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  1. bygone_passenger

    Multiple Settings  All ‘Round Search For MxM Partner!

    ‘Sup pals! I’m looking for a fast-paced, semi-lit to lit RP partner who loves some good ol’ OOC talk and doesn’t mind quality over quantity of replies per day! Preferably under 18 as I’m a minor and preferably someone who identifies as male since I mainly like doing MxM RPs as of late. I’ve...
  2. Firelie

    Fantasy  That Which Lies Beyond the Veil (MAIN)

    7:00 A.M As the clock struck 7:00 A.M, devices around the world crackled to life. From older radio's to the newest holographic television, they all came alive all playing the morning tune. After the tune, a cheery looking and well dressed woman appeared on screens. "Good morning, new world...
  3. Surgaslan

    Fantasy  Seeking: medieval/ancient fantasy, literate roleplay.

    Hi! I am brand new to the site, so I wanted to try an interest check. I'm open to quite a lot of ideas! I do have a pretty strict preference for original characters, I'm generally not that interested in fandom stuff -- that being said, I will bend pretty easily for Tolkien characters or Game...
  4. Minteafresh

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a m/m roleplay partner!(fandom or original)

    Hello all! You can call me Mint; and I'm currently looking for a m/m roleplay partner. But first, just some things to know before we rp. I am a minor in high school so if that makes you uncomfortable then carry on. I do not have discord, and will only carry out any roleplays that I have on here...
  5. Chinchia

    Fantasy  The Guild Stone II ((Questing IC))

    ...to the guild! Adventurers, scoundrels and misfits abound; this is the place where those with nowhere to go, come. Check your hair, your fur and scales, your extra limbs and brand new gear. The adventure is about to begin. •• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ ••●•• ━━━━━ •• ━━━━━ •• Lantana is home to the...
  6. ApfelSeine

    Realistic or Modern  The Black Pearl Bay

    Sunday Morning, 6:30 AM: Bayside Harbor Port A light fog covered the town of Bayside Harbor in the early morning. For most of the residents, it was as peaceful as any other morning, but down at the local port, it was a hectic scramble. The road leading to the water was blocked off, and most...
  7. hooligan

    Fantasy  dark fantasy, feudal Japan inspired RP. please? PLEASE? [mxm, mxf]

    I'm looking for someone else who might be interested in this setting to bounce ideas off of. It is a fictional land ruled by powerful warlords/samurai, much like feudal Japan. Insert political intrigue, battles between clans/civil wars, arranged marriages, the emergence of demons/yokai or...
  8. Magnar

    Fantasy  The War of the Shadow - Lore

    General Lore: The Veil and the Fell: There are many dangers in the world of Midnight, but few as foul and horrifying as the Fell. When Izrador's fall severed the bond between heaven and the mortal world, it did more than sever the connection between the gods and their faithful. It also trapped...
  9. Magnar

    Fantasy  The War of the Shadow - Interest Check

    I saw that the Host of Heaven was dark and rode no more in the sky. The icy gates of the land were opened, and the fallen god rode forth with a crown of iron and a sword of flame. His raiment bled the blood of the innocent and he smote all the lands of the world. His form was of fire and shadow...
  10. ikigai

    Multiple Settings  [ the great comeback - plots and pairings inside ! ]

    敵の気配はない ! ✉ ➵ ❤ welcome to my peachy little thread ! ✉ ➵ ❤ lil' Intro / about me ! hello everyone, and thanks for stopping in ♡✧( ु•⌄• ) i'm recently coming back from a loooong hiatus - life has been a whirlwind for the past couple of years. luckily for me, i've been able to catch my...
  11. Trotzki

    Realistic or Modern  'The Adal-League' Interest Check

    Please keep a note, this is my first 'advertising' post on an RP Forum in years, and I have never been much good at formatting and conveying them. I also apologise in advance for any possible grammatical mistakes. Secret societies. They have always existed, in one form or another. What form and...
  12. Coward

    Multiple Settings  Coward's Search Thread | Lit/detailed | m// f//

    Hi all! I’m a 31 year old with probably like a million years RP experience. I'm looking to start some long, complicated stories. I've got some material below, but also feel free to pitch your own ideas. I like both scifi and fantasy, and I'm also happy to do modern settings if there's a strong...
  13. Mep2Mep

    Fantasy  Kyokutō: OOC

    A thread where you can ask questions, developing characters, and more!
  14. ApfelSeine

    Realistic or Modern  The Black Pearl Bay - Open Recruitment

    Bayside Harbor is a sleepy seaside town built along a long stretch of sandy beach known as The Black Pearl Bay. It is a popular tourist destination, as well as the setting for many nautical legends of pirates, mermaids and sea monsters. The locals capitalize on these stories, from the gift shops...
  15. Mep2Mep

    Fantasy  [OPEN] Explore the lands of Kyokutō: An adventure with yokai and samurai!

    Lore Kyokutō, a land that only existed in tales told by sailors as a place always surrounded by fog, with jagged cliffs. Filled with monsters and mysterious inhabitants. But what was once a myth proved to be a reality. When two fishermen a Kotengu and a Kappa drifted off to see. They were out...
  16. BardBarian_Productions

    Fandom  Monster Hunter World (but with anthros)

    Hello people of RP Nation! I've come with a proposal. We re-enact the story of Monster Hunter World, but with anthro monsters fighting their feral, savage selves. I think it could also be interesting giving the protag of an MH game a real personality and see how that would affect the story. That...
  17. free2bealways

    Futuristic  Place to Call Home

    In a world where technology has become so magical, who cares about real magic?
  18. ForeignKai

    Fantasy  Cloud Cove: Bramwell’s Curse.

    Hello! My name is Kai or Kaya, whichever you prefer and the thought of an extremely old RP I had popped back up into my mind and I’m reviving it! This is a Pirate Roleplay with an interesting story to tell, I do prefer older crowds due to the themes but get ready for the time of your life— hold...
  19. Thanny

    Rubies of Eventide IC Thread (D&D 5e)

    The Rubies of Eventide are a myth, understand, a fiction. It had been reported aeons ago by credible local sources -- Ophala of Neverwinter, Rorsh of Amn, Ethalian Demotre of the Red Wizards of Thay, and many more -- that the maker of these so-called enchanted gemstones had died after making...
  20. free2bealways

    Fantasy  Generis Haven
    Index: World Building

    In a remote part of Colorado, the Generis have established a school, Haven. Haven exists on a piece of private property, hidden by trees and optical illusions that keep wandering backpackers away. Some of the protections are very subtle, just a feeling of "not that way," others are less subtle...