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  1. Saryylyss

    Fantasy  Like Words on the Wind

    It had been a couple of weeks since the journey had begun. Apart from a disconcerting run-in with the Shadows, the trip had been relatively quiet thus far. The caravan was peaceful, and the figure sitting by the dying fire kept watch over what stirred both without, and within the protective...
  2. Owl Knight

    Fantasy  The Betrayal

    Alvar Wurnol, the King of Bremmerlund, is dead. The iron crown of the hard cold northern kingdom now falls to his eldest son, Ethred, who is every bit the hardened and cruel man that his father was, but filled with a burning ambition. He sees Bremmerlund, with its stony wastelands, and rugged...
  3. Minteafresh

    Multiple Settings  m/m roleplay anyone?(fandoms and originals)

    hello hello and yet another hello! It's been months since I've last been here, and a even longer time since I've had a nice roleplay, so I'm here in hopes of finding one. I only have a few rules which aren't anything new: no soft/shy bby ocs who have no backbone, please rp in third person + be...
  4. Cmdrawings

    Fantasy  On Wings of Valhalla (Cmdrawings and Kumii)

    The chilled wind swept across her cheeks as she shivered, even death did not stop her from feeling cold, as her sky blue eyes gaze towards the stone entrance with anticipation. Bare fingers gripped her spear as she inched forward; she did not know what enemy would lie in wait of her for her...
  5. Mep2Mep

    Fantasy  [CLOSED] Kyokutō. A yokai horror adventure RP.

    Plot In a world where yokai are dominant and humanity are a dying species. A land that was once believed to only exist in legend... Kyokutō is a land filled with monsters and mysteries. Where adventurers explore the mysterious continent. Mostly exploring in search of treasure and glory...
  6. Sugarplum

    Multiple Settings  Partner Search! <3

    Please tickle my brain with your creative fingers! You can call me Sugar. I am a crazy cat lady that loves to write. :captaincat: Enough said. Just kidding! I work at a lab and have availability to post a few times in the evenings. (I have no life...) I'm not sure what the qualifications are...
  7. Kazig

    Multiple Settings  Looking for some Fun

    Hello! I’ve been in the mood to do a 1x1 Rp, so here I am! A little bit about me: - I am 18 - EST timezone - I’ve got a pretty adaptable post length, though I’m not the biggest fan of 1 liners or novels - I am currently in college - I’m ace, possibly aro too - I’m fine with any pronouns, but I...
  8. liliwrites

    Multiple Settings  lili's ic ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

    hey, thanks for reading! my name is lili and i'm 22. i used to rp on this site when i was a kid, when it was first made, but i stopped a few years back and grew out of the habit of creative writing which is sad because it's one of the things i love doing the most! i'm looking for some...
  9. celestialprince

    Multiple Settings  Celestial Prince's recent search post

    Celestial Prince here again after a hiatus. New post for new cravings. I can do MxF or MxM with me playing the male role. Romance is good but character dynamics is what it's all about. I still would be happy playing a genie, as long as there is drama and pain involved of being a slave to...
  10. Madaladon

    Fantasy  The Orphan Train

    The orphan train, full of humans, elves, ‘furries’, and others of that sort, they’re all on the train for one reason, to go to they’re new ‘families’, or to become ”slaves”, (by they’re new ‘families’ of course) although some jump out the train trying to get out of the “deathtrap”, but most end...
  11. Pumpkin Pie

    Multiple Settings  Spooky Autumn Search (M/M, Any/Any)

    Good day or night, fellow writers of RPN. As is the case every year when autumn rolls around, I’ve been hit with the strong urge to write in a world of fantasy, slight horror or downright strangeness. I don’t have too many rules. Please be over 18 for my comfort, be respectful of myself and...
  12. lunarflowers

    Fantasy  [Closed] Need to write about wolves or strong Nordic women? Keen to publish your own book? You're not alone.

    Hello good people of RPN. I hope the sun is shining where you are, and that your focused creativity is getting you through lockdown. My name is lunarflowers, which was inspired from Wolf's Rain end-message. I may be considered an "experienced writer" by some, but that has never been my objective...
  13. Panda chaos

    Futuristic  ✵ 𝒜𝓈𝓉𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓃𝑒𝓈 ✵ CS

    Hello, Hello! And thank you for joining our efforts to make a better future! If you are receiving this letter you have decided to come with us to the beyond. Thank you for sacrificing your life for the better of Earth. First things first; we'll need to know a little about you. So please fill out...
  14. Panda chaos

    Futuristic  ✵ 𝒜𝓈𝓉𝓇𝒶𝓁 𝓅𝓁𝒶𝓃𝑒𝓈 ✵ (Always open)

    ↠ Astra ↞ Hello! And thank you for taking your time to read this; here at The Astra we have dedicated our time to making the world a better place for humanity. We have helped the human race reach many milestones, and we continue to do so today. Where will our next milestone be? Space. We have...
  15. whereisalice

    Multiple Settings  For Whom The Pen Calls

    ...hi. :D I've seen people use super nice formatting and flair and such for their adverts but, me being me (not the expert in these things xD), I'll keep mine to the point (which is to say plain and boring). Though I will spice it up a tad with a question for the especially attentive, and...
  16. skunkie

    Fantasy  aurora borealis; OPEN; a HDM role-play; updating lore
    Index: incomplete

    coded by uxie! fonts used: headers body text, subheaders to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----left---- ----top---- ----image filler----...
  17. creativeimpetus

    Multiple Settings  Seeking Partners | OCs, non-romantic plots, wacky fantasy \ sci-fi \ historical shenanigans

    Recently getting back into roleplay and looking for writing partners with interest in similar themes! I love playing wacky, established OCs in fantasy, sci-fi, or historical type plots that are mostly character-driven. This could be anything from finding a supernatural creature in the grocery...
  18. Cmdrawings

    Fantasy  Looking for a RP partner(and hopefully a nice friend along the way)

    I made a post a long way back on my world The Slumbering Realms but since I am a huge fantasy nerd that loves OCs I don't mind have an RP partner or two with a similar interest as I have many fantasy OCs ranging from elves to mermaids to werewolves, vampires, dhampir, and even a few made-up...
  19. Thanny

    Fantasy  Dragon Roleplay (Dragonborn + Thanny)

    This is the placeholder for a dragon roleplay between some lovely people, hosted by our very own @Dragonborn1. Character sheets are A-OK in my book if desired, or I can PM you them.
  20. AlphaBlueWolf

    Multiple Settings  Looking for good plots| (Open)

    Hey! You can call me Blue and I'm looking for one or two people to roleplay with me who can give plots since I have nothing in mind. Basically just tell me the plot (and song if this is a plot based song) and I'll see if its something I'm interested in. I've never really done something like this...