of the young royals should be attending. This will kick off the conference and will be the royals first chance at changing their public image. Dinner will begin promptly at 7 pm, so you have until then to get...
  19. celestialensemble

    Fantasy  Who We Are at Midnight

    As time dragged on, loneliness gave way to anger. Anger, then, to grief. And back again. At this point, Pyrrha could not tell them apart; they were all dark, venomous things that stained sunny afternoons and gnawed at her stomach. She could not fool herself into thinking it was pointless...
  20. Grishamade

    Multiple Settings  Looking for partners! Doubling welcome ^^

    Hello! I'm new to this platform and as most of us are now stuck inside I wanted to try and get back into the roleplaying ^^ I'm Gigi, I'm 18 myself, been roleplaying for a little over 5 years on and off, and my timezone's CEST. I'm free enough throughout the day to dedicate time for good...