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    Been a bit busy and also dealing w mental health stuff 😳 I have been working on stuff but just not as much as I should
    I’ll get them done soon i swear ty for being patient 😭
    Sorry for any roleplays i haven’t replied to yet !!! I’ve been kinda busy all week lol - i’ll try to reply either over the weekend or on monday !
    So you’re tellin me trigun is trending on tumblr rn and yet no one wants to rp it on here ? 🤨
    I drew so much cringe self insert today what a good day 😎 not even daylight saving can stop this guy
    And I’ll do it again too B)
    Replies may be a bit less frequent from now until the 19th bc my siblings are gonna be home for spring break and my house is absolute chaos during times when all my siblings are home 🙄
    Sorry for the lack of replies btw my sister has stayed home from school for over a week and was v distracting - she’ll probably be forced to go this week so I should be able to get stuff done then
    Ok so I’m pretty sure i’m getting a lil sick so if things get a bit slow on my end in discussions or rp’s that’s why 🙃
    Freeze is over, siblings should hopefully be going back to school tomorrow, i’ll try and get to work on replies and stuff tomorrow
    Replies are gonna be on hiatus for a little bit, my siblings haven’t had school all week bc texas is freezing again so it’s distracting + february is a bad month for me mood wise. Hopefully once the ice goes away i’ll get some motivation to work again <3
    Sorry if rp replies take a while, kinda going a depressive spell atm + my sisters have been home sick and its distracting
    This is canon now 😤
    Still reeling over the fact that I got ip banned on quotev when I literally didn’t do anything. I’ve been roleplaying on that site since I was like 12-13 and only now it becomes a crime ?? That’s messed up bro I hope everyone that rp’s there realizes how shitty the site is and leaves before they go through the same thing 😤
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