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Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    @Ferociousfeind @Thepotatogod

    McKenzie suddenly clutched his head as strange forces beyond our understanding informed him of some grave news.

    "McKenzie, do you sense something in the Force?" Pierre worriedly asked his loyal butler and fellow Jedi for his boundless wisdom.

    <"It's not the Force!"> McKenzie snapped at Pierre before screaming to the heavens above, <"The Seven Lucky Gods have told me that our friends are no longer in the Suicide Slums!">

    Pierre was stunned by the news, "It has to be a mistake, my friend!"

    McKenzie closed his eyes and shook his head, <"No, Master Pierre... The Seven Lucky Gods never make mistakes.">

    A frantic yet still very charming Famous Pierre grabbed the young detective's shoulder and shook her wildly, "My Friend! You're a detective! Maybe you could help
Kanna Kamui
New Tokyo

-For Love nor Money-

Kanna did not mind the fat nerd snatching away the book, at least she got what she saw. In the convention, she is just as in awe as Bart and Lisa. Cosplayers and booths are all over the place.

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  • Robin Hood left the place he stayed at, as he decided to take a short walk. He was still confused about where he was, how be got there and why but he was slowly starting to get used to it, even if it was rather hard for him to do. Robin Hood still missed the others back home but he knew by that moment that he won't ever go back, or at least for a while, as he accepted that as much as he could even if it was hard for him to do. Especially since he missed the others as they were family to him but he let that be, as that was all that he could do about that.

    Robin Hood hoped that the others would be alright, and that he would see them again some day but for the time being he tried to focus on other things instead. He continued to help people as he did back home, under the name Robin Hood, so at least there was that. It might not be much but it was better than not doing anything or so he thought. At the moment, however, Robin Hood had nothing much to do so he just walked around on his own lost in thoughts. As he tried not to think about the past but the present, no matter how hard it was for him to do, he still did it.
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  • Jane left her home as she walked around on her own, as she hoped that the others were alright but tried not to think of that as she walked. Over sudden, she stopped as she heard a commotion pretty close to where she was as she watched it all confused. Jane had no idea what to think as she sighed once more. She then run over to help, as she could tell who was evil and who wasn't or at least she thought that she could. Before that she made sure that she had her gun with her just in case. Not that it mattered as she could heal but that was besides the point. Jane had no idea how the sand could become a person or such, she figured that the person was a Nuro or such, even if she wasn't sure.

    "Leave him alone. Whatever or whoever you are! Stop it. There are innocent people around! No idea who you are but you have got to stop it," she said. Granted when the young hero was in the storm/sand storm Jane only saw what engulfed him but when he was out of there she could. She moved fast as she tried to get in front of the young hero. Jane didn't think about the risks or what could happen to her, all she thought about was someone needing help and she wanted to help.

    Phantom Thief of Harts, Captain Gensokyo
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Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • spider-verse (1).png
    @Captain Gensokyo @Maria30
    Miles Morales the Ultimate Spider-Man.jpg

    Sandman twisted his head around to face the woman and laughed, "Lady... You shouldn't worry about me..." Sandman used his free hand to point at something from behind the woman, "You should worry about him!" Before the woman could react...
    Prowler strikes.jpg
    The Prowler strikes!​

    The Prowler grabbed the woman by the leg and tossed her into Sandman's chest. Sand particles wrapped around the woman to restrict her movements and ensured she would not be a nuisance to the Maggia's current operation.

    Prowler looked down at Miles and glared at him, "You should stay out of this, Spider-Boy..."

    "It's Spider-Man..." Miles squirmed out of the sand plumb to glared back at the Prowler.

    "Maybe after ten more years, you could be," the Prowler joked before mockingly petting Miles' head.
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Count Gensokyo

Hands of Fate

  • Please wait warmly. . .

    Isn't it usually said that the eye is the calmest part of the storm? For Tohru, the golden winds of sand only grew more restless the closer she flew to the source. Snapped tree branches, shattered window glass, and everything in-between swirled through the vortex at the city square. Clear speech reached her attuned ears from miles away. She felt like she'd heard the voice of one of her neighbors somewhere within the sands―that couldn't be right...could it?

    Four figures stood in the sea—the one illuminated in purple would have been the stand-out if a sand monster wasn't also among them.

    Hmm...there's nothing magical about any of you, Tohru thought as she scrutinized the Sandman in particular.


    Wait! It's the--Spider Guy! From TV! she rattled her mind for a name to match the mask. It looks like he's in trouble! Am I watching a crime in progress?!

    Tohru had put a stop to paltry thieves and petty trespassers before, but those were all in the name of gaining Miss Kobayashi's favor or helping a friend! She never thought she'd be getting herself involved with big hero stuff like this...

    What was the best way of resolving this...? She was still cloaked, so there was no way for anyone to know she was here in the first place. Someone might get hurt if she doesn't act soon, however...

    ! ! !

    The Chaos Dragon cracked a smile.

    Aha! A stealthy attack is all I need to dispatch those humans!

    I'll immobilize the sandy one and knock his partner unconscious!


    Heat broiled in the mythical beast's mouth―a magical flame capable of reaching half the heat and pressure of the Earth's core on a good day and generated by her own endless supply of mana. The dragon knew from experience how heat could transform sand into glassy particles. The flame's output was "only" going to be a simmering 2,000 degrees Celsius, but Tohru wasn't exactly counting digits. Tohru prepared to strike the Sandman in the back with a concentrated blast of dragon breath, ready to satisfy the urge to annihilate all of her enemies!

    The voice of a familiar woman echoed in Tohru's head as fire crackled at the tips of her fangs.

    Tohru...is this what I'd want out of you?

    "Urk...anything but that look...!"

    At this point, Tohru wasn't sure how much of Miss Kobayashi's conscience had become her own.

    That's right...the last time Tohru tried to let loose on a good-for-nothing in this world, a man was forcing himself onto Miss Kobayashi. In a rage, Tohru wrecked the whole bar, and then she had to explain to the red Spider Guy how she could easily return all the damaged stuff back to normal with her magic. There was a big lecture about responsibility...and about gods who would chase her down if she attracted too much attention. Most importantly, though, Miss Kobayashi wasn't the happiest camper about it, either...

    People aren't so easy to replace, Tohru. What if someone died tonight?

    Tohru's savage glee was quickly replaced by a frown full of regret as she sputtered the flame out of existence.

    "How do I do this the right way, then?"

    Tohru decided to go about this in a way that was still going to put a lot of people at risk: diplomacy, or her lack of skills thereof.

    She dropped down to the pavement below, concealing her wings and tail.

    The green glow around Tohru faded as she became visible to everyone present: the hero, the villain, his partner, and the citizen in their clutches.

    At this point, they were hanging onto this invisible stranger's every word.

    Unbeknownst to the dragon-in-disguise, however, one of them knew exactly who she was!

    "Hello~~! Can you let those two go? This sandstorm's such a bother, right? Can't you stop it for a while?" Tohru asked in an absurdly polite fashion.

    ...She was supposed to be a "good guy" here, right?

    @Phantom Thief of Harts, @Maria30, @marc122 (Kobayashi), @Topless (Kanna Kamui)


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  • Jane hoped to do the right thing and save a person in danger, as she did before. With the sand being she knew it would take a while but she didn't expect that longer than long. Jane hoped that the sand being didn't have a partner or such but it clearly did. She got in the way in hopes of saving the spider kid- Spider man but she didn't expect what happened next. Jane was about to turn to see what was behind her as whatever it was grabbed her leg and tossed her at the sandman(she had no idea about the crawler and such, as she never seen one nor it nor saw it that moment or knew it's name or such. It was the first time she dealt with that after all) to get her out of the way. Jane wondered what should she do then. She was used to dealing with enemies with and without powers but none of those were anything like that. Jane might end up healing if she died but she knew that she would suffer badly, in fact she knew she would most likely have a coughing fit for the rest of her life. Unless that would actually kill her. None of those options were an option, at least not to Jane.

    Seriously? What the hell is going on? Sandman is bad enough but that. It's hard to breath! How do I get out of that one? That what I get for being a good guy as I am. Well, good woman if being technical but still! That's insane, how the hell do I get out and help anyway? There must be away, I am running out of time here. I am engulfed by this damn sand, it's insane! There must be away to get rid of that once and for all, think Jane, think and hurry, she thought to herself as she tried to figure out what to do. Jane wanted to figure it as fast as possible. She tried to fight but that was clearly no use, she could definitely tell.

    Jane felt pressure whether the sand being put pressure or not, and she definitely hated it. She knew that there was away out or had to be, because if not then all would be over and that wasn't an option. Jane refused to believe that she was going to die like that. There was no way in hell that she would ever accept it. Jane stopped struggling as she went into her subconscious as she did before. That way she tried to figure out away to win without feeling pain or pressure. Jane felt like she could think better that way. It helped her think without the pressure. Jane might have felt slight pain but not as much as she did before, which helped her, as it felt like it came from far away so she could focus on what she had to do. Except she wasn't sure what should she do. Jane was definitely frustrated by that. By the damn situation she was in. Jane was so districted by what she went through, by what that was going on that she had no idea that there was someone else there that tried to help. All she focused on was getting out. Jane felt like only two or so minutes passed by it most likely was more then that but at least she was somewhere where she could focus on what she had to do.

    She knew that she couldn't hurt the sand as it wasn't like a person that you could kick and punch until you got released and such. It was sand, in the literal sense, which was much harder to deal with but she knew that she could do it, one way or another but she wasn't sure how to do that so. Jane knew that sooner or later she would figure that out but she wasn't sure how as of yet. At the moment she figured to use the trick she used as a kid when bring bullied, go into her subconscious, which was what she did. However, Jane has no clue what should she do after that. She was more and more frustrated every passing moment and she wanted things to change in her favor. Which meant it was up to Jane herself to make that happen, or so she thought and believed, as she knew that rather well. The others weren't there to help her, then again she doubted that they would ever be able to help even if they tried to.

    It didn't matter so, as no matter what it was up to Jane, and she knew it. She wished that she could just punch a hole in the sand or something like that. Jane wondered what should she possibly do to save herself. Whatever was happening around her had to wait because if she doesn't hers out of that damn situation then it won't matter anyway. Even if Jane won't die it still won't be good for her as she would have to be in the coma for the rest of her life or whatever. None of that was an option not to her. Jane tried to think harder on what she had to do. She tried to figure out what should she do today alive. It was hard but Jane knew that she could handle it, as she faced many bad things before and survived, so she could do that too. Granted, her healing ability helped her with that, but it still counted for something. Or so Jane thought as well as believed.

    She then realized something or thought that she did, as she came back to herself and began to fight her way out the best she could without doing the same as she did before. Jane realized that it would only make things worse for her and that wasn't an option, not that her at least. It took her some time, a very long time even if not too too long but she eventually got out or fell out on her knees as she began to cough, and then she breathed as much as she could.

    Jane then spit the sand out in case she had any stuck in her(it definitely felt like she did, at least to get it did). As she then brushed her hands over her eyes. Jane then got up and looked around at what was happening around her. She saw the one who joined as for a minute she thought that it was one of the villains, until she realized that it didn't seem that way. Jane wondered if someone of the good guys had ant ideas on how to defeat the enemies or was it all pointless. She for one refused to give up. Especially since it wasn't like Jane to do and it never would be, she planned to make sure of it. Even if she had no idea how yet. Jane felt pain all over herself as well as weak and wobbly on her feet but did the best that she could to avoid it and focus on what to do next, no more nor less. She was sure that there was away to stop those two beings, that were terrorising the good guys and trying to do whatever that was they tried to do.

    Jane had no idea how to stop them but she refused to give up, no matter what. She had brushed her hands over her eyes before she did anything so, after she got out but at that moment she brushed her hands over her own eyes again as she felt like there was still sand there or such. Jane then closed her eyes for a bit and opened them once more. She knew if she could get out of the sand, then she would be able to figure out away to get rid of it all, one way or another, even if so far she had no idea how to do that, just yet but she was positively sure that sooner or later she would figure it out. If not Jane than someone else but she was sure that someone would figure it all out and then they would be able to get rid of the two evils once and for all. She was sure of it, positive of it in fact. Even if Jane still had no idea how but that was beside the point. She tried to stay positive as she tried her best to catch her breath and get rid of the sand that one way or another got stuck on her. Jane then felt a bit forward as she sat on her knees and breathed. She sat that way for a while and then got up as she tried to figure out what to do next.

    Phantom Thief of Harts, Captain Gensokyo

  • Add's expression didn't change as he responded, although there was a slight shift in his tone of voice that could hint at his thinking or looking forward to something. "I'd have to do a detailed scan to answer the question of upgrades. Right now all I'm picking up are signals that seem to be searching for something." Add reached up and tapped the area of the head that would be closest to Marcus's head as he continued, saying, "I believe it's some kind of radio wave frequency from a microchip, and the one other thing about you that hinted at your cyborg nature. the other is that your footsteps are heavier than normal for someone of your size hinting at a metal skeleton of some sort."

    Add fell silent for a few more moments as he finalized the commands he was giving to his drones that he would be leaving on Mars after which he turned his attention to summoning the interplanetary cab that he had been told about by the Gundam Pilots before they went their own way. When the cab arrived Add floated in and left Marcus to follow him if he wished. Upon entering the cab Add noticed that it seemed to be occupied by two other pasengers already. Of course the cab had room for more passengers, and while Add did not expect there to be passengers in the cab when it was summoned it occurred to him that he didn't know how many interplantary taxi cabs there were, or how busy they got.

    @darkred @Ferociousfeind
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  • "Mhm," Callie nodded, "Yes, that makes sense."
    "And then we just... slip right in, and blow it all-" Pearl stopped, seeing that the cab was coming to a stop.

    The two native passengers were of diminutive statures, standing no more than a meter tall each, though one was certainly shorter than the other. The taller one was colored similarly to Add himself, different shades of purple as accents upon the inky black of a night's sky. A few further moments of inspection revealed this color palette to be the girl's hair. As well, her hair was comprised of tentacles, stylized so convincingly into what might fool many, but not Add, into believing it was hair. "Hello!" she greeted Add pleasantly.

    The smaller of the two passengers had paper-white tentacles, as white as Add's own hair, which were shorter than the dark purple one's. They were accented with a very rare shade of hot pink, and adorned with a crown of similar. What was most striking about this one, however, was the gigantic forehead murderous expression she was now wearing. "Oh...?" she asked, looking the purple figure up and down, "You didn't hear anything, did you?"
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The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.

  • 3F97E561-4F7A-4FCB-8D60-41C06C6335A9.jpeg

    “Wow guys, this has been amazing right? I got some amaaaaazing development there, right, going and doing a bunch of $#%* in the background because things went sideways in the background... Riiiiiight?” The insane merc spoke to no one in particular fuming.

    “Alright time to help wrap this up, because this arc has hit the point of not eating your pancakes with syrup in a timely manner and becoming a weird paste of lost dreams and misery...”

    Deadpool marched his way over to the source of the sandstorms that we’re ravaging Manhattan.

    And there he witnessed the scene, with Spider-Man (Miles) and the Prowler, doing their thing, and then the man of the hour causing most of the chaos. Sandman, who was in the possession of a woman, who may or may not be a hostage of some kind. And a dragon... humanoid... maid.. thing...?

    “A weird Japan thing, got it...” He muttered to himself, with this dragon maid trying to deescalate the situation. While he tried to think of what to do.

    He took a deep breath and sigh, this wasn’t his forte, but things were a bit personal for Wade. And he understood Sandman’s situation, and therefore Wade was gonna take action. It was part of the reason he intervened to stop the Maggia.

    It wasn’t the smartest plan, but given his feelings he felt towards this situation violence didn’t feel very warranted. It very apparent no one wanted to use it, as well. It would be his last resort here. And this risked his hide and Wade knew it, and if he had to fight he knew he couldn’t really do much, and he’d be getting smacked around.

    But he’s been smacked around a countless number of times before, doesn’t mean it didn’t hurt, he could still feel pain after all. But any amount of physical pain was nothing to the emotional pain he felt on a near daily basis, with very little moments of genuine joy in between. And as a person today, Wade hurt.

    “Alright... Let’s do this...”

    Wade then stepped out and made his presence known.

    “Sandman, I’ve come to bargain.” Still managing to crack some kind of reference in an attempt to lighten the mood.

    “Sandy...? Sandlad...? You prefer any of those...? Y’know what let’s just stick with Sandman.” Making an attempt to make the atmosphere less tense. But his usual joking tone was replaced by something much more melancholy, more empathetic. “I know I may not be the most comforting presence ever, but I’m gonna make an attempt here... Because I know, you, I, that woman your holding right now, and that uh, dragon maid thing, even Spider Man don’t want to be here right now in this situation. We don’t want to throw fisticuffs at each other, we don’t want to hurt anymore. We just want to go home, to live our lives, and continue finding what little joys we have.”

    Deadpool really got emotional here... “And I truly understand and get, what you’re feeling Sandman, as a father myself... Heh, a man like me a father, what a cruel joke that must be. That isn’t the point though, but I can feel how having some &@%#*$ take your daughter and strong arm you into doing their slimy, dirty deeds for them, or harm her would send you into a panic, to do something that’s morally wrong to you, in the hopes that you’ll be left alone... The problem is, scumbags like them will never leave you alone, they’ll hound you and your daughter forever... My point here is, you can find a way out, because on the current course you’re on, you are gonna find yourself thrown into the clink without a damn given to you... But we can change that, just stop this, or we could go Liam Neeson on them like in Taken, hell for all I care we could go murder those pieces of $#%* ourselves for what they’ve done. Please, let’s stop this and focus on the real issue here, or whatever but from one father to another...”

    “Let’s just end this ok...?”

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  • Add's expression didn't change as he responded, although there was a slight shift in his tone of voice that could hint at his thinking or looking forward to something. "I'd have to do a detailed scan to answer the question of upgrades. Right now all I'm picking up are signals that seem to be searching for something." Add reached up and tapped the area of the head that would be closest to Marcus's head as he continued, saying, "I believe it's some kind of radio wave frequency from a microchip, and the one other thing about you that hinted at your cyborg nature. the other is that your footsteps are heavier than normal for someone of your size hinting at a metal skeleton of some sort."

    Add fell silent for a few more moments as he finalized the commands he was giving to his drones that he would be leaving on Mars after which he turned his attention to summoning the interplanetary cab that he had been told about by the Gundam Pilots before they went their own way. When the cab arrived Add floated in and left Marcus to follow him if he wished. Upon entering the cab Add noticed that it seemed to be occupied by two other pasengers already. Of course the cab had room for more passengers, and while Add did not expect there to be passengers in the cab when it was summoned it occurred to him that he didn't know how many interplantary taxi cabs there were, or how busy they got.

    @darkred @Ferociousfeind
Marcus Wright
Location: Mars>>???

Marcus nodded "I'm coming, Add. Count me in. Besides some new adventures would do me good."

The half terminator moved toward the cab as he moved inside, seeing Add, along with two others inside.

"So where you planning on going, Add?"

@Torma Ximnus


Endearing Misanthrope
  • Miguel O'Hara - Mewnisse


    Miguel could only utter out a surprised sound as Gerome, without any prompt, suddenly took off with his wyvern. The futuristic web-slinger was about to muse to himself about what a rude gesture it was, before seeing what compelled the other man to take off as he looked up, looking at just what was going on in the skies.

    He thought to follow after initially to give some support, but loath as he was to admit it, Miguel was out of his element here. Without any sky-piercing towers, high-rise apartments, and streamlined flying cars to latch on to with his webs, there wasn't a way to get up there without latching onto the wyverns, which would have proven to be a risky gambit. Besides, the way Gerome moved, he was definitely well-versed in this sort of battle, it seemed, the way he valiantly and confidently moved despite his injuries. Or maybe such was what drove a man to fight for what he believed in and in his trusted comrades.

    ... Or maybe he was just really eager to leave the conversation.

    Watching the battle with bated breath as it went on, Miguel began to follow suit with Star and Marco once it seemed to be all over, and that was when Hekapoo suddenly appeared, her cool and playful airs wiped off and replaced by a genuine terror evidently. It looked like she had met the horror of the villains they were up against firsthand, and unfortunately as to be expected, did not come out completely unscathed.

    And following her was essentially a small army of Carnage clones from the looks of it modeled in part after Hekapoo herself, chasing after another Spider-Hero. Guess that explained that. Getting into stance, he clicked his tongue grimly. "Ah, shock. That's... a lot of them alright, but hey, like they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained," he said, preparing to dive into battle once more.

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Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • spider-verse (1).png
    @Count Gensokyo @Maria30

    Prowler did not flinch at the sight of the maid-uniform-clad Chaos Dragon before calmly ordering to Sandman, "You heard her... do what she says."

    Sandman turned his head to Prowler with a bewildered look, "What?"

    "You heard me, Marko... Do what she says," Prowler repeated with a glare.

    Soon the sandstorm slowly died down as Sandman pulled the woman out of his torso.

    The Elemental Super Villain waved his finger at the woman and warned her, "If you know what's good for you, you'd stay out of this."

    Sandman turned his head to the Chaos Dragon and sighed, "Sorry about the storm, ma'am... Just following orders."

    Soon the mountain of sand that was pinning Miles to the pavement lifted from the young hero's body.

    Sandman then turned his attention to the Prowler and asked the enforcer, "What about the Spider-Brat?"

    Out of fear and desperation, Miles fled the scene by retreating to the city rooftops.

    "I'll handle the kid myself," the Prowler simply said as he turned his sights at Miles. "Just keep the Pro-Heroes busy."

    And soon the Prowler hunted down Miles through the chaotic streets of New Tokyo.


    Miles turned invisible as he entered the apartment of the first person that came to his mind, Aaron Davis.

    I gotta stop them... but... I don't know if I can do it.

    Miles took his mask off and stuffed it into his suit's inner pocket before sitting down on the couch to write a letter for his dear uncle.

    Dear Uncle Aaron, I gotta do something, and I don't know if I can do it. I'm scared, man. I feel like this whole thing is going to end up getting me killed. You're the only one who I can talk to. I just wish you were here.

    Suddenly Miles' Spider-Senses kicked in and warned him of incoming danger. Miles quickly leaped over the couch to hide behind it, and while still invisible, he poked his head out from his cover to see the Prowler by the door of Uncle Aaron's apartment.

    The Prowler!? What's he doing here!?

    The Prowler scanned the apartment for his prey before bolting towards the couch where Miles hid.

    Miles froze, not daring to breathe as the Prowler's claws reached out towards Miles' still invisible face. Thankfully for Miles, a phone rang, which distracted Prowler.

    "Silvermane..." The Prowler answered the call, "I'll do the job at the Stark Expo, sir..."

    The Prowler lifted his mask to reveal the face of Miles' own Uncle, Aaron Davis.

    "You know me, sir... I don't ever quit," Aaron Davis reassured Silvermane.

    A still invisible Miles slowly recovered from shock and confusion and jumped out of the window of his Uncle's Apartment and swung his way to the only person he could turn to now...
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"[Spirit] Bang."

  • The briefing room aboard the carrier was quiet. It was dark. Even with his equipment, Raiden was blind. Well, not entirely. He was aware of his surroundings, what little there was to this dull, blank room. Most of his vision was obscured by the interface in front of him, in which the camera module in his helmet displayed his face on the righthand side, while his command staff was on the left. For the moment, it was Colonel Fury, though he understood that there were a couple other people on the bridge, like Colonel Campbell. He was familiar with them to some extent, but he had mostly dealt with the Colonel, from the simulations to the handful of missions that he had undertaken for S.H.I.E.L.D. prior to this one. As far as he was concerned, this one wasn't going to be much different.

    "Alright, Colonel Fury. What's my objective here? Stopping A.I.M. from stealing the Stark technology?"

  • As this is going on, within the crowd of onlookers is a peculiar bunch of Nazi-esque soldiers surrounding a beautiful redhead as they watch from a distance. This is Princess Parasoul Renoir, currently the ruler of Canopy Kingdom. They were on the way to the expo when the A.I.M. showed up to cause a ruckus. Luckily, the Avengers have arrived to stop them. Parasoul looks down and notices something missing.

    "Egrets...where's Umbrella?"

    "YAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!" This is Umbrella, Parasoul's spoiled brat of a little sister, and yes, she is charging into the battle. Parasoul quickly gets angry.

    "UMBRELLA!!!" Parasoul screamed "EGRETS, GET HER!" And so immediately, they went after Umbrella, hoping that she doesn't get caught in the crossfire.

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    The person on the other end of the codex was not Colonel Fury Jr. but Deputy Director Maria Hill.

    "Sorry to disappoint you, Raiden but Colonel Fury has important matters to attend to in Mewnisse," Maria Hill informed Raiden of Fury's current whereabouts. "So right now, you'll be reporting to me."

    "And as of right now, your mission is indeed making sure that A.I.M. does not get their hands on Stark's Tech or the Towa Group's Tech for that matter... However be on the look out for Bram Velsing, Intel says that he was spotted in Towa City."


Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • The_Simpsons_Logo.png



    The Convention boasted more than Celebrity Cameos and a bunch of nerds. It hosted a slew of 'Meet and Greets' and Autograph signings from many top celebrities and heroes.

    "All right, everyone! Let's go get some souvenirs before we go to the Meet and Greet!" Marge rallied everyone together and led them to the Merchandise Section.

    Yang held Kanna closer to her and patted the young girl's head, "Stick with me, Kiddo; I don't want you getting lost here."

    The Simpsons marveled at the bountiful selection of over-priced trinkets in the Convention's Merchandise Section and after purchasing souvenir T-shirts the group headed right towards to a section of the Convention Center designated for All-Might's Meet and Greet.

    All Might.jpg

    "For a big guy... He sure is flatter in person," Homer inspected the visage of New Tokyo's legendary hero.

    "Dad, that's not All Might!" Lisa was quick to correct Homer of his mistake which was caused by his ever growing stupidity. "It's a cardboard cutout of All Might!"

    Homer nonetheless marveled at the cutout, "It's so lifelike!"

    Soon, a familiar teen appeared from the crowd to inform the group, "If you're here for the All Might Meet-and-Greet then I hate to tell you that it's postponed."

    "What do you mean the meet and greet with All Might is postponed?" Lisa asked the familiar squeeky-voiced Teen.

    "Is he busy dealing with super powered criminals?" Yang asked the scrawny teen.

    "No... He's in the line for Mark Hamill," the Squeeky-voiced Teen informed the Simpsons. "Along with all the other Pro-Heroes in the convention."

    "Wow, Mark Hamill must be really popular around here," Marge awed at the awesome power of Mark Hamill's immense popularity.

    "I know that but why?" Lisa pondered on why the celebrated actor was so revered in New Tokyo.

    "Mark Hamill-San is great American Hero," a Japanese woman walked passed the group to simply reinforce Mark's popularity in New Tokyo.

    "That explains that," Yang noted on the rather coincidental timing of the passerby's response.

  • Kanna Kamui
    Convention Whatever

    Kanna nodded, sticking close to Yang as they went along the family around the convention until stopping by a meet-and-greet booth of All Might, which sadly was postponed. This disappoints her, she wanted to meet All Might in person and tell the tale. Then someone explained the reason...and deep inside, she feels angry about it. She has no idea who Mark Hamil is, and to say that he is someone greater than the number one is like which animal is the fastest; the turtle or the hare. If she ever confronts Mark, he be praying for his dear life

    @Phantom Thief of Harts

Phantom Thief of Harts

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  • hyperdimension-neptunia.png

    "After a quick bit of fast travel... We finally arrived at Affimax's Secret base were we hope to save our poor friend, Uzume from the clutches of whatever vile villain we're dealing this time around!" Neptune graciously narrated to the reader.

    "Yes! Now that we've reached their stronghold, nothing is going to stop us from saving Uzume!" Vert joined Neptune in the unnecessarily dramatic narration.

    Neptune turned to look at her party members and giggled, "So, who's ready to save the day?"

Shooting Star Asuka

I'm not cute Madoka, I'm Neptune! :p

  • @Phantom Thief of Harts @Count Gensokyo @Thepotatogod

    Sayaka flinched when the woman mentioned that life would be better without God's. She clenched her hands and thought to herself, Life without Gods? Without Madoka becoming a goddess, I would be fighting witches, and she was the one who prevented Walpugischnact from destroying our world! What is her issue with God's?!

    Sayaka would march forward at the woman, but Estelle would step in front of Sayaka with both her hands up in Defense.
    "Woah Sayaka! I know that look when I see it!"
    "I'm not going to start a fight if that was what you were thinking. I wanted to ask some questions."
    "Just please, don't start something when we need to save MP and HP for fighting the dark elves."
    "I won't."

    Sayaka would approach the glasses wearing female before kneelig down and started picking up some pamphlets that were on the ground to help her out.

    "So what exactly is this meeting? It sounds like something I can go to if I have the time."
    She handed a stack of the papers to the woman, before smiling.



We're all friends here, right?

  • --Joker--
    @Phantom Thief of Harts
    Joker snickered as Speed Demon, the obvious Speedster, revealed his hand to be a measly one pair--shame really, after that show of confidence that Jackpot was going to lose. Afterwards, Joker revealed his to be a normal Flush. It was followed by Overdrive and Iruma giving up in a Fold, but not before the obviously hormonal teenager infuriating Beetle one last time. Those two are a riot. It was then followed by Jackpot revealing her hand to be a Royal Flush. Big difference. It was then that Jackpot noted uneasiness from Beetle, considering that she's used to being defeated like this.

    It was then that the New Kingpin, Kingsley has become the topic of the conversation. From there, he discovered a few things. 1. Being a Super Criminal somehow has its own economy, and it's falling at the moment thanks to the New Kingpin's unfair cuts. 2. A villain known as Hobgoblin has been reappearing despite his supposed death. 3. Potential Keywords; Manhattan, Cared, and Bank. Another Kaneshiro-esque palace? It's possible, but who knows.

    Before Joker could even persuade them if he could know more, they were taken away for some job. It was then that Jackpot had snickered, stating that it was quite the experience.

    "It is." Joker sighed, cricking his neck. "Although, I have to say, this had been more insightful than I had expected."
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  • Wasp noticed the red-headed girl as froze for a mere moment as if she saw a ghost.

    "Wait, Isn't that that robot girl you were talking about Hank?" Wasp asked her significant other and fellow Avenger, the former Ant-Man, Dr. Henry Pym.

    An equally shrunken down Yellowjacket (Hank Pym) flew beside Wasp. "Yes, that's the one."

    "So what's the problem with her? Worried she might turn into the next U--" before Janet could finish her sentence a gust of wind blew through the two Avengers and knocked the couple down.

    As the two Avengers began to recover from the blast of wind, it was soon clear to them that the one responsible was none other than their old foe, Whirlwind.
    "Oh great... Dave's here..." Wasp muttered under her breath while keeping her eyes on the vile villain.

    "Jan, you need backup?" Hank asked Wasp.

    "No thanks, Hank..." Wasp declined the offer as she flew right towards Whirlwind. "I got this handled."

    "Just be careful, Jan."

    "Dave!" Wasp called out the name of the mutant super villain as she fired her bio-electric stingers at him. "Seriously, when I told you to get a real job I didn't mean get a job at A.I.M.!" Wasp zipped around Whirlwind as she fired her bio-electric stingers straight into the mutant super criminal's eye.

    "Ah! My eye!" Whirlwind clutched his injured eye before he was consumed by rage. "That's it! I'll show you what happens when you mess with Whirlwind!"

    Soon Whirlwind fired his wrist-mounted buzzsaw launchers at Wasp, who dodged them with ease.

    "Dave, how many times do you say that before I usually beat you up?"

    Away from the chaos, the newly rebranded Superior Six™ watched on from the safety of a nearby alleyway.

    One of Whirlwind's buzzsaws lodged itself against the corner of the alleyway mere inches from Boomerang's face. The Australian Born super criminal laughed as he dislodged the buzzsaw from the corner and expressed his utter delight at their current situation. "This is great!"

    "How the hell is this suppose to be great?" Beetle was dumbfounded by Boomerang's optimism.

    "Yeah, I think the new kid's having a panic attack," Shocker added to Beetle's point by gesturing at Miu, who was curled up in a fetal position and cowering behind a dumpster.

    "What new kid? You mean Prowler? I thought he's on the rooftops or something," Boomerang eyed Shocker.

    Beetle groaned out of annoyance and stepped between her fellow Superior Six™ members, "He means the girl I brought so we could actually call ourselves the Sinister Six!"

    "Superior Six™!" Boomerang corrected Beetle. "Remember about the trademark!"

    "Whatever! Who cares!? Please, just answer my question! How the hell is this suppose to be a good thing?" Beetle asked her question once more.

    "Look at it this way, Beetle," Boomerang dramatically threw his arms at the Avenger's ongoing battle with A.I.M. before continuing, "The Avengers are a big problem for us for this job but thanks to those glorified beekeepers from A.I.M. we don't have to worry about them that much. All we gotta do is sneak on in and snatch that shiny Stark Tech for Silvermane's shiny bald head."

    "Yeah, let's sneak in and probably get killed trying to haul one of Stark's fancy suits!" Beetle quickly poked a hole in Boomerang's plot. "Do you see how this is a bad idea?!"

    Boomerang couldn't help himself but laugh off Beetle's concerns, "Sorry if you're not open-minded enough to see our big opportunity here!"

    "Idiot," Beetle muttered to herself as she shook her head at the Six's apparent leader as he ran off to achieve said job.

(Credit to @Venom by night for the Logo)
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  • "Huh?" Umbrella stops dead on her tracks when she heard a loud thud followed by seeing one of the hazmat guys crashing into a building wall. She turns her head and her eyes widens with surprise.

    "Hey! Are you...Build? Kamen Rider Build? Masked Rider Build? The Rabbit-Tank red-and-blue bike-riding henshin superhero?" Umbrella gets excited as she goes fangirl over Sento "Oh gosh! I never knew that this day would come! Not only I am going to meet the Avengers, but also Kamen Rider Build?! This is the best day in my life!" Sento then asked where her parents are, only to feel a tap on his shoulder when an Egret showed up. "Excuse me sir, but will you allow me to pick this kid up? We were ordered by Princess Parasoul to take her away from battle." He says, which infuriates Umbrella.

    "What? No! I wanna help the Avengers! I can fight too!"

    "But Princess Umbrella, you are too young and untrained to take on those guys. Leave this to the professionals."




    "Princess Umbrella-"

    "NO! I'm gonna fight whether you like it or not! I'll show to you that I am a capable fighter much like my sister! To prove that, I'll take on...um..." She looks left and right for anyone that she can fight, eventually pointing to, of all people, Whirlwind.

    "I'll take on that green guy over there!" The Egrets were horrifyingly shocked by this testament. "Princess Umbrella! That guy looks dangerous! I'm afraid that we will have to force you to- huh? Where did she go?" It was only then that they realize that Umbrella is now charging towards Whirlwind.

    "Great Scott!" One of them yelled in panic and then one of them turns to Sento and say "Sir! Please get her away from that man! Not even we can get to her with how powerful that villain is."

    @Phantom Thief of Harts @Thepotatogod @thatguyinthestore @Bixir
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  • Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Logo.png

    The Guardians led the young and lost space pirates to their destination, Knowhere.

    "Here, we are, girls... Welcome to Knowhere... Knowhere with a K, by the way," Star-Lord chuckled as his own quip as he piloted the Milano into the massive maw of Knowhere.

    "Oh and don't get weirded out," Star-Lord warned the lost Space Pirates. "The Ship Bay is right through there. Just don't think about how much it looks like it wants to eat you because it won't."

    "Yeah, it's just the hollowed out skull of a Celestia..." Rocket sarcastically added to Star-Lord's point. "Nothing weird about that."

    "Okay, maybe it is weird if you put it that way..."


    As the Milano and the Bentenmaru docked on the massive Celestial Skull-turned-space station's docking bay and as they all depart from their ships, they were soon greeted by the pitter-patter of tiny feet.

    "Okay, this is the weird part..." Star-Lord muttered to himself as he crossed his arms and sighed.

    A voice echoed in the minds of all those in Knowhere's Docking Bay, "Welcome to back here, Comrade Quill! How was beink mission?" Soon a dog dressed in a cosmonaut suit walked up to the group with its tail wagging.

    "Just dandy, Cosmo," Star-Lord reported to the space dog.

    "Anythink interestink happen on mission?" Cosmo the space dog tilted his head curiously.

    "We helped out some stragglers," Star-Lord placed his hands on his hips and gave the space dog a sly smirk.

    "Meanink?" Cosmo raised his ear at Star-Lord in hopes of getting a proper explanation.

    Star-Lord remained quite and simply gestured over to the Bentenmaru's crew.

    Mantis explained the Space Pirates' situation for Cosmo, "They have only recently arrived in this universe, and we offer them refuge here in Knowhere."

    "Is that not beink Silver Surfer's job?" Cosmo's tail stopped wagging upon asking them.

    "Well, he was not present when we encountered these... Space Pirates," Drax eyed the young Space Pirates before turning his sight back to Cosmo.

    Cosmo shook his head, "We are Guardians of Galaxy, not daycare." Cosmo then noticed the absence of one Gaurdian, "Where is beink, Adam Warlock?"

    Rocket presented the soul gem that was once on the forehead of the man called Warlock, "Soulworld, it's a long story."

    "Cosmo have time for long story," the space dog growled at Rocket.
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  • Just as Whirlwind charged straight for the Wasp, the miniature Avenger fired her bio-electric stingers right into the Mutant Mercenary's face and knocked him out cold.

    Satisfied with her fight with Whirlwind, Jan called up her fellow Avenger and former Ant-Man, Hank Pym, with a confident smirk on her face she informed him, "I told you I got this, Hank." Soon, Wasp's gaze then went to Umbrella, "Even saved a princess too."

    The Wasp then flew over to the young Canopy Princess and offered her a hand, "You okay, Princess?"

    Meanwhile, the self-appointed leader of the Superior Six™, Boomerang, took advantage of the chaos and sneaked his way into the Expo's outdoor Hall of Armors display. The Australian-Born Super Criminal marveled at the collection of suits that the Golden Avenger had worn in his time.

    "Wow, look at all of this stuff," Boomerang's smug smirk turned into a toothy grin as he rubbed his hands together. "Now, which one should I get for ol' Silvermane and which one do I get to keep for myself?"

    Back to the rest of the Superior Six™, the super villains gathered around and watched Boomerang's antics from afar.

    "He does know those are just displays, right?" Beetle grumbled as her brows furrowed.
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