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Beyond Infinite Crisis (Crossover RP) (Always Accepting!)



Three Thousand Club

Location: Gravity Peaks

After hearing that Asriel agreed to his suggestion of joining up together, the Orlan smiles a toothy smile, pleased to see that he wouldn't have wander around this strange place all by himself. Not that he couldn't of he had to.

"A wise decision, my floppy eared friend! Why wander around aimlessly all by yourself when you could have a companion to keep you company? Especially one as charming as I."

"Now, why don't we start doing some exploring? There has to be someone around here who could offer some assistance or even information."



The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Tron suddenly jumped when the rabbit-looking robot hopped on the table and stares at her. "What the-?!" Tron was a bit freaked out by this. As she observed the robot, all of a sudden it tackles her, making her fall onto the hard floor. Just when they know its over, the tanks begin to come alive, and the one that May holds get dropped when she felt it moving. The girls quickly get together back-to-back as they are surrounded by the tanks. "What is going on?!" Filia asked, but not before the tanks begins to fire bolas and nets to trap them. Once they're all tied up, they fell onto the floor and they begin to struggle to break free. "Nakoruru!" May yelled "Your bird!" Nakoruru nodded, but when she calls out Mamahaha, she saw that he too is caught. Now they are left with nothing but to wait for the owner of the dorm to arrive.




A Real Human Bean

Squirrel Girl hopped down the mishmash skyline of New Tokyo, wondering if she had somehow been dropped into the Blade Runner Universe. No, not foggy and grimdark enough. Plus no flying cars. Ah nuts!

Doreen eventually made it to her destination: Stark Tower. She was able to get past the lobby just fine, but getting to the Iron Man Vault would be another.

[Access denied.]

"Nuts. Friday, where is Tony?"

"Searching....location unknown. Unable to locate Tony Stark."

"Friday, who is currently the leader of the Avengers?"

"Going through the chain of command," the AI stated. A holo screen popped up going from Tony to Captain America to Carol Danvers....past Bruce Banner....past Vision....past Hawkeye....past Spiderman......past General Ross.....swept by Ghost Rider.

Several minutes went by as almost every notable hero and for some reason a villian or two went by the interface.

"Unable to locate a suitable leader within this dimension. Current Leader of the Avengers is Doreen Green. Access Granted."

Squirrel Girl made a face as she came upon Stark's lounge.

"I always knew that Tony had faith in me. But where is everyone?"

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Vermin King

Loves Non-euclidean Dice
Queek Headtaker

Gravity peaks swamp
After a while Queeks hunters had returned, to the warlords delight they carried back sacks full of Gnomes

"yes-yes you done well for Queek, bring many tiny dwarf-things crunchy and sweet, maybe clan rats can take what Queeks red guard won't finish yes-yes"

Queek snickered as he reached in and started to snack on some of his latest tasty treats, but one of his underlings felt like they should be rewarded for his findings and tries to take a trophy from Queeks rack, a head, a hand, anything would do but they were always on his back and after all he was eating he wouldn't notice right?

Unfortunately for the underling he was wrong, Queek could almost sense it, mid feast his trophy rack was being tampered with, the underling let out a surprised and panicked squeal as Queek spun around at shocking speed and grabbed the underlings arm, with a quick slash of his blade the underling lost his hand and then his other hand, scampering back away from the infuriated warlord he found himself left alone as Queek yelled


The horde agreed with Queek a strong smell emanating from the horde of now terrified clan rats, Queek knows the smell as fear to him this meant two things one none would try that again and two they will all listen to his orders or else

After that upset Queek returns to munching the Gnomes and storing away the rest of the live ones, some underlings took some gnomes too but they done so with discretion as not to anger Queek and his guard, soon after the horde had eaten a fair amount of Gnomes Queek called forth 10 clan rats "Yes-yes most powerful of warlords?" The clan rat leader chittered

"you and your clan rats will scamper-scurry to gravity-peak scout for nest-burrow spots, sneak-sneak in find good spot and tell me-me only!"

Queek barked to the clan rat leader, to which the clan rat leader responded

"Mighty Warlord Queek what if-if we get caught-found?"

Queek swiftly replied

"You won't"

Hearing this the clan leader took his clan rats and proceeded stealthily into the town of gravity peaks searching for anything they could start to use as a temporary home here in this strange and foreign land, Queek turned his attention to his horde as he expected the clan rat who's hands will now decorate his trophy rack was being eaten by the others mercilessly, Queek proceeded to grab some more Gnomes, Queek and his red guard continued to eating awaiting to hear from his clan rat leader


Having a Waifu Harem Ain't Rocket Science
--Akira Kurusu--
Valpan, New Tokyo
@Phantom Thief of Harts

"Ooh, you think that there'll be new sweets in the menu?" Ann asked, curious to know what were the changes at the hotel. For all she knows, there could be something special there.

"That's what we'll find out." Akira smiled, pushing his glasses. This feels quite nostalgic. Talking with his friends like this without worrying much. It's a feeling he missed during his time off of Shujin. "Well then, shall we?"

--Ryuga Banjou--
Gamsgard, Lowee Snowfields

"Gotcha!" Ryuga nodded as he let go of the crank and circled the the dolphin as it attacked Blanc first, his footsteps leaving a small puddle of lava as he looks for a spot to attack, the orange parts of his armor glowing in intense heat. Just as he decided on a spot, he saw Blanc getting blown away by the monster's attack. "Blanc!" He cried out in fear as he then glared at the plaid-skinned dolphin. "You'll pay for that, asshole!" He growled as he leapt onto the air on a somersault, positioning into a kick.

Ready?! Go! Volcanic Attack!!

The Driver called out as molten lava dragons emerged from puddles and gathered around Ryuga's leg as he propelled forward for a kick, the dragons lunging before him, striking a part of the dolphin as the serpentine dragons disintegrating on contact when it scorched it's side. As the last Dragon disappeaared, Ryuga's foot had made contact with the Dolphin, knocking it onto the ground due to the force of the kick. That should give Blanc enough time to recover.

Ryuga kicked off of the Dolphin and landed on the snow, soon gripping the handle once more. All this even though the glow from his suit still hasn't cooled off yet. However before he could turn the crank, Ryuga felt a sharp pain on his body--that of a burn, even. This could only mean one thing, his suit reached the heat protectiveness cap. The suit's self generated heat is now affecting him, forcing him to fall on his knees in pain, struggling to stand up due to how hot the heat is placed on his body.

"Dammit...!" Ryuga cussed, leaving him open for an attack as he tried to remove the Magma Knuckle and revert to a much more safer suit...

Gamsgard, Planeptune
@Phantom Thief of Harts

Stella quietly walked around the forest she woke up in, admiring the various greenery that she passes by. Aside from the forest base on Fuji, she hasn't seen this many types of plants since ever. As the breeze blows on her hair, she continued walking, looking for the entrance to the civilization she saw earlier. Although she did hear some rustling on the bushes for some quite some time now...Is there something following her?

--The Genius' Rabbit and Tanks--
Valpan, Sento's Dorm

As Tron was tied up by the bolas, the mechanical rabbit hopped off and let the tanks do their work. Nets and bolas were flying out everywhere as the Rabbit laid itself in front of the entrance, blocking it. As soon as everyone was tied up and covered with the net, the blue Tank that has two sets of wheels rolled up to the mechanical rabbit and produced some sort of pounding sound.



The Mechanical Rabbit replied with some sort of slipping sound as it hopped in place. It looks like the two mechs are conversing with one another with...Somewhat complicated signals. Before long, the Rabbit hopped over to Tron, leading the blue tank towards her. It seemed to point at something, a piece of a blueprint peeking out of the girl's jacket. Before the Tank and the Rabbit could go back to guard the entrance, an important person entered the room.

"What's all this racket?" A Blonde woman clad in an office work clothes with a black skirt asked, her arms crossed as the mechanical Rabbit and the Tanks face to her with respect. This woman was none other than the school's headmaster--Miss Glynda Goodwitch.

WHOP WHOP WHOP WHOP! The Rabbit hopped towards the headmistress as it tried to tell her what happened, a message being sent to the scroll she had squeezed on her shoulder.

'These people trespassed Mr. Kiryu's lab, ma'am!' It read, as the headmistress looks at the captured students.

"Trespassers...?" Headmistress Goodwitch muttered as she let out a sigh. "But those are the new students. Are you telling me they entered here on their own accord?"

DON DON! DON DON DON DON! The two wheeled Tank rolled up beside the Rabbit with a question that appeared on the Headmistress' Scroll

'Headmistress Goodwitch, was it? We were merely during our assigned task of guarding this room. We didn't mean to cause a commotion.' The message read. It appears that the mechs have their own set personalities based on these messages alone, and they're clearly loyal to the owner of this room.

"I see." Goodwitch sighed as she walked over to the girls and took the net off of them. "I'll take things from here." She said as she used her wand to carry the girls off of the ground. "When he returns, tell Mr. Kiryu to proceed to my office at the tower."

WHOP! DON! The two lead mechs replied which both translates to 'Yes, ma'am!'

"And as for you four..." Glynda glared at the Team, "You'll have to explain to me how entering a faculty member's room is a good idea." She said in a cold and bitter tone as she walked out of the room with the currently floating girls, headed for the Beacon tower. . .
  • Hyperdimension_neptunia_white_heart_by_icelancer1999-d9pwclw.png "Ow, ow, ow." She said as her back hit the tree. Her back was emanating pain because of her small build, but it didn't feel like there were bones that were broken in the process. Blanc was glad that her instinct was right. though. While she was sent flying by the force of the explosion, she instinctively hit the handle of the hammer on to the snow, slowing her down. Small scratches and bruises were visible on her face, all because of the explosion that she surprisingly didn't dodge. From a distance, she could see Ryuuga doing well against the Plaid Dolphin. Not everyone can handle a dangerous monster on their own.

    She assumed that he was trying to buy her time. Blanc stood on her feet, but the cold was still piercing her insides. It made walking harder for her. Suddenly, she saw Ryuuga go limp after that successful direct hit on the Dolphin's head. I can't make it. Has she given up hope? Is she going to let someone die? Well, this guy has the potential to be a good fighter, but all things come to an end. Until then, she saw one more option. In this form, I won't.

    "HDD on!" Layers of white cylindrical came from her body to up above the sky. Transparent chrome squares appeared from the outside, and at that moment, she was more powerful. The cold on her body was eliminated. The dolphin then jumped up, trying to crush the limp Ryuuga. Why isn't he moving...? She contemplated.

    White Heart rushed with all her power towards the armored foreigner. She grabbed his torso, and if she was ever one second late, she will be crushed along with Ryuuga because of its weight. They landed on a distance far enough for them to recover, since the dolphin would most likely not ignore its prey. She set him down the snow. "You okay?" She asked him.


Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame

    @Malkav (Via Squirrel)

    Danger 5 Vampire Nazis.png
    The Team arrived at Stark Tower, one of the many SHIELD bases in Valpan.

    Ilsa, Pierre and Jackson stood in front of a portrait of Tony Stark.
    "They said he once beat the God of Thunder in a drinking contest," Pierre told Ilsa a rumor of one of Tony Stark's impressive feats.
    <"Impressive,"> Ilsa said with lust in her eyes.
    Jackson glared intensely at Tony Stark's portrait as if Stark was Hitler himself.

    "Everything looks about normal," Tucker said as the Australian looked around to see normal looking people by a bench reading a magazine about German Shepards.
    "Well, we better check with the receptionist, just to be sure," Claire suggested as she walked over to the receptionist, "Excuse me, do you know where we could find, Tony Stark?"
    "Mr. Stark is out, ma'am," the blonde receptionist informed Claire, "But I can pencil you in for a midnight appointment."
    "Thank you," Claire said with a smile as the receptionist began to pencil in the team's appointment.
    The receptionist then offered the papers over to Claire, "Before I can finalize your appointment, you have to sign right here..."
    "For what reason?" Claire asked.
    "Security, ever since those SHIELD agents died, Mr. Stark bumped up the security around here," the receptionist explained.
    "She's right, Claire," Tucker agreed with the receptionist, "One could not be too careful during a war."
    Claire nodded as she took the pen that the receptionist had offered her, only to notice a rather horrifying revelation...
    "My God!" Claire exclaimed as she realized the pen had a swastika on it, "It's a German Pen!"
    The receptionist bore her fangs as she spitefully hissed in German, <"I shall have your blood, Allied Dogs,"> and jumped over the table to engage Danger 5.
    Tucker quickly grabbed a nearby sunlamp and pointed it at the vampiric receptionist who screamed in agony as she crumpled into dust.

    All the men reading Dog Magazines then pulled out their rifles and pointed at the Team.
    "Tucker, use that sunlamp, quick!" Claire said anxiously as the Vampires slowly made their way to the Team.
    "I can't!" Tucker cried, "It blew a fuse!"
    "Stop right there, you bloody wankers!" called out an extremely stereotypical British voice.
    The Mysterious Brit fired silver bullets from his revolver which killed the vampire assailants.

    Tucker looked over to see who their savoir was, "Who are you?"


    "Union Jack," the British hero introduced himself to the team.

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The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

The girls were totally in for it. They have listened to what the rabbit and the tank converse, yet they don't understand what they're saying. By then, the headmistress entered the room all of a sudden; Glynda Goodwitch. "Miss Goodwitch!" The girls yelled upon seeing her, the mere presence changing the atmosphere into a very tense one. When she asked about the commotion, the rabbit and the tank explained, which Glyda was able to understand. After saying to them that she'll take care of the rest, using her wand and semblance, she lifts the girls up. They got really surprised by this. Glyda then takes them out of the room. "Well thanks a lot, May. Because of you, we're definitely going to get kicked out." Tron berated, which shocks the pirate. She asked "Hey! Why blaming me?" And then Tron replied "Who's idea was it to enter someone's room?" As a counter, May replied "And who knew that the room we've entered belongs to one of the staff?" And then a heated argument ensues, and Filia and Nakoruru decides to say nothing until either Glyda tells them to shut up or arrive at the Beacon Tower.




Having a Waifu Harem Ain't Rocket Science
--Ryuga Banjou--
Gamsgard, Lowee Snowfields

Ryuga struggled to stand as he tried to take on the strain of the suit's ever increasing heat. Just as he finally did so, he sees the Dolphin right above him--it's shadow covering a wide area that even he won't have enough time to even move out of the way. Just when he prepares to take the hit, he hears Blanc's voice in the distance, and shortly after, an unfamiliar white figure grabbed his armor's torso and dragged him away from the fight. As he was being taken away, he dropped a peculiar box with a blue bottle inside it. However, it wasn't seen hitting the snow but instead floated away towards the plaided Dolphin.

As soon as Ryuga was set down onto the snow, his armor disappeared into a group of fire flies, his civilian body covered in fresh burns all over. He was panting heavily, as if not making it obvious how dangerous the suit could get if one stays in for too long.

"Yeah...I'm fine..." Ryuga sighs as he caught his breath as he stood up, clutching his stomach in pain. "I think...But don't worry about me right now!" He said as he pointed at the Dolphin being distracted by a small box flying around, spouting blue flames. "I just need to...Cool down for a bit, then I'll be good to go." He reassured before letting out an affirming nod.

--Akira Kurusu--
Valpan, New Tokyo
@Phantom Thief of Harts

"Tomorrow evening? I can work with that." Akira nodded as he rubbed his chin. "I'm sure everyone can do the same, no?" He asked as the rest responded with a clear affirmation. Even Makoto, the one who has been known to be the busiest of all of the thieves due to her being the council president is able to attend this celebratory meeting. "Then it's settled. We'll hold off looking today." He said as he adjusted his glasses "After all, we did deserve a break after all."

"So, does this mean it's meeting adjourned?" Yusuke asked, his arms crossed a bit.

Gamsgard, Planeptune Forests

Upon hearing the voice, Stella stopped on her tracks and turned around, pointing her cannon at a blonde woman clad in green. Seeing the woman, she instinctively lowered her weapon for she thought the woman's just a wandering around.

"Who...Are you?" Stella asked with a somewhat careful tone. She isn't really sure whether or not this girl's dangerous or not--If she's an enemy or not. For all she knows, she could actually be someone who plots on bringing an apocalypse or something.

--Glynda Goodwitch // Sento Kiryu--
Valpan, Beacon Academy

"Silence, girls! It's all your fault for doing this to begin with." Glynda scolded as she carried the girls into her view. "Honestly, you should already know that entering a Staff's Dorm Room uninvited is quite punishable. However, you're punishment will be decided by the room's owner once he arrives." She sighed as she saw a man clad in a brown coat and white hooded shirt approach the Headmistress.

"So it really worked, huh?" The man approached the Headmistress with a somewhat happy grin. The man also had a lock of hair erect in excitement. "My ingenious inventions?" He asked as if he was bragging.

"Explain, Mr. Kiryu." Glynda's immediate and stoic demand, obviously not tolerating Sento's current state.

"My security drones; Full RabbitRabbit and Full TankTanks; that is what captured you girls, right?" Sento asked mid-explanation. The only response he heard was from Glynda, who nodded in response. "They--"

"So you are capable of creating such mechanisms. I'm almost impressed." Glynda said as she walked passed Sento, heading for the Beacon Tower. "Come with me for a bit. This is important."

"Oh, uh..." Sento gulped as his lock of hair went limp. "Okay then." He nodded as he followed the Headmistress onto the school's tower. . .


The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

By the time Glydna yelled, Tron and May immediately stopped their bickering. After being scolded, the girls replies with a rather disappointing tone "Yes, mistress." By then, Glyda would meet up with the owner of the dorm; Sento Kiryu. After a bit of conversation, they would eventually move on until they arrive at the Beacon Tower. At this point, Tron is getting worried about her Servbots being left alone for a long time now and she wonders if they would still be okay. She hoped that nothing bad will ever happen to them.



Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame


    "Masters of Evil, Histy? Really?" Neptune laughed at the rather cheesy name of the villain group, "Next you're gonna tell me I gotta watch out for 'Mr. Sinister'!"

    "This is serious, Neptune! The Masters of Evil are not a group to take lightly," Histoire said as she tried to keep Neptune's meta-jokes to a minimum, "This group had already struck a huge blow in the shares of all the other Nations!"

    "So, they were the ones behind those rampant monster attacks and bootleg game distributions..." IF thought aloud before she made eye contact with Histoire, "

    "Actually, by my calculations, they aim to weaken the gods and goddesses so that their nations would be open for attack," Histoire expounded, "Which would allow them to--"

    "Take over all of Gamsgard," IF finished Histoire's statement, "But to what end?"

    "Perhaps it is to acquire enough shares to challenge the Beyonder?" Histoire theorized, "but I lack the data to support my theory."

    "So basically what you're saying is that the Masters of Evil are just the Seven Sages all over again," Neptune reiterated what Histoire said, "Except whoever's leading them is actually has self-confidance and a god complex."

    "Precisely, Neptune," Histoire nodded.

    "So Histy, any idea of where we could find out where these guys are anyways?" Neptune said as she rolled the sleeves of her sweater jacket, "Because I'm just itching for a fight!"

    "From the data I've gathered, their next target would be the Virtua Forest," Histoire explained.

    "Got it! Thanks, Histy!" Neptune said as she and her friends waved Planeptune's Oracle off.


    Virtua Forest

    The Green clad woman smiled at the wary traveler, "I've often been called an Enchantress by many across the land but you may call me Amora."

    BATTLEWORLD NEPTUNIA G: The Masters of Evil
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Jacket and Corey

Jacket, well...he was in a van with a bunch of strangers, with a cigarette in his mouth and a big hairy man trying to force feed him pizza. Definitely not his highest point. Mark was still trying to force feed him, Tony knocking the pizza away as he said, "Would you knock it off? What the hell are your trying to do anyway?" Mark looked confused, saying, "I don't know. There was one piece left, so I wanted to give it to him." Everyone sighed, Ash saying, "Oh, sure. He can definitely chew when he's passed out!" Corey glared at him, saying, "Would you stop being such andick, Ash?" Alex nodded, taking a drag from her joint as she said, "Yeah, bro. Chill the fuck out." Ash sighed, parking in front of their hideout. It was an abandoned bar that they had commandeered a few weeks ago, and was where they lived, actually. They drug Jacket to the door, Tony noticing the door had been open. He gestured for Corey to go in the back while everyone else wwmt in the front. Jacket was still in the van, having that same dream he had when he was in a coma. Except it was only Richard, sitting in that chair relaxed. "So," he said. "You're back. You couldn't take it, hungry? Don't blame you. After all you went through." Jacket backed up, Richard holding his hand out as he said, "No. Don't worry. I'm just paying you a visit. You'll wake up someplace new with some new friends."

Jason Todd
"The Red Hood"

It wasn't hard to track them down. For as effective as these "Fans" were, they were horribly amateur. At least to Jason, anyway. He sat at the centermost table of the bar, his legs propped up on the table in a relaxed, cocky position. His guns were in the table, his helmet still on to keep the mystique up. They suddenly burst through the door, Jason smiling under the mask as he said, "So, ya finally made it. Glad you could." He had a gun pointed at him, Tony saying, "Who the fuck are you? How did you find this place?" Jason, still smirking, said, "I have my ways. Now, I have a... proposition for you. One that would benefit us both. So put the gun down, and let's talk." Tony nodded, gesturing for Ash to put his gun down. They all took a seat, Tony saying, "Okay. We all calmed down. Now who the fuck are you?" Jason leaned back a bit more, saying, "I only go by one name. They call me the Red Hood. I keep scumbags off the streets." Tony nodded, saying, "Oh, so you're a knockoff of the Masked Maniac, huh?" Jason laughed, saying, "Sorry pal, but I have no idea who in the hell this Masked Maniac is. I follow my own path." Tony nodded again, getting more and more frustrated with the man, saying, "Okay. Okay. Then what the hell do you want?" Jason smiled even wider under the mask, saying, "I have a ... proposition. You keep doing what you're doing. Keep the streets clean. But I can give you tips on any places you need to hit. In exchange, you answer to me. If I tell you to do something, you do it. Got it?" Tony angeily stood up, saying, "We don't need you. We do fine on our own. So get the hell out!" Jason shrugged, saying, "Whatever. Doesn't matter to me. And also, your friend just woke up." They all turned to the van, and Jason was gone by the time they looked back. Alex blinked a few times, saying, "What the fuck?!"​

Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame
Metropolis on Mite-world
As the young man wandered the strange city he began to hear a rather peculiar voice...
"You got to be kidding me!" the voice ranted, "That no good dirty imp didn't just steal my Metropolis but he also stole MY SUPERMAN! And for what?"
The Source of the voice popped into existence right in front of the young man.
"SOME STUPID GAME WITH SOME 80'S DISCO REJECT!" He shouted before he lowered himself to meet the young man at eye-level.
"Hey, Punk! Do got any ideas where I can find an imp dressed-up like a bat?" the small creature asked the young man.
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Astonishing Hero
@Phantom Thief of Harts It seems wondering the streets did good for the young male. He began to heart a voice, but the voice didn't have a physical form. The young male put his hand on the handle of his blade. Was this a demon? A higher being? This didn't matter to the young male. Whoever this voice belongs to will tell the male how to return home. The male jumps back, preparing to unleash his blade upon the being that popped into existence. This being looks like a midget circus clown, but who knows what kind of a threat this clown could be? When the being questions the male he was fairly confused. A imp dressed like a bat? "I haven't seen anything like that. I have a question for you now, rather a demand. Take me back to my original time." The young male demands.

Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame
Metropolis on Mite-world
"Wait a sec, are you trying to make me do somethin' for you?" the Imp said, "ME! Mister Mxyzptlk of the Fifth Dimension!" Mr. Mxyzptlk gave the young man the skunk eye and threatened, "You don't know who you're dealin' with here, buddy!" The Imp then vanished from the young man's sight, "Superman can't tell me what to do!"
The Imp dumped a bucket of water over the young man, "So what makes you think that you can boss me around!"
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Astonishing Hero
The young male already knew interacting with this Mxyzptlk would be tedious and he was right. When the water fell on the young male he was quite upset. He took his hat off and shakes it until it's damp. He reaches under his cloak and pulls out a silver tube. The tube slowly opens it up and a green light shines from the tube. Out of a green light a two-headed beast appears. This beast is a demon by the name of Orthus. "The difference between this 'Superman' and I is that I'm a Devil Summoner! Orthus use Agialo!" The demon fires a blast of heat from both heads, combining into one blast of heat.
@Phantom Thief of Harts

Ethan Hart

King of the Friendzone!

Ben's eyes widened as he felt a sudden alien with some strength began to bear-hug him. Being lifted off the ground, his legs kicked frantically as he flamed up to try and burn the stranger...however Ben found that he couldn't. In fact, his flames began to flicker and spurt, the colour in his form slowly fading. "Gotta....transform...and quick...!" Ben murmured, struggling to reach his omnitrix on his chest. Then, with a flash of good luck and of green light, Ben slipped down from the person's arms and landed on the floor, looking more like a mole than a flaming humanoid.

Suddenly, the mole began to multiply, splitting into various copies of itself as it stood there, looking up at the man. "Ditto?" One asked, scratching it's head as he thought about how to escape. "Who the hell are you?" Asked the second one, walking up closer to it before being pulled away by a third. "Hey hey hey! Don't anger the dude who just stole Heatblast's powers!"

All the Ditto's paused before smirking and sticking out their tongue. "Pffffftttt!" They exclaimed before turning around and running, splitting up into various paths, some staying with others while others went off alone. "Ha ha haha ha! You'll never catch us!" They all shouted in unison as they continued to run off.

Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame
Metropolis on Mite-world
The Flames from the Devil Summoner's Orthus consumed the imp but once the flames dissipated it revealed that Mr. Myxzptlk was unharmed by the attack instead he was dressed in attire fit for a summer holiday, "Hey, Thanks, buddy! I've been meaning to get a tan!"

The 5th Dimensional Imp smirked at the Devil Summoner, "I can tell you're new to this whole Fifth Dimensional shenanigans that we imps like to pull on you Third Dimensional dunderheads..." Myxzptlk then snapped his fingers to summon forth a seven headed demon in an instant.

"What is the meaning of this?!" the seven-headed demon shouted before Myxzptlk snapped his fingers again to replace the demon with a living Snowman.

"Hee-hoo?" The Snowman said curiously before suddenly being replaced by a small pixie.

"Oh dear!" the pixie said before she was replaced by a television set.

Mr. Myxzptlk hovered to the Devil Summoner's side and pulled out a remote control to turn the television set on, "So how's about ol' Myxy give you a recap!"

The TV depicted two Mr. Myxzptlks dressed up in a gaudy 80's disco monstrosity of an outfit and an ill-fitting Batman costume.

The Disco Myxy created one planet out of different worlds across the multiverse while the Batman Myxy watched on before a light bulb appeared over his head. The Batman Myxy then created his own world in response.

The real Mr. Myxzptlk then turned off the TV and cast it way before he turned his attention to the Devil Summoner, "You're gonna help me get back what's mine or so help me I'm gonna show you what some giant gold head could only wish he could do!"
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Astonishing Hero
The young Devil Summoner was confused at this point. Not because the Orthus' attack didn't work, not because the imp summoned demons, not because of the whole television and planet creation across the Multiverse. He was simply confused by the actions of the imp. "You're a fool if you think I'm going to assist you." The young Devil Summoner ignores the part about the Giant Golden Head. It seems like the imp was just a mad man with power.

@Phantom Thief of Harts

Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame
Metropolis on Mite-world
@ScuffedHeroGeo @SagePakkana
"Fine!" the imp shouted at the Devil Summoner before he vanished before the Devil Summoner's eyes, "If you're not gonna do it, I'll do it myself!"

Then with that came an odd silence that fell on the city, was the imp truly gone this time or was this the calm before the storm? These questions were answered almost instantly when Suddenly the streets were littered with demons.

  • Hyperdimension_neptunia_white_heart_by_icelancer1999-d9pwclw.png White Heart watched Ryuuga as he stood up. His skin was covered in first-degree burns, with the cause probably from his magma suit. She noticed that he can barely stand up and walk, and fighting in that condition is going to get him killed. "No. Stay down." She said, with a confident look on her face. "I'll handle it myself." Not because she was bragging, but because she's a little concerned that they may both die if she didn't give it her all. And without waiting for a response from him, she quickly charged at the dolphin. And the unexpected happened. When she's about to strike her gigantic axe at the monster, it parried her attack. "What the hell? It's unusually stronger and smarter." And to think that Ryuuga held this dolphin off for a few minutes is enough to make her impress.

    After the parry, White Heart decided not to take this any longer and do one of her stronger moves. Getter Ravine!

    Her axe charged with power, and at lightning speed, she landed a direct hit at the dolphin, smashing it into the snow. Clouds of soot and snow mixed from her attack. "There." She said. "It should be done by now-" And on the cloud that her attack had formed, she saw a dolphin tail point directly at her. She did a backward somersault, trying to avoid the explosion, but she was still caught up in the explosion. Thankfully, she was able to slow herself down before hitting her back again at some tree. "Damn it, it's still not done after that attack?"

    She didn't want this to take any longer. Focusing her power on her next attack, she shouted in her mind, EXE Drive: Hard Break!



The Ningen-Slaying Supreme Kai

Felicia's performance is over and the crowd gives her one final applause before they leave with satisfaction. The catgirl and her friends went back to the dressing room, only to hear sudden screams of terror as monsters begin to flood the streets. "What is going on?" She asked before shedding off her clothing, revealing her naked form, and she runs out to see the madness going on. "What the-?! Are they Makai too?" She wonders upon seeing the monsters going rampant.

@Phantom Thief of Harts



Resident Nanomachine Connoisseur
Asriel Dreemurr
Gravity Peaks
Asriel nodded at Hiravias' idea.

"Sounds good. I think we should probably cover the basics before we look for information though."

He said, chiming in on that aspect.

"But you sound like you have more of a plan than I do, so lead on."

He said, gesturing forward. For once, a human didn't seem like they wanted him dead, and he was thankful. Their protection would go a long way towards him (possibly) returning home....and finally seeing his family once again. The mere idea, the faintest hope, made him feel a sense of joy and happiness he could not explain nor relate to as it had been decades since he had last felt it.



A Real Human Bean

"Alert to temporary Avengers Leader "
'Squirrel Girl': hostile activity present in thr lobby of Stark Tower. Detecting on casualty,"
Friday explained.

"Already? But I've only been leader for three minutes. Friday, Tippy and I need to suit up! Unlock Hall of Armor!" she shouted as she ran for where Tony kepy his suits.

None of the suits fit Squirrel Girl's curvature, or Tippy Toe's diminuitive stature, so Doreen ordered some adjusted.

"Friday, I need some adjustments. We need to create Iron Squirrel suit mark one!"

The armor looked to be a hodgepodge of other armors, being different colors and sizes. Meanwhile Tippy Yoes possessed little more than a helmet with a glove.


"So this is what it's like to be Iron Man. I hope that Tony never comes back! Especially with how mich trouble I'll be in!"

<"You have been the leader of the Avengers for seven minutes and already stole Tony's stuff. No wonder Wolverine is above you."> Tippy responded.

Awkwardly, Iron Squirrel stood in thr elevator down to the lobby of the building. "I swear that this is the quickest way, Tippy. Flying from the suite to thr lobby ia too clunky."

The elevator dinged.

"Alright, now it's time to kick baddy butt!" she shouted, filtered through a semi-robot filter. She looked to see a pile of ash, the crew of Danger 5, and Union Jack.

"Ummm....Friday, why is British Captain America and a multicultural antiterrorism troupe here?" she asked directly in front of British Captain America and the multicultutal antiterrorism troupe.

Phantom Thief of Harts

Owen Hart for Hall of Fame
Stark Tower
Danger 5 Vampire Nazis.png
Union Jack lowered his pistol when he recognized Pierre among the group, "Smith?"

"Brian?" Pierre said as he and Union Jack walked up to each other and shook hands.

"I haven't seen your face since that lunchball game at Normandy!" Union Jack said with a mixture of nostalgia and sorrow in his voice.

"Those were truly dark times, my friend," Pierre mourned for the many lives that were lost.

Suddenly the elevator dinged which prompted everyone to aim their guns at its occupant. The strange person in the armor wondered why are a 'British Captain America' and a 'Multicultural Anti-Terrorism Troupe' here.

Union Jack shook his head at her comment, "Of course they'd call me a British Captain America..."

Tucker kept his gun aimed at the stranger, "You are you and what are you doing in that armor?"
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