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Fantasy Research Expedition To The South Pole (Low Fantasy)


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About seven months ago the Aurora set out to research something at the South Pole. The ship and its crew were supposed to return months ago but have not made a return. It appears that they were tragically lost in the ice... or are there still survivors? Now the rescue ship Endeavor is supposed to follow the Auroras path and find the ship... or what is left of it. It will be a perilous journey through the ice, a polar exploration in a frozen wasteland.

The polar winter is approaching fast and the crew will have to work together to survive. However that is not always easy when confined in such a small space, resources might decrease too quickly and the ship might even threaten to get stuck in the ice if the crew is not careful enough. Keeping everyone safe, fed, and warm will be difficult to manage.

Especially when no one knows what is truly out there and how the Aurora and its crew could vanish. After all, the crew of the Aurora was the best one they could have sent, professionals and experts... will the crew of the Endeavor have a chance? And what exactly was the crew of the Aurora supposed to research?


Well, that is the idea I have in mind! Lots of open questions and possibilites to model this idea to whatever we want to make out of it! As long as we have some spark of fantasy in it I am adaptable!

Please be somewhere in the age range from 21-35, LGBTQIA+ friendly, and comfortable with characters not fitting into the social beauty standard. Also please be active. One message daily would be great but I can also totally wait 1-2 days. My messages range from 400-1000 words as an average, as should yours. We can RP here or on Discord, though I prefer the latter.

I love romance, it´s a must for me in every RP. Be willing to play multiple characters. A double up for the main pairings would be great considering the story, however I am fine with a single main couple as well.

Interested? Send me a writing sample and I will do the same! Then we can start planning! I will ignore all messages which do not include a writing sample because it will show me you haven´t read this all.
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