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Beyond Infinite Crisis
With nary a flick of his finger, the all-powerful Beyonder has swept away scores of settings from across the omniverse and placed them on a planet of his own making: Battleworld.

Bat-Mite, Batman's #1 fan and an infamous cosmic trickster, has also decided to join this little excursion just for the heck of it by creating his own world: Mite-World.

Since Bat-Mite's first encounter with the Beyonder, both have decided to have a contest of sorts over which of the two worlds is superior. As such, both are continuing to morph and add to their respective worlds, with more and more characters and places being sucked into these strange new lands in the process.

The collective residents of Battle-World and Mite-World have struggled mightily to deal with one another and have already come into many conflicts so far. Tensions are high among several of the new nations, while others have come to experience times of relative peace and camaraderie with their neighbours.


  • EUROLITAS(Marvel's Europe and RWBY's Solitas): Eurolitas could well be battleworld's richest continent in terms of science and social studies. Much of pre-Battleworld's treasures in history and culture developed and are still prospering in this continent. The continent is located in the northern region of Battleworld.
    • The Kingdom of Latlas(Marvel’s Latveria and RWBY’s Atlas): Also known as Latveria by its populace, Latlas is the most technologically advanced kingdom on Battleworld. The Kingdom is known for its harsh winters. The land is ruled by Victor Von Doom, who swiftly overthrew the older governing bodies during the convergence. Latlas houses the headquarters of the Schnee Dust Company, the leading supplier of the kingdom’s greatest export, Dust, a crystallized energy propellant triggered by the Aura of Humans and Faunus.
      • Doomstadt (Marvel): The capital of Latlas and also the largest city.
        • Castle von Doom (Marvel)
        • Schnee Manor (RWBY)
        • Werner Academy (formerly the Atlas Academy) (Marvel/RWBY)
        • Latverian Academy of the Sciences (Marvel)
        • Cynthia von Doom Memorial Park (Marvel)
        • Schnee Dust Company (RWBY)
        • Doomsport Airport (Marvel)
        • Doomstadt Rail Station (Marvel)
        • Citadel of Doom (Marvel)
      • Mantle (RWBY): The former capital of the once kingdom of Atlas, now it acts as a dust mining settlement.
        • Mount Sorcista (Marvel)
  • The United Kingdoms of Zenith(Marvel's United Kingdom and Fire Emblem's Zenith):
    • Askrlar (Fire Emblem's Askr Kingdom Pokémon's Galar Region, Little Witch Academia and Marvel’s England): is ruled by a royal family with the power to open portals to other worlds. Before Battleworld Askran rulers worked alongside the rulers of neighboring Embla to open and close portals and maintain peace across the many dimensions, but after the Convergence the newly named Embland has betrayed that tradition by refusing to close any portals. Prince Alfonse and Princess Sharena lead a joint team with the Order of Heroes and a Super Hero group called Excalibur in a desperate war to end Embland's conquests and return the kingdoms to peace. The Kingdom is also famed for its Magic Academy and Independent Wrestling Scene.
      • London (Marvel): The Capital of the amalgamated kingdom.
        • Braddock Manor (Marvel)
        • Luna Nova Magical Academy (Little Witch Academia)
        • Vaskrheim (Fire Emblem)
    • Embland (Fire Emblem’s Embla and Marvel and Ducktales’ Scotland): is ruled by Princess Veronica of the Emblan Empire. Ever since the disappearance of her brother and the death of her father, the emperor, Veronica has vowed to finish what her father started by taking up the mantle of sovereign ruler and destroying Askrland once and for all.
      • Castle McDuck (Ducktales)
    • Nifland (Fire Emblem’s Nifl and Marvel’s Ireland): is ruled by a royal family in a land surrounded by constant snow, in spite of this, local marks claim that 'happy days' can still be had if one eats a thousand pies at a local shoppe. In recent times, the neighboring Múspales declared war on the kingdom and others. The Kingdom is guarded and patrolled by the Garda, its ranks include a man enhanced by advanced robotics from the Animerican Continent to turn him into a robogarda.
      • Trim, County Meath, Nifland (Fatal Deviation)
      • Cassidy Keep (Marvel)
    • Múspales (Fire Emblem’s Múspell and Marvel’s Wales): is ruled by a royal family in a land surrounded by constant fire. In recent times, King Surtr has started a campaign to destroy other kingdoms. Particularly setting his sights on Askrland, it allies itself with Embland.
  • The Kingdom of Novokaria (Danganronpa’s Novoselic and Marvel’s Symkaria): is a small country within the Balkan Mountain Range of Eurolista. The Kingdom was plunged into a civil war by the forces of Ultimate Despair due to the actions of the Novoselic princess, who had fallen into despair. In spite of recent events, Novokaria has maintained close ties to the neighboring Kingdom of Latlas.
  • Kalance (Miraculous Ladybug's France and Pokemon's Kalos): A country known for its scenic countryside, elegant towns, and it's local fauna known as Pokemon. The Country is also famed for a number of its Animal-Themed Heroes.
    • Lumaris (Miraculous Ladybug's Paris and Pokemon's Lumiose City): Kalance's famed City of Lights. It serves as the nation's capital and is protected by its local Animal-Themed Heroes.​
  • Scandinavia(Marvel's Denmark, Norway and Sweden): Nestled between Eurolitas and Gamsgard is merger of the three Scandinavian kingdoms into one country. The land is home to many beings from across the realms. It is said to be the nicest place on Battleworld to book a vacation.
    • Trolburg (Hilda): prior to the convergence the city was built "smack middle" in a patch of land that belonged to Trolls. Due to this, a huge wall was built to keep them out. Clock towers were set up to ring near constantly, as trolls have a heavy fear of bells and this keeps them away from inside the city. It is illegal to bring a Troll into the walls. Letting one in can land a 50 year prison sentence; which is 100 years if it is accidental. The City is connected to Gamsgard's Asgard via the mythical rainbow bridge known as the Bifrost.
      • Scout Hall (Hilda)
      • The Ahlberg School (Hilda)
      • Trolburg Library (Hilda)
      • Trolburg Harbor (Hilda)
      • Bragga Village (Hilda)
      • St. Guglows Cemetery (Hilda)
      • Trolburg Weather Station (Hilda)
      • Bifrost Bridge (Marvel)

  • GAMSGARD(Hyperdimension Neptunia’s Gamindustri and Marvel’s Asgard): The strangest Continent on Battleworld, Gamsgard is host to the Norse Pantheon and the Four Goddesses of Gamindustri. The land is plagued by monsters from across Battleworld. Huntsmen from the other kingdoms often travel here to take jobs from the local guilds found within the nations of Gamsgard. The continent allows travel to other parts of Battleworld via the Bifrost Bridge. The Continent is located next to Eurolitas.
    • Planeptune: The Nation of Purple Prosperity, ruled by the goddess, Purple Heart (although Histoire does most of the heavy lifting).
    • Lastation: The Nation of Black Regality, ruled by the goddess, Black Heart.
    • Lowee: The Nation of White Serenity, ruled by the goddess, White Heart.
    • Leanbox: The Nation of Green Pastures, ruled by the goddess, Green Heart.
    • Kingdom of Belzerg: (Konosuba) is the only country whose borders overlap those of the Demon King's Territory, their border is heavily protected. In order to help them, surrounding countries send soldiers to join the border guard. Belzerg also pays host to an assortment of the souls of those who departed from other universes. The Belzerg royal family consists of the king, the first prince, and Iris.
      • Axel - the city serves as a central hub for young up start adventurers
      • Khiel's Dungeon (Konosuba)
      • Arcanletia (Konosuba) Worshipers of the Goddess Eris make their home here.
      • Crimson Magic Village (Konosuba)
    • Asgard: The Nation of Golden Glory, ruled by the All-Father, Odin. The Nation is connected to the Continent of Eurolitas via the Bifrost Bridge.
      • Bifrost Bridge (Marvel)

  • MEWNISSE(Star vs. the Forces of Evil’s Mewni and Fire Emblem’s Ylisse): With the convergence of realm Mewni and the continent of Ylisse, the Royal Butterfly Family of Mewni and the Royal Family of Ylisse have been on friendly terms since the convergence, though some other Kingdoms within Mewnisse don’t feel the same for the sudden appearance of an entire Kingdom merging with Mewni. The Exalt Emmeryn believes that the royal family’s close ties with the Royal Butterfly family will help the other kingdoms warm up to her kingdom.
    • The Kingdom of Mewni (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): The Convergence caused a lot of confusion where or not the lands that were still considered a part of Mewni could be considered a part of the realm. Princess Star Butterfly suggested to make Mewni its own Country to help make paperwork easier.
      • Butterfly Kingdom(Star vs. the Forces of Evil): is ruled by the Butterfly royal family. The Kingdom acts as the Capital of the Kingdom of Mewni.
        • Butterfly Castle (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
        • Tapestry Room (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
      • Johansen Kingdom (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): The kingdom of the Johansens, King Butterfly's born family. Located to the east of Butterfly Castle.
      • Cloud Kingdom of the Pony Heads (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): A kingdom that spans the Kingdom of Mewni's entire sky, just below outer space. Ruled by the Pony Heads.
      • Kingdom of the Waterfolk (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): An undersea kingdom that, prior to the convergence, encompassed all of Mewni's oceans. Upon the creation of Mewnisse, the Waterfolk Kingdom is in an ongoing battle against Namor's Atlantis for the rule of the planet's oceans. Ruled by the Waterfolk.
      • Underworld (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): A sub-level kingdom located deep in the Mewni underground. Ruled by the Lucitor Family.
      • Forest of Unlikely Spider Bites (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): The kingdom of the Spiderbite royal family.
      • The Forest of Certain Death(Star vs. the Forces of Evil): A dangerous forest that was once home to a whole community of monsters until its arrival on Battleworld, now the Creatures of Grimm make their home here.
        • Alucard Castle (Blazblue)
        • The Ruins of Castle Avarius (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
        • The Hydra's Lair (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
      • Village of Monsters (Star vs. the Forces of Evil): A small village in Mewni where a community of monsters resides. After the convergence, the monsters regularly seek aid from an Ylissean Village called Southtown.
    • The Halidom of Ylisse (Fire Emblem): is a tranquil nation ruled by Emmeryn, the Exalt. The citizens of Ylisse worship Naga as their god, and because of their disdain for fighting, only a minimal amount of soldiers defend the country. However, Ylisse does have an army of its own, mostly comprising cavaliers, mages, clerics, priests, and pegasus knights. The knighthood in particular consists of highborn males.
    • The Theocracy of Plegia (Fire Emblem): is a desert nation ruled by High King Gangrel. Plegia is officially a religious state that worships the Fell Dragon Grima, the God of Annihilation.
    • The Canopy Kingdom(Skullgirls): Ruled by the Renoir royal family, it is a prosperous land which contrasts sights of beauty to scenes of despair. The Canopy Kingdom is home to millions of humans, Dagonians, Ferals, and the giant-sized Gigans. This kingdom is blessed with a very socially-conscious royal family, a strong military, and amazing technology.
      • Maplecrest (Skullgirls): The quiet suburb is home to a diverse collection of people and animals who wander the town's peaceful streets.
      • Piltover (Arcane/League of Legend): is a thriving, progressive city whose power and influence is on the rise. Ever since the convergence the city qui established itself as the Canopy Kingdom’s newest cultural center, where art, craftsmanship, trade and innovation walk hand in hand. Its power comes not through military might, but the engines of commerce and forward thinking. Situated on the cliffs above the district of Zaun and overlooking the ocean, fleets of ships pass through its titanic sea-gates, bringing goods from all over Battleworld.
      • Zaun (Arcane/League of Legends): also known as the City of Iron and Glass, is a large, undercity district, lying in the deep canyons and valleys threading Piltover. In its home reality it was onc ruled by the crime lord, Silco, however since its merger with the Canopy Kingdom the power vacuum was quickly filled by the Medici Crime Family.
      • Red Grave City(Devil May Cry): features mostly neoclassical architecture typical of the Victorian era, with some older structures such as the cathedral. speaking of a long history. It is not without modern features, however, including recent-looking apartment blocks, a neon-lit district, and a subway network. A large bridge is used to cross the nearby river. There are many old-fashioned features such as red telephone boxes, and numerous statues in public areas. There is also an industrial area with a rail freight terminal.
        • Devil May Cry (Devil May Cry): A devil hunting mercenary shop fronting as a workshop. This is where the Legendary Devil Hunter, Dante, takes up jobs from thoses who call for his aid, if they know the password.
    • The Old Islands (The Legend of Dark Witch / Brave Dungeon): An archipelago united under a single flag that sits between the two super-countries of Rasil and Germa. Their most valuable and abundant natural resource is Syega, a precious crystal capable of bestowing magical abilities to ordinary humans. The islands are populated by humans, Beastmen, and Fae alike.
      • Old Island: The primary island where the Old Islands' national government is seated.
        • Folkstone: The largest and most populated port town on Old Island. All foreign vessels are required by law to dock here and be inspected before carrying on into town.
        • Heaven's Garden: The colossal floating national library. Despite the head librarian's eccentricity and ditzy nature, numerous humans and fae are employed here to keep record-keeping as smooth as possible―most notably among them is the head librarian's level-headed and gloomy understudy. The library has plenty of outdoor gardens for employees to take a break in.
        • The Silent Ice Roads: The northern tip of the island which remains perpetually frozen year-round. Part of the Old Region, this area is covered in snowy plains and yawning caverns. Just across the channel is the cave of Media on Belfer Island.
        • Ports-math City: An industrial city populated almost entirely by Beastmen which lies far away from any human civilisation. While the mayor is a difficult man, his daughter is a lot more open to interaction with humans.
        • Twilight Prison: A lonely prison nestled in the Barren Region. The Barren Region is a wild, lawless area which is blanketed in warm twilight during the daytime and cold stillness during the nighttime. Most criminal activity holds its roots in this area.
        • Chelsea School of Magic: The Old Islands' premier academy for gifted magicians, famously regarded among students for its lax rules regarding pets in the dormitory. An exchange program has been established with the nation of Liana, and with the dawn of the convergence, the Chelsea board of directors is looking to establish camaraderie with other prestigious institutions across Battleworld.
        • The Forest of Dreams: A mystic forest located in the Old Region.
          • The Deep Remains: The remains of some long-lost civilisation that remained the focus of a Rasilian princess some years prior. The remains used to hold a trove of Syega within until they were excavated a few years ago.
        • Millennium Metropolis: The largest city in the Old Islands.
          • Millennium Bridge: A large chrome bridge that joins the two halves of Millennium Metropolis over a river that runs through the city.
        • Boleyn Garden: A botanical garden and famous tourist spot. Filled with titanic flora, the garden feels more like an oversized greenhouse than anything else.
        • Hivi Clock Tower: A tall gothic clock tower situated on a cliff-face. It's rumoured that a genius engineer from the disbanded Magic Lion Corps has been spending her time here tearing the place up and using the materials to create new makeshift devices.
        • Magic Fiber Factory: The factory that supplies the nation's entire stock of Magic Fibers―fibers enchanted with magical energy to make clothes even stronger. Beastmen and humans work side-by-side here.
        • Muswell Hill: A city ravaged by a thief with strong magical prowess who has been stealing Syega fragments and valuables from the rich boroughs of the city.
        • Stream Mersey: Many Beastmen have settled down by the clear waters of Stream Mersey, a place where only specialist adventurers drop by. The raging rapids here are sure to give anyone who's unprepared a real shock.
        • Stret Cemetery: Because of the magic flowing through the cemetery, both the cemetery and the nearby town are shadowed in constant night and always look gloomy.
        • Mary Subway: All things created by humans eventually come to an end, and Mary Subway is no exception. Many Fae have made this abandoned, ruined line their home.
        • Lyme Park: Lyme Park is known as a secret spot amongst adventurers. However, getting to the depths of it is no small feat. The trees grow thicker with every step one takes. Apparently, those who don't take full care are lured in by strange flowers...
        • Kinder Hill: Many places upon one's journey will not be well suited for travel, and Kinder Hill is one of those places. Rocky and perilous, the passes in this area tend to damage vehicles and leave travelers stranded on foot.
      • Belfer Island: The large island that lies to the north of Old Island. Despite being dominated by mountain ranges, the island is host to a peculiar variety of biomes. The beaches of this island are especially popular among the fairies, who can be seen swarming the skies during the summertime.
        • Newport: Belfer Island's chief port town and most populated settlement.
          • Lugli's Inn
        • Alverstone: The cave of flames where heroes embark.
        • Media: The cave of ice where saints go to pray.
        • Winford: The windy forest where whispers carry.
        • Downend: The thunderous plains that idlers lament.
        • Godshill: The cave of darkness where dreams go to die.
        • Nightmare: The demon's cave where ancients slumber.
    • The Kingdom of Rasil (The Legend of Dark Witch): Rasil is one of the two superpower nations formerly from the world of Beatus, being the major power of the west. Princess Riva is one of Rasil's twelve princesses, of which one will be chosen to become the nation's future monarch.
      • Rasil Castle: The home of Rasilian royalty is styled like a medieval European castle, decorated with arches, pillars, red velvet, and sprawling windows galore.
    • The Facialis Sea (The Legend of Dark Witch): The body of water which separates Rasil and Germa.
    • The Empire of Germa (The Legend of Dark Witch): Germa is one of the superpower nations formerly from the world of Beatus, being the major power of the east. It is said to be a high-tech, authoritarian nation ruled by Empress Franzer the Fifth.
      • Vilhelm Castle: The seat of power in Germa is an imposing sword-shaped tower that pierces through the clouds above.
    • Liana (The Legend of Dark Witch): Germa's southern neighbour.
      • Physics Laboratory: A machine-filled underground lab that was once used by a leading Germa researcher to conduct secretive research into Syega applications.
      • Japonesque Night City: An oriental city inhabited by a variety of Fae. A sprawling cherry blossom field lies just outside the city limits.
      • Saint Ciro Library: Liana's largest vault of information. It is also a famous piece of Lianan architecture. Many researchers and students come here day in and day out. Naturally, the head librarian of Heaven's Garden takes trips here whenever it suits her whims.
      • Maya Caves: An area so strong with magic that normal humans cannot enter freely. This sprawling complex of interconnected caves is still filled with plenty of unmined Syega.
      • Pasta Sandland: A desert region host to sentient cacti and Fae capable of generating miniature twisters, among others. A small "old west" style town is the only notable settlement here.
      • Myrant Street: This seaside city used to be a popular tourist destination, but now it has become a slum populated with Beastmen, despite its still pretty exterior. Normally, humans don't come to this city.
      • Santamaria Manor: An abandoned manor where only Fae live that rests on the outskirts of a nearby city. A psychic from Germa still occasionally comes here.
      • Playground Forests: A wild area far from any charted settlement where tiny Fae live peacefully among each other. A weird Beastman from Germa comes here often to play with the Fae, but even they seem to be at a loss as to what to do with her strange antics.
      • Fortuna(Devil May Cry): is the homeland of the Order of the Sword, a religious organization that worships the Legendary Dark Knight, Sparda. The Island itself is the most isolated of all of the Islands in the archipelago, because of this Fortuna is a very secluded nation from the rest of Battleworld.
        • Castletown of Fortuna (Devil May Cry): is found in the southern section of the island. The city sports distinctive Renaissance architecture, and contains the "Port Caerula", an opera house/cathedral, and a large business district. The city sits around the true Hellgate, whose black monolith has stood for hundreds of years.
        • Lamia Peaks (Devil May Cry): is a snowy mountain range with an extensive network of mining and tunnels, is located in the north. At its base lay the "Ferrum Hills".
        • Toscana Cathedral (The Legend of Dark Witch): A religious site in northern Liana where one can see the massive spire of Vilhelm Castle from the outer gardens on the upper floors.
        • Fortuna Castle (Devil May Cry): is a large castle on Fortuna island, on top of Lamina Peak.
        • Mitis Forest (Devil May Cry): is the forest that surrounds Fortuna. It is a forest filled with demons and fae that overlook the surrounding.
      • Lake Adria: Liana's largest body of water. A city lines the edges of the water, aiming to trap tourists with expensive souvenirs and dining. One can still see the spire of Vilhelm Castle looming over the treeline, even when standing on a street close to the water.
      • Pei Ruins: An abandoned ruin overrun with Fae and decorated with historic murals. Only shady types tend to hang around places like this.
      • Port Campania: The most populated port in the nation is located in the north, where the tip of Vilhelm can be seen peaking over the city skyline. Campania has such a bustling night life that Rasil's greatest warrior has a villa booked here with an ocean view.

  • ATLANTIC OCEAN(MARVEL): is a massive body of water that separates the continents of Eurolitas, Mewnisse and Gamsgard from Animerica.
    • Atlantis (Marvel): Located west of Eurolitas is the underwater kingdom of Atlantis ruled by mutant-hybrid King, Namor the Sub-Mariner. The kingdom is known for its constant conflict with the Waterfolk Kingdom of Mewnisse.
    • Inkopolis (Splatoon): Located east of Animerica is the bustling city of Inkopolis, home of the Inklings. The City acts as its own sovereign state and is the smallest country on Battleworld. Inkopolis is often compared to New Tokyo's Shibuya in terms of appearance.

  • ANIMERICA (Marvel's North America and RWBY's Anima): The Creation of Battleworld led to the birth of the continent of Animerica. It is comprised of the kingdoms of Valpan and Miscovy and at least thirty-two states separating the two. Two independent nations are located north and south of the continent, and politically speaking, Valpan has annexed an archipelago located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
    • Valpan(RWBY’s Vale, Boku no Hero Academia’s Japan and Marvel's American East Coast and Japan): With the convergence of My Hero Academia’s country of Japan alongside the Kingdom of Vale, and the entire American East Coast, the Council of Vale are on mutual grounds on the newly established government of Valpan, and is probably one of the most stable kingdoms on Battleworld. The Kingdom is comprised of fourteen different States. With the combined job strands of the Huntsmen, the Hero Academies, S.H.I.E.L.D., Future Foundation, etc. people with Quirks have more options to choose from. In the City of Musutafu, there stands U.A. High School, one of the top-of-the-line schools for upstart heroes.
      • Vale City (RWBY's Vale and Marvel's Washington D.C.): The Convergence left the political landscape in shambles, many opted to make Vale's Capital of Vale the Capital of the Amalgamated kingdom for the sake of simplicity and the fact that Washington D.C. was merged with it.
        • Beacon Academy (RWBY)
        • The White House (Marvel)
        • From Dust Till Dawn (RWBY)
    • New Tokyo(Marvel’s New York City and Persona’s Tokyo): The Convergence had merged the Marvelous city of New York with the seemingly normal city of Tokyo. While the city is famous for its resident Pro-Heroes, Huntsmen and Super Hero Teams such as the Avengers, X-Men and the Fantastic Four, there are rumblings about a group called the Phantom Thieves that reform corrupt individuals by “stealing their hearts”. The city is not to be confused with the state of the same name, but really now, people only care about New Tokyo City, so who's really counting?
      • Manhattan Island, New Tokyo City (Marvel) is the heart of New Tokyo. This is one of the world's leading financial, cultural, commercial, manufacturing, and medical centers. The Island had grew significantly during the convergence and as such so did its population. Manhattan is divided into Nine different districts.
        • Harlem-Jaya: This quiet, primarily residential area located in Northern Manhattan is the result of the merging of Manhattan’s Harlem and Tokyo’s Yongen-Jaya residential district. Historic Brownstone residential buildings line the streets as tight back alleys lead to small shops and grocery stores. The home base for The Phantom Thieves, and protected by the Heroes for Hire, this sleepy district has a lot more going on behind its quiet exterior than it lets on
          • Café Leblanc (Persona)
          • Trinity Church (Marvel)
          • Legitimate Businessmen's Social Club (The Simpsons)
          • The Bar with No Name (Marvel)
          • Harlem Police Department (Marvel)
        • Mitaka/Upper West Side (Persona/Marvel): is located below Harlem.
          • Inokashira Park (Persona)
          • Lincoln Center (Marvel)
          • Columbia University (Marvel)
          • Mitaka (Upper West Side) Police Department (Marvel)
        • Central Park (Marvel): is a park so large that it became its own district. Central Park is where many New Tokyo citizens venture when they wish to experience the beauty of nature without actually venturing off into the Grimm-Infested wilderness. It is here where the X-Men make their home.
          • Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (Marvel)
          • Metropolitan Museum of Art (Marvel)
        • Shibuya/Upper East Side (Persona/Marvel): is the busiest District in Manhattan and a tourist destination for many of those who wish to experience the New Tokyo life without fearing to pay for their rent on time. Off the shores of Shibuya is Ryker's Island, a jail facility for a conventional criminal, and the Super-Maximum Security Prison known as the Raft, where most of New Tokyo's Super-Criminals are incarcerated.
          • Shibuya Crossing (Persona)
          • Buchiko Statue (Persona)
          • Wilton Hotel (Persona)
          • Big Bang Burger (Persona)
          • Avengers Tower (Marvel)
          • Queensboro Bridge (Marvel)
          • Shibuya (Upper East Side) Police Department (Persona/Marvel)
        • Hell’s Kitchen/Kamurocho (Marvel/Yakuza): is known primarily for its "Guardian Devil" whom went missing years ago only to resurface when a new Kingpin of Crime rose into power. It is Manhattan's most crime infested district with gangs ranging from Hammerhead's Crime Family, the Kamurocho Yakuza and the Hand. The District is located east of Midtown.
          • Clinton Mission Center (Marvel)
          • Fogwell's Gym (Marvel)
          • Fisk Tower (Marvel)
          • Millennium Tower (Yakuza)
          • Madison Square Garden (Marvel)
          • Purgatory (Yakuza)
          • New Serena (Yakuza)
          • Bar Crossroads (Persona)
          • Hell's Kitchen Police Department (Marvel)
        • Midtown-Aoyama (Marvel/Persona): located west Hell's Kitchen, this district is often referred to the people of New Tokyo as the very heart of Manhattan as it represents the wide array of cultures that make their home on the island.
          • Daily Bugle HQ (Marvel)
          • Radio City Music Hall (Marvel)
          • Grand Central Terminal (Marvel)
          • Shujin Academy (Persona)
          • Otonokizaka High School (Love Live!)
          • Hanasakigawa Girls' Academy (BanG Dream!)
          • Haneoka Girls' Academy (BanG Dream!)
          • CiRCLE (BanG Dream!)
          • Time Square (Marvel)
          • Edogawa Music (BanG Dream!)
          • Americatown (The Simpsons)
          • Midtown Police Department (Marvel)
        • Akiba (Persona): While not truly a district in of itself, Akiba is considered by many to be the pop culture hub of New Tokyo. It is often debated where Akiba ends and Midtown's Time Square begins due to their similarities. Akiba is located between Hell's Kitchen and Midtown and is considered to be a part of both Districts.
          • Akiba Dome (Love Live!)
          • Café Stile (Blend S)
        • Yokohama (Persona): is the most populated residential area in Manhattan when it was merged with Manhattan's Chinatown. The District is home to a diverse array of cultures from different worlds. While the District offers affordable living accommodations, it did little to help Manhattan's Pre-Battleworld Homeless issues, although F.E.A.S.T. hopes to remedy that as the organization continues its mission to help those in need no matter what world they're in.
          • F.E.A.S.T. Center (Marvel)
          • Yokohama (Chinatown) Police Department (Marvel/Persona)
          • Manhattan Bridge (Marvel)
        • Greenwich (Marvel): This District is notable for being the home of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum.
          • The Sanctum Sanctorum (Marvel)
          • Stonewall Inn (Marvel)
          • Empire State University (Marvel)
          • Greenwich Police Department (Marvel)
          • Yamabuki Bakery (BanG Dream!)
          • Hazawa Coffee (BanG Dream!)
          • Kitazawa Meat Shop (BanG Dream!)
        • Financial District (Marvel): This District is notable for being the base of operations for the famous Fantastic Four and Valpan's #1 Pro-Hero, Tony Star the Invincible Iron Man also the New Tokyo Dome where most of NJPW's events are held and are given Five Stars by Dave Meltzer.
          • Baxter Building (Marvel)
          • Stark Tower (Marvel)
          • Diet Building (Marvel/Persona)
          • New Tokyo Giant Monster Museum and Expo (Marvel)
          • Kingsley Ltd. (Marvel)
          • Brooklyn Bridge (Marvel)
          • Financial District Police Department (Marvel)
          • New Tokyo Dome (NJPW)
      • Miahama, New Tokyo City(Persona): is a famous vacation hotspot for families who wish to experience boundless amounts of fun.
        • New Tokyo Destinyland (Persona)​
      • Kichijoji, New Tokyo City(Persona): Popular with men and women of all ages, the streets are lined with shops.
        • Promenade (Persona)​
        • Shopping District (Persona)​
        • Jazz Club (Persona)​
        • Penguin Sniper (Persona)​
      • Tatsumi Patch Island, New Tokyo City (RWBY’s Patch, Persona’s Tatsumi Port Island and Love Live's Odaiba): The Island of Tatsumi Patch is connected to Manhattan Island via the Rainbow Bridge (Not Bifrost... it's the Tokyo one). The Island city was once known for housing three prestigious schools. However, years later, the city became infamous for the killing games held at Hope’s Peak Academy and the tragedy that could only be called "Maximum Carnage".
        • Signal Academy (RWBY)
        • Gekkoukan High School (Persona)
        • Nijigasaki High School (Love Live!)
        • Hope’s Peak Academy (Danganronpa)
        • Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane (Marvel)
      • Obrooklynozuka, New Tokyo City (Marvel's Brooklyn and Kobayashi-San's Oborozuka) Many of the residents of the city often prefer to call it either Brooklyn or Oborozuka. The city is connected to New Tokyo's Manhattan Island by the oddly named Brooklyn Bridge, a fact that many Brooklynites cite as a reason why the city should still be called Brooklyn. Nevertheless, the "Team Brooklyn" vs. "Team Osaka" t-shirt war has only served to increase the amount of tourism.
        • Brooklyn Visions Academy (Marvel)
        • Chinatown (Persona)
        • Obooklynzuka Elementary (Kobayashi-San)
        • Domino Park (Real Life)
        • Michelle Land (BanG Dream!)
      • Musufuta, New Tokyo(My Hero Academia): This city is home to many of New Tokyo's young, up and coming pro-heroes.
        • U.A. High School (My Hero Academia)​
      • Kamihara, New Tokyo (Magia Record): A truly bizarre plot of land, Kamihara appeared out of the blue, and not even in the "normal" Battleworld-style sense of the word. It remains wedged into New Tokyo as standing proof that another world is just next door.
    • New Jersaka (Marvel's New Jersey State and Osaka, Japan): The Convergence merged Osaka with the entire state of New Jersey much to the horror of one Homer Simpson. The Amalgamated District is known for its own marvelous and inhuman heroine, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan).
    • Pennsyamanashi (Always Sunny's Pennsylvania/Yuru Camp's Yamanashi): The most confusing amalgamated state to pronounce. Many believe the Beyonder did this just to mess with the locals.
      • Philaminobu, Pennsyamanashi (Always Sunny's Philadelphia/Yuru Camp's Minobu): The Merger of Pennsylvania’s largest city and the small rural town of Minobu went unnoticed by its populace as the only part of Philadelphia that was merged with Minobu was the horrifically dingy south side of Philly and the surrounding area. Many Philadelphians do not mind it as it made family camping trips easier and cheaper. The city is still often referred to as Philadelphia or Philly by the locals with the most notable exception being a bird-like woman that works at a local pub.
        • Paddy's Pub (Always Sunny)
        • China Town (Always Sunny)
        • Motosu High School (Yuru Camp)
        • Lake Motosu (Yuru Camp)
          • Motosu Central Lodge (Yuru Camp)
        • Zebra Supermarket (Yuru Camp)
        • Liquor Store (Yuru Camp)
        • Takeda's Books (Yuru Camp)
        • Shima Household (Yuru Camp)
        • Philaminobu Station (Yuru Camp)
      • Nanbu, Pennysamanashi (Yuru Camp)
        • Kagamihara Household (Yuru Camp)
        • Utsubuna Station (Yuru Camp)
      • Yamanashi, Pennsyamanashi (Yuru Camp)
        • Yamanashi Station (Yuru Camp)
      • Fuefuki, Pennsyamanashi(Yuru Camp)
        • Fuefuki River (Yuru Camp)
        • Fuefuki Bridge (Yuru Camp)
        • Fuefuki Park(Yuru Camp)
          • Orchard Kitchen Cafe (Yuru Camp)
        • Hottokeya Hot Springs (Yuru Camp)
        • Eastwood Campgrounds (Yuru Camp)
          • Eastwood Camp Garden (Yuru Camp)
      • Ichikawamisato, Pennsyamanashi(Yuru Camp)
        • Lake Shibire(Yuru Camp)
          • Lake Shibire Campgrounds (Yuru Camp)
            • Kimyou House Cafe (Yuru Camp)
    • Marygano (Maryland, USA and Nagano, Japan)
      • Suwa, Marygano (Yuru Camp)
        • Lake Suwa (Yuru Camp)
        • Mt. Kirigamine(Yuru Camp)
          • Kirigamine Highlands (Yuru Camp)
            • Korobokkuru Cafe (Yuru Camp)
      • Shiojiri, Marygano(Yuru Camp)
        • Mt. Takabocchi (Yuru Camp)
          • Takabocchi Highlands (Yuru Camp)
            • Takabocchi Mineral Springs (Yuru Camp)
            • Takabocchi Highlands Quasi-National Park (Yuru Camp)
    • Delazuoka (Delaware, USA and Shizuoka, Japan)
      • Mishima Cape (Grisaia)
        • Mihama Academy (Grisaia)
      • Fujinomiya, Delazuoka (Yuru Camp)
        • Mt. Fuji (Yuru Camp)
        • Fumoto Campgrounds (Yuru Camp)
        • Asagiri Plateau (Yuru Camp)
  • Miscovy(RWBY’s Mistral, Ducktale’s Calisota and Marvel's American West Coast): The Kingdom of Miscovy is one of the more unusual results of the convergence. During the convergence, the people of Mistral were taken aback by their new neighbors: anthropomorphic animals. The Kingdom is composed of three different states. While not much of the politics of the Kingdom had changed, the convergence did affect the land’s economy and society. The Faunus found a kinship with anthropomorphic animals, and you can often find them in cities like Duckburg. The City of Mistral serves as the Kingdom’s capital and is home to the Kingdom’s Huntsmen Academy: Haven.
    • Mistral City (RWBY): is a large city built on two mountains within the kingdom of Miscovy. Various buildings cover the mountains from the summits to the foothills. The City acts as the Kingdom of Miscovy's Capital.
      • Haven Academy (RWBY)
    • Calisota (Ducktales): Miscovy's largest state and home to most of Battleworld's anthropomorphic animals.
      • Duckburg(Ducktales): Before Battleworld the city was built on a land owned by Scrooge McDuck, who conned it out of Grandpappy Beagle, who previously stole the deed. He leases the land to the city of Duckburg. Scrooge's mansion, Money Bin, is located at the edge of Duckburg, whereas his Money Bin is on an island in the marina.
        • McDuck Manor (Ducktales)
        • Money Bin (Ducktales)
        • The Other Bin (Ducktales)
    • San Franargus (Marvel’s San Francisco x RWBY’s Argus): is a port city located north of Calisota and acts as the major trading center between the continents of Animerica and Eurolitas. It is one of the largest non-capital cities in all of Battleworld. Due to Argus sharing many similarities to San Francisco prior to the convergence, not much has changed to the landscape of the city apart from its size.
      • Argus Latverian Military Base (Marvel/RWBY)
      • Sanctum Academy (RWBY)
      • Life Foundation (Marvel)
  • Oregon (Gravity Falls): The Smallest state of Miscovy that went largely unaffected by the convergence apart from a sudden influx of supernatural anomalies converging on the state.
    • Gravity Falls (Gravity Falls, duh): Gravity Falls, a magnet for the strange and weird ranging from gnomes to living sock puppets. However, it fell victim to a far greater evil that required the combined efforts of the Avengers, Spider-Man, Agent Anti-Venom and Mania to free its populace from the evil's influence.
      • The Mystery Shack (Gravity Falls)
      • Twin Peaks Restaurant (Real Life)
  • Menagerie (RWBY) Menagerie is a massive island in the southeast of Battleworld, its populace primarily consists of Faunus. In spite of its close proxmimity to the Kingdom of Miscovy, the island is not considered a part of the Kingdom.
    • Kuo Kuana (RWBY)
    • The Lost Tomb of Cyttorquak (Marvel/Ducktales)
  • Tri-Cyber States (Transformers’ Autobot City x Phineas and Ferb’s Tri-State Area) The Large landmass of the Tri-Cyber States is divided into three independent states that to maintain peace. The Land is home to some of the most advanced technology on Battleworld.
  • Springfield (The Simpsons): Located somewhere in Animerica is the city of Springfield... it is up for debate which Kingdom or state the city is located in but we really don't bother with that.

  • SAFRICA(Marvel's Africa and RWBY's Sanus): is the second largest and second most populated continent on Battleworld. It also contains the most diverse biosphere. The Continent is located south of Animerica (Which basically makes it South America).
    • Vacunda(RWBY’s Vacuo and Marvel’s Wakanda): The Jungle Oasis of Vacunda was once a chaotic state during the convergence. The citizens of Wakanda and Vacuo were at odds with each other until the Wakandan King, T’Challa, stepped in and challenged the head of Vacuo’s council to a duel in which the Black Panther emerged victorious. Now, the Black Panther leads the Council and has guided Vacunda to a new age of prosperity under his leadership. The Kingdom is famous for its Vibranium. Vacundan weaponry and Vibranium highly dangerous and not available to the kingdoms Huntsmen (If they were not from Pre-Battleworld Wakanda)
      • Central Wakandan Palace (Marvel)
      • Shade Academy (RWBY)
      • Chasm of the Chilling Mist (Marvel)
      • Serpent Valley (Marvel)

  • PACIFIC OCEAN(Marvel) is Battleworld's largest body of water.
    • Alokiinawa (Pokémon's Alola Region, Marvel's Hawaii, and Persona's Okinawa): Officially part of Valpan, this archipelago is a must-stop vacation spot for Battleworld's well-off residents and is extensively populated by peculiar creatures called "Pokémon".

  • Cybertron (The Transformers)​


WWE World: What was once the domain of Mongul is now the newest hot spot for Sports Entertainment. After Vince McMahon defeated Mongul in a match at WrestleMania, the dark lord of WWE now sends out his Son-in-Law, Triple H, to scout more people to expand the WWE's reach in the multiverse.

  • Celestial Mall (Treasure Planet’s Montressor Spaceport, Phantasy Star’s ARKS Lobby Ship & Mass Effect’s Citadel)
    • The Presidium (Mass Effect)



    An Earth...though not quite like Battleworld’s, or any Earth that has come before. It is only a continent, for one, and filled with all kinds of fantastical characters and places that dare to defy the imagination, from supermen to action lawyers to the occasional paper jam. Prime Earth is a beacon of inexplicable wonder, and can be whatever you choose to make of it.
    • The United States of Mundanity(Guilty Gear's America & Fate's United States of America) The United States of…sort-of America, as you may know it. Presiking Edison’s strange decrees have rendered this amalgamation of America a far cry from conventional memory. It’s almost like it…came out of a…comic book…oh.
      • Metropolis City (DC's Metropolis & Capcom's Metro City) Metropolis City is governed by Mayor Cody, who tries to maintain the peace of his city. The city is plagued by a gang war between the Intergang (DC) and the Mad Gear Gang (Final Fight/Street Fighter).
      • New Gotham City(DC's Gotham City & TMNT's New York) The home of Bat-Mite’s favorite Superhero, Batman. In the middle of the City is a Giant Golden Statue of Batman accompanied by smaller bronze statues of the Justice League labelled as Sidekicks. Often the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would try to join Batman in his crusade against crime.
        • Old Gotham (DC)
          • Wayne Manor (DC)
            • The Batcave (DC)
          • Wayne Tower (DC)
          • The Iceberg Lounge (DC)
          • New Gotham Police Station (Resident Evil)
          • Startronics (DC’s S.T.A.R. Labs & TMNT’s Stocktronics)
          • The Foot Clan Hideout (TMNT)
        • New Gotham Heights (DC)
          • Gotham Academy (DC)
          • Kendo Gun Shop (Resident Evil)
        • The Narrows (DC)
          • Arkham Asylum (DC)
          • The Turtle Lair (TMNT)
          • New Gotham Chapel (Resident Evil)
          • Umbrella Headquarters (Resident Evil)
        • Slaughter Swamp (DC)
          • The Sionis Mansion (DC’s Sionis Mill & Resident Evil’s Spencer Mansion)
      • Central Square (DC's Central City & Sonic the Hedgehog's Station Square): Home to the Scarlet Speedster and the Blue Blur, legendary speedsters known all over Mite-World. The city is also home to a wild menagerie of people that look like they come straight out of video games and all-ages adventures (it's because they do).
      • Night Hub(Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City & DC’s Hub City) Night Hub’s reputation, more than anything, is that its legacy of crime and corruption runs many degrees deeper than that of New Gotham. It is a cruel corporate elysium that is more of a dystopia for everyone else that can’t afford the exorbitant lifestyle of Night Hub’s ruling elite.
        • Cloudshard (Transistor’s Cloudbank & Mirror’s Edge’s Shard)
        • City Eye (Mirror’s Edge)
        • Kruger District (Cyberpunk 2077’s Corporate District & Mirror’s Edge’s Pirandello Kruger)
        • East Eden Mall (DC’s East Haven & Mirror’s Edge’s New Eden Mall)
        • Cyberworld (Deltarune's Cyberworld & Digimon's Cyberworld EDEN)
        • Combat Zone (Cyberpunk 2077)
      • Diamond Shoreline (DC's Coast City, Steven Universe's Beach City, & Warioware’s Diamond City) Home to a few members of the Green Lantern Corps and the Crystal Gems, this mid-sized populace isn't a stranger to both gem and hostile lantern phenomenon. You need not spend a lot of time here before you see the impact both groups have left on this place. A greedy, stout businessman continues to claim that he built this city from the ground up, but most people tend to ignore the bizarre annoyances he causes unless they grow to astronomical proportions. He does happen to run a pretty successful gaming company, though…
      • Crystal Grove (Scooby Doo's Crystal Cove & Power Rangers' Angel Grove) The town of Crystal Grove is often a magnet for strange monsters and crooks in costumes.
      • Los Stargeles (Ace Attorney’s Los Angeles & DC’s Star City) Los Stargeles was never quite the same after The War™. The familiar West Coast architecture and cityscape is often overrun by Eastern designs, to the point that many terms get completely confused for something else. Most of the people living here will insist that it’s always been like that, and yet… what matters is that the city is renowned not only for its signature emerald archer, but also for its uncanny number of critically acclaimed defense attorneys and equally outrageous prosecutors as they battle it out in this excuse for a justice system.
      • Belle Reve (DC) The headquarters of Task Force X, the Suicide Squad, and the most secure supervillain prison in the USM. This is the last place you want to end up, and not because it’s a bad prison. Its tenants lead double lives as members of the Suicide Squad, a government black-ops team where completing each mission reduces your sentence… if you survive, that is.
      • Midway Zawame City (Kamen Rider Gaim’s Zawame City & DC’s Midway City): The city of Hawkman and Hawkgirl that has a tall tower in the middle of it. Most of its inhabitants have sportswear devices called ‘Lockseeds’ open up cracks/zippers into a dimension called “Helheim” where the Inves lives. Most people open lockseeds and pit two inves summoned by the lockseeds against each other to see which Inves is stronger. This is dubbed the Inves Games. There have been incidents when Inves attacked people, but that has never stopped these deadly games from happening.
      • Santa Destroy (No More Heroes): Located close to the California-Mexico border, Santa Destroy’s dirt-cheap real estate, broken-down infrastructure, and useless education system make it a hub for the lower class. Despite a place like this normally being a breeding ground for criminal activity, petty crime is shockingly low in the town, and the police force is equally competent in putting an end to that petty crime (often through the use of excessive force). Organized crime, however, is often glossed over due to how ironically effective it is at literally cutting down Santa Destroy's crime rate. Santa Destroy is a staging ground for plenty of aspiring hitmen. For those not in the business of hurting people, they can only take up short temp work for rates that would give them barely enough for the essentials in life. Thanks to Santa Destroy's low marketability and poor tourism, the job market is shot, and permanent employment is nearly impossible to come by. Perhaps the strangest thing of all is Santa Destroy's rumoured "draw": for the people smart enough to search for jobs in other cities and leave this shamble of a town behind, they often find themselves returning at various points in their lives. It's almost as if you can check out, but never truly leave.
      • Scuttle Town (Shantae): A ways off the coast of California is an island port town protected by its guardian genie, Shantae (she’s only a half-genie, though). This Arabianesque town is constantly plagued by strange monsters and marauding pirates.
      • Rhodeswood (Arknight's Rhodes Island, Family Guy's Rhode Island & Ben 10's Bellwood) Rhodes Island was a mobile military base prior to its weird merge, so it is unknown whether Rhodeswood is still capable of moving. Likely not, since it seems that it is properly merged with soil, but who knows? Its appearance is very mechanical and futuristic in appearance, and it is divided into a few layers. The first layer exposed to the sun primarily contains features of Rhode Island, like the Drunken Clam, Happy Harbour and Mt Justice, & Bellwood, like Max's Plumbing Business, Madison Elementary, and the house of the Great Ben Tennyson. The second layer that exists underneath alongside a few more lower layers consist of the housing areas and services of Rhodes Island's operators, originally a feature of the mobile fortress Rhodes Island to protect its operators from Terra's weather. Underneath all these layers, however, lies the deep, deep non-secret known as Undercity.
    • The United Kingdoms of Illyrodiil(Guilty Gear's Illyria & The Elder Scrolls' Cyrodiil) The noble realms constitute one of the three major powers on Prime Earth. While not necessarily as fantastical or superheroic as the USM, Illyrodiil boasts a mastery of elegant industry, with an affinity for the arcane to match. Even though their kingdoms are united, however, the matter of monarchy remains a hotly contested issue among the many disparate royal families.
      • Granwall (Dishonored's Dunwall & Dragon's Dogma's Gran Soren)
      • Londonstone(Assassin’s Creed’s London & Fable’s Bowerstone)
        • Clock Tower (Fate's Clock Tower & Harry Potter's Hogwarts) There are many hubs of magical study throughout Mite-World, but the Clock Tower is by far the most prominent. The Mage’s Association keeps a tight lid on its faculty, especially those that it allows to come and study at their institution. Remarkably, Clock Tower maintains a cold indifference to Londonstone’s greater politics, focused entirely on academic pursuits.
        • Reaver Industries (Fable)
      • Stormrim(Warcraft's Stormwind & Dragon Age's Denerim) The religious capital of Illyrodiil, and home to some of the most prominent military organizations in the kingdoms for it. While the collective faith is at times difficult to discern, it is clear that the sword of Stormrim is ever pointed towards self-righteous justice, especially where the forces of night and evil are concerned.
        • Licht Kreis Headquarters (Under Night in-Birth)
      • Elibaly(Fire Emblem’s Elibe & Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's Italy)
        • Vatican City (Danger 5)
        • Venice (Assassin's Creed)
    • Markovia(DC) The eclectic majority of European nations on Mite-World that didn’t accept the embrace of the United Kingdoms have coalesced under the banner of this surly regime. It boasts a wide variety of would-be warlords and conquerors, couched in classic European prestige and tradition while boasting cutting-edge technology. As of yet, however, Markovia is far too busy trying to keep its nation together to have actual notions of world domination… for now.
      • St. Pyrrhusburg (DC’s Markovburg & Killzone’s Pyrrhus Deep)
      • Town-on-Gorkhon (Pathologic)
    • Spain (Resident Evil’s Spain & Grim Fandango’s Land of the Dead) The last remaining bastion against the likes of Markovia… which, isn’t saying a lot, on account of the region’s long history of undead problems.
    • Fawcedo(DC's Fawcett City & Gintama's Edo) An odd merging for an odder populace, this country is known for being the interplanetary hub for commerce, travel, and other related activities between Battleworld and Mite-World due to the O-Central Terminal residing in the center. The city is just as crazy being a mix of Edo-era Japan, modern Japan, 40's/50's America, and a little sci-fi for some measure. The stark differences in culture and technology tend to lead to some problems, but the average citizens and various police forces have accepted and cooperate with one another as well as they can. For the most part, things are just fine. However, there is hidden tension amongst the political heads as secretive agendas are at play. The presence of superhumans and supervillains has amplified the police’s presence. However, Shazam remains in his place protecting the city whenever duty calls to help its people.
      • Fableport (Fables' Fabletown & Paper Mario's Rogueport)
      • Underfront (Undertale's Underground & Made In Abyss’ Idofront)
    • Neo-Taisho(Samurai Jack’s Aku Empire & Demon Slayer’s Taisho Period) “Long ago in a distant land, I, Aku, the Shapeshifting Master of Darkness, unleashed an unspeakable evil. But, a foolish samurai warrior, wielding a magic sword, stepped forth to oppose me. Before the final blow was struck, the Hyperfly tore open a portal in time, and flung him into Neo-Taisho, where my rule is law. Now the fool seeks to return the land to the past, and undo the FUTURE THAT IS AKU.”
      • New Aku City (Samurai Jack’s Aku City & Ghost in the Shell’s New Port City)
      • Moriosada (JoJo’s Morioh Town & Nichijou’s Tokisadame): If you can dream it, it’s probably already happened here. The sleepy suburban town of Moriosada is a place where the mundane meets the truly bizarre. Robots attend lectures, instructors suplex local wildlife, and evil spirits help order coffee.
      • Toronto-cho (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World's Toronto & Jet Set Radio's Shibuya-cho)
    • Kyranpur (Far Cry’s Kyrat & DC’s Jarhanpur) The far-flung kingdoms of Kyrat and Jarhanpur came together in one of the bloodier transfusions of Mite-World. The new region is split between two tyrants, the self-proclaimed king Pagan Min and the shamanistic avatar Rama Khan. They are terrible and terrifying in different ways, though their ambitions to control all of Kyranpur are one and the same.

  • IVARUN (Final Fantasy XII's Ivalice & Dungeons & Dragons' Faerun)

    • Ravnissia(Final Fantasy XV's Altissia & Magic the Gathering's Ravnica) Super pretty cityscape, magical bullshit abounds
      • Atlas Combine (Fate’s Atlas & Magic the Gathering’s Simic Combine)
      • Balamb Garden (Final Fantasy VIII)
      • Prahv (Magic the Gathering)
    • Gressos(DC's Ancient Greece & A Song of Ice and Fire's Essos) The home of myth and wonder in Ivarun. It is a sprawling realm of meandering mythologies that is as treacherous as it is beautiful. Only those with a care for the epic and devastating may survive in Gressos, least of all find what they are looking for.
      • Old Valyscira (A Song of Ice and Fire’s Valyria & DC’s Themyscira)
      • Earthfell (Avatar: The Last Airbender’s Earth Kingdom & The Elder Scrolls’ Hammerfell)
        • Shuraphos (League of Legends’ Shurima & Runescape’s Menaphos)
        • Rock of Eternity (DC)
        • Bana-Gerudall (DC’s Bana-Mighdall & Legend of Zelda’s Gerudo Desert)
      • The Bialyan Sea (DC’s Bialya & Fate’s Wandering Sea)
    • Teveria(The Witcher’s Temeria & Dragon Age’s Tevinter Imperium) The primary kingdom of man on Ivarun, and more importantly, the kingdom of magic. The Tevinter Imperium has swallowed up much of the mage-nations that have appeared on Mite-World, and maintained an ironclad grip on arcane power throughout Ivarun, save of course, for Ravnissia.
      • Dalarous (Warcraft’s Dalaran & Dragon Age’s Minrathous)
      • Castle Town (Legend of Zelda)
      • Watergrad (Dungeons & Dragon’s Waterdeep & The Witcher’s Novograd)
    • Tir ná Samhradh (The Witcher’s Tir ná Lia & The Elder Scrolls’ Aldmeri Dominion) The elven peoples that have not been driven underfoot by other powers throughout Ivarun have united under the banner of the Aen Elle and other belligerent elves. They are as ruthless as any Garlean or Tevinter (if not more), and will gladly see every other race fall beneath their dominion.
    • Garlemald(Final Fantasy XIV)
      • Archadia (Final Fantasy XII)
      • Fire Nation (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
    • Spira(Final Fantasy X)
      • Atlankand (DC's Atlantis & Final Fantasy X's Zanarkand)
      • The Overwhere (Paper Mario)
    • Skythas(The Elder Scrolls' Skyrim & Final Fantasy XIV's Coerthas)
      • Windgard (The Elder Scrolls V's Windhelm & Final Fantasy XIV's Ishgard) Though not changed horribly in architectural style, Windgard's inhabitants find themselves horribly mismatched. In fact, the stylistic similarities between Windgard's composite cities has led to constant bickering over what parts belong to which people. This certainly doesn't help ease the tensions between the Nords and Elezen brewing pretty near the surface.
    • Third Eternia(He-Man's Eternia & Thundercat's Third Earth) Castle Greyskull acts as the seat of power, itself fortified by the enormous Cats Lair. Here, Adam has inherited the throne from his father and the power of his ancestor, King Greyskull. He-Man is a moniker he has long-since discarded, though he is referred to as such by some people. Third Eternia is populated by a very diverse list of peoples, ranging from bee people to Ro-Bear-Berbils. Using the Cats Lair as his base of operations, Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats, leads the remnants of the Thundercats who have integrated into life amidst Adam’s people. Across the twilight border in the shadow of Mumm Ra’s fortress sits Snake Mountain, where Skeletor and the mutants await their orders from their evil master, who in turn listens to the whispers of ancient spirits such as Hordak to guide him.
      • Edenia (Mortal Kombat)
        • Castle Greyskull (He-Man)
        • Cats Lair (Thundercats)
      • The Frightworld (She-Ra’s Fright Zone & Mortal Kombat’s Outworld)
        • Snake Mountain (He-Man)
        • The Thunderdome of Doom (Mad Max’s Thunderdome & Samurai Jack’s Dome of Doom)


    (Dark Crystal's Thra & Dark Souls 2's Drangleic) Ivarun’s dark twin lies at the far end of Mite-World, where many forgotten legends lie, more often than not for the better. Few travel to Thragleic willingly, and with a sound mind at that. It is home to many terrors, not the least of which is the unknown. For those who dare make the journey, however, they may find power and Mystery beyond their wildest imaginations.
    • Limbo City(DC's Limbo Town & Kara no Kyoukai’s Mifune City) Borne of Order’s hubris and Chaos’ opportunity, this macabre metropolis is unlike any other city in Mite-World. It is a nexus for the occult and mythic, bringing forth secrets and phantasms that never ought to see the light of day. Limbo has no heroes to call its own as Prime Earth does, though it does find protectors from time to time, not the least of which is the Lord of Order Doctor Fate himself. Limbo City is also home to the children of destiny, those “magical girls”, the fabled Justice League Dark, settled away in that forlorn bar...and who knows what else.
      • Tower of Fate (DC) The sanctum of the bearer of the Helmet of Fate. It is an enigmatic, impregnable fortress of arcane wonder known only to the illusive Lords of Order.
      • Meister Society (Soul Eater’s Death Weapon Meister Academy & Bleach’s Soul Society) A sanctioned-off district of Limbo City is dedicated to the closest thing it has to protectors. Limbo City’s unique nature renders it independent of Death’s otherwise universal authority. Instead, Her responsibilities fall to the agents of the Meister Society, headed by one of the more… eccentric aspects of Death. These Meisters, Shinigami, et al. operate from this district, managing the lost souls and errant dead as best they can in their master’s absence.
      • Chisaki Town (Vampire the Masquerade’s Chicago & Tsukihime’s Misaki Town) The side of Limbo City home to the fabled creatures of the night. Vampire, Dead Apostle, Nightwalker, it makes no difference what you call them. This is their domain, and you will respect their laws, or suffer the consequences.
        • Elysium (Vampire the Masquerade)
        • Tohno Mansion (Tsukihime)
        • Reien Girls’ Academy (Kara no Kyoukai)
        • Hakurei Shrine (Touhou)
      • House of Mystery (Vertigo) An ever-shifting, ever-compounding abode that exists both in Limbo City and in the far-flung plane of the Dreaming. It is a place of great magical power, and answers only to its enigmatic owner… and even then, the house can be rather stubborn.
      • Karahara (Bleach’s Karakura Town & Madoka Magica’s Mitakihara City) The “Little Everything” of Limbo City, where you can find all kinds of interesting attractions and to-do’s, provided you know where to look. While Karahara may appear innocent on the surface, it has more than its fair share of sinister shenanigans that can swallow you up if you’re not careful.
        • Oblivion Bar (DC)
        • Garan no Dou (Kara no Kyoukai)
        • Mister Donut (Monogatari)
        • Urahara’s Shop (Bleach)
        • Secret Sealing Club (Touhou)
        • Namishiro Park (Monogatari)
        • Mitsurugi Manor (Muv-Luv)
        • Naoetsu Private High School (Monogatari)
    • Nosylvania(Legacy of Kain's Nosgoth & Castlevania's Transylvania)
      • Yharnam (Bloodborne)
        • Hollow Cainhurst (Bloodborne’s Forsaken Castle Cainhurst & Kingdom Hearts’ Hollow Bastion)
        • Byrgenwerth-Miskatonic University (Bloodborne’s Byrgenwyrth and HP Lovecraft’s Miskatonic University)
      • Dracula's Castle (Castlevania)
      • Barovia (Dungeons & Dragons)
      • Castle Dimitrescu (Resident Evil)
    • Oolong Park (DC’s Oolong Island & NieR Automata’s Amusement Park)
    • The Shadowlands(Warcraft) The notion of a realm of the dead in this new universe is an odd one, though it is necessary just the same. Much like the forces within Limbo City, the Shadowlands facilitate many of Death’s responsibilities that she would delegate to her servants. Lord Hades hosts the lion’s share of the work in managing Mite-World, bureaucracy and drivel that he would sooner pass on to someone beneath him, and so on and so on.
      • The House of Hades {Hades}
      • Quindecim (Death Parade)
      • The Underwhere (Paper Mario)
    • Lordnest(Dark Souls' Lordran & Hollow Knight's Hallownest) A forlorn, sacred place, of which its many parts had become lost long before they were folded into Mite-World. Those who become lost in Thragleic find their way to Lordnest one way to another; leaving it is another matter entirely.
      • Well of Souls (Darksiders & Runescape)
      • The City That Never Was (Kingdom Hearts)
      • Deep Londor (Hollow Knight’s Deepnest & Dark Souls’ Londor)
      • Oooleum Lloyce (Adventure Time’s Ooo & Dark Souls’ Frozen Illeum Loyce)
      • Majustram (Dark Souls’ Majula & Diablo’s Tristram)
      • Myrra (DC)
    • Arraklayn (Dune’s Arrakis & Starcraft's Slayn) An inhospitable desert region, resplendent with an exotic substance that grants extraordinary cognition and a grasp of powers beyond… that is, if they aren’t driven mad in the process. The substance goes by many names, though it alone is the reason that Arraklayn has remained independent within Thragleic’s food chain. Its natives are equally ruthless, made up of various peoples who have mastered their resource as savants of the blade and mind.
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  • hyperdimension__cpu_blanc_by_zalotangel-d9sm1pu.png
    It's been so long ever since Blanc has been out of Lowee. Normally, she'd have guards and Ran-Ran accompanying by her side, but she's all by herself. She's carrying a bag full of new books that came from foreign authors all over the world. She was so excited at reading her new books, even with that blank expression printed on her face, her eyes were sparkling like a kid getting a piece of candy. But, her job's still not done in the shopping district. On a distance lies a shop that is standing out from the rest. "There it is. The game shop". She excitingly muttered in her monotone voice. Blanc marched towards the shop without hesitation, ignoring the glare in the people's eyes. They might've been wondering, A little girl is lost. Every time she hears that phrase, she'd just knock them down the ground, showing how much this 'little girl' can do more than them.

Phantom Thief of Hearts

We live in the Metal Gear timeline
"What's up, True Believers! It's Gwenpool here and it feels like the 90's again with a big Marvel/DC Event!" Gwen told the audience in an attempt to explain the rather odd convergence of worlds, "Yeah, the Beyonder's doing Battleworld again but this time around we got some guy in a Batman costume who made his own Battleworld and--"
"I am sorry to interrupt your narration but you are here to report your quest, are you not?" a small fairy who sat on top of a floating book asked an embarrassed Gwen.
"Sorry, force of habit," Gwen apologized before she brought out a sack full of blue jelly, "So, I got rid of that Giant Dogoo thing..."
"I'm impressed, I did not expect you to return from your quest so quickly," the fairy said as she maintained her cool.
"Well, I had my fair share of experience and grenades," Gwen replied before she extended her hand out in hopes she gets her reward.
"Yes, your reward... I'll need only three seconds to hand them over to you," the fairy said before three seconds passed and then she handed over Gwen a bag of coins and a can of soda.
"Thank you!" Gwen said as she stashed her newly acquired loot into her backpack, "It's a pleasure doing business with you."
The Fairy gave Gwen a simple nod in response as the pink mercenary exited the guild.

Outside of the guild Gwen took a deep breath and looked at the assortment of familiar and unfamiliar characters that populated the streets of the Gamsgard nation of Planeptune.
"Wow, Disney's pockets are deeper than I thought..." she said to herself.
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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

  • Filia Medici, daughter of a well-known member of the Medici Mafia, host of the parasite Samson...and now a hunter for training. That's right, if Filia wants to survive this harsh world, then she'll have to take her studies into one of the most prestigious school in all of Battle-World; Beacon Academy, located right at the cliffs of Valpan. She has already passed the entrance test and has her own team (which I will either leave that to the GMs or myself, depending on their decision upon seeing this). When she took the entrance test, people often mistakes Samson for her own Semblance, mainly because she wears a hat to conceal the parasite so as to not get any attention, or else she might get scolded or even worse, get kicked out. She is also shown to lack a weapon, and Filia pleaded to give her time for her weapon to arrive via delivery. Alas, the staff agrees.

    As of now, Filia had just finished her classes and is off to her assigned dormitory. She wondered how long would she hide Samson until graduation, but the parasite assure that they can get through the semester. It took the girl time until she has arrived at the front door of her assigned dormitory. This is her next step into becoming an official student, and so, she places her hand on the door knob, twists it, and pushes the door open as she enters the unit. Her first day in Beacon will about to come to an end soon enough.



I ask of you to please chant my name!
--Sento Kiryu--

On a scrapyard near Beacon, a hooded figure clad in a brown coat can be seen rummaging through a heap of garbage--spotting various metal and circuits that would prove beneficial to him. No one truly know why he's doing this, but we all know that a genius wouldn't bother with scrap unless it's absolutely necessary.

"Ugh, this is the worst..." Sento sighs, rubbing his head. "I know a resume would be enough to get me a teaching position, but they didn't say anything about actually making some tech something out of scratch..." He complains to himself as he tosses the metals and circuits onto the sack behind him. He soon spots a peculiar piece of clothing underneath some rubble. "Hm? What's...?" The genius quickly picks off the rubble off of the cloth as he tries to uncover what's underneath it--To easily grab the cloth, too. However, what he saw under there was quite...Disturbing.

"W-what the...?!" He gasps with a somewhat horrified look as he picked up what appears to be a human head--that of a young girl's, too. Upon further examination, it appears to be a hyper realistic recreation of a human head complete with facial features, hair, and even accessories. However, there are signs that point to it not being an actual human head's. Such as the wires that poke out of the girl's neck. This...This could be useful. After a quick look around, he tossed the head into the sack, along with whatever junk he find on that pile--Who knows, it might be a part of such an intricate machine. For now though, that's all he could find.

Sento slung his sack of scrap onto his back and proceeded to head for the dormitories, where the school staff was kind enough for him to stay for a little bit and give him access to some equipment...

--Ryuga Banjou--
takki takki

In the streets of the Capital of Lowee, A brown haired man clad in a blue jacket and a white shirt wanders around, holding a piece of paper with some quests available. He would've done it right away, if it weren't for the fact that he has no idea where he is and completing these 'quests' might be his only way to survive. As Ryuga scratched his head, he soon spots a young woman carrying bags filled with books--She might be able to help him!

"Ah, excuse me miss!" Ryuga approached the girl that's about to enter a shop. "Hate to bother ya, but can you tell me where should I inquire about this kinda jobs? I'm kinda...Really lost here." He showed her the paper with the simple slay mission. A few Dogoos and Ice Skulls.


King of Transformers
Captain Marvel
Carol flew across Gamsgard at unimaginable speeds. It still was amazing that she could fly fast, and by her own power none the less. She had taken a small quest in the city to provide for herself and help out the locals. She saw her target in sight, a large ox looking beast. It lay in the middle of down trodden trees. The beast had cut a massive gouge through the forest, someone had to stop it before it reached the city.

Captain Marvel landed right infront of it. When she landed, she made a small crater, about 5 feet in diameter. It was fine; it was nothing compared to the ox’s path of destruction.
“So, do you choose the easy way, or the hard way?” Carol asks the bull.
she punches her fist. A small Shockwave sends the bull a few steps backwards.

It began to dig it’s hooves into the ground.
“The hard way it is,” Carol announced smiling.
The two warriors charged one another.


Astonishing Hero
The male dressed in a black 'old-timey' high school uniform, covered by a black cloak looks around the surrounding area. He found himself in a metropolitan city. The male didn't remember much that happened before, but judging by the area he was in. He must've time traveled to the future. That didn't matter at the moment though. He needed to find out where he was. The young male shrouded in all black began walking down a street with no real destination.SH_Raidou_Render.png


Show me a good time, Jack!
Asriel Dreemurr
Gravity Peaks

Asriel slowly padded down an avenue in this strange little town, looking around silently. He got a few looks, but the area had seen enough weird things that a living version of a fursuit probably wasn't too terribly high on the shock value. Externally, he seemed collected, like today was just a normal day. That wasn't really the case. Internally, he was trying not to freak out. His mind was filled with questions like, why wasn't he a flower? Wasn't he supposed to be, well, dead? Where was he? Why aren't these humans trying to kill him?

He was distracted, but not enough to affect him simply just walking. Asriel hoped that he'd be able to notice someone who looked like they might be able to help him figure out what was going on, but wasn't sure if he even wanted to know. With a sigh, he forced himself to stop so he could focus on thinking. First on his mental list was just making sure he could keep basic needs fufilled, and once that was done, figuring out what was going on was next. Last thing he wanted was to be caught off guard once he had gotten as close to settled as possible.

The kid just hoped that none of the skeletons in his closet ever came to light. It'd be the end of him if they did.

Vermin King

Loves Non-euclidean Dice
Warlord Queek Headtaker

Warlord Queek Headtaker was charging to a dwarven hold to slay all the dwarves and claim another city, when suddenly he was pulled away from his fight and denied the promise of dwarf blood, Queek was then dropped somewhere unfamiliar and he began snarling under his breath his eyes red with rage "Filthy magic did this I know it, CANNOT FOOL-TRICK ME-ME!!"

"Hmmm all of Queeks puppet-minions are here too" Queek chuckles menacingly, knowing he has half a dozen of his army with him "This place must have many trophy's yes-yes" Queek snickers to the thought of claiming new and exotic trophy's for his collection "yes-yes many trophy's to claim, first find a nest-burrow to sleep-rest Queek will restock his trophy rack afterwards, Then look-search for filthy magic-thing and get back to Clan Mors if magic-thing won't send me-me back then Queek will Kill-slay filthy magic-thing."

Queek yells orders to his underling clan rats to follow his lead, to find somewhere to rest and feed, soon enough finding a swamp ripe for skaven habitation, nearby a big board said "Gravity peaks" Queek gave it no extra thought, soon enough Queek spotted the local Gnomes mistaking them for small dwarves Queek frenzied slaughtering most of the Gnomes he had found, he then ate some and found them to be rather tasty so Queek yelled for a group of ten clan rats to come to him "y-yes warlord Queek?" One of the clan rats whimpered "Warlord Queek wants more of these tiny dwarf-things look-search find where they hide and bring all too Queek!" As his minions go on the hunt a crooked smile crawls across Queeks face having discovered a new and tasty food source, though he will not stay forever he will bring back many things for Clan Mors
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  • hyperdimension__cpu_blanc_by_zalotangel-d9sm1pu.png
    Blanc looked up to see the face of the man that bothered her. He was apparently looking for directions on the guild so he can inquire the job. Not suspicious. Just a foreigner asking some questions. This is not something that usually happens, so she figured that she'd postpone buying some video games and help this guy out. After all, doing these kinds of things would help raise her shares. "Follow me." She said as she looked seemingly interested to help him. She started to walk towards this guild, which wasn't far enough from here. After all, it's standing out from the rest of these buildings, so it's easy to spot.

    It wasn't long before they entered the guild. Well, her guild. There were quite a number of people inside, mostly because of guild jobs. Lowee residents and the people alike greeted her, "Welcome back, Blanc-sama." Being the person as she is, she responded with a plain, "Good afternoon." Blanc snatched the quest paper from the guy's hand, and shouted from across the hall, "Financier, come here." Her assistant came without delay and gave her the quest paper. Financier ran out of sight, and instantly came back as if she didn't do anything, She came back and returned the paper to her. "This should be inquired now. The place where you should slay these monsters are on the paper, and unless you don't even know where it is, I'd have to escort you there, or probably help you fight."


Rusty of Shackleford

Nine Thousand Club
Do you like hurting other people?

It had been an... interesting transition for Jacket. One second he was in a jail cell in Miami waiting for his trial, the next he was free in what looked like New York. Then he saw Batman and the freaking Ninja Turtles running around. And they weren't using phones anymore, only the cell phones. They were small though, and you could touch on the screen to make it do stuff. He didn't have one of these, instead having a flip phone. It was much easier for him to use, but he still used his old Walkman to listen to music. He was in a shopping mall, listening to 80's classics as he bobbed his head a bit. He looked out of place, with his letterman jacket, jeans, old sneakers, and a Walkman. Most people probably thought he was one of those "hipsters" he'd heard about. They dressed like weirdos and reminded him of Beard in how they dress. But instead of being laid back buddies they were kind of dicks, so Jacket avoided them.

He wandered into a Spencer's, not really knowing what it was. He saw a ton of joke gifts, and even an entire wall of masks. He stood there, his gaze blank as he stared at the masks. He swallowed, almost passing out before someone made sure he was alright. He nodded, collecting his footing. He then got a phone call, the person on the other end saying, "Hi! This is Harry from the DipnDots! We have your order ready, right next to the-" Jacket dropped his phone, grabbing a Doge mask and dashing out of the mall. No. No. He wouldn't do it. He wouldn't. Turns out it was a telemarketer. But he heard that familiar way of speech. He set off the alarms, some of the employees trying to stop him. He simply!y pushed passed them, his vision going neon as he experienced that horrible feeling again. That feeling of losing control. He could still hear Richard's words echoing in his ears, over and over again...
Do you like hurting other people?

The Fans were in the mall as well. They didn't have much else to do, so they we're pretty much strolling around, making trouble, the like. Alex was pissed. "What do you mean you can't smoke in malls anymore? This is bullshit." Ash sighed, saying, "Don't know why you're complaining. All you do is smoke dope anyway. They would get you anyway." Tony growled at the bickering, saying, "Could you two shut the fuck up? Jesus Christ." Mark stretched, saying, "C'mon guys. Calm down. We're on vacation." Tony scoffed, saying, "Vacation? You mean wandering around a mall? Gimme a break." Corey was in the front, hands in her jacket pockets. She was staying out of it, hearing an alarm go off as a man in a jacket ran out of Spencer's wearing a Doge mask. She stopped in her tracks, saying, "Guys. Guys. Guys!" They all turned, seeing him as Mark said, "Oh my God! It's the Masked Maniac!" He screamed like a little girl, saying, "Come on! Come on! Let's chase him!" Corey shrugged, saying, "Sure. Better than sitting in the mall all day." They chased after Jacket, the man still running. He eventually stopped taking off the mask and vomiting. He turned to them, the Fans standing there awkwardly. Corey waved nervously, Alex whispering, "Aren't you gonna talk to him? Thought you said he looked hot." Corey smacked her, saying, "Shit up! I never thought I would actually meet him!" Jacket simply stayed there, panting as he passed out. Mark swallowed, saying, "Oh shit! Is he dead!" Tony sighed, saying, "No, dipshit! He just passed out. C'mon. Let's get him in the van before the mall cops get him." And so they did that, effectively kidnapping their idol like a bunch of mask wearing pedophiles.​


Live Life, Love and Survive

"Man, I can't believe Rook left me to go back to his home planet without me. They love me there!" Ben sighed as he shoved his hands into his hoodie pocket as he kicked an empty can through the streets of Under Town. "I'm not mad about that though, what I am mad about is the sudden volcano that appeared on top of this place. No Mr. Smoothie anywhere. I hate this dimension...What dimension is this anyway?"

Suddenly, an explosion went off a few stools away from him. He looked up. He raised a brow. He shrugged and walked towards the explosion with a smirk. "Damn it, Liam!" Ben shouted as he spread his arms, chuckling somewhat. "Don't you ever learn? You break the law. I kick your butt. Rinse, repeat. You know how this'll end, right?" Liam, the alien chicken, tilted his head to the side and opened his beak.


"B'kaw! I should have known Ben Tennyson was gonna be here! Kaaaaaw!"

"Well...yeah dude, I'm kinda a hero. Wherever crime is, you'll find Ben Tennyson there to stop it!"

"Didn't you ruin more stools than me last time we fought, B'kaw?"

"Hey! We don't talk about that!" Ben brought his wrist up and began to dial an alien into his omnitrix. "You're gonna run, right? Before you even got the shot, XLR-8 should put a stop to this..." Ben suddenly slammed his hand down upon his wrist watch. A bright green light engulfed the teen, making him hidden to the naked eye. Liam on the other hand took this opportunity to turn and run, grabbing the pouch of tadenite he had just stolen and jumping onto a moving bus.

"Kaaaaaaw, get out!" He grabbed the driver and threw him to the side, hijacking the floating vehicle and driving off. As the green light fades away from Ben, a flaming alien stood in his place with a green timer symbol on his chest. Ben looked down and sighed. "Ugh...Heatblast? Really...? I need speed, not fire..." He leaped into the air and shot a column of fire from his palms, propelling himself forward in the air. "Hey Liam, do you prefer to be roasted or grilled?" Ben called down, shooting a fire ball at the bus, losing some height before he propelled himself forward once more.

Liam swerved and looked back. "Kaaaaaw, how about none, b'kaw!"

Ben groaned. "Dude, it's a quip for a reason...I didn't mean it literally..." Intensifying the stream of fire, Ben quickly caught up to the bus. He landed behind it and grabbed the rear of the moving vehicle, his feet melting and sinking into the ground as he forcefully stopped the car. "Now that is what I call a hot idea....no?"


Liam jumped out and pulled out a gun, pointing it at Ben. "I'll shoot, Kaaaaaw!" Jerking the alien pistol forward, Liam began to slowly walk backwards. "Now you're gonna let me go, and no body get's hurt."

"Oh? A western stand off...?" Ben replied, making a gun shape with his hands and pointing it at Liam. "I think I'll win this dude...I have the better..." Before he finished his sentence, he shot a ball of fire at Liam, hitting him square in the chest and knocking him onto his feet. "Firearm. Oh yeah, that was a good one!"

Liam let out one last, weak 'Kaaaaw' before collapsing. Ben stood over him, looking down, dusting his hands off. "All in the days work of Ben Tennyson!"​


King of Transformers
Captain Marvel
Carol won the beast in a few solemn punches. The ox was fairly focused on her uniform rather than herself, leading her to out wit the beast. She used trees to tie the large animal’s legs together.

Captain Marvel grabs the oxen back and hauls the beast over her head. A bead of sweat dropped from her brow. Her superstrength allowed her to lift most things, but it still requires effort.

The captain flew as fast as she could back to Asgard to claim the reward. Normally she would have done the task without pay, but she was hired to find this beast. The city became visible as she flew over the hill.

Landing in a side square, Carol places the bull in the open square. She collapsed against the bull in exhaustion. She would have to collect the money then get something to eat. She was starving!


Devil's Advocate
"Rudy, where are we going?" The voice of Torval Freeman rang within the being now known as The Parasite. "I don't know Doc, but you feel that dontcha? That energy, I can practically taste it..."
The Parasite kept walking, he was weak from busting out of containment and escaping towards wherever it was that the beacon of energy was coming from.
"Yes, I feel it too Rudy but we don't know what it is, things have changed, you've seen it on the news."
"So what? It's strong that's what and I'm going to have my fill of it. We're close anyway so like hell we're walkin back!"
The Parasite sped up the pace of walking, invigorated. It wasn't what he was expecting, some kind of underground city. He didn't even bother hiding himself because by the looks of it he fit right in "So this is the freakshow I've been chasin? No... it doesn't feel right the energy is everywhere." The Parasite growled, he was getting hungry just being around the place.
"Well Rudy, it looks like this place has had a lot of influence by different alien cultures, so what we're feeling is probably the collective power." Torval's voice tried to educate Rudy.
"Whatever, now I want to know where here is and get a snack."
The Parasite kept walking around the maze of the city, no suspicious glances his way, nabbing someone would be a piece of cake. And he'd just found a target.
Some guy that looked a lot like a fish, seemed to be enjoying a smoke in an alleyway.
The Parasite approached without a word and grabbed the alien's face, muffling his screams as he was drained dry of his strength and knowledge. The Parasite dropped the husk of an alien in the dumpster as he'd learned a bit to cover his tracks.
"So this is Happy Town huh? I think we're gonna stick around here for a while Doc." The Parasite chuckled and walked out the alleyway "I might as well have been suckin the life out of a toaster, I want the stronger stuff." And almost as if on cue he heard commotion, and quips, the sound that an interesting fight was going down. "Your prayers appear to have been answered Rudy."

He didn't have to walk far to see the cause of such a commotion. A chicken and a living fire hazard duking it out, well that was in the past now. And from what he'd heard, he was dealing with a hero.
"Go from behind Rudy, unless you want to end up like that chicken did." Torval warned sternly.
"I know, I know Doc. Now shaddup, you're distracting me."
The Parasite went the long way around, getting behind Ben. Then in an instant, he leapt forward and grappled him. He could feel the heat of the flames leaving the hero and flowing into him. "Yes! That's the stuff right there!" Rudy crowed victoriously "Thanks for letting your guard down hero and bein such an easy target.." The Parasite sneered and tightened his grip to make sure his meal didn't slip away.

Vsland Vsland


I ask of you to please chant my name!
--Akira Kurusu--
Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts


It's been a few months since the merging, and Akira still couldn't believe how easily things handled themselves. Akira just finished this day's classes were over, and he was heading over to a certain place in Shibuya, located in the coalition city of New Tokyo--The Capital of Valpan. He assumed that everyone would meet up for a...Certain after school activity. Well, you see, Akira isn't exactly a normal student, to say the least. But no, he's not a superhero...Quite the opposite, actually...Well, you'll see.

Akira soon spots a group of people waiting on the railings of a public building...His friends, his teammates.

"Hey." Akira waved at the small group, approaching them with a grin. The others soon spotted him and glanced at his direction. The others were wearing the same uniform as Akira--save for two of them who weren't even students at his school.

"Yo!" The blonde boy greeted, leaning on the railings. His appearance makes one think that he's one of those trouble making students, and believe me, he is.

"Hey Akira." The blone girl greeted beside the blonde boy, clad in a similar uniform, but with a white hoodie underneath.

"Greetings." The blue haired boy clad in a white uniform greeted afterwards, "I see you've been well."

"Yeah, it's been a while." Akira nodded as he leaned beside the blonde boy. "Anything new?" He asked, almost as if he's anticipating something exciting today...

--Ryuga Banjou--
takki takki

Ryuga nodded as he followed the child through the city, soon arriving at a building that sort of stands out from the rest of the buildings he'd seen in this place. Perhaps he could've easily found this place, but then again, he has absolutely no idea where he is at the moment. Arriving inside the building, he noticed a peculiar thing about the girl--It appears that the people know her pretty well. And with the 'miss' title, too. Usually associated with royalty or something...It's a stupid thought, but is she...A Princess? No, more like, the daughter of the Prime Minister in this place or something. I mean, look at what she's wearing! Do you think a Princess would wear something like that? I don't think so.

Anyway, the girl named 'Blanc' immediately snatched the paper from his hand, and before he could protest, a woman swiftly arrived and took away the paper and went out of sight for a few seconds before returning to a slightly altered paper. It now stated where those monsters were sighted, how many he should kill and the reward--10 Dogoos, and 5 Ice Skulls sighted at Lowee Snowfields. The reward's about 250 'Credits'. Again, he didn't how much it translates to Yen, but he assumes it should be enough to get him food.

"If you're okay with it, then sure. I don't mind." Ryuga nodded, agreeing to the offer of accompanying him to where it was. "I mean, you can fight, right?" He asked, somewhat unsure if he would bring a child into the battlefield like that...Well, he'll soon learn his mistake.
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Phantom Thief of Hearts

We live in the Metal Gear timeline

Planeptune, Gamsgard
_Exodus_ _Exodus_
"It's been a few months since Gamindustri ended up being mashed-up with Asgard but I think we're doing well for ourselves," Neptune narrated to the audience to help newbies catch up on recent events.

"Nep, you don't have to narrate every single major event," Neptune's friend, IF said with a huff.

"Well I've gotta! I mean who else is gonna explain this weird multi-property crossover?" Neptune jovially argued, "Some random Mercenary instead of lil' ol' me, the protagonist of protagonists? I think not!"

"Anyways, shouldn't we be heading to the guild?" IF sighed as she texted to someone over her phone.

"Sure, but first we gotta meet up with Compa," Neptune answered, "I mean our party's not complete without our lovable Healer around!"

IF rolled her eyes before she agreed with her friend, "Fine, it wouldn't be safe for us to out of Planeptune without the support."

"I knew you'd see things my way, Iffy!" Neptune said as she grabbed IF's hand and pulled her to the direction of a small Café where Compa was staying.
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King of Transformers
Captain Marvel
Carol wipes some sweat from her brow before returning to work. She lifts up the ox and carries it to Planeptune.

Captain Marvel had never loved the place, but it certainly was odd. She was always weary around the area of the new gamsgard as they now called it.

Heading north, Carol runs into a massive ranch. The farmer was exceedingly happy as she approached.
“My prized ox,” He says clasping his hands.
he is a good fighter,” Carol notes, “keep a better eye on him.”
“Will do miss,” He says paying her.

Carol leaves the farm. She had heard about a cafe that was particularly good in this new part of the world. She entered the cafe with a smile. It smelled wonderful. A few stares were shown as she entered, but no one disturbed her.

Carol ordered her food and headed to a corner to eat. She immediately scarfed down the food. Downing her food, Carol felt much better. She relaxed as she sipped on her hot chocoate. Space was cold, very cold after all.
Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

Phantom Thief of Hearts

We live in the Metal Gear timeline
New Tokyo, Valpan​
As Akira greeted the group, Haru gave her leader a pleasant wave and a polite smile, "Good afternoon, Akira-kun."

Once the group's leader asked for any updates, a orange-haired girl was the first to answer, "Did you check out the Phan-Site?" she brought out her laptop to show the team the update on their website.

"Our numbers!" Haru exclaimed with surprise.

"No way! This is totally awesome!" Blonde boy shouted.

"Yup, faith in the Phantom Thieves skyrocketed after Fisk's change of heart," the orange-haired girl said with a mischievous smile.

Thepotatogod Thepotatogod


Endearing Misanthrope
Touma Kamijou - Valpan

There were many things Touma Kamijou would have liked.

A consistently peaceful household. The ability to keep his attendance and grades stable. The fortune of not having to fight a villain every other week. Well, any fortune honestly could do at this point. After all, the god of pestilence himself, as others called him (not a very catchy nickname in his humble nickname), was at the end of the day little more than an unfortunate boy trying to live his ordinary life in an extraordinary world. The spiky-haired teenager would have liked for things to not in fact get any crazier than his run-in with Othinus. When she'd essentially "destroyed" the world as he knew it at least three times over, adding new layer upon layer to each world like a photo editor until Touma "saved" her, what other bizarre phenomenon was there for Touma to face?

And now, here he was, in... Valpan. An inelegant convergence of two other worlds he'd never dreamed even existed before. With a certain native high school inaccessible to him and the rest of the student body after the whole shebang for... reasons, Touma instead opted to apply to U.A. High in the meantime (Beacon Academy was not something that honestly appealed to him very much, all things considered). There was some debate on whether or not his power, the one he called "Imagine Breaker," could even be considered a Quirk, but at the end of the day, he got in. Somewhere between the sentiments of "even the Quirkless even be heroes" and "he technically qualifies, right?" Of course, some people derided him as "Quirkless" all the same, while others derided his ability as a watered down version of Mr. Aizawa's (for all intents and purposes, the latter was wrong), but he didn't really care. Maybe he could chalk that up to his misfortune -- the absence of God's blessings in his natural life -- but life was about moving past such factors. It was precisely because it couldn't be helped that he knew it'd be a waste to bemoan it.

As classes ended for the day (Touma ducked his head and jogged out, hoping that none of the staff would ask him about how his progress on his costume was going), the boy found himself relaxing his shoulders as he felt the warm air wash over him, gazing up at the sky absent-mindedly as he carelessly walked without even watching where he was going. For once, there wasn't some pressing engagement he needed to attend to immediately; he had time to just... live. Maybe he ought to go back to the dormitories; Heights Alliance wasn't quite like the dorms in Academy City, but maybe that was, in part, for the better. If nothing else, change was good! Most of the time, at least. Or... some of the time?

Of course, who was to say that things were going to be different? A hundred thousand changes, and everything's still bound to be the same.​
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    Blanc stared at the boy angrily as he doubted if she could really fight. Does he even know that she's the goddess of the land that he's stepping on? Well, if it was Vert or Noire, she would've smacked them already. He gave the boy a chance since he's a foreigner. "Of course I can. What am I, a kid?" She continued. "I don't know if you can fight. If you can, then I'll probably just watch you from the sidelines. If you can't, well, I'd do the same thing, unless some high-class monster decided to show up. The slay quest that you took is a piece of cake. For me, anyway."

    Blanc walked out of the guild building. Some persons who were passing by greeted her with, "Good afternoon, Blanc-sama." She gave them a wave with a smile on her face. She rarely smiles now. Probably because she spends most of her time inside her room playing video games. If not, reading or writing books. The quest place, Lowee Snowfields, weren't too far from where they are now. She decided to walk her way towards there. "Introduce yourself." She commanded the boy.



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--Akira Kurusu--
Valpan, New Tokyo
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"No way! That's awesome!" The blonde girl cheered as the blue haired boy took a closer look at the laptop screen.

"Amazing...Look at all these praises...'They could actually get the job done'...'They're like vigilantes, but less flashy and more mysterious'..." The blue haired boy read out the comments as he soon spots a peculiar conment. "Oh! Take a gander at this particular one; 'They're like the Avengers, but doesn't make as much collateral damage to take down a criminal'..."

"Wait, we're ACTUALLY being compared to the Avengers? For real?!" The blonde boy almost squealed in delight, only to stop himself.

"Ryuji, mind trying to tone your voice a bit?" A short, bowl-cut girl reminded as the blonde named Ryuji nodded. "You wouldn't wanna repeat what happened last time, do you?"

"Ah, right...Whoops." Ryuji gulped as he soon faced Akira. "Sooo...What's on today's agenda?"

"Well, our top priority for now should be to find more targets, of course!" A mew came from Akira's bag as a black furred cat with ocean blue eyes popped out of it, facing the group of teenagers. Although most people could only hear meowing. "As you can probably tell--We're trending right now! I'm sure after that last heist the locals would've sent us requests!" The cat declared, prompting the group to look amongst themselves.

"If we're gonna look for one now, I say we crash onto my place for a bit." Akira invited, "My room is pretty spacy after all." He thought that it would be a good idea to at least go to a more secure hideout since, for all he knows, this place could've been bugged.

--Ryuga Banjou--
Gamsgard, Lowee

"If that's the case, you could've just given me a map, dammit." Ryuga raised a brow at Blanc's somewhat blunt response. Although he did find it interesting how she'd find a quest like this easy...Is there something he doesn't know? Well, aside from everything in this place, of course.

As the pair got out, Ryuga noticed how often the people referred to the child with the 'sama' honorific, almost as if she's a ruler or something. I mean, he did speculate about her being the sole daughter of a Prime Minister, but somehow...Maybe he's misunderstanding something. Before Ryuga could ask about Blanc's actual identity, she asked him to identify himself...Well, more like he was ordered to, specifically.

"Hm? It's Ryuga. Banjou Ryuga." Ryuga introduced himself in the most casual tone, albeit sounding a bit tough. "What's your name, shortie?" He asked, curious to hear her actual, full name...If she even has one.


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In case you missed the last twenty-one posts, then let me get you up to speed! Right now a multi-verse of superheroes and anime characters and weirdos have all collided together by the Beyonder (was the Living Tribunal busy?) With all of the ruckus, bad guys from all sorts of different dimensions are beating the crud out of each other due to nothing more than a force of habit! Meanwhile, without my Deadpool Villians collectible card deck to help me out, Tippy Toes and I are left to figure out what went on for ourselves!

Squirrel Girl hopped from tree to tree as she asked the squirrels if they had any idea what had happened to the city.

"How would we know if you don't? Squirrels don't cause interdimensional incidents!" one squirrel exclaimed.

Doreen put a finger ot her chin. "Hmm, that makes sense. Well, let me know if you find out anything!"

Aa she hopped from tree to tree, she noticed a group of thugs mugging an elderly lady, in what could only be described as a generic early-twentieth century crime.

"Alright, time to eat nuts," she began as she leapt and kicked one of the thugs in face, "and kick butts!"

In no time she had subdued the baddies, but something seemed off.

"Where are the other heroes? I haven't seen any of the Avengers! Wait, does that make me the senior Avenger in charge? That's awesome! But I could use some help....I wonder if Stark Tower is in the same spot...."

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The young male dressed in black got quite tired of walking the streets of this metropolitan city with no real destination. He needed information and the easiest way to get information is to ask for it. He tips the brim of his hat to a passerby. He stops for the passerby for a few seconds, asking the passerby where he was. It was soon revealed to the male dressed in black he was in Metropolis. He soon walks away from the passerby, thanking them for the information. The male knew where he was, but he needs to get back to his time. This would be quite hard considering he had no contacts or friends in Metropolis. 5a146db49d0ec977d80cbb5401507402.png

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Thel 'Moramee

Thel 'Moramee stood with his fellow sangheili as the guardians of his people proud and peaceful as it should be with no recent brute attacks, then suddenly Thel 'Moramee was ripped away from sangheilios and transported to this new world, landing within a metropolis with written languages he couldn't understand and surrounded by chattering humans, he groaned and said to himself

"I must find who or what did this and why it has done this".

He wanders through the metropolis vigilantly, seeing humans run around he walks through them looking for any who would have the knowledge he seeks, but so far he has found none that look knowledgeable here, never the less he continues to scout the metropolis looking for any form of clues that would lead him on his way, even as he moves through the crowds his memories of his home begin to haunt him, his rage begins to climb but he restrains himself, violence wouldn't solve anything right now and it would only trap him here


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    "Hm? It's Ryuga. Banjou Ryuga. What's your name, shortie?" Blanc stopped for a moment. While he was still walking, she put her leg in front of his, making him trip with his face planted on to the ground. If he was someone that he knew for a while, she would've probably tried to kill them. "The name's Blanc, Ryuuga." She said in her monotone voice, but her expression looked very threatening. "Say that to me again, and I'll send you to Planeptune in one kick."

    "Although some people prefer to call me by another name, you'll find it out soon enough." She hasn't heard of the name Ryuuga before, and she doesn't want to reveal her true identity to strangers if possible. Blanc already started to walk without waiting for Ryuuga to recover.


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