high fantasy

  1. ianbabyyy

    Fantasy  The Queen's Madness

    OOC CHAT | CHARACTERS | LORE The Queen’s Madness, formerly known as Seer and Sword, was a medium sized tavern, situated in the poor end of the marketplace in the city of Draede. This city, being the capital of the Kingdom of Lathien, was large and bustling and constantly full of...
  2. Kyon

    Fantasy  A Pirate's Life For Me! (A Pirate RP)

    A Pirate's Life For Me! (A Pirate RP) Years ago, the lands of Hellsmount were inhabited by the native peoples, back when the region was known as Ayimir. They were a respectable and honest people, united and hardworking. The many islands that made up Ayimir were, for the most part, fertile...
  3. Lithia Lace

    Fantasy  Guild Lore

    This is the guild more page, we can all add to it to create the lore of this world so if there is anything you feel is worthy of being placed in more don't be afraid to make a post. However for now please just enjoy these maps. Since there is nothing in the Wayfinder Tundra I will be...
  4. Lithia Lace

    Fantasy  Guild Quest Board

    This is the guild quest board, here you can make and post quests that others can take part in. When a quest has been completed I mark it as completes will delete it. I will try to clear the board at least once a week of completed quests to try and keep things organized. The Quest Template is as...
  5. Lithia Lace

    Fantasy  Guild OOC Chat

    Welcome to Guild OOC, here we can chill hang out, go over ideas, request interactions etc. Also please know that when the main RP starts I will be changing the name of the OOC from Guild to whatever name has been voted for the most by that time. At the moment it's looking like it will be...
  6. Lithia Lace

    Fantasy  Guild (Fairy Tail-ish inspired RP)

    Family, friends, comrades, allies, adventure, financial stability, safety, efficiency a purpose, a home there are many reasons to join a guild rather they be personal or practical, logical or emotional. This is a roleplay about well a guild, your guild. You are a relatively new adventurer and...
  7. ianbabyyy

    Fantasy  The Queen's Madness

    The Queen’s Madness, formerly known as Seer and Sword, was a medium sized tavern, situated in the poor end of the marketplace in the city of Draede. This city, being the capital of the Kingdom of Lathien, was large and bustling and constantly full of activity, drawing merchants and visitors from...
  8. hannsthemanns

    Fantasy  [CLOSED] ༺ ★ Star Group - The Children of Dawn ★ ༻

    △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ ༺ Links and Resources༻ 𝑳𝑶𝑹𝑬 𝑻𝑯𝑹𝑬𝑨𝑫 NPCs, Countries, History and Timeline can be found here. 𝑪𝑯𝑨𝑹𝑨𝑪𝑻𝑬𝑹 𝑺𝑯𝑬𝑬𝑻𝑺 Player Characters from both groups can also be found here. 𝑾𝑶𝑹𝑳𝑫 𝑴𝑨𝑷 The World Map can be accessed here here. (Last Updated...
  9. Redfork2000

    Heroes of Plaethera (IC Thread)

    ARE YOU READY FOR ADVENTURE? The realm of Plaethera is a large one, full of very diverse lands and places to explore. From the freezing tundra of Crygos, the thick rainforests of Pattar, the vast, scorching deserts of Azaria, the rocky mountains of Kalpania, and much more. Not only is this world...
  10. Cornflower

    Fantasy  Bow To The Matriarchy (CS Thread)

    Format: Name Title (King, Queen, etc.) Age Race Appearance Personality Likes Dislikes Background Anything extra (kingdom you’re going to, theme song, playlist, aesthetic)
  11. Stratagem

    Multiple Settings  So Many Possibilities! [MxF]

    Howdy! You can call me Strat. I'm 27 and I'm looking to RP. Been doing it off and on for about 12 years now, but I'm always looking to improve! As far as post length goes, I can go short or long. It depends on what's happening in that moment and if a long post would feel natural. Generally I...
  12. Agent Of Dreams

    Fantasy  The Blue Caravan

  13. Cornflower

    Fantasy  Bow to the Matriarchy (High Fantasy RP)

    Since the time of civility, women have ruled the world. They run our kingdoms, perform all important and high-pay jobs, and defend our cities. They are the pillars of our community. Without them, we would perish. But, things are a bit more complicated than most might lead you to believe. For...
  14. Haunts

    Fantasy  Looking for an "advanced/literate" partner for a dragon RP

    Howdy, folks. I'm looking to collaborate with someone in a fantasy style RP. To get some basic stuff out of the way, for the sake of partner compatibility, I'd like my partner to be 18+. Like everyone else, I believe in quality over quantity. That being said, 4-6 paragraphs per post (500+ words)...
  15. Azul

    Fantasy  Fantasy epic (read plz)

    Hello, I am Azul, or Noka if you so please. I was hoping to get a group of dedicated serious roleplayers for a fun trip into my little world. There is a plot, races, combat, romance, adventure you name it. I will act as a DM of sorts, and this time I refuse to let the rp die. This means a axe...
  16. Coco Adel

    Fantasy  My World : [Fantasy World Lions RP]

    So this RP an idea for a none human lion RP but I wasn't sure if it more under fantasy or not so lease bear with me there is a decent bit to go over. Also know that for some reason things have been separated into like 3 or 4 spoilers, I don't know why it did that, a didn't do it myself and I do...
  17. Lone Peep

    Fantasy  Looking for a 18+ Freestyle Fantasy RP partner!

    Hello! I'm Lone Peep and I am looking for a Freestyle Fantasy RP partner that is over 18. I wish for my partner to be able to pump out a paragraph (5-7 sentences) or two per each response except maybe for the action ones. I know those can be very tricky to pump out a long one during the heat of...
  18. Bunesh

    Fantasy  Penance

    The story begins with a royal family named The Silverose's, a family who is said to have descended from elves for they had unnatural fairness that never diminished, even with each passing generation. You are the eldest child of the Silverose family, and destined to inherit the throne, but like...
  19. Coco Adel

    Fantasy  My World : [Fantasy World Lions OOC

    Welcome to OOC, where we can hang out, have fun, discuss plot points, plan out interactions and such, enjoy.
  20. Coco Adel

    Fandom  My World: My Pride AU CS

    Name: Age: Generation: Gender: Blessing: Talent: Gift(s): Personality: Bio: Appearance: Miscellaneous: I'll post my first two characters as sort of an example