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  1. rustedtinman

    Fandom  all kinds o' fandoms! (horror/slashers, sally face, dc, etc)

    hey all! i'm germ, he/him or they/them is alright. i'm a majorly horror roleplayer looking to find others that are interested in that kinda stuff, but i also have some alternate fandoms for you to choose from as well! i'm semi-lit to literate, so expect at least two/three good paragraph...
  2. Veil Walker

    Realistic or Modern  Young Justice Reeboot

    Colonel Phillips quietly slipped out of the large wooden house and made his way slowly to the end of the driveway. Stopping to glance at his poscketwatch, he frowned slightly in thought. He wondered who would be the first to arrive. He wondered what kind of attitude they would be bringing with...
  3. gansuki

    Fandom  Suicide Squad Inspired RP - CS Thread

    Hi everyone! This is the CS thread for the Suicide Squad RP! Name: Alias: Age: Sexuality: Appearance (Realistic face claim or description): Personality: Backstory: Powers/Abilities/Weaknesses: You can use a coded CS but I require for you to use the character sheet skeleton I provided above...
  4. gansuki

    Fandom  Suicide Squad Inspired RP - OOC

    Hi everyone! This is the OOC where we can discuss the plot, characters, and powers, or for you all to ask questions! I will also be posting the link to the CS soon! @PlusUltra @Nellancholy @Noil @ArixThorin
  5. gansuki

    Fandom  Suicide Squad Inspired RP - Interest Check

    Task Force X is a group mostly comprised of incarcerated super-villains who are sent on black ops missions, by the government. The missions in question are often amoral with the government using the supervillains as contingencies for blame. The missions have a low chance of survival in return...
  6. Green Glow

    Fandom  BNHA OC/CC Partner Search.

    So I'm looking to do an OCxCC RP. I am 100% caught up on the manga and I am aware of Aizawa's backstory from Vigilantes so I can play anyone you want from the main series. I am not caught up on Vigilantes so please don't ask for anyone from here. I am LGBTQ friendly so I don't care what kind of...
  7. Veil Walker

    Realistic or Modern  Young Justice (Reboot)

    Growing up, you heard stories of heroes. First it was people like the JSA, members like Wild Cat, Flash and others. The ones who had served in wars, and cemented themselves as great heroes, despite what some might say. Throughout the decades there were others. These days it's heroes like...
  8. PinkSodaPopRemix

    Fandom  Multiple Fandoms (Anime+Cartoons+FFXV)

    ꧁༒☬𝓖𝓮𝓷𝓮𝓻𝓪𝓵☬༒꧂ I require a minimum of 300 words and I can do up to 1500 per reply. Or in paragraph terms, I do around 4-6+ paragraphs and any more is fine with me, but I require you to do a minimum of 4 paragraphs per each side of the double up, or per each reply if no double up. LGBTQ+...
  9. GothicGlypso

    Fandom  Dc Gotham rp

    I need a partner willing to play multiple characters in a DC rp set in Gotham, I’m fine with OC’s and CC’s, we can discuss plot in DM’s, and you need to be ok with playing multiple characters, vigilantes and villains. If you’re interested in this please DM me and we can plan further
  10. niebo

    Multiple Settings  fandoms, original settings, all are welcome ♥

    about me x i'm 25 y/o, european, studying and working full time, but since the university year is done i have much more time on my hands-- so, i'm here again x since i'm in my twenties i usually prefer someone of similar age to be my partner but that's not a must x english is not my first...
  11. Call Me Dio

    Fandom  “look at her -- i would die for her. i would kill for her. either way -- what bliss.” - 1x1 Interest Check

    Hello there! Call me Dio, Yes like Dio Brando, or the band, or Ronnie James Dio? Are there any more Dio's I need to be aware of? Regardless I am a 16 year old roleplayer from the CST area of America. I'm nonbinary and use they/them pronouns. I'm currently working a part time job at a fast food...
  12. AxleFlaminV8

    Fandom  Batman

    I’m calling Red Hood
  13. Thatboi2432

    Fandom  DC Comics Voice Rp

    Anyone want to voice rp DC Comics? I'm trying to find a permanent voice rp partner to rp DC Comics(Know it well). Please be 18 or older. I don't rp with anyone younger than 18. How voice roleplay works is pretty simple. When referring to the actions of the certain characters, you simply...
  14. MainEventMan

    Fandom  Marvel/DC Crack Ship anyone?

    So I'm a big fan of comic books as well as fluffy romance stories, and this particular pairing just so happens to be on my mind! I'd like to engage in an RP starring Spider-Man and Starfire! I was thinking it could be set in an amalgam Marvel/DC universe (but without the weird amalgam characters...
  15. Metahuman

    Multiple Settings  Metahuman's Big Bag of Gay. Looking for Long term MxM Partner (Young Justice, Other Anime, TV Shows, Original Plots, and more! Come look inside)

    Hello! Thank you for checking out my thread, I'm super excited to meet you, I'm Metahuman and I'm over the age of 18. I am seeking a long-term partner for some MxM romance roleplaying. If we had to use labels, I would say I was looking for a partner who can roleplay a more dominant male...
  16. Orichalcum Tiger

    Fandom  Ho diddle diddle, time for a riddle.

    I can be looked into, and yet I am always behind you. What am I? I've been listening to the Batman Unburied podcast recently which has given me some inspiration for a new roleplay idea which I'd like to tackle. It follows a similar but slightly different plot to the podcast. The plotline goes...
  17. Zerachiin

    Fandom  The Batman 2022 / Batman Unburied / Before The Batman Cheeeeeck (Always Open!)

    <?> Yo, I go by Omori or Tony and my pronouns are He/It. Recently I've gotten really into The Batman and I wanna roleplay! ERRRR IF YOU JUST WANNA TALK AND EXCHANGE ART AND MUSIC OR WHATEVA IM DOWN FOR THAT TOO BTW O_O <misc> Warning: I am super flighty, I will feel uncomfortable talking to...
  18. acatt

    Fandom  Alice's Cravings (MxM Focused)

    Hey, Time for an interest check! I am looking for a couple new partners to begin writing MxM Romance RPs with. Romance is the main theme to these RPs, going alongside what you'd expect in most the fandoms and settings I am going to list. I am not looking for writers of a specific gender or...
  19. punktovert

    Fandom  Bat and the Bug (Batman and Miraculous Ladybug)

    Hey everyone! For those who don't know me, my name is Punk. Currently, I am looking for a partner willing to do a Batman or a Miraculous Ladybug roleplay. Quick notes about me: I am making the transition from high school to college. This being said there may be some gaps in between responses...
  20. DissociatedShakespeare

    Fandom  Quick Interest Check!

    Hello! I just recently returned to this site after years of not being active! I'm looking for a few new 1x1 one rps, please let me know if you'd think we'd be a good match! Info - I'm 23, and would like to only rp with people 18+. If you are a part of a group rp that needs someone that has...