dc universe

  1. princessxsugarcookie

    Fandom Fandom Roleplay Search

    About Me: 25, so I would prefer it if you were 21+ I work Mon-Fri from 6-5, sometimes earlier and sometimes later. Sometimes even on the weekend. So please be patient if I am not able to post daily. Ditch friendly Prefers Discord or Email Loves Pinterest and has many boards for my OCs and love...
  2. georgemiser

    Fandom Young Justice: Elite: YJ Season 6 roleplay 1x1, Mostly canon. Looking for partner
    Index: The Concept/Requirements

    The Concept/Requirements: So, speaking as a fan of the animated series since I was a teenager back when it first came out in 2010, and given the current state of Warner Bros ATM, I think it's entirely safe to say that there won't be a new series of Young Justice again for the foreseeable future...
  3. Shae_faeris

    Fandom Ya like DC Comics? (seeking 1x1)

    A bit about me! You can call me; Shae, Trash, Gurl, YouWitDaFace Age; 31 Pronouns; She/Her Exp; 18+ Years Discord; Yes Likes - Pictures of your pets - Musicals - Cartoons - Over thinking - Fairies, mermaids, unicorns and other ghey stuff like dat 🏳️‍🌈 - Pink/Black...
  4. Thatboi2432

    Fandom DC Comics Voice RP

    Looking for someone who can voice roleplay about DC Comics. Prefer to have female rp partners. Especially need a female to rp Wonder Woman. I prefer roleplaying about the Justice League with 18+ themes. I usually rp Post-Crisis and Rebirth versions of characters combined. There are things...
  5. NoTearBubbles

    Multiple Settings A Simple Search for Partners

    Hello everyone! I'm Jay, nice to meet you! : ) Some Things You Might Want to Know About Me I am a 25 years old trans dude and have been role playing on and off for around ten years. I consider myself rather chill. I love hearing ideas, geeking out about shared characters, and general...
  6. Evenstar

    Fandom [CLOSED] My Current Fandom Cravings {MxF only; Double Friendly; AUs}

    *Please don't reply here; contact me via PMs instead! Thanks, loves! :)* Greetings and salutations, my loves; I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! So, as you can see, I'm currently seeking fandom romantic AU stories. As well as finding a compatible writing partner(s) that not only...
  7. BoomerangKarma

    Realistic or Modern 🪐 Teenage Alien Nation 🪐 - a doubling up, OC x OC superhero highschool rp

    Hello! I’m Katya/Boomerang, and I go by she/her pronouns and am currently 22 years old! My rules are simple for role playing, and only have a few specific guidelines, that I will list here, as well as fandoms! • I only double up, OC x OC, and do descriptive! My line count is usually around 15 -...
  8. gansuki

    Fandom Paragon Academy

    Welcome, one and all, to Paragon Academy! We are pleased to welcome new and old faces back for another successful school year. The school is covered with swarms of students, a mixture of teens and young adults. Everyone scattered around like ants, some searching for classes, some searching for...
  9. HarleyQuinnRomance

    Fandom Marvel / dc

    I only rp with people 18+ so please don’t message if you’re underage, sorry. I have a few different ocs I’d like to play, or canons depending on what fandom we’re going with💕I love plots with darker themes💕 willing to do f x m or f x f Currently looking for someone to play Yelena for Marvel💕 and...
  10. princessxsugarcookie

    Fandom Fandom Roleplay Search

    Hello everyone! My name is Dani. I am usually on my Gaia account. I have been roleplaying for about 15 years. About Me: 25, so I would prefer it if you were 21+ I am a teacher, so I may not get to post every day, but I love ooc chatter! And I can usually ooc chat during the day. Ditch-friendly...
  11. roxas

    Fandom DC Batfam OOC

    Here a chat for it @Flame Demon @wigi @Little.Bit.Nerdy
  12. gansuki

    Fandom Paragon Academy - OOC

    Offical OOC thread for Paragon Academy!
  13. gansuki

    Fandom Paragon Academy - Yearbook

    Hi everyone! Here is the character sheet skeleton for Paragon Academy! Basics: Name Hero Name: (Optional) Nickname: (Optional) Age: (16-25) Gender: Sexuality: Pronouns: Ethnicity: Visage: Hair Eyes Build: Attire: (Optional) Body Mods: (Optional) Face Claim: (Realistic face claims only please!)...
  14. gansuki

    Fandom Paragon Academy - Interest Check

    coded by uxie! fonts used: headers body text, subheaders to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----left---- ----top---- ----image filler----...
  15. HarleyQuinnRomance

    Fandom Looking to play Harley, double friendly

    Hi! I'm looking to play Harley Quinn, I have an idea in mind but I’m open to suggestions, and I’m happy to play other characters for your side. I only rp with those 18+, Im happy here or discord, and I love to make friendships outside of the rp. I'll likely mix up several storylines from...
  16. MapleTreeTea

    Fandom Supersons DC Roleplay [Damian Wayne/Robin][Jon Kent/Superboy]

    I've been all over the Supersons comics for some time, and have been looking for a roleplay for a while. I would prefer for my main character to be Damian, though of course I will play other characters and we can discuss who will play who when the time comes, but I'm mainly looking for a Jon at...
  17. DANV3RS

    Multiple Settings Searching for a partner!

    Hello there, I'm Jude. I use he/him/his or she/her/hers pronouns. I am 24 years old and searching for a partner 21+. Obviously, I would prefer something longterm. I am a part of many fandoms, and would love to write in any of them. My fandoms are: Stranger Things, Overwatch, Dead by...
  18. Strawberrichu

    Fandom 🔥 That’s not a woman, that’s a devil 🔥 Fandom Partner Search {cc x oc, oc x oc, doubling!} {STILL LOOKING!!}

    🔪🔥🔪🔥🔪🔥 Hello!! ♥️ So, as you can see by the title I’m looking for a fandom rp! This time I’m just looking for one to be exact. A DC Universe RP, specifically in the Batman Universe. But before I get more into that, I’ll tell a little bit about myself and rp parameters: - My name is Cas and I...
  19. Drew Ellis

    Fandom Gotham City RP

    Hey I’m looking for a female to roleplay with we can discuss plots brainstorm ideas Etc This Roleplay will be not canon like it’s OUR version of Gotham City The Regular Villians and Heroes will be in Gotham doing there thing (barring a few? 🤔) I have a original character sheet and ideally would...
  20. Strawberrichu

    Fandom DC Comics: Batman Universe

    ♥️ Hiya Puddins! ♥️ So, as you can tell by the title I am CRAVING a Batman Universe RP. Specifically though, I am looking to play Harley Quinn against another canon character! Who that is can be discussed, but at this moment I am NOT looking for a Poison Ivy to play against. I have nothing...