1. Idea

    The Kingdom of Hecate

    GM Post None among you were sure what would happen next. The goddess had just spoken her parting words to you, after you witnessed as so many of the sea of spirits in that empty, starry space, just disappeared into the ether, only a handful remaining. Those handful were now sent down to the...
  2. WanderLust.

    Fantasy  Heavy is the Head that Wears the Crown (Fantasy Kingdom - Sign Ups)

    The king and queen of Valeria were beloved by all their people, and with every child born their lineage became stronger. With two proud sons and two beautiful daughters, the aging king knew his kingdom would be safe. Now that he has fallen ill, it seems the clock has begun to tick, and he is...
  3. thefinalgirl

    all spots filled up.

    spots filled up already - delete this thread
  4. xCourtofDreamersx

    Multiple Settings  Jumping Back Into The RP Saddle~

    Hello Everyone! (Again) I have been absent from here for a while now. Everything had gotten a lot hectic as I had two surgeries to go through, moving into a new place, starting a new job, and family matters to attend to as well. I am going to be brutally honest here. I want to give this site...
  5. Eleanor Lockett

    Multiple Settings  The Ultimate Search [Long-Term Partners] [Plots and Pairings]

    About Me: I have been roleplaying for as long as I can remember at this point. Although for those that need it in years my guess would be 8 to 10 years now. Posting Time and Length: I post at least once a day but prefer to have a time when my partners are on that we can get a few posts out. My...
  6. imasmolkitten

    Fantasy  Vampire King and a Hunter Queen

    Message me if you’re up for it Looking for someone who can play a male. Some Rules: ~ Don’t make me the only one trying to lead the roleplay. Be creative and try to make up a lot of plot twists never hesitating to discuss them with me. I already have some in mind :3 ~Lit — Adv Lit — Novella...
  7. Amaya Itami

    Fantasy  Madcards~

    NOTE: THE CARDS ARE SEALED INSIDE INDIVIDUALES TO SEAL AWAY THE CORUPTION INSIDE THE CARD THAT'S WHY THE HOST HAS TO HAVE A STRONG SPIRIT AND SOMETIMES IT DOESN'T WORK OUT. Hi All! here's the story! in a wonderland kind of world in a city called soul side ruled over by toxic twin princes'...
  8. Minteafresh

    Fantasy  fantasy roleplay idea

    Hey howdy hello. I've been gone for..two months? Maybe it was three. But anyway, I'm back with a need to roleplay and hope to pick up some roleplay buds. You can call me Mint, and tbh I'm bad at talking about myself so none of that. I guess something important would be that I'm a minor. Annndd...
  9. MitsuMitsu

    Fantasy  The Midnight Realms

    A world where newcomers find that all of the supernatural creatures we know about are real-- the commons, like a vampire, satyr, or shapeshifter, or the uncommons, like a kelpie or scorpion man. These creatures have separated them into the different lands, each that correspond with the...
  10. NeoGlorian

    Fantasy  Land of Feroxia - [Lore] [Adventure] [Romanic or Platonic] [Long Term]

    From the perpetually-shrouded lands of Mystenvale to the Wild and Magical Fae forests of Afauna, and from the Crystal-rich mountains of Havenrift to the colossal Dire trees of Cyrenor and everywhere in-between, Feroxoia is a land filled with history, magic and mystery. Feroxia is medieval high...
  11. Idea

    D&D5e Isekai: The Nation of Hecate [Closed]

    Did you die? Or were you perhaps whisked away in the middle of your everyday life, light engulfing you after a strange glowing patterns appeared on the ground beneath you in a vaguely circular shape (you know what I’m talking about)? Well, I suppose the difference may be more technical than...
  12. bumbles_guthrie

    Fandom  London Jewels ~ Bridgerton RP ~ (OPEN; Accepting)

    placeholder img: big bg pic title text London jewels text under 'beyond the veil' Who will be the Jewel of the Season? More importantly- who will catch Lady Whistledown's eye? bottom quote you don't know me, but i know you...
  13. Lorsh

    Fantasy  Township of Norbrad

  14. Aoh

    Multiple Settings  Closed.

  15. Lucario1217

    Fantasy  Medieval Fantasy Roleplay

    Hello! I haven't been on in a very very very very etc. long time! It's good to be back! Anyway, as you may already tell by the thread title, I would like to do a Medieval Fantasy rp! (Or other with negotiation.) Here's a small plot that may or may not intrigue you! In the Kingdom of (Insert...
  16. Al3xis

    Fantasy  The Prince and His Maid

    Anyone interested in playing as a maid? My character has just been announced as Crowned Prince at the age of 16. At that age most men were not focused on the tasks at hand.. but with him being crowned as the future of his kingdom so he needed to learn everything about how it run. But he is also...
  17. alcibibi

    Fantasy  elven royalty x enemy kingdom

    I really like the enemies to lovers trope aaa I like to roleplay as any gender male, female, nonbinary, so the pairing is fluid :> we can discuss plot details in dms, I'd like to keep it customisable yk?
  18. BittyBobcat

    Fantasy  Flight of the Phoenix CS Thread

    Feel free to code your sheets as long as you include all the required parts on the template and a plaintext spoiler (just in case the code breaks or doesn't work for mobile users). You can add whatever extras you want to you CS, and you can have up to two characters. Remember that at least one...
  19. BittyBobcat

    Fantasy  CLOSED Flight of the Phoenix

    In this world, all humans are born with wings. Phoenix wings -a gene that, when activated, grants near-immortality to it's wearer- are the rarest form of these, and the products that can be taken from their wings can be used to power spells of extreme power. For this, they are hunted. Our story...
  20. Vyolence

    Fantasy  RoH: Adleth - The Great Forest

    Adleth - The Great Forest Artist: Sina Abbasnia @ The central region, Adleth, is contained entirely by foliage. Trees tower at mountainous heights and rivers feed the land like a spring. The terrain may be challenging at higher elevations but the lush canopies and mossy floors...