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Realistic or Modern The Dream Eater : Of Hopes and Nightmares

Vox Angelis

The Stargazer
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For decades, the world as we know it has known its fair share of the supernatural and the unknown. There was a strange peaceful coexistence between humans and monsters. Dragons, leviathans, cockatrices, you name it. Everything that could seemingly be pulled out from the imagination of mankind, it existed somewhere on Earth.

All was as the world had always been, until the early 1900s. Monsters began appearing out of seemingly nowhere. And yet, these monsters always kept to themselves, living away from civilization. They were docile and peaceful, no matter how fierce or threatening they would appear. If they were obstructing paths, preventing progress, or simply stroke fear in the minds of the wary, they would easily be herded and moved, or let themselves be stricken down under a hail of bullets and bombs.

The world settled peacefully once they realized these monsters seemed like reality anomalies. No matter how many were struck down, more would appear at different locations in the world, but always peaceful and remote. That was until the first sighting of a peculiar monster, in the mid 1950s. A tall featureless humanoid, like an alien blank canvas of humanity. People would assume that this was a monster just like any other, but it was the first time such a creature looked so humane in shape. Rumors and sightings of this creature began to be more frequent throughout the world as means of communication and technology advanced. And wherever it appeared, a monster would be found shortly after.

And then there was the first person who actually saw it, for who it really was, this blank humanoid creature. A hiker reported this: the alien humanoid was drawing shapes in the air, leaving white lines in the air, until it grasped those and a blinding flash of light exploded in the vicinity. In its wake, a monster in the shape of what the alien creature was drawing. It gave the newly born monster a pat, before vanishing in thin air. Ever since then, humanity was on the hunt for this alien creature. The creator of monsters. The Dream Eater.

In the year 2000, the Dream Eater made its first foray into actual civilization. The first sighting, it was in Washington. It appeared in the middle of the streets. It simply floated there, immobile, seemingly taking in its surrounding. It would stay for a few minutes before vanishing. It was the first time the Dream Eater would venture into a massively populated area. Before, it would only appear on the outskirts of villages, in abandoned areas and less frequented landmarks.

Even stranger were the emergence of people with supernatural abilities. Once a year, it would be reported that an individual was found with magical abilities, coinciding with the public appearances of the Dream Eater. These people were taken in by their respective government, under carefully study. But in all of these cases, it seemed there was a pattern to the person with newfound abilities. A teenager that would be described as 'good-natured' was bestowed a power by the Dream Eater. These teens were put to work by their governing countries, supervised closely. Years would pass and they would be what people would call 'superheroes'.

And soon, humanity would favor the alien creature. Between creating docile monsters and bestowing abilities to good people, the world seemed to become a better place. Just like kids acting good for Santa to bring them gifts, people in general secretly wished to be the next chosen for the Dream Eater's gift.


But it all went to hell. In 2012, the Dream Eater was seen appearing in Aksaray, Turkey. People in the area this day were witness to the event. The featureless alien creature started to glow brightly before taking off to the sky, leaving behind a glowing white trail. Telescopes tracking the Dream Eater's trajectory to the stratosphere, where it stopped and crumpled on itself. That day, a pulse was felt by everyone. A thin sheer of white light enveloped the planet and a white sphere was left in the creature's stead.

In the wake of this event, monsters began acting strange. They started out to become agitated, then over time they went aggressive. Before long, they acted true to their nature. Monsters in their own rights. Leviathans rose from the sea to wreck coastal villages. Dragons swooped down from their mountains to ravage towns alike. Skeletons and Ghouls plagued the cities until no living person was left. The world was in shambles, unprepared for this massive onslaught of monsters, while only a small minority of groups and factions were the only ones expecting this day to finally happen.

Turkey and the surrounding countries were decimated, the ground zero of this annihilation. The faraway countries had more time to prepare, but still eventually began struggling to fight against creatures that were resistant to conventional warfare. Only the kids who were bestowed powers by the Dream Eater, who are now full-grown experienced adults, can effectively fight back the hordes of monsters.

Not only that, but reports of people gaining superpowers began sprouting all over the world. And contrary to popular beliefs, not all of those people had a heart of gold. Criminals and ill-intentioned individuals also seemed to manifest supernatural abilities. Governments were spread thin on controlling this growing tendency of powered individuals. Soon enough, these people would start to form groups, factions and even cults. Most of these factions would fight against the governments who would seek to control and take them into custody, while most of the superhumans went into hiding in fear.

Cursing the Dream Eater for this disaster, humankind quickly began turning on everything the monsters' Creator made, including the people who were bestowed powers by the creature. The common populace demanded their death before it was too late. Seeing that only these people had the powers to push back the monsters, they were facing a tough dilemma. What remained of the UN took this decision: they were going to take into custody any individual who exhibited powers and force them to enroll in a special military program to protect humanity. Those who refused to cooperate were to be eliminated.

So here we are, in 2024. The world is still waging war on monsters. Most people fled the middle world and went overseas, at the far end of the crisis, to places such as the Americas, Japan, Australia and so on, to consolidate their strengths while war was waged on the frontiers of these countries. There are now only a handful of metropolises left in the world, and these cities are massive, for it is all that is left of humanity. People are rationed to make sure food is enough for everyone, while the wealthier enjoy luxuries from having taken advantage of the early stages of the crisis.

In a standard metropolis, people are living their day-to-day lives as we would live our lives today, with the worry of the war against the monsters present like an afterthought. But for the world to survive and carry on, the people must live on and work, while the soldiers on the frontlines fight to keep this peace.

You wake up one morning after a rough night. You were visited by a dream, of a white faceless creature speaking to you. You did not understand a single word it was speaking, but all you know is this: you have been given a gift. And unlike many, many people who were bestowed this gift, you know better. To live in this world with powers, you are now marked for being oppressed and shunned by the rest of the world, and the only way to stay alive is to comply with the higher authority. So whether you actually turned yourself in, or a member of your family called the cops on you and went with no resistance, you are destined to being brought to your nearest military school, where you will be trained to put your powers to use in the war against monsters.

You're but a teenager, and while the world would usually sympathize with you, you are met with scorn from basically everyone. Your only saving grace is how useful you will be to humanity. As a measure to not tear you completely off from the reality you once lived, you will still be attending school to become educated like anyone else. But expect your PE classes to be something else entirely.

Will you manage to survive these chaotic times, or will you succumb like many other superhumans out there?

Your decisions and your will to carry on will decide your fate.


Hello, howdy, greetings and welcome everyone !

So this is a recycled RP concept that I've been part of years ago and was quite sad to see it go under unfortunate circumstances. I'm bringing it back with my own twist, hopefully for a long time.

In this RP, you guys will be playing as teenagers (ranging from age 14 to 21) of various origins. You are all brought together by the unfortunate fact that you were chosen by the Dream Eater and gained powers in the process. You will find yourselves to be enrolled in the military school institute in Los Angeles to learn about your powers and how to put them to use in battle. Expect this story to be just as focused on battling monsters as interactions between your peers during downtimes between missions.

This is only a draft of what the story is and what you can expect as to gauge interest before launching myself into putting more work on this. I intend to recruit a lot of people for this RP, but everyone is limited to a single character in the beginning.

I'll open up a character sheet page later if there is enough interest as well.

If you have any question, I will be happy to answer !
Hey hey hey, OoC will remain here, but if this grows big enough and people want to just chat and chill between posts I could open a Discord server for the RP.
Ay, no problem at all ! Discord isn't a requirement to join the RP. If anything, it's just another mean of reaching out to me, usually quicker than on RPN due to its instant message nature, though I have RPN integrated on my discord so I'm notified the moment I get messages and replies here 😄

So are these powers specific in a sense like manipulating an element or is it like something out of myth and legend where one person might get Chi, another might get Mana, and another might get Od?
Ayyy it's great to see this many people interested! I might just start working on the OoC thread tomorrow after work.


So are these powers specific in a sense like manipulating an element or is it like something out of myth and legend where one person might get Chi, another might get Mana, and another might get Od?
Powers here follow a "theme" of sorts, so yes it would be something like manipulating one element, shooting lasers, control gravity, etc.

When creating your characters, you will decide up on a theme, or allow me to choose for you if you want, and start with a single power. Don't worry though! As the story goes and the kids are getting comfortable with their power, we will delve into the better stuff. With great powers come great responsabilities character developments !
Hey there folks! I ended up being very busy yesterday because my sister dropped by with her kids and our mom, but I'm slowly writing up the OoC for this story.

Are there anything, be it lore, OoC, character or basic stuff you guys would like to see or know while I'm in the creating process, or stuff you wanna see on the OoC post? Open to suggestions !
Hope you had a nice time w ur family :)

Bit of a weird one maybe, but I'm wondering what the state of more traditional religions would be like in a world like this.

Because there's been sightings of some kind of higher being that can create life, have there been a major shifts in traditional religions' place or viewpoints in this world compared to how it is in real life? Are there any Dream Eater cults and stuff?
Hope you had a nice time w ur family :)

Bit of a weird one maybe, but I'm wondering what the state of more traditional religions would be like in a world like this.

Because there's been sightings of some kind of higher being that can create life, have there been a major shifts in traditional religions' place or viewpoints in this world compared to how it is in real life? Are there any Dream Eater cults and stuff?
Hey that's a very good question, not one bit weird at all!

If anything religion did indeed get an increase in popularity from pretty much every belief. Because, if the supernatural indeed exists, then there just might be a sliver of truth to the ancient texts and faith after all. It wouldn't be too far-fetched to think there is indeed a Creator of mankind and an afterlife after witnessing monsters being created and humans being granted abilities by one entity. And like some religions have variants depending on philosophy and viewpoints, some new variants of existing religions began popping up as the Dream Eater would be seen as an actual real living herald to their beliefs.

And there certainly is a religion based on the Dream Eater, or at least it started as a cult and later became an actual religion. While no one knows where it comes from, what it is or what even is its purpose on earth, some people began believing shortly after the Dream Eater began granting powers to humans that it was a godlike being, and worshipping it would probably bring them good fortune. Also the fact that it seemed to grant powers only to good-hearted people at first, there was a main religion that pushed the belief that good people are indeed rewarded, whether in this life with powers or in the afterlife. There definitely was a mix with Christianity at some point because of the whole "being rewarded with a place in heaven for your good deeds". And because it's a very human thing to do, there are some people who began worshiping the Dream Eater simply out of hope to be granted powers.

But of course, the whole religion thing took some damage when the Dream Eater left to the skies and the monsters began rampaging and powers were granted to even the bad folks. There are still devouts however who firmly believe that this "apocalypse" was caused to punish humans for their sins, or whatever reason, like how God tried to drown the whole of humanity except for Noah and his chosen animals in a massive drown. The worship of Dream Eater was banished in public because of the calamity it brought, but you have the occasional cults and secret meetings here and there in society.
So ups and downs, huh? An apocalypse would do that ig.

Thanks for answering so quick!
Was Eurasia declared uninhabitable? Or are there still holdouts like Siberia, the Iranian plateau and other places?
Was Eurasia declared uninhabitable? Or are there still holdouts like Siberia, the Iranian plateau and other places?
The UN declared that most of Europe, northern Africa and western Asia is uninhabitable due to high monster activity and efforts to take back this part of the world is currently viewed as a suicide mission. Africa and half of Asia is deemed as unsafe to stay in, so most of the people who have means to move out have fled towards eastern Asia, Australia and the Americas. The most fortified places where humanity still thrives are the western parts of North America.

But to answer the second part of your question, that's just what the UN has declared. Reality is, civilization as we know it is largely gone from these countries, but you still have some towns that are holding out across the severe danger zones. Stubborn people who have nowhere to go or refuse to leave their place of birth and are protected by superpowered humans who struggle but manage to repel the monsters.

I've made a simple map to illustrate the degrees of safety throughout the world. There are actually 4 layers of colors on the map but the safe zone (pale green) is enveloping the whole rest of the map 😄

DE Danger Map.png
Heyall, progress report! I'm just done segmenting and rewriting the introduction to the RP, now I'm moving onto the prologue, lore and background information. Let's see if I can get these done and begin writing up the character sheets and other stuff.
Sooooooo like is the tone of this RP: more semi-dystopic or more like under a military state? Like not really needing the details of the world just where the charries live. And like just tryna get the tone down right cuz monsters have existed for a while now right?
Hmmmm I would say that it is semi dystopic yeah. Like, your characters probably spent most of their life like any of us IRL in the safety of the safe zone, but the moment they had awaken with powers they were hated and oppressed by everyone else. The dystopia element really only apply to the ones with powers really.

And the institution is purely run by the government/army so there would be a lot of military elements in the story.

I've went back to the design board and I'm thinking the monsters have existed for more than 200 years, with clues hinting at even dinosaurs being actual monsters in a long long time ago.
Hah, I fell asleep early yesterday and didn't actually finish the preface bit then. I swear, work sometimes...

Anyways, I've finished the premise lore and I'm now writing some lore blurbs to accompany the first post, so you have more information than probably needed !

I don't know how long this creative high will last, but I'm hopeful about the OoC going live either later tonight or tomorrow, unless unforeseen events arise.

Stay tuned !
Hey everyone, I've set up the OoC!

Chills! Literal chills, man! I love this roleplay idea! The curiousity has me going crazy! I'd love to join this if possible, I have a discord account which is the same as my username on here :).

Are any applications necessary? I'd love to work with you on this concept! This sounds super cool!

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