science fantasy

  1. Florida_Man16

    Futuristic  Neon Horizon: Cyberpunk RP partner needed

    In the year 2116, technology has advanced to the point where it's not even considered strange or futuristic anymore to have mechanical limbs or physical augmentation. It's not uncommon to walk down the street and see people with something about them that has been modified. It is actually more...
  2. Mitheral

    Multiple Settings  Land of the Lost

    This RP takes place in a setting similar to that of the Conan Doyle novel Lost World, or the movie Land that Time Forgot. It is an inescapable valley in which creatures thought extinct still exist. There may be species that have evolved to sapience like Lizard Men or intelligent apes, or maybe...
  3. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Legacy (MxF)

    William Braxton was a man of great wealth and power, but also great purpose. He was one of the richest men on the planet. Now his legacy and massive fortune falls to his only son, James. James is incredibly gifted. Bright, young, athletic. He stands a solid 6’7”, built like his father...
  4. Sash

    Futuristic  Are you gonna wair for the stars to allign, or are you gonna rock them yourself?

    The setting is Space, as open as it can get, filled with the mysterious unknown, the slightly less enigmatic acquainted and the most endearing familiar, all in various forms and places, ready to be discovered at the time of our own choosing. The year is irrelevant, the time distorts around...
  5. Mitheral

    Futuristic  We Come In Peace (Modern Setting)

    (I still need some good mothership images.) If it sounds too good to be true… That is how the old saying goes. First Contact. The Elda - Elves, as humans called them - said they came in peace. And they did - in their beautiful ships. They brought an end to the Four Horsemen (Pestilence...
  6. chernaya-koshka

    Multiple Settings  Looking for advanced, long-term partners for gritty plots

    Hey all, I'm a 20 year old female college student, currently on summer break. As my summer research fell through, I've been left with little to do but write and entertain myself with odd projects. I'm looking for a RP partner to create a rich and immersive world with. I've been roleplaying for...
  7. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Kingdom of the Cats - CS

  8. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Kingdom of the Cats

    What if one day Cats became sapient? Well, in this story that is precisely what happened. Just how intelligent is a matter of breed. They also developed psionics. I will be assigning the relative potentials. Also, many skills on my list will be unattainable as they require amplifiers. (I...
  9. Aniihya

    Multiple Settings  Gods Descended (Foreign Planet Adventure Survival)

    The humans have long travelled to other planetary systems to colonize habitable planets and search for other sentient species. A team is sent to a distant system named Kepler-62 to investigate the planet Kepler-62f, nicknamed Koi. However upon their descent, their ship crashes. Upon waking up...
  10. Eye of Nowhere

    Multiple Settings  -> Searching for a partner <-

    About me: I will match your post length most of the time. I might end up posting half a novel at times. I might feel uninspired at times (in which case I'll probably message you about a delayed post) I enjoy detailed worlds and societies, character development and a good story pace. I do not...
  11. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Day of the Dog; Kingdom of the Cats

    The Intelligence of Dogs - Wikipedia Which Cat Breeds Are the Most Intelligent? | Metaphorical Platypus What would happen if one day, Dogs and Cats suddenly developed sapience? Well, in this RP, that is exactly what happened. The average dog achieved the average intelligence of an average...
  12. Lil Shirou

    Futuristic  Hero Too

    In 2033 virtual reality is the norm. You can buy, sell and live your life all without leaving the comfort of your home. The newest of games out there is Hero Too. Where you can essentially become your own super hero. As you play your route the system develops your own rouge gallery (villians)...
  13. YohhananArbuckle

    Futuristic  Arcadian Dreamers (Accepting but not yet open)

    Our story begins on the ocean world of Arcadia, population six billion, ruled by the interstellar and at best unevenly benevolent Association. It was colonized thousands of years ago, and is now inhabited by a multicultural, multiracial stew of Association species. Some choose to live in...
  14. capMARVELOUS

    Futuristic  [ across the expanse ]

    [ closed rp between capMARVELOUS and BreeDav ]
  15. Dark_creativity

    Multiple Settings  Science fiction and/or fantasy 1 x 1 with some deep characters.

    I'm looking for somebody who is literate and likes science fiction and fantasy roleplays. As my name suggests, I love dark roleplays and love to add depth to my characters. I personally write a minimum of 200 words, but can get into the thousands if we get something going. I have ideas and I am...
  16. TPBx

    Fandom  Arknights RP?

    "Doctor... Doctor... are you okay," a soft voice asks gently, her words floating lightly above the chaotic background of machines beeping and an EKG keeping track of your pulse. A young woman you faintly recognize places her hand in yours and clasps onto it tightly, warm and light in your own...
  17. amit1235813

    Multiple Settings  Infinite Lives

    Hi all, it has been a long time since I did RP. Returning back to it after a long time.. The Theme on which I would like to RP is the concept of Infinite Lives. You die but you are born again and you remember past lives. There are certain criteria on how one transitions from one life to the...
  18. Lilu

    Fandom  A Clone Wars search thread

    Good time of day to everyone on the website! My name is Lilu and right now I’m searching for a (hopefully!) long-term RP partner to plot and reenact some adventures in the Star Wars universe! I’m searching for someone who’s willing to play during the Clone Wars time period and we could gradually...
  19. Letsneverdothisagain2019

    Futuristic  Bonds That Are Forged

    David was sitting at a table in the food court of the large shopping center, subtly looking out for his targets. His team had received a communicae that the Brotherhood of Varro was picking up a package here today, in just a few minutes. The reports on the delivery boy were that he was of a sort...
  20. Spookster

    Futuristic  Two robot companions looking for a new party member in a sci-fi world!

    Hi, I'm Spookster, and I'm hoping to play as two robot companions who want to stop a big bad enemy, along with you! I haven't thought out the sci-fi world they inhabit much yet, but I was hoping I could explore that world together with a RP partner. Here are my two characters as well: KLPO: A...