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  1. Mantarok

    Realistic or Modern  Highschool of the Dead-inspired RP

    Hello, everyone! Who likes a good ole zombie apocalypse? Well, here's one! Anyone familiar with Highschool of the Dead may know the basic premise: a group of teenagers try to survive a zombie apocalypse while growing into a tight-knit family of their own. It's very Left 4 Dead-esque. I was...
  2. Lichen8404

    Multiple Settings  Many plots, head full,,

    Head so full of plot ideas,,, {Quick rule list: Must be under 25 (I am under 18), comfortable with darker topics, romance not a requirement. I WILL NOT rp with a vampire or neko/catgirl character. They make me uncomfy.} {I prefer M// plots! And I almost always play a male character} I have...
  3. Mantarok

    Realistic or Modern  Cosmic Horror Roleplay

    Feeling brave? Brave enough to stare down eldritch horrors--wait, why the hell would you do that? Avert your eyes, fool! You'll go mad if you glimpse at its horrific, incomprehensible visage! Phew, that was a close call. We are safe for the moment, but that will change. Soon, nowhere will be...
  4. Neuro Vampire

    Multiple Settings  Night Continent (Multi Fandom)

    The Night Continent is the root of all evil and it’s where all evil has retreated to. Monsters, apostles, vampires, demons, night creatures, and all manner evil lurks as well as spawn from this continent. To destroy the evil at its source is the goal and what brings every visitor to his...
  5. hooligan

    Fantasy  dark fantasy, feudal Japan inspired RP. please? PLEASE? [mxm, mxf]

    I'm looking for someone else who might be interested in this setting to bounce ideas off of. It is a fictional land ruled by powerful warlords/samurai, much like feudal Japan. Insert political intrigue, battles between clans/civil wars, arranged marriages, the emergence of demons/yokai or...
  6. NightmareWeaver

    Multiple Settings  Multi-character roleplays

    Hello, everyone! I've been craving one of those cool rps where we both play more than one character and we end up creating the entire world from scratch. I thought I'd make a thread about it. Most of my ideas are high fantasy, but I have a few others as well. ABOUT ME - I'm 21 and I've been...
  7. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern  Supernatural, Mythological, Conspiracy, and Cryptozoology [M/M]

    Weird title I know, but work with me. My OC Misha has a podcast and the title of this thread is the stuff he talks about, BUT he also works at a bookstore! He has some personal issues with his appearance and has a short fuse of a temper, part of the rp, maybe even considered a large part will...
  8. DragonOfTheNarrows

    Fandom  A Mystery in Gotham

    Your name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. You have owned and operated the Iceberg Lounge for just over a decade. Though frugal and harsh of hand, you are beloved by your workers and respected as a villain and businessman. You earned everything you have- money, station, fame, all self-made. But...
  9. mogy

    Fandom  Doctor Who Roleplay, anyone?

    I'll have everybody here know that I'm probably unhealthily obsessed with Doctor Who and am looking for people who feel the same way; those in love with the world and stories that Doctor Who showcases. Because I don't have a particular plot set up, I would love it if it could be a joint effort...
  10. Mep2Mep

    Fantasy  [OPEN] Explore the lands of Kyokutō: An adventure with yokai and samurai!

    Lore Kyokutō, a land that only existed in tales told by sailors as a place always surrounded by fog, with jagged cliffs. Filled with monsters and mysterious inhabitants. But what was once a myth proved to be a reality. When two fishermen a Kotengu and a Kappa drifted off to see. They were out...
  11. DragonOfTheNarrows

    Fandom  Monsters and Mafia

    Looking for someone to write a DC Villain OCxCanon ship thread or two with. Hurt/Comfort and Angst friendly, moderately slowburn, and I only write with other adults. I do both semi-lit and literate. I've been RPing for coming on 10 years now, and am hoping to find someone with similar amounts...
  12. ZeldaAnnBloom93

    Multiple Settings  next gen godzilla roleplay

    looking to do a next gen godzilla roleplay in an au where godzilla had a daughter not a son and the monsters can turn human at will comment here first before messaging please
  13. marorda

    Fandom  Power Rangers Sentinels

    Several thousands of years ago, a shaman by the name of Vorkalth was the right hand and loyal advisor to a king of one of the greatest empires known to mankind. However, as has been proven many times before, power corrupts. As the king grew more powerful, he became more wary of his magical...
  14. Maura_Starflight

    Fandom  Attack on Titan (OC x Canon) (Doubling) (UPDATED 7/14/21)

    -Attack on Titan- -MxF MxM FxF- Hello! I’ve only just recently discovered the Attack on Titan universe, (I’m late, I know.) and I absolutely fell in love with it! I’ve watched the anime as well as read through the manga, though I will do my damnedest to avoid giving you manga spoilers if you...
  15. ChaoticLykos

    Multiple Settings  Looking for active Rp partner (Updated 07/18/21)

    Hello, I'm ChaoticLykos. I'm a intermediate role player, with a love for spooks and supernatural stuff. In currently looking for a role play partner, interested in spooky monsters and supernatural stories. I'm 21 Female, that for some reason, prefer to use Male Characters. Though if Rps...
  16. BardBarian_Productions

    Fandom  Monster Hunter World (but with anthros)

    Hello people of RP Nation! I've come with a proposal. We re-enact the story of Monster Hunter World, but with anthro monsters fighting their feral, savage selves. I think it could also be interesting giving the protag of an MH game a real personality and see how that would affect the story. That...
  17. Nuitari Delphiki

    Fantasy  The barrier between realms is awake

    A long time ago, my friends and I used our imagination to use magic and weapons to fight each other and magical creatures that came from an alternate area known as the barrier. In honor of them, I felt the need to bring It back. Because I have a hard time remembering some things and because...
  18. Bunesh

    Fantasy  Demon Brand

    The divine and the damned have long waged war over the souls of the mortals, but none thought the war itself would ever see a conclusion, that is until it did. In one final climactic battle, the forces of light and dark clashed above the great city of Ravenhold, the largest city in the entire...
  19. Hazmat44

    Futuristic  The Monsters Beneath
    Index: Story Start

    The year is 2110, and monsters live under the city of Wisconsin Bay. Superhuman heroes and villains battle for friction, striving to one-up each other and earn their reputations as the best there is. Politics and plots scar the underground of the city, detectives and vile mobsters creating...
  20. Vizriel

    Fantasy  The Vs League Presents: Knights Vs Demons

    Who would have ever thought. That not only is Merlin still alive (yes the legendary wizard Merlin) but that he's working as an average high school hippie librarian in our run down dirty crime infested city. Oh and did i forget to mention he has completely lost all of his magical powers! And...