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  1. Coin

    Fantasy  Ninth Winter -- Character Signup and Roster

    Character Creation Before creating a character, review the lore page of The Ninth Winter to ensure your character concept falls in line with the world's canon. Any further questions not covered in the lore page should be directed to me. Please join us on Discord, where we will be working on...
  2. Coin

    Fantasy  Ninth Winter -- Lore References

    The Human Senescence Belar was once beautiful, before the Mortalis, before the Ninth Winter. Where delicate flowers once lined the spring valleys of Rytomi, only a rime waste remains. The pristine rivers of Hektar’e, now frozen over with a sluice of ichor, filth, and rot trapped beneath. The...
  3. Coin

    Fantasy  The Ninth Winter

  4. KittenSkull

    Fandom  *~For the Honor of Grayskull! ~ She Ra 1x1 RP Search~*

    Yo! Names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(18+) and wanting to do a She Ra roleplay. ⋙ I prefer to roleplay with people who are literate to advanced-literate. I post multi-para to novella and if I take the time to write that much I...
  5. Coin

    Fantasy  The Ninth Winter -- Gauging Interest

    The Human Senescence Belar was once beautiful, before the Mortalis, before the Ninth Winter. Where delicate flowers once lined the spring valleys of Rytomi, only a rime waste remains. The pristine rivers of Hektar’e, now frozen over with a sluice of ichor, filth, and rot trapped beneath. The...
  6. pandakatiefominz

    Multiple Settings  A RP a Day Keeps the Big Sad Away!

    Alright, hens, raise your hand if you're like me and your mental health is not in a good place right now. I feel you, I'm right there with you. When I'm at a point like that, which I am, I like to distract myself through Role Play, because it gives me the chance to be someone else for a little...
  7. Zackarie

    Multiple Settings  {Closed} Longterm Roleplay! {1x1, lit}

    シ Hi there! Thanks for coming to check my rp information out! シ ⌇ I’m Zackarie (of course a screen name and my first OC’s name), a 22 transmale that loves to write and is after more genres to roleplay about! ⌇ {slide=ꉕ What i'm looking for ꉕ}⁑ You have to be 18+, I do not roleplay with anyone...
  8. Gardenoflove

    Multiple Settings  Multiple Settings

    Looking for a romance themed rp. Preferably set in medieval/victorian times. I'm down for any ideas! Males only for romance, but females welcomed as family relations or friendships! I am a multi para type gal. Please don't respond if you cannot keep up with my lengthy posts. Honestly...
  9. Ambiloquous

    Futuristic  Abeona Travel Agency | Dimension-Hopping Shenanigans

    Abeona Travel Agency For a business that provided the rare intermediary services to those that cannot travel between dimensions, the Abeona Travel Agency was surprisingly destitute. Tucked away in a corner nook at the fringes of a city, the Agency was both unfrequented by actual travellers and...
  10. Tiff the Odd

    Fantasy  The Magician’s Apprentice {Platonic Adv. Lit}

    In a different universe, magic was everywhere. Most humans possessed at least a little bit of magic and if you possessed enough, you would join a guild as an apprentice. You would eventually become a master and have your own apprentice before being qualified to become a guild leader. Y/C was a...
  11. Kuran

    Multiple Settings  Looking for new writing partners

    ~Hello Everyone [ ~ I am looking for more partners to create stories with, I enjoy writing a lot. I wake up to my morning coffee and I begin reading and responding to my partners. I love starting my day off with our stories. I am also more than just a writing partner, I am someone that my...
  12. Gardenoflove

    Multiple Settings  AC RP

    Looking for an Assassin Creed RP! Including aspects of romance and (some) fantasy. Males only for romance, but females are allowed if it's a close bond or family relation! I don't mind what characters are used, be it an OC or an OG character!
  13. MrEverden

    Fantasy  TBC {turn based combat) spar.

    A 1v1 friendly spar with regular MP setting. T1+ post limit. No mandatory sheet as long no GM or Meta, let's have fun!
  14. welian

    Fantasy  Blood from a Stone - Lore

    Lore thread for Blood from a Stone. Under construction, please do not post. Instead, direct your questions to the OOC thread, or send me a PM! I do love mail. TLDR: The story starts in Abenasgo, a mining town in Cantauyana, which was conquered by Ascolia a bit less than a hundred years ago. The...
  15. welian

    Fantasy  Blood from a Stone - OOC

    Out of character discussion for Blood from a Stone. Please use this thread to ask questions about the RP while it's under construction. A couple notes about the RP - You don't need to know any Spanish to enjoy the RP. You also don't need character images. This is a totally fictional world, not...
  16. Wooden Bowl

    Futuristic  Allpunk - Prima Terra

    Three years ago, existence as we knew it vanished and was replaced. Cities became amalgams of culture and architecture, and the world plunged into chaos as the line between fiction and non-fiction was obscured. Creatures of fantasy began roaming the world, seeking refuge in the new world they...
  17. Nuclear_Kindness

    Multiple Settings  ~ searching for rps

    Quick Rules: Do not Godmod; feel free to bring in NPCs/conflict appropriately I don't RP fandoms typically check the 'glorious collection' in my signature to see my played characters 18+ since I'm in my late 20s semi-lit, multi paragraphs, I try match/mirror length I like the idea of doubling...
  18. Farr Cyrone

    Realistic or Modern  Who's up for a forest adventure? (I can't think of good names but I try ;-;) [closed]

    Rules: No mature scenes or anything. Light romance only. Also, no language/replaced language otherwise consult with me. Age range- around teen plz. I won't write more than two paragraph but at least three sentences no one-liners. Also, please be frequent. Yes, you can have a week of hiatus and...
  19. Ambiloquous

    Multiple Settings  Ami in the Abyss | Casual Partner Search

    An Intro Yo, Ami here. I adore multiple shades of blue-green, as you can probably already tell, and I'm an enthusiastic devotee to anything called dessert. From the day I stepped foot upon RPNation grounds ‘til today, I’ve never managed to properly roleplay one-on-one. After days of wandering...
  20. ouranwannabe

    Fantasy  "Your Highness I must confess something..." Original Romance Fantasy

    Hi! I'm Ouran and I'm looking for a partner to rp a f/f slow burn Magical medieval style fantasy world with me. Sorry if this doesn't look super nice, I've never been that good or dedicated to forums in my past. I once upon a time rped on Deviantart long ago and wish to get back into it. I am a...