1. Steel Accord

    Fandom  Active Duty Military. Could use something to do on a somewhat daily basis.

    As the title says, I'm currently serving active duty overseas. This website is, surprisingly, one of the few I have somewhat regular access to. I can post mostly on a daily basis as long as we aren't in a kind of lock down condition. I have a couple of ideas for RPs if you would be up for them...
  2. DeadAlexSummers

    Fandom  Titans (AU universe)

    The year is 2016 and the Organization has begun searching for a child of the demon lord Trigon to began their plan. Who that child of Trigon is unknown to the group but they have records of a human cultist being impregnated by him. There can only be two at most in the world and for now they are...
  3. gansuki

    Fandom  The New Avengers OOC Thread

    Hi, this is the OOC thread for the New Avengers RP. Talk about anything such as plot, general questions, characters, and more!
  4. gansuki

    Fandom  The New Avengers

    This roleplay takes place 60+ years after Tony Stark died. All of the original Avengers have slowly died off. No more Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America, etc. I need 5 people (It will be 6 including my character), and what I am requesting from you is that you come up with your own superhero. Your...
  5. MoonGem

    Fantasy  A list of pairings! (Fantasy/Romance!!)

    Hello hello! I'm MoonGem, but you can call me Moon, and I'm currently looking for someone to come up with a plot with and rp one of these pairings I have! But first, before I write down the pairings here are my rules! 1. No one-liners. I'm sorry I just absolutely hateeee them… They're the...
  6. Panic

    Fandom  Doubling, OC x Cannon, all you could ask for in an rp

    Hello! My name is Panic! I am looking for longterm RP partners Rules 1. I don't really have many rules. The biggest one would be no one sentence replies. I'm looking for a rp partner to write at least two paragraphs or more. (I'll lose interest if it's one sentence replies.) 2. Please be at...
  7. - water lily -

    Fandom  marvel roleplay

    looking for some 1x1 marvel roleplays - i do oc x canon - my love interest is tony stark - i can play a canon character for your oc as well message me privately if you're interested and lmk if you have a love interest you'd like me to play for your oc and who that love interest is movies i...
  8. Astros

    Multiple Settings  ☼ Astros Partner Search! ☽

    About me ──── ☼ Astros || 23 || She/Her ☽ ☼ I've been roleplaying on and off for roughly ten years, and thus I prefer lengthier, detailed responses (Will provide a bare minimum of 5 paragraphs, though I often get carried away when I'm super invested) Honestly, writing in general is...
  9. DapperCharmer2.0

    Realistic or Modern  Rise of the New Guardians

    Last month the planet was invaded by a threat, the likes of with, it had never seen before. A powerful warlord, hailing from a void between time and space, wished to conquer Earth for herself. She might have succeeded too, had it not been for the gruelling effort of the Guardians of Justice...
  10. UrbanLegend


    NINTH HOUSE MYTHO'S A SCIENCE-FICTION HORROR ROLE PLAY Nine bubbles around the world have descended upon the earth. Each bubble represents a bizarre break-in space-time, eating away at reality as we know it but creating something beautifully new. Until now, no humans have been able to descend...
  11. supermartinbros

    Multiple Settings  ℌ𝔢𝔯𝔬𝔢𝔰 𝔒𝔣 𝔄 𝔑𝔢𝔴 𝔚𝔬𝔯𝔩𝔡 {ℑℭ}

    Riley Cathers, June 19th 2:34 p.m Riley tapped the window as she watched cars pass by, there were six people in the car. All of them were her... Friends? Maybe. Probably just acquaintances just trying to enjoy the day. She had no idea or well... She didn't even remember who sent the text. But...
  12. Astros

    Multiple Settings  ☼ Astros Long-term Literate Search! ☼

    About me ──── ☼ Astros || 23 || She/Her ☽ ☼ I've been roleplaying on and off for roughly ten years, and thus I prefer lengthier, detailed responses (Will provide a bare minimum of 5 paragraphs, though I often get carried away when I'm super invested) Honestly, writing in general is...
  13. DumbGoblin

    Multiple Settings  Multiple (fantasie&romance) prompts [mxm prefered]

    Heey there! As the title says, fantasy and super natural prompts. Mxm is preferred but fxf is also loads of fun but in mxf i would prefer to be the female. I tend to prefer some darker subjects so please be over the age of 18. Also, I prefer to keep the length around a paragraph, that way the...
  14. Young_Charles99

    RWBY (Inspired by D&D 5E)

    RWBY Throwing out a concept of a Dungeons-and-Dragons-styled game based off of the show RWBY. Some things will be different, such as weapons, spells, etc. The idea behind this game would be a group of first-year students (4 Hunters/Huntresses) have been separated from their professor while...
  15. DumbGoblin

    Fantasy  Feel free to message me (mxm, fxf)

    Hey are you a depressed European in need of a distraction. Please dm. I crave a good dnd, fantasy or super hero story. Mxm, fxf, fxm, whatever you want. I got a couple plots and ideas so feel free to message me
  16. homintales

    Fandom  Dragon Age: the Lawful and the Cruel (Main)

    Lucius BrightBurn Lucius, his Blood Dragon armour equipped, stood ready outside the Warden Embassy in Denerim. He sighed. It all just seemed like one awful way to waste precious time. He wanted to leave Denerim right then and there. He wanted to march straight into the Kocari Wilds, a place you...
  17. NyokoSweetBean

    Fandom  Tiger and Bunny Rp Request!!

    I suppose you could say it's plain and simple, I'm hunting for a spirited partner to write either here or on discord. I am 27 so keep that in mind, I'd prefer a partner that's 18+ in age. My style is semi lit to literate, depends on how much my partner gives me to work with. I love detail and...
  18. homintales

    Fandom  Dragon Age: the Lawful and the Cruel

    Once more, I've started to playthrough the Dragon Age series. And once again I'm pissed that Dragon Age 4 is still not released. Come on Bioware. No one even plays the Old Republic anymore. This RP I've made will essentially just follow the main Dragon Age Origins, and possibly Dragon Age 2 and...
  19. silverwhere

    Multiple Settings  Silverwhere's 1x1 Search - OC x OC - OPEN

    Hello all! I'm Silver (They/She) and I am in my early 20's and I have been roleplaying for almost 9 years. I'm currently wanting to have a bit more roleplay in my life. First off, I think you'd like to know more about me: I do a lot of writing and I enjoy world building - I ran a few...
  20. Grizzle

    Fandom  Protectors of Mobius - A Sonic AU RP (SatAM inspired, OC's and other sonic characters welcome.)

    Hey guys, I'm just checking to see if anyone's interested in a group rp of a Sonic SatAM/comic inspired RP, sort of a darker more mature theme with some comedy and action and drama. Characters from all over sonic as well as OC's are welcome. I don't have a full written plot currently but am...