1. The End

    Fantasy  Can You Feel My Heart? {Hey you, yeah you, we’re open!}

    ⊹ Hello there, I'm End! It’s a pleasure to be here! It’s been a while since I’ve invested myself in a roleplay, and I would love to get back into the swing of things! A little bit about me, I’m 22, I’m currently taking five classes in college this semester, and I work on the weekends. Despite...
  2. Bullyboy Squad

    Multiple Settings  throw me to your wasteland and watch me eat the wolves

    BADLANDS WARRIOR Hi, I'm Bully and I come with a fresh supply of assholes. Gonna have one now or to go? player information adult rping with adults high speed, low drag = high effort, low fluff no strings attached but good communication and honesty is sexy I'll take good bromance over romance...
  3. Blu

    Realistic or Modern  Death Squad [ Characters ]

    Below you will find the player Character Sheet as well as the NPC Character Sheet in the event you would like to create a recurring/important NPC. 「 Feel free to format the CS however you'd like as long as all relevant information is included 」 - P L A Y E R - Personal Real Name: Main Alias...
  4. Blu

    Realistic or Modern  Deadweight - [ Death Squad OOC ]

    「 Death Squad's primary means of transport: The Deadweight 」 Welcome! This is the Out-of-Character chat for Death Squad, otherwise known as the Deadweight OOC. Here we can discuss all things related to the RP, and just about everything else as well. For newcomers, please check out the link to...
  5. Blu

    Realistic or Modern  ☠ Death Squad: The F*ck's a Superhero? [ Interest Check ]

    ☠ P R E M I S E ☠ A group of superhuman assassins from the 1940's—the first of their kind—are awakened from their cryogenic hibernation only to find that they've been "decommissioned" by the United States government, and are now entirely on their own. They find themselves in a strange new...
  6. cosmix

    Multiple Settings  Looking 4 Roleplay!

    Hello! I'm Cosmix and I'm looking for a roleplay partner, just before we get started, I'm in the GMT timezone, i understands if that's hard for you and it's totally fine if it's a problem! I'm also only able to roleplay and message on here, i apologise! My storage isn't the best. I'm literate...
  7. Flecker

    Other  I'll Make You into a God / Goddess

    Hey guys! After binging a lot of God of War gameplays, playing Age of Mythology and reading through countless Wikipedia entries on Greek and Norse mythos. Let's try something fun! Last time I turned people into characters in my story, now I want to make new Gods and Goddesses based on their...
  8. Minteafresh

    Multiple Settings  Looking to do a roleplay(m/m)

    Hello hello! Please call me Mint, and after a super long break I'm back and in the mood to do a roleplay or two. I'm not good at talking about myself, so I'll only tell you the most important things. I'm a minor in highschool, don't have discord, prefer third person roleplays and I don't mind...
  9. SLGaming

    Fantasy  interest check

    Hello everyone. My RPs have dried up and I have been ghosted so here is a new RP ad. I will list a few genres I want to do. Requirements Be 18+. I am 20 so try be around my age Be able to write 2-3 paragraphs Don't ghost me. Just talk to me I don't have full plots planned because I like my...
  10. K.O.D

    Realistic or Modern  The Outworlders- Violent Beginnings.

    What happened? People always thought that mankind would destroy itself with its own technology, but few saw it coming in the way it happened. Most foresaw atomic bombs or some kind of evil A.I. Going all terminator on everyone. Who would’ve thought that it wouldn’t be the technological aspects...
  11. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia (Entrance Exam)

    Arc 1: Entrance Exam Arc Like kites two birds majestically soared through the clear blue skies over U.A. The trees and grass danced in the warm rays of the sun as a low whistling sound came from the wind breezing through and tickling everything in it's path. It was a beautiful day. Perfect...
  12. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  I Need A Hero

    I'm going to keep this pitch relatively simple in the hope there's enough to pique someone's interest so we can work on the full plot together. My character is either a soldier or intelligence agent, depending on the direction we decide. Your character can be a hero, a vigalante or just your...
  13. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  My Kid, The Hero

    The basic premise for this idea is simple, a young hero or heroine works together with their Father, an Army Intelligence Officer, to take on a cast of villains and their diabolical crimes. I'm looking for my partner to play the kid while I play the father. Their hero identity can be a secret...
  14. Lady Warlock

    Fandom  Soul Eater: R.I.P.

    Soul Eater: Rapid Improvement Project Welcome to your first day as an R.I.P. student at the DWMA! A professor will be with you shortly. In the meantime, please work on finding yourself a partner in the OOC. Work on developing any prior relationships you might have with any other characters in...
  15. zdo_g

    Fandom  Seeking roleplays!!💕(Genshin, Zelda, etc.)

    Hey there! I'm an adequate rp-er looking for y'know...1x1 (or maybe group if you have one) about specific fandoms. I think I'm pretty alright at roleplaying canon characters, so I'll be what you want. Although, my interpretations are wishy washy with things I recently go into so bear with me...
  16. C00kie

    Realistic or Modern  Project alpha, a meta/powers RP

    Designed and coded by @Nano. Please do not remove the credits or claim the code as your own work. Asking for permission before use is very much appreciated! Art: 無題 . . . . // accents // content wrapper // // start of top // // start of title // Project Alphameta/powers RP // end...
  17. Bunesh

    Multiple Settings  The Tournament (Inspired by Mortal Kombat)

    As the title says, inspired by Mortal Kombat but not crossed over with it, nor is it fused with it in any way. Naturally, that means there will be a lot of violence and fighting in this RP but not only that, there is the possibility of romance (it will be LGBTQ friendly, even if some of the...
  18. Zorgi

    Multiple Settings  UCA - Unusual Crime Academy

    Hello there and welcome to my thread! I am searching for anyone to start up my new concept with. I've been making a universe, which involves people with superpowers/supernatural abillities. I would love to try this roleplay out. As it mainly focuses on villains, the roleplay will be pretty...
  19. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Story Briefing

    The OOC for Our Hero Academia!
  20. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Character Database

    ***Very simple. If you wanna add anything, go ahead. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Height: Weight: Personality: History: Role: Rank: What is your character’s rank as a Hero if they are one. Quirk: Costume: