science fantasy

  1. Juliett

    Futuristic The New World

    In the year 2159, during the dawning of a new era in space flight and exploration for humanity, alien contact is documented for the first time, above the newly colonized planet Kepler-6739. Despite humanities fear of alien invasions, mass genocides, and horrific space monstrosities, birthed from...
  2. AgentFire

    Fantasy A Small Change [MxF Plot]

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In an alternate universe, with a similar timeline to our own, the world consists of two "dominant" species, as opposed to one. Humans, of course, are at the top of the food chain. On a similar level, Miniatures, or Minis for short, are the other species. Now, for...
  3. Lekiel

    ❖ M I R A I ❖ E T E R N U M ❖ IC

    Mirai eternuM
  4. Lekiel

    ❖ M I R A I ❖ E T E R N U M ❖

    "Look and you'll find that it is hard but not impossible, long but not without an end. It would be a little more complex yet always a little more interesting, a little more daunting yet a little more rewarding. As you seek deeper, the rules change a little over time, never too far so it makes no...
  5. QizPizza

    Chronology: Ashes From Beyond

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  6. recursion

    Multiple Settings obsession, stalking, yandere, you name it || LF m for f/m or m//

    don't know why, but have a big craving for dark themes and obsessive characters would prefer to plot over PMs not on the thread some background on me: i'm 24, been roleplaying for 10+ years i'm adv. lit but i won't write novels every reply unless the situation calls for it don't expect you to...
  7. NightyTheMonster

    Multiple Settings Future Roleplay

    In this world, it's the year Z45c or more understandably: 1450. Dollars, Yen, Rupiah, etc. were replaced with Credits, a universal unit of currency. Half of the main city is controlled by 5 mafias, a cult, and hundreds of gangs. The other half is controlled by big businesses like the...
  8. Eibon Commoriom

    [Homestuck] One Hundred Percent (RP Edition)

    Four kids learn what it means to become ideal. One Hundred Percent (A.K.A. 100%) is a story about a four-person group of human Sburb players dealing with the odd circumstances of their session's true nature, figuring out how to win a broken and unbeatable game, and learning just what it means...
  9. Sorasonic

    Fandom A Search For: Star Wars

    Fandom: Star Wars Open to Doubling Open to Plot Ideas Hey everyone. I've been away from the site for a while, so apologies for any odd behaviors or abnormal posting styles. Searching for a Star Wars RP, but I'll get to that in a minute. I'll start with rules, since they're usually pretty...
  10. Crow

    Transformers: Ragnarok

    The very core premise of this Roleplay is that after the War on Cybertron, the Autobots and Decepticons find their way to Earth. However, this is where the similarities with most other continuities get wiped away. This Earth isn't our Earth, it is a of a Fantasy setting, where dragons and...
  11. Sorasonic

    A Search For: Star Wars

    Put this in the wrong section, sorry!
  12. ThunderCheetah

    Multiple Settings Sci-Fantasy Roleplay // MxM, Literate, Long-term.

    Hello! I'm on the search for a literate roleplay parter to spend the summer with, longer if possible! I would prefer to do MxM, but I'm open for MxF too. - We can decide on what kind of setting and scenario we'll start off with together. Discussing is a big thing for me. If you don't like...
  13. ThunderCheetah

    Multiple Settings Looking for a roleplay partner // Throw me anything!

    Hello! Are you interested in a literate roleplay? (At least a paragraph per post) Then i'm your gal! What i have to offer: I have multiple scenario ideas. From having reacted an entire Sci-Fi planet, multiple Apocalyptic settings, and more! Give me an idea and i'll write something up for you! I...
  14. Snackofthefuture

    Multiple Settings LOOOKING FOR AN RP PArtner who is very cool and not lame

    THE GREAT SEARCH Hey guys what's up! My name is Connor though I usually go by Snack when it comes to RPs. I am a college freshman alternating between West and East coast for school, I really enjoy writing and drawing having done each respectively as a hobby since around middle school. I've...
  15. Caffeine Freak

    Witcher 2077

  16. Fyuri

    On Treacherous Tides & Whirling Winds

    [div class=topimg][/div][div class=fyuricontain][div class=imagecontainer][div class=mainimage][div class=header]On Treacherous Tides & Whirling Winds[/div][/div][/div][div class=txtcontain]Ahoy there mateys! Might ye be interested in a proposal of an adventure of a lifetime? Come see the...
  17. Soviet Panda

    Exo-suit rp

    Basically, at it's core, this rp is going to be about an elite group of people going to a planet to take care of some traitors. The additional things involve gods, religious orders that double as military orders, and to some extent super powers. If you know anything about the space marines of...
  18. Snackofthefuture

    Fantasy Paranormania: The Uncanny Valley

    Hey guys I'm looking for 1 or 2 good writers to help me create a story in this world I've created, If you're interested just post saying you're interested along with a sample of your writing and then after I check it ill send you a link to whatever we're using for the RP, I'm good with Discord...
  19. NightyTheMonster

    Fandom Undertale AU Building

    I'm working on an AU I've been working on (you know the moment you make a fully detailed AU on accident) and I want to get the kinks out! FalloutTale (my version) is a whole thing on it's own where Asgore is dead, chemical warfare happened between monsters and Humans, etc. Criteria and Rules...
  20. Quincunx

    Multiple Settings Magical Girls/Boys and Homestuck (OPEN)

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