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I have some next Gen DC characters I'd like to use in a RP we can discuss it and what we want to do which will determine who I play as I'll be more then just my OCs of course we should both be mutiple characters that's kind of my main RP rules be more then one character be mutiple so it's fair.

The OCs I have who'd I'd like to be at least one or 2 of in a RP are

A SuperBoy who's the son of Supergirl

A Wonder Boy who's the son of Wonder Woman

I also have a OC who's Poison Ivy's son

And I have some Earth 2 based next Gen OCs basically like Earth 2 Counterparts to the Super Sons

PowerBoy son of PowerGirl

And a Robin who's son of Huntress.

Note the OCs are kids I'm saying that now because some reason some people have issues with that despite kid superheroes and Villains have always been a thing OG Robin was 9 when he started.

We can mix stuff from different versions up for the RP I'm not into the live action movies much so I won't know as much about those so don't expect this to follow those if you only know them.

Also if you are picky on how long a reply is you probably won't like RPing with me I'm not going to reply like 5 sentences every time

Saying that now to avoid issues.

If you have a OC you can use them too as long as you play some canon ones to.
Just no self inserts last time I RP'd with one on a DC RP it was uncomfortable.

So anyone interested?
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