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Fandom Beyond Infinite Crisis: Tales of Two Worlds


Count Gensokyo

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This page is dedicated to short stories and short bios of the characters of Battleworld and Mite-World.
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Phantom Thief of Hearts

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    Ever since New York was whisked away by the Beyonder... Merged with another universe's Tokyo and stitched to another amalgamation... The noises... the sound of sirens... I hear them everywhere...

    Daredevil ran through the rainy rooftops of New Tokyo, hounded by apparent heroes...

    The Beyonder merged our world with another full of "Heroes". One would think that if there were more heroes around then maybe there won't be as many sirens...

    Daredevil angled his head to sense what was behind him. It was a mountain of a woman. She was prepared to simply snatch the vigilante with her massive hands only for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to slip away from her grasp when he hopped down on a fire escape, much to the pro-hero's disappointment.

    "Aw, he went in the alley!" the giant woman pouted.

    Yet, I hear more of them... Every single waking moment... The Sirens never stopped...

    The Vigilante tried to block out all the noise. He tried to focus his mind on one noise, the beating heart of an innocent girl... The daughter of the one hero who refused to listen to Fisk's lies... The daughter of a man who crossed the Kingpin. Daredevil breathed a sigh of relief when he heard her little heart beating.

    His heart sunk when he heard knocking on a door...

    Within the apartment of a young Japanese family, a man dressed in a coat and hat stood in front of the door.

    A young girl, no older than six, opened the door.

    "Hey, there... Is mommy home?" The man asked.

    "Who are you, mister?" the girl asked the man.

    "I'm a friend of your dad's..." He smiled at the girl. He then took his hat of as if to prove to the girl that he was telling her the truth, "See? I'm a superhero!"


    "Okay," the girl let the man inside just as her mother walked out of her bedroom.

    "Sweetie, who's at the--" the mother stopped dead in her tracks as she saw the man in the room.

    "It's one of Daddy's friends..." the girl explained to her mother.

    "Yeah, and daddy made a big mistake..." the man coldly informed the girl's mother.

    Daredevil hopped over to the very apartment building. He heard the voice of the Kingpin's best hitman, Bullseye... Daredevil lost his grip on the window as he fell onto cold steel of a fire escape. The vigilante managed to get back on his feet but in spite of his best efforts he was too late, Daredevil stood in silence as he heard the girl's beating heart beating faster and the deafening silence that followed... A young heart stopped beating... The heroes did their job... They stopped the vigilante and the Kingpin won the night. Daredevil heard the voices of the so-called pro-heroes moved in on his position. With not a moment to mourn, Daredevil fled the scene in the cover of night.
    Many months passed since the incident... The Pro-Heroes gave up their hunt for 'the Devil of Hell's Kitchen' when Akira Akatsuki found the bodies of his wife and daughter...

    Matt Murdock stood in his office, he could hear the sirens all throughout New Tokyo yet he could do nothing. War has changed for Matthew.

    The blind lawyer fixed his tie before he headed out of his office. Outside he was greeted by his best friend, Foggy Nelson.

    "Hey Matt, big day for yah, huh?" Foggy said as he sorted the files on his desk.

    "The first of many, Foggy," Matt smiled as he head straight to the door where his secretary, Karen Page, opened the door for him. Matt gave Karen a warm smile, "Thanks."

    "Don't mention it," Karen smiled back.

    The blind lawyer walked through the corridors and entered a waiting elevator. As the elevator went down to the bottom floor, Matt could only think back to the scream he heard that night and the silence that followed.

    Matt arrived at his destination as the elevator doors opened he walked out with a grim look on his face. He walked out of the building and sensed the presence of a nearby Vehicle.

    An Elderly Taxi driver called out to Matt, "Where to?"

    "The New Tokyo Courthouse, Stan..." Matt told the taxi driver before getting in the vehicle.

    The Pro-Hero act... A System used to protect rookie heroes... A System that ran a well-oiled machine on one world... was tampered with beyond repair... Tampered by the very man who lied to the media... Painted Daredevil as public enemy number one, orchestrated the deaths of a man's entire family and left alliances shattered...

    Matt sighed which caught the attention of Stan, who asked the defense lawyer, "What's beating you up, kid?"

    "Just a bit nervous," Matt answered.

    Daredevil can't fight this battle... but what Daredevil can't do... Matt Murdock can.

    "Yeah... we've all been there," Stan gave the blind man a smile before he drove Matt to the Courthouse.

    And While Hell's Kitchen will be without its Guardian Devil...
    Wilson Fisk calmly walked over to the doors of his office but he was shocked to find out that it was already open. The Kingpin stormed through the doors to find everything in his office was in order. Fisk adjusted his suit as he walked over to his desk where he found a peculiar note on top of it. Fisk sneered at the note when he recognized the emblem on the note...

    There will always be other heroes...
    Calling Card.jpg
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Phantom Thief of Hearts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame



    Even when a Fifth-Dimensional Imp throws countless worlds and dimensions into a mess of a solar system...

    Guardians of the Universe.png

    "Hal Jordan of Earth, Green Lantern of the Honor Guard," spoke the Guardian, Appa Ali Apsa, "It has come to our attention from the Nova Corps that you were meddling with the affairs of those out of Guardian Space."

    Some things just never change...

    "Sir, the Skrull and his White Martian accomplice were using the borders to escape justice for their illegal arms deals," Hal explained to the Guardians, "I was in the process of tracking down the White Martian's arms trade when I discovered his involvement with the Skrull arms dealer."

    "And you did not see it fit to consult with the council or the Nova Corps?" Appa interrupted Hal Jordan.

    "The White Martian was in possession of an armory's worth of Nth Metal Weapons. If I didn't act then and there, they could have sparked a universe-wide war," Hal responded, defended his actions.

    Before Appa could respond, the Green Lantern corpsman, Galius Zed, rushed into the council's chamber and put an end to the discourse. “Guardians!"

    Appa glared at Hal Jordan before turning his attention to the corpsman, "What is it, Galius Zed? This better be important."

    "Daemonite ships are approaching Oa!" the corpsman warned all who were in the council.

    And in the skies above, the Daemonites prepare for their assault on the Planet Oa.

    "Lord Helspont, our mutant warriors are ready for deployment," the monstrous alien Daemonite reported to its master, Helspont.

    "Then we shall see if the mutagen's genetic-manipulating properties are as powerful as the legends say..." The Daemonite Leader, Helspont, muttered to himself.

    "Awaiting your commands, my lord."

    "Proceed with the invasion," Helspont ordered, "We will show the Green Lanterns no mercy."

    A Squadron of Carrier ships landed on the surface of Oa and deployed an army of Daemonite mutants that began their assault on Oa. The Green Lanterns fought the hoard to the best of their abilities, but the new mutant powers of the Daemonites gave them the edge on the Corps.

    On the roof of Oa's citadel, Hal Jordan, the greatest of the Green Lanterns, was locked in combat with the Daemonite King, Helspont. It was clear that Helspont was besting Hal in combat.

    "So, this is the legendary Hal Jordan!" Helspont said mockingly as he delivered a punch across the face of Green Lantern. "The ‘legendary hero’ who defeated Nekron and his Black Lanterns!" Helspont taunted before kneeing Hal in the gut and smashing his fists into the back of the Green Lantern's head. Helspont kicked Green Lantern over onto his back. "Honestly, you are quite the disappointment."

    "I can still..." Hal tried to get back to his feet only to stumble back down to the ground.

    "You should quit, human...Daemonites have won!" Helspont laughed as he stood over the battered body of the Emerald Knight.

    "Sorry, Helspont, but we Green Lanterns just don't know when to quit!" Hal then fired his ring with all his might at the Daemonite, which sent the alien despot flying into a wall. The Emerald Knight kept his fire on the Daemonite Despot until his ring ran out of energy and Hal Jordan was but a normal man once more.

    "I see that even your legendary willpower has its limit, Green Lantern," Helspont muttered as he slowly emerged from the ruins and on to his feet. "While I may be weakened, know that I still have my army!"

    A hoard of Daemonite mutants swarmed the powerless Green Lantern.

    Ring out of energy, power battery still in the ship, and a thousand-foot drop behind me...nothing I can't handle.

    A powerless Hal Jordan, in spite of it all, stood his ground and taunted the Daemonite hoard with all hope seemingly lost.

    "Hey Jordan, you forgot something!" called out the voice of Hal Jordan's closest ally, Kilowog, who tossed Hal's power battery over to him.

    Kilowog was not alone, for he brought a small squad of Green Lanterns to assist Hal in his fight with Helspont.

    "Thanks for the save, Kilowog," Hal thanked his fellow Lantern as he caught his power battery.

    Kilowog jumped in front of the powerless Hal Jordan and formed a mini-gun construct, opening fire on the Daemonite Mutants. "Just charge your ring, Jordan. We'll cover for ya!" Kilowog smirked as he continued his assault on the Daemonite hoards. "Come at me, poozers!"

    As the Daemonites attacked the Lanterns, Helspont quickly realized that Hal was in possession of his power battery. "Stop him! Do not let him charge his ring!" Helspont commanded his Daemonite minions, whom all charged at Hal.

    "In brightest day!"

    Amidst the chaos, Hal Jordan kept a firm grip on his power battery and held his ring against it as he ran for cover.

    "In Blackest night!"

    Hal slid under a Daemonite that was locked in battle with Ch'p.

    "No Evil shall escape my sight!"

    Hal ducked under a pouncing Daemonite that was then batted away by Guy Gardner.

    "Let those who worship evil's might!"

    Hal's ring began to glow a bright emerald green.

    Three Daemonites managed to grab ahold of Hal Jordan, who firmly kept his grip on the power battery despite the Daemonites' best efforts.

    "Beware my power—"

    Hal, knowing there was no other option, jumped off of the rooftop.

    "Green Lantern's Light!"
    Green Lantern's Light.gif
    The Green Lantern emerged from the onslaught, fully charged and ready to face Helspont's Daemonites. With the other Green Lantern Corpsmen by his side, Hal Jordan was able to defeat the Daemonite mutants with only Helspont alone amidst the fallen bodies of his mutant warriors.

    "It's over, Helspont," Hal said as he stood triumphant over the defeated Daemonite."Your army's defeated, and it's just you against the Green Lantern Corps."

    "You think this is over, Green Lantern?" Helspont chuckled. “This is just the beginning..."

    "Keep Laughing bud—" Just before Hal could apprehend Helspont, the Demonite disappeared with a blinding blue light.

    After the last of the Daemonites were defeated and detained, Hal received a message from Jon Stewart on Mite-World.

    "Hal, do you read me? It's Jon," called out Hal's fellow Green Lantern.

    "I copy, Jon," Hal replied back.

    "There's a mob of mutants over here in Coast City, and we'd sure love it if you could help out!" Jon said with some weariness evident in his voice.

    "Hey Kilowog," Hal said, turning to his friend. "You think you can handle clean up? I’ve got something to do back home."

    "Yeah sure, tell me something new, Jordan," Kilowog grumbled as he cleared the debris from the battle against the Daemonites.

    "Thanks. I'll return the favor!" Hal gave Kilowog a couple of finger guns before flying off to Mite-World.

    Kilowog only stood there in confusion, the ‘human‘ motion lost on him.

    Like I said, somethings never change.
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Phantom Thief of Hearts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

  • Web_of_Spider-Man_(1985)a.png

    "In what seems to be a repeat of the tragic events that occurred in Hope's Peak Academy..." a news anchor reported. "...Another alleged 'Killing Game' is now being held at Brooklyn Visions Academy."

    "It is currently unknown if the culprit is the same as the one who orchestrated the Killing Game of Hope's Peak,” another news broadcast aired on another television set as a mysterious figure zipped past the building.

    "What do you mean, there's no one coming?"

    Outside of Brooklyn Vision, squads of police cars barricaded the area.

    Captain Yuri Watanabe argued with a dispatcher over the radio, "We've got an entire Campus full of students taken hostage and not a single 'professional' hero is available?"

    Yuri paused to let the dispatcher speak before responding in a tone of great urgency. "I don't care if it's the League of Villains, the Masters of Evil, or even HYDRA! We need backup!"

    "Captain!" a police officer ran up to Yuri with urgent news.

    "What is it, Mulligan?" Yuri asked Officer Mulligan.

    "Future Foundation just arrived," Mulligan informed his commanding officer. "But I don't think we have enough muscle to breach the defenses."

    "Just tell them to—" Yuri paused when she noticed a mysterious figure sneaking into the school. “Stand by...We got our backup."

    Within Brooklyn Visions' Gymnasium, a mass of students gathered around the stage where an odd plush bear presented to them the objective of the 'game'.

    "So! If you kids really wanna get out of here..." the teddie bear, Monokuma, smiled at the students. "You’d better start with those killings!"

    Murmurs among the students filled the Gymnasium.

    The sound of gunfire echoed behind the steel door that kept the students within the gymnasium.

    "What was that?!" one of the students squeaked, quaking in fear.

    "Of course he'd be here..." Monokuma muttered irritably, visibly annoyed with the events that have unfolded. "We've BEARLY even started the game, and he has to show up!"

    "See?! I told you there were Pro-Heroes around!" a rather hopeful boy cheered before the already aggravated Monokuma tossed a brick at him.

    "Sorry, kids. Looks like your headmaster has to discipline our uninvited guest!" Monokuma said as he jumped into a trapdoor to deal with the intruder personally.

    The sound of Monokuma's sickening laughter echoed beyond the steel door, followed shortly by a loud crash and a deafening silence. The silence was broken by the sounds of the steel door being slowly opened.

    The opening was wide enough for a damaged Monokuma head to roll into the Gymnasium.

    "It's All Might!" a student exclaimed with glee. “He's here to save us!"

    "Sorry to disappoint, kid...”

    The mystery hero pried open the Doors that prevented the students from escaping. "...I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man."

    Within the school's security room sat the Mastermind of the Killing Game. Watching as the Future Foundation agents stormed into the school to secure the students, the Mastermind couldn’t help but sigh at what seemed to be a total failure.

    "You know, we really need to stop meeting like this, Junko," the wall-crawler dropped from the ceiling and onto the floor.

    "Spider-Man? Wow...are you here to, like, arrest me or something?" the Mastermind, Junko Enoshima, said with a bored look on her face.

    "That's the plan," Spider-Man casually replied. "So, why don't you be a good girl for a change and surrender peacefully?”

    "Like hell I'm gonna!" Junko's more vulgar personality took over.

    "Suit yourself," Spider-Man said, firing his impact webbing at Junko only for a black substance to shield her from it.

    I got a bad feeling about this...

    "Oh, you're just so un-bear-able!" Junko giggled with bliss as a black substance enveloped the body of the nihilistic mastermind. "I've been waiting a long-ass time for this! Ever since you ruined my game at Hope's Peak!"

    Spider-Man's eyes widened when he realized exactly what he was up against. "Oh boy..."

    "OH! That look in your eyes...I know that look anywhere, even behind that shitty mask of yours! It's..." Junko's grin now showed a row of razor sharp teeth."Despair!"

    Junko, now fully bonded with the symbiote, looked like a maddening amalgamation of Venom and Monokuma."Ding Ding Ding! It's Hope vs. Despair...live from Brooklyn Visions!" Junko announced, trying to contain her overflowing excitement. Security cameras emerged from the walls and set their sights on the two combatants.

    Spider-Man realized what Junko was doing. "Oh, you've got to be kidding me..."

    She's taking a page from Screwball's playbook...fun.

    "It's..." Junko morphed her hands into scythes.

    Spider-Man's spider-senses went off as he prepared himself for the imminent danger.

    "Punishment time!" Junko yelled as she thrust the bladed appendages at Spider-Man, who made an effort to dodge the attack.

    She's fast...

    The scythe-shaped tendrils managed to slash Spider-Man across the chest and drew blood.

    Okay! Ow...really fast.

    Junko's tendrils wrapped around Spider-Man's ankle and bashed the web-slinger on the floor repeatedly. "Aw...poor wittle Spider!"

    As Spider-Man struggled to regain his footing, he quickly analyzed the room for anything that could help him weaken the Symbiote-powered Junko Enoshima.

    Gotta get the suit off of her. Fast!

    "Come on, Spidey!" Junko grabbed the super hero by the head and aimed it at a nearby security camera. "Every single peasant in the whole kingdom is watching, each one waiting with baited breath to bear witness to your execution!"

    "Sorry, Junko.” Spider-Man shot his electric webbing at the security console, which caused the system to overload. "I'm a bit camera shy."

    Junko's eyes widened, and she braced herself for what was to come. The resulting explosion blasted the two super humans away.

    The flames began to consume the room.

    Spider-Man slowly recovered from the blast. "Okay, not one of my smartest moves."

    Junko, despite the intense force of the blast, giggled to herself. "It's back and forth with you."

    Junko’s grin widened beneath her Symbiote exoskeleton, "Don't you get it, Spidey? Wherever there's Hope, there's always Despair!"

    "The only way this is gonna end is with one of us dead,"
    Junko drearily expounded on her point before her vulgar personality took over. "And I'm the only one who's got the balls to do it!" Junko shot bladed tendrils out of her hand and sent them straight at Spider-Man.

    "No..." Spider-Man quickly webbed up a piece of burning debris and used it to shield himself from the Symbiote's tendrils. "That's wrong."

    "Jeez, you're just as bad as Makoto!" she whined.

    Junko was appalled to see the symbiotic tendrils recoiling from the flames. "What the hell? Don't pussy out on me now!"

    "Hey, I guess they’re feeling a little despair, huh?" Spider-Man quipped, tossing the debris away.

    Junko, enraged by the hero's mockery of Despair, lunged at Spider-Man.

    "So, you wanna talk about Despair?" a battle-worn Spider-Man countered Junko with an uppercut that sent her flying upwards. "Then let me tell you something about despair!" Spider-Man yanked Junko viciously to the hard floor below with his webbing.

    "There was this boy from Queens!" Spider-Man gave a swift roundhouse kick to the side of Junko's head as the Ultimate Despair struggled to regain her footing.

    "One day...he was given amazing powers!" Spider-Man dodged Junko's wild swipes before he fired webbing in her face.

    "He thought of using those powers to make a living as a wrestler!" Spidey punched Junko in the face just as she tore the webbing that blinded her off.

    "But one night, a thief stole money from the promoter..." Spider-Man webbed up nearby debris and tossed it at Junko.

    "The boy didn't see it as his responsibility to stop the man!" with Junko dazed, Spider-Man flung himself at the Ultimate Despair and delivered a punch across her jaw.

    "Then on that same night, the boy went home to find his uncle murdered!" Memories of the night Uncle Ben died flooded the web-slinger's mind. "It filled him with despair!" Spider-Man furiously struck Junko again and again.

    "It motivated that boy to hunt down the man who murdered his uncle!" Spidey was then forcibly shoved away by Junko, but Spider-Man managed to regain his footing just before he crashed against the burning debris.

    "When he finally found him..." Spider-Man glared at Junko as the Ultimate Despair's bond with the suit weaken.

    "He saw the face of the same burglar who he could have stopped that one night..." Spider-Man lunged at Junko with a vicious punch that caused her to stagger.

    "He wanted to kill him for taking his uncle's life!" Spider-Man shouted at Junko as the masked hero struck her down with a kick to the face.

    "But you know what he did, Junko?" Spider-Man furiously grabbed Junko by the collar.

    "He did something that you never have the guts to do!" Peter Parker stared straight into the eyes of the mastermind behind all the torment that had plunged his city into despair. "He showed mercy."

    Spider-Man released his hold on Junko. "Because he learned that night..." suddenly, his Spider-Sense alerted him of the Symbiote's oncoming attack.

    Junko shot out shards of symbiotic blades at Spider-Man.

    Spider-Man dodged the symbiotic blades. "That with Great Power..."

    "...There must come Great Responsibility!" Then, with all his might, Spider-Man landed the final blow and sent the Ultimate Despair crashing against the wall.

    "I hope you learned something from our chat," Spider-Man said between gasps for air.

    A loud explosion was heard outside of the burning room as smoke began to envelop the room.

    Of course she rigged the whole place to explode!

    Spider-Man adjusted the lenses in his mask to search for Junko through the heavy smoke. He finally found an unconscious Junko trapped under debris.

    No one's going to die...not tonight.

    Spider-Man quickly pulled an unconscious Junko out of the wreckage.

    Not even someone like her.

    "Okay, now where's the suit...?" Spider-Man searched for the Symbiote, only to find it nearby, trying to latch itself on to the hero. "No thanks, little fella!" Spider-Man trapped the symbiote with a quick web-bomb. "I like the suit I'm wearing now."

    Outside of Brooklyn Visions, every available police unit surrounded the school. Each and every officer tended to the students.

    Spider-Man, with Junko and the Symbiote in tow, swung over to Captain Yuri Watanabe. "One psycopathic teenager and alien symbiote delivered in thirty minutes or less."

    One of the Future Foundation officers took the webbing that the Symbiote was trapped in.

    "Be careful with that one, it's a fighter," Spidey warned the officer, who quickly placed it in a containment cell.

    "I think the Future Foundation can handle it," Yuri reassured Spider-Man.

    "Well, you can never be too careful," Spidey shrugged before he looked over to the webbed up Junko, whose somber personality took over. "So, what about her?

    "Well, given her mental health, she's earned a trip to Ravencroft," Yuri informed Spider-Man of Junko's fate.

    "I think the Ultimate Fashionista could make a white robe work," Spider-Man joked. “Just keep her away from Cletus and pals."

    "I'll make a note of that," Yuri nodded in agreement. "We can handle the rest here, Spider-Man...thank you."

    "All in a night's work for..." Spider-Man paused dramatically as Yuri came to a horrible realization of what Spider-Man was about to say. "Spider-Cop!"

    "Just go before I arrest you for vigilantism..." Yuri sighed out of embarrassment.

    Spider-Man saluted Yuri before swinging off into the distance.

    The Chief'll come around... Eventually...
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