high fantasy

  1. Lir_the_witch

    Fantasy  The red wolf and the townsmen (M/M)

    Heyo! I'm Lir, It's nice to meet you! I may be a native English speaker but I drank dumb bitch juice since childhood so if I fuck something up, please know it's not on purpose, I'm just a dumb fuck. I'm also really relaxed person and I like to joke around and talk to you OOC and just, shit post...
  2. GhostkingV

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Partners!

    Hello everyone! I'm V, a 22 year old roleplayer who is looking for some RP partners for 1x1s! I have been roleplaying for at least 10 years but this is my first time doing so on a website like this! I tend to play male characters and prefer M/M ships! I am currently not interested in fandom rp...
  3. Yhmera

    Multiple Settings  An Orcish Request 1x1 search

    Lok'tar I haven't done one of these in a really long time. So if I miss something you all think is important to know, then please tell me. About Me I'm over 21. I would prefer that your at least over 18. Have been role playing for 10 years or so. 6 years on forums. Will play MxF (me being...
  4. . D O V E

    Fantasy  The Skypirates of the Pink Peark IC (REBOOT)

    The Tale of the Pink Pearl Adventure awaits!
  5. Aesir

    Multiple Settings  RP search - Fantasy/Si-Fi/Originals/Fandoms

    Hi, decided to look for some new RP partners! Please read at least what I’m looking for and what I would RP before posting. I’m not very good at BBcode and doing a lot of it is exhausting for me, so I try to format things minimally but in a way that makes it easy to read. I am new to RPNation...
  6. Haunts

    Fantasy  Looking for an "advanced" writer (fantasy plots)

    Hey there! I'm 22 years old, and I've been roleplaying since I was a tween. I love collaborative writing, and I'm always looking to become a better writer. Just to get the basic stuff out of the way, I'm looking for someone that's 18+ that enjoys writing and generally uses good grammar and...
  7. pipilotti

    Fantasy  The folklore of the Vikings

    Hello everyone! Lately, I have been very into the vikings, the folklore and the general setting of Scandinavia: so I decided that I wanted to worldbuild a new world, a new lore and create new species for this world: and I am looking for the perfect partner to do it with. The general muses...
  8. zeldahime

    Fandom  looking for partner/s!! :-)

    hello!! idk what to title this but lol I'm puppy and I'm looking for some more rp partners!!! :3 I don't have anything in specific I'm looking for but I'm super open to fandom, ocs, romance, you name it. I'll put my interests and what I'm down to plot in a spoiler. I ramble a lot but fandom...
  9. gaylient

    Fantasy  naming conventions are strange

    wisteria hummed in thought. the silk was definitely easy enough; his outfit, although worn and dirty, was partially made of silk and probably blue enough. "we'd just need the yellow silk and the pelt, then. do you think donkey leather might suffice? that would be much easier to come by, i bet...
  10. AuraSky

    Fantasy  Paranormal love and fluff

    Normally I only play dark, morbid, haunted, blood bath type of roleplays. However, lately when I try to play I keep leaning toward character fluff and drama in a paranormal or alternate world. ((Example Sword Art Online)) I have no plots in mind. Normally my characters act and think on their...
  11. ThomasYeagger

    Multiple Settings  Fantasy or vampire Isekai's !

    Hi there, I'm looking for people to help fix my cravings, which currently are these two things. I'm 23, student, and I have around 10 years of roleplay experience by now. The two ideas will have some similarities in the base plot, but don't mind it ! Also, I'm always open to some changes, so...
  12. S

    Fandom  All the Stars and Teeth Roleplay

    Thanks for checking out my thread! Here's some info about me as we dive in: I started roleplay about 15ish years ago and was super into it for a long time. That said, I had to take a long break for work, and am looking at getting back into it! I prefer to roleplay in PMs or offsite. I would...
  13. Karin Kurayami

    Multiple Settings  MxF RPS Always open!

    Hello everyone!! So I'm Karin and I'm looking for some good rping. When I'm not working, I love to create stories with someone. That being said, if you can, try to reply as much as you can. Understand that if I'm responding constantly and insistent on a response, I promise, I'm not trying to be...
  14. StaidFoal

    Fantasy  Cross Blades: The Divine Conquerors Revived

    Cross Blades: The Divine Conquerors Ⅱ "This is the new world, and I want you to conquer it." "It is my gift and my revenge." "Now take it for yourself." As the winds of the end times engulf the Farall dimension, the beings of countless worlds and existences are summoned by an elusive near...
  15. shelb8y

    Fantasy  wlw fantasy, anyone?

    Hi there! My name is Shelby, I'm 20 years old and I've been roleplaying for 8+ years now, a little off and on. Here are my rules: Writers and characters both be 18+ please. It makes me slightly uncomfortable to roleplay with people younger for some reason. No Godmodding (do not control my...
  16. Haunts

    Fantasy  I need a creative outlet (fantasy plots)

    Hey there! I'm 22 years old, and I've been roleplaying since I was a tween. I love collaborative writing, and I'm always looking to become a better writer. Just to get the basic stuff out of the way, I'm looking for someone that's 18+ that enjoys writing and generally uses good grammar and...
  17. smolpaws

    Multiple Settings  Eternal Search (long term, plot based)

    hi, im a lady named smol - I need friendly story and character enthusiasts, potential friends are also always nice. Please intend to be a long term partner of mine, I’m very understanding of breaks and bad weekends however. Plot first, romance included. I prefer a sprawling plot with romance...
  18. jaydude

    Exalted 3E - Tale of a Falling Empire IC

    For IC stuff.
  19. Humbleberry

    Fantasy  Looking to adventure with someone long term.

    Hi there, I'm pretty new to roleplaying and I would like to find someone that can play 1-3 characters in an adventuring party. Female characters are preferred as I would like to add in a romance plot. I can reply to direct messages on here, or you can reach me easier on Kik. Not sure if that's...
  20. Lover

    Multiple Settings  Searching for a roleplay.

    Looking for a multi-para RP. MxF (I am female myself) for romances. Must include multiple paragraphs. Length will (perhaps) shorten overtime. I tend to do long term RPs, which mostly mean months. Though the RPs can hop around from one to the next if we have other ideas or plots for separate...