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Fantasy The Unraveling


Bored Ancient
The Pedestal of Time collapsed.

The Architect of its construction, fallen to plague beyond mortal scope.

An affliction not of flesh or mind, but of one’s identity unraveling.

Time itself, was unwritten.

With stories unbound, their lines began to blur, and the worlds of their limitation found reprieve in balancing among one another.

The Shatters. Fractured remains of what once was, and the battlefield to forge what will become.

Within the release of confinement, the threads of The Unraveling found champions abound with the will to persist. Warlords born again, with the desire to complete the weaving of their newfound souls, and forge themself anew as The One Above All.

Architects were they named, the scourge of the Shatters did they become. Endless battles raged in hopes of laying claim to the rest of the Unraveled, that they might take the mantle of time itself, and write its script as they so pleased.

Such glory would covenant no future save their own. And when the threat of erasure loomed indefinitely, that on its own was a treasure far above any else.

But the Unraveled Architect’s will was not yet finished…

While the threads of their essence were abound in vessels of strength, a champion of their own did they entrust the future of order to. One who sought no selfish gain, but only the restoration of times balance, and the banishment of those who seek to abuse such status….


“Rise now… ye unwritten.”

Footsteps emanate from the Melodic Sanctuary, your soul recognizing the harmonious nature of its stone, writing lullaby’s in the mind with every noise they receive to transcribe. It was the birthplace of song, and the place of rest for dreams not yet realized.

“Thy story cannot begin, until the old time has concluded.”

You arise from warmth. The familiarity and calm of peace. Who would guess nonexistence would be such a pleasure.

“I’m afraid I must demand much of thee, in the face of such terrible circumstances. While thou wast promised rest until the time of thy writing, the progenitor of my burden requires thy talents.”

They turned, and beckoned you follow, little to be seen of them save for delicate and ornate white garments that shrouded their figure entirely. At such fleeting glances, they looked like light itself.

Through the halls of harmony, and into the dull light of the Eternal Eclipse, you are met with an ill sculpted landscape. Fractures litter the ground and sky, demonstrating the extent of what the Weaving War has become. Even the land itself rejects the foreign skies. Forever in contention.

“Is it not heartbreaking? The Architects’ stalemate has caused The Shatters to fall further into catastrophe. At the rate that their war scourges the landscape, I dare say we do not have much time until all truly is lost. The factions eight are all that remain. Them, and the shadows of their worlds that they carry with them. So many stories and secrets, doomed to be lost for all time. Such a waste, yet a worthy sacrifice in the face of the New Era.”

The Figure in White turned to look upon you, nodding in an odd state of approval as they did.

“Thou truly art of great conviction. I can feel it within the pacing of thy heart, how it resonates within the melodies of these sacred halls. That is why thou hast awoken here, burdened with glorious purpose. While, I am far from able to say what life awaits in thy script, in this age do I doth thee a warrior. Likely will such a label die with these Shatters, but far greater potential lies in the New Era. Can you picture it, the extent of thy potential? The greatest of scholars, grandest of inventors, most passionate of leaders. All marvelous things that may yet be conducted in the life that awaits thee. But, that is a matter for the Dawn. At this Eclipse, do I raise thee a proposal.”

They gesture to the lands beyond.

“The critical point of this conflict is soon to be reached, and with it, the end of all things. However, thou canst make a difference in such things. Arm thyself with the blade of thy ambition, and seek out the Architects. Return their threads to me, that time may be restored, and thy potential secured. As spoken, I have no right to ask such things of a soul as pure as thine. None can blame thee if thou wishes to return to thy slumber. Awaiting in uncertainty the day of thy writing. Or…”

Their hand was taken from the view, and extended as an Offering for your favor.

“Thou canst be a part of the effort to secure it.”



Aight SO! Quick little TLDR about what is written above for the sake of making things clear. Cosmic time entity known simply as the Architect, is Unraveled. In the fallout of his demise, a number of worlds from different times and places come crashing together in a place called The Shatters. The fractures of his power, known as the Threads of Time, manifest in a number of strong willed contenders for the sake of a new Architect incarnating. At the promise of such power, war is waged, threads are collected, and the Shatters is thrown further into disarray.

Enter YOU! The Unwritten, heroes of tomorrow not yet born, yet promised of the movement of time so long as it is granted continuance. Called upon by a mysterious figure that claims to be the true Architect appointed by the Fallen.

And that’s where I now further explain.

My intentions for this plot is to embrace the themes of obscure fantasy, and help guide an experience centered around the exploration of a fractured world. With it, a chance to explore its secrets, to learn and perhaps seek the lore of its origin! And hopefully some interesting and fun bosses to be written along the way! This will be far from some stereotypical dnd campaign, as no encounter will be without significance. Rest assured, it will come with its fair share of reward. Can’t go challenging Godlike figures without a little boost now can you? Equipment, stat boosts, and all sorts of skills and sorcery to be learned!

But that segways to the next major point. Your characters literally are what you will make them. Given their stories have yet to be written, and souls yet to exist, their exposure to the Shatters will shape them in all sorts of curious ways as they seek strength and fortitude in such an unruly place. Starting out, your characters look near identical to the Figure in White, except rather than obscured clothing hiding you away, the purity of your soul is demonstrated as you move as a vessel of light. Shapeless, but limitless potential. This invites self discovery, and gives an opportunity for them to grow and react to the world as they see it further unravel.

Hopefully I’ve touched up on everything well enough, but if you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask! There are still some details I’m trying to work out, but for now I hope to get a group of 4-6 others onboard to see if it’s worth it to further expand on this!

EDIT: I do have a preference for hosting the OOC on Discord, if this is not something you are comfortable with let me know.
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Sounds really intriguing, with the idea of characters developed by the world around them. I'd be interested in taking part as long as it isn't going to be too intense on the writing ^^
Sounds really intriguing, with the idea of characters developed by the world around them. I'd be interested in taking part as long as it isn't going to be too intense on the writing ^^
I’m not expecting anything like, Shakespearean. As long as you’re literate and can put out decent length in posts, there’s no worries!
I’m not sure if this got off the ground or not, but I’m highly interested!! It sounds so unique and honestly kind of exciting! Any more information?

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