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Fantasy Is The Demon Lord A Myth? [Arcanepunk/Retrofuturistic]


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Note: This is retrofuturistic in the sense that in a world that seems medieval in many aspects, it also has mana powered electronics and arcanepunk cybernetics.

Plot: Somewhat retrofuturistic arcanepunk roleplay.

The holy nation of Veres located on an island continent has enjoyed peace for several hundred years already and has experienced technological leaps despite some pushbacks by the temple. Many homes experience the use of arcane technologies that make life easier such as mana powered stoves or even screens to view certain varieties programs. However the nation still has many medieval aspects that include clothing, society and weaponry. And despite technology existing that replaces lost limbs, the temple frowns upon the use of such technology, stating it as impure to use such tech. It has gone so far that clergy that use these technologies, are considered fallen and have certain rights stripped, such as free movement within the main temple or having certain jobs.

It has been several hundred years since the last invasion of the demon army and the demon lord is largely believed to be a myth nowadays. However due to some events recently, there are signs that a new demon army may be emerging, however not even the temple seems to be taking it too seriously. A lot of the civilian population doesn't seem to have the time or resources to think about it. The world seems to be more concerned with dealing with beast races and social class politics. In the capital, there are however foes lurking in the shadows, ready to cause chaos in the capital for the demon lord or other bad actors. Even if you are not a hero or a knight, things begin to become suspicious for you.

The players can be different roles. Some may be "heroes". Others may be ordinary folk. There is no requirement to be part of a group. However eventually certain events with players will influence the story of others.


In "The Holy Nation of Veres". In a world where arcane devices have increase the life quality of most, even being able to replace limbs that have been lost, there exists a nation that is virtually a theocracy. A temple where the gods are worshipped holds pretty much the most power, despite a king supposedly holding the highest position of power. Many laws are dictated by the temple. While the temple has many gods and goddesses, there are still people marked as heretics, such as those who worship the demon god or certain people who have deviated from the official teachings. Clergy hold a lot of power here with those following the main goddess Aevith holding the most power.

Capital is named "Aevithia". About a couple hundred thousand people live here. The metropolis is full of temples, many domed. There is a subway system in the city. The city has a lot of pedestrian traffic. You often find the preaching priests along major roads. There are many narrow alleys lined by tall multistory residential buildings. Many buildings are pretty old. Towards the city walls are the slums. In the center of the city is the main temple, which is a massive building. The center piece of the main temple is the shrine of Aevith. In the preceding halls are the hall of the major gods and the hall of minor gods.

Near the main temple are government buildings, the traders guild, the arcane university and the adventurers guild.


Magic: Most people have a magic affinity and can only used magics outside of the affinity to a lesser extent. The magics are elemental magics (fire, water/ice, earth/plant and air), summoning, taming, illusion, combat magic, dark magic, death magic, abyssal magic and healing magic. Healing magic can be only used by those who have received the blessing of a deity.

Social class:
Veres has a social class system:

Elite class: Royalty, the high priestess, bishops, decorated heroes

Upper class: Nobility, priests/priestesses, new heroes, knights, wizards, guild leadership

Elevated class: Traders, high class adventurers, clergy apprentices, clergy of minor deities, bureaucrats

Middle class: Citizens, fallen clergy, adventurers, ogres (despite being beast race, they appear close enough to elves and humans to be considered similar to demi-elves) etc.

Lower class: Criminals, heretics, mercenaries, sex workers, slaves, beast races, people with "impure" chronic illnesses (fantasy version leprosy for example).

Species: Humans, elves, demi-humans/demi-elves, beast races (wolf people, cat people, orcs, ogres).


Main deity: Aevith (goddess of creation and childbearing)

Major deities: Hars (war god), Ea (water goddess), Kora (goddess of harvest), Fira (fire god), Kirvath (forest god)

Minor deities (over 100)

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