1. Captain Lycanroc

    Fantasy  Rhamery's School of Heroics and Villainy (Interest Check)

    "We need heroes and villains!" Here at Rhamery we train the youth of today into the great Heroes and Villains of tomorrow! With our topnotch training programs for both sidekicks and henchmen, we'll make sure your little angel (or devil) blossoms into the person they want to be. Classes of young...
  2. KittenSkull

    Fandom  *~For the Honor of Grayskull! ~ She Ra 1x1 RP Search~*

    Yo! Names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(18+) and wanting to do a She Ra roleplay. ⋙ I prefer to roleplay with people who are literate to advanced-literate. I post multi-para to novella and if I take the time to write that much I...
  3. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Seven Swords - Living Steel (Mecha RP)

    https://pm1.narvii.com/6526/3f60676789f327132e8f92b8d551bc75a2ad705e_hq.jpg https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WS_xLSYNMHM/maxresdefault.jpg Dragon Form The premise of this RP follows the format of anime shows like Voltron. I have not watched all of these, though I have watched a few seasons of the most...
  4. gmstgadg

    Futuristic  Dawn of the Faceless [OPEN]

    Alrighty, this is my first roleplay, so please be easy on me! Basically, this is a roleplay of a cyberpunk future. (2-6) rpers. This is gonna be a little random. Mind you, all that will be strange, or seen as "Out Of Place" will be the use of supernatural elemental powers, and familiars (If you...
  5. HPJ293929

    Fantasy  New Recruitment

    Hello Rpnation! , my name is punapple and I'm new here to search for a role play group while making new friends with everyone I can talk to and roleplay.
  6. Zackarie

    Multiple Settings  {Closed} Longterm Roleplay! {1x1, lit}

    シ Hi there! Thanks for coming to check my rp information out! シ ⌇ I’m Zackarie (of course a screen name and my first OC’s name), a 22 transmale that loves to write and is after more genres to roleplay about! ⌇ {slide=ꉕ What i'm looking for ꉕ}⁑ You have to be 18+, I do not roleplay with anyone...
  7. DevlinRoss

    Realistic or Modern  Heroes Among Us (CLOSED)

    Roleplay for Heroes Among Us. As a closed roleplay, there are limted participants. Character and lore files and other things will be added later I suppose.
  8. Sash

    Multiple Settings  Original, long-term, literate, hot and ready to be served

    Recruitment thread? More like recruitment dread, am I right? Well, hello there! The name’s Sash, pronounced like “hush” or “rush”, not like “dash” or “flash”. First things first, some information about me you might find important: 🔸 I’m over 18 years of age and prefer my partners to be...
  9. Rayvian

    Fantasy  Metanoia Lore

  10. Rayvian

    Fantasy  𝑀𝑒𝓉𝒶𝓃𝑜𝒾𝒶

    Lore | OOC
  11. Soviet Panda

    Fantasy  Changing Fate (A Viking RP)((CS))

    Appearance: (Keep it suitably viking) Name: (Fantasy name generator will help you a lot) Age: (No kids) Personality: (A paragraph, maybe two) Background: (A paragraph minimum, but I'd prefer more) Role: (Huscarl, Berserkir, Ulfhednar, Shield Maiden, etc) Equipment: (Self explanitory)
  12. Grayson Lockwood

    Realistic or Modern  Military based Roleplay

    Hello looking to roleplay our nation's Heroes. either a brother to brother military story in a world war 3 or a nurse and soldier romance - dont be a jerk. - can be semi-long or one-liner.
  13. A Super Girl

    Multiple Settings  A Super Girl's Super Request Thread

    Hi! Wanna role-play? Great, me too! Maybe we could write a story together. Let's find out. Here are some important facts about me: *I never got over wanting to be a superhero when I grew up, so I refuse to grow up. *In addition to superheroes, I also enjoy playing magic-users, supernatural...
  14. Soviet Panda

    Fantasy  Changing Fate (A Norse Ragnarok RP)

    The Longhouse was alight with celebration. The ocean was freezing over, and raiding season was coming to a close, and a prosperous one at that. Ale flowed freely and plates were not empty for long as the warriors and citizens boasted about feats of strength, regaled an audience with a tale of...
  15. MrThe

    Fantasy  The Spear that Shakes the Sky

    The Thunder God grows weary, his wrath is spent. No longer do the Heavens crack with the shout of this mighty deity. The time of his retirement is nigh, and the heavens clamor for his favor so that they might take his place. But this is not to be for the God of Thunder declared that a mortal...
  16. LostFairy

    Fandom  BNHA- Children of The Fallen- Sakura High (BNHA OC RP) reboot FULL AND CLOSED

    An expansive, pristine school campus lies in the depths of the city of Tokyo, providing a quiet and clean place to learn amid the hustle and bustle of the big city. Within it's vast gardens lies a high school with one of the most highly respected hero courses in the world: Sakura High. It's...
  17. GothicGlypso

    Fandom  Looking for a partner for a KamiJiro Rp

    I am looking for a partner to join me for a Kaminari x Jiro rp is you are interested please PM me
  18. Surfergirlgeek

    Realistic or Modern  Parac City

    Lawrence walked out of the corner store with a bag full of bread and fruit. He hummed to himself and he walked down the street on the quite afternoon. He realy wanted to just get back to his apartment and cook himself dinner. As he turned onto 3ed street he continued walking seeing his building...
  19. Sir_Magic

    Fantasy  Fancy Interest Check

    Hey! I am Sir Magic! I have been role playing in various places for the past few years. I do everything from a simple life to an all out galaxy, dimension exploration. I love world building and creating ideas from scratch. A bit about my style: I tend to write in a third person past tense. I...
  20. LadyOfStars

    Fantasy  Two Worlds: The end times

    Once again man’s hubris has brought about an unfortunate outcome, this time caused by the overreaching of the Emperor. From the imperial throne he ordered the death of the Water Dragon, guardian of the border between the mortal and spirit worlds. In her death that invisible barrier has fallen...