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Yanagi Hara

Yanagi was quite happy hugging Zella with the feeling of the girl returning the hug only making her feel that much better. Sure she was originally planning a hug to make things a little awkward the first time (though she hadn't gotten the chance to do it first) but it didn't mean she would reject one. She tended to enjoy little signs of affection. Not to mention the idea it could be a little embarrassing for Zella to suddenly get hugged like that. Sure she was doing it as a warm gesture to a friend but even for a friend the idea of it being a bit embarrassing for them a little was something Yanagi couldn't help. She enjoyed being a little bit of a troublemaker after all. It almost seemed like fate she had managed to stumble upon Zella in the test, someone she felt she shared a bit of a connection with.

"Ooo! Hiya again Tushi!" She spoke brightly to Toshiro taking the nickname Zella gave her and purposely twisting it just a little more and delivering her warm greeting with a bright nonchalant smile not missing a beat in her delivery. She was quite good at playing off her bubbly persona to slip in saying something while making it sound very much unintentional and just her being a bit clueless. The girl didn't take much time to reflect on him wanting to not come off as if she was targetting him specifically after all.

"Three lizards?" She spoke lifting her hand up as she lifted 1 finger up followed by another and the last digit as if trying to comprehend the number given. Her being a bit for exaggerative then really was needed to be though it fit her as a person so well. Always acting a bit over-emotive. "Nice to meet you Yakta, Tokage, Sunny, and Rick... and others!" She spoke with a warm smile unintentionally correcting Tokage's name though having never caught Sunao's name right even in spying finding some weird hybrid name that sounded more... normal? Well it sounded like a name maybe someone might have. Rick she had assumed it had been Taric but she couldn't be quite sure. Gotta keep the fact she was snoopying before coming in a bit of a secret after all!. Her attention focused on Toshiro as he spoke seemingly prodding a bit at Zella the girl looking at him with a warm smile.

"I dunno Tushi, I'm not that peppy!" She spoke in a quite upbeat and peppy manner, in part playing it up though being quite natural in her reaction. The dark haired girl was nearly bouncing in place a bit containing herself a bit looking up at him tapping her index finger against her chin staring at him. Her eyes scanning him up and down a bit getting more of a chance to do so. Her first impression of him wasn't great and truth be told it wasn't as if it had improved that much. Her hand stretching out to point at him as if suddenly figuring something out.

"Oh! Your the good looking guy who acts like a jerk but its 'cause you have a crush on the person you are teasing and are too shy to admit it right, right?" She spoke excitedly playing it up a bit with a bright smile with her delivery. The girls arm dropping as she giggled a bit in response with her 'conclusion' trying to tease him a bit. The girl giggling a bit more.

"It's kinda cute. Oh seats! We should sit near each other!" She spoke with a bright smile looking back to Zella as she spoke showing she was directing the last bit more to her friend.

Location: 1-A Classroom

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Washi and the two little lost cubs were finally approaching the class. "This is the one. Hope you remembered the way." The large door towered over the three, nearly reaching the ceiling. A small creak came from the door as Washi, Josuke, and Han entered the room. "You guys just go find a seat." The class seemed to be quite full. "Good to know the rest of the students could find their way to class." Washi walked up to the front of the class where a podium stood.

The coffee he had got earlier was still warm and the mug was a little over half full before he chugged the rest and placed the cup down. He scratched his head and sorted out his papers on the podium. "Alright, so... Let's get class started." After that, Washi expected all students to be quiet, find a seat if they didn't already have one, and pay attention. "Alright so listen. There's about twenty or so students in this class and unfortunately, I can't have that many, as it's too many to truly focus on and train. Even if I could, I can't because of U.A. guidelines. So!" Washi looked over all the students in the class. "I'm going to have to get rid of around five or six students. Something you should know is that if you volunteer to leave or end up getting removed, you can't join back in at any time. You would be placed in a general studies class until the next school year. It sucks, I know. But it's how things are gonna have to work. I'm sorry." The paper of the roster sat in front of him in case there weren't any volunteers and he had to choose himself. "So, any volunteers?"

Location: Halls of U.A. > Class 1-A
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Josuke Koizumi

Screenshot 2021-05-06 083621.png "Wow! It's so big!" They had finally arrived at the class and Josuke took note of the big door. "This is it! I'm finally here!" A broad grin was spread across his face. "I wonder who else made it." Then he thought about the entrance exam and some of the examinees he remembered. "Hey maybe that brown-haired girl and the spiky-tailed girl made it!" The teacher opened the door to a lively classroom. Quite a bit of students had already made it to class and were having conversations with each other.

In the brief scan he did, Josuke did happen to notice the two girls from the exam. His face lit up, happy for them that they were able to make it in. Their teacher instructed him and Han to go take a seat and that's exactly what Josuke did. He walked towards the back and took one of the seats back there. As he got comfortable in his seat, he took in the whole classroom.

He took in the feeling of being in the #1 ranked school for heroics. "This is just the beginning! I'm gonna become one of the greatest pro heroes to have ever lived!" Josuke's thoughts were cut short as the teacher had began talking. For once, the redhead focused up. He watched as the teacher spoke, waiting patiently for him to mention what they would be doing for the day. That's when he broke the news about the class size and the difficult predicament he was in.

Josuke's consistent smile had faded and he stared blankly at the teacher. His face was empty but he was really thinking. It took a moment, but finally he raised his hand from the back of the class. "I volunteer." He continued to display a vacant expression but in the inside he was having contrasting feelings. Washi's eyebrows raised as his gaze was directed to Josuke's.

He was surprised a student actually volunteered. "Um... And you do understand what happens if you volunteer?" "Yes." "Right. Thanks. Please stand off to the left side of the classroom." The teacher would gesture a hand to the left side of the classroom. Josuke stood from his desk and walked to the side, watching the rest of the class.

Location: Halls of U.A. > Class 1-A
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Tokage Ryu
Location: Class 1-A
Activity: Volunteer
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Tokage simply prepared for class while the rest of class began gathering and chatting amongst themselves. He gave Yanagi a Tongue full smile as he was in the process of flicking his tongue like a snake when she said her greeting. He would say more greetings but he felt as though he wouldn't be prepared. Then the teacher walked in with two other students in tow, and everyone went to their respective spots, teacher to the podium and students to where they would like to sit. It was finally happening, the start to a year filled with a high school dedicated to heroes. The first day must be something special!

"Alright so listen. There's about twenty or so students in this class and unfortunately, I can't have that many, as it's too many to truly focus on and train. Even if I could, I can't because of U.A. guidelines. So I'm going to have to get rid of around five or six students. Something you should know is that if you volunteer to leave or end up getting removed, you can't join back in at any time. You would be placed in a general studies class until the next school year. It sucks, I know. But it's how things are gonna have to work. I'm sorry."

One of the students that came in with the teacher immediately volunteered.

Tokage thought for a moment, this certainly was special for a first day. The first 5 seconds the teacher came, five students were getting the boot. The immediate thought anyone of the class would either be I volunteer, or outrage. Tokage thought a bit more. This class held remarkable students, and U.A. was a school of prestige. To simply have the class be too full seems like a very unlikely mistake the school would make. Not only that but each student here passed an exam to be placed in the hero studies, whether recommended or entrance.

He figured this was a bluff, it would have to be for the effort everyone to be wasted if it was otherwise. The school might have well just scheduled them in studies anyways if this was the case. Tokage will take the bluff, and even if he is wrong and it wasn't a Bluff then he is denied being a Hero for one year. He would get to experience the general studies course and then come back to be a hero. Tokage would be happy if the Bluff is false, even if him becoming a hero is delayed he would be happy if everyone's dream of being a hero is still fulfilled.

He nodded his head thinking of Toshiro, Yakta, Taric, and everyone else jumping in the air happy that they stay and become heroes they always wanted to be. His tail wagging more and more until it began to slap the ground rhythmically. Suddenly he couldn't hold his happiness anymore at this thought in his head, so he does the most logical and jumps out of his seat towards the left of the classroom. His chair most certainly on the floor now, as he landed next to the first Volunteer and bounced up standing straight.

"I Volunteer! Cheer up Spikes!" Tokage spoke to the first volunteer his hand on his shoulder "Just because we volunteers will be held back a year doesn't mean we can't all eventually achieve our dream! Toshiro, Yakta, and Taric... Be the best you you can be!"

Tokage gave each of his newly acquired Acquaintances a grin.


goofball territory
Location: 1-A Classroom
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"Tushi?" Toshiro repeated to himself after hearing Yanagi's fiddling of his nickname. With how many different nicknames he was getting, Toshiro worried that he'd have trouble remembering them all. Soon after that, Yanagi pointed directly at him, being upfront about her apparent judging of his character. Cold sweat dripped down the side of his face as he scratched under his ear, "Well...I did use to do that back in elementary school..." He stated, seemingly confirming that her assumption at least had some merit. However, before the casual conversation could progress any farther, the creaking of the classroom door demanded his attention, leading him to turn back around to the front of the class. He saw two students, one had bright red hair he couldn't miss. There was no doubt he had seen him during the exam. The other one was a completely new face. He didn't have much time to pay attention to the two, as the man who accompanied them grabbed Toshiro's attention a lot more prominently. As soon as he saw his face, a spark of memory shot through his brain. The man walking into the classroom was no doubt Washi, the 15th ranked hero. "So, this is our teacher, huh? I never expected it to be someone so high ranking. My parents would faint if they heard," Toshiro thought, as Washi began to straighten papers on the podium, right before throwing a curveball at the whole class.​

Within seconds of entering the classroom, the teacher had already stated that some students would be leaving the class to join general studies for a year, along with that he dared to see if anyone was willing to volunteer. Toshiro's posture straightened, as a hand came to his chin. "Oi, oi. He really came in and threw us right into the fire, huh?"

While he was still trying to get a grasp of the situation, one of the students had already volunteered. It was the red-headed kid who just walked in with the teacher himself. Toshiro watched the expression on his face as he made his way over to the left side of the classroom. He couldn't help but admire the student for the lack of hesitation, no matter what his reasoning may have been.

"There's no way this is truthful, right? I doubt a hero school would be heartless enough to drag a bunch of students into a room just to kick them out within the first day," Toshiro tried to rationalize, placing his finger on the bridge of his glasses. "But maybe it is the truth, and there's some logical reason behind it I'm not seeing. Possibly this is a way for those who aren't truly ready for this stage to grow some more and try again?"

Toshiro was left pondering, he was snapped out of his thoughts by the sound of a chair coming in contact with the floor, looking up to see Tokage on the left side of the room himself.

"I Volunteer! Cheer up Spikes! Just because we volunteers will be held back a year doesn't mean we can't all eventually achieve our dream! Toshiro, Yakta, and Taric... Be the best you you can be!"

Toshiro was left staring at Tokage silently, only for a moment. He was surprised, certainly not expecting the lizard man to be one of the first to volunteer. But more so than surprise, he was happy to hear Tokage mirror the belief he had been holding this whole time, unquestionable success. For a moment, Toshiro forgot, but Tokage's words pulled him out of the complex mental maze he had begun to put himself into. Even then, he was kind of annoyed how cool Tokage made it come off when he volunteered.

"Don't think because you're cold-blooded you can go acting so cool, ya big lizard!" Toshiro chimed in, as he stood up himself. "'Be the best you you can be,' huh? I would have done whether you said it or not," He gave a dismissive wave of his hand as he finally came over to stand on the left side next to Tokage and Josuke. "No matter what happens, there's no question that I'll become the hero I want to be. General Studies? Hero Course? It's all the same to me," He asserted boldly, before crossing his arms. "But, I know a lot of you guys here need this course a lot more than me. I would feel reallllly lame if I just sat there and took one of your spots, y'know?" He stuck his hands in his pockets, leaning forward to the rest of the class, "You better do your best in the Hero Course, it'd be a real shame if some guy like me in General Studies could outdo you!~" He jokingly cautioned the rest of the class, confirming his spot as a volunteer.
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Awful, Terrible, No-good Layabout
Tifa, huh? Athletic, well-built, quite solidly endowed. A very vanilla taste. Nothing wrong about it, though. Sunao nodded sagely, arms folded over his chest. Before he could get the opportunity to comment further, however, an adult male with dark, brown hair entered the classroom, introducing himself as the teacher. With the same practiced moves, Sunao spun himself and his chair around, and slid back into his seat with the same amount of ease as one would lift a feather.

Sunao sat in silence for a second after the teacher's announcement. He coughed, spluttered, then burst out laughing. He didn't find the situation particularly funny, he just simply found it...convenient. He wouldn't have to be such a dead weight to the class-- no, he wouldn't have to interact with any of these shining stars. By vanishing completely from here, he was covering up his tracks even more. No one would remember someone like Sonoda Sunao.

What if this was some kinda stupid test? The devil's advocate in his mind spoke up. His retort- So what? If it wasn't a test, he'd be out of this class and this school with nothing to show for it, and that would be for the best, wouldn't it? Then, that lady could just leave him alone to his own devices, and he'd be free to pursue his own life, and leave everything that he had here behind. He was nobody, he had no friends here, and there was no love lost. He'd end up working in some firm, or heading his own IT company, and he'd let the real heroes of tomorrow, namely the other students, handle the villains.

If it was a test, and one that he passed, then…good for him, he supposed. No skin off his back. He closed his eyes, and, hearing someone else than the redheaded newcomer announce their departure, decided to make his move. That was before he was interrupted by Toshiro. "D-dude, wha--" He made a panicked glance back towards the bespectacled young man, then proceeded to hasten his move.

Sunao shot up from his seat, hand stretched up so high it threatened to detach itself from his torso. "I'll go! I'll go too, teach! It's not like I've known anyone here long enough for the rest of the class to miss me! Logically speaking, there'd be no net loss if I dip. Are not the bonds of friends the most important ties that will carry you through the storms and something or another?" He swallowed. Damn, these guys weren't messing around. If he wanted out, he had to do it fast!


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Honestly, taric didn’t really feel he had much else to say the social group kept getting bigger and anything he said felt as if it would simply get lost in the crowd of voices and conversation in that case he‘d just wait to get spoken at, the feelings of anxiety growing now, leading to the demise of an unfortunate set of two empty desks as both were swallowed up by some rouge portal taric had generated. laying his head on his desk Taric just watched the door waiting for the teacher to hopefully arrive soon, however, someone was talking about him maybe? Or more likely mispronouncing his name unless someone was called rick? But he didn’t know anyone so it. "oh umm I'm actually Taric not rick" taric would mumble awkwardly then the teacher actually walked in claiming that there were too many students as of now, and some needed to leave. taking it in for a moment Taric thought about it, he might have just gotten lucky with the entrance exam after all he was just a Fairly useless sort of quirk at least he thought so rasing his hand sheepishly he'd speak. "umm yeah id err be ok with waiting another year.. so yeah all good.." taric admitted feeling like someone who was more... capable should take said role instead of him.


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Josuke Koizumi

Screenshot 2021-04-23 075409.png To Josuke's surprise, he wasn't the only student who was quick to volunteer. A lizard boy leapt out of his chair, leaving it to fall to the ground, and landed next to him. The lizard boy explained how being held back one year isn't that bad and everyone else will get to move on. A smile grew on his face. "Yeah, I know. That's why I volunteered. I'd gladly give up my spot so someone else can take the awesome hero course U.A. has. I'll be back next year for sure! And I'll still strive to be a great hero." That's when another student stood up and volunteered. He seemed to be inspired by the lizard boy's actions.

Then it was another boy. One with blue hair and a blue tail. And another one. One with spiky white hair. That would've made five. Seeing all these students quick to volunteer made Josuke grin. He looked towards the class and gestured towards all the volunteers. "Y'see? We'll be back next year. So don't you go forgetting about us. We'll catch back up in no time!"

Location: Class 1-A
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Washi was already surprised one student volunteered and that quickly as well. He at most expected him to be the only one. But, to his surprise another student quickly volunteered. This one seemed excited too. Evident by him springing out of his chair with enough force to send it to the floor.

"Two people volunteered already?" Washi thought with a blank expression. That's when another student volunteered. He commented on the student before him, seemingly inspired. Another student followed shortly after him. He raised his hand enthusiastically and was quick to volunteer.

"Uh... Right." Washi was a little thrown off by the numbers. "This many kids are that quick to leave the hero course?" Just then another student volunteered. The final and fifth one. Five students actually volunteered on their own will to leave the hero course until the next year. "Well, that makes five. I appreciate you all volunteering. It makes my job a lot easier. Now!" Washi looked over the class.

"For the rest of you, let's really begin class. First off, I want everybody, including the volunteers, to follow me outside to the field. So, let's go." With that, he grabbed his papers and walked out of the room, expecting the students to follow.

Location: Class 1-A
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Max the Dragon

Draco Knight
Miyaki Masamine

When the teacher came in, Miyaki realized he really didn't know about any pro heroes aside from his sister, and the top 5. Well, the top 5 were only possible to not know if you were blind, deaf, and/or brain dead; basically aside from being unable to perceive your surroundings in anyway, and being a hermit from the moment you were born, you'd at least know the top 5. Miyaki had no clue who this hero was. No one seemed to chime in with an exclamation, and the teacher himself hadn't mentioned it yet either. Well, hopefully he'd figure it out at some point.

What piqued Miyaki's attention was the class being too large, and how people volunteered quite quickly. As each one volunteered and said essentially the same thing, Miyaki was more or less waiting for what was next. He was hoping Togoshi wouldn't volunteer, and luckily either she wanted to and was late to the party, or didn't want to. Well, hesitating might be the reason too, but that just leads to the other two options in the end, right? Miyaki hadn't really talked with anyone else in the class much as of yet, and probably wouldn't if Togoshi had volunteered. It would be middle school all over again. Not that he minded, it's just being a loner wasn't great for becoming a hero. Well depends on the work maybe? Either way, his parents really wanted him to make at least a friend or two during the next 4 years, and he didn't want to disappoint them. That and his sister would definitely tease him and bring him out and about herself if he didn't...

As he watched people volunteer one by one, the 5 people needed were chosen, and the teacher had everyone follow him to the field. Wonder why? Fitness test of some sort maybe? Miyaki wouldn't be surprised, just because they got a high score in the entrance exam, didn't mean they were physically fit, Quirk or no Quirk. Miyaki could technically never take another step himself if he felt like it, having insects carry him everywhere. Thing is, what happens when they die off due to a villains attack, or there just aren't any around? He'd be a sitting duck, with no way to defend himself, or even run, having most likely gotten fat, and lost a lot of muscle and stamina. Even without that, some people just didn't have long term stamina, but could very easily outpace most people in the short term.
Miyaki trained in martial arts as a hobby, so he had stamina to spare in both capacities.
Of course, all this speculation could be way off the mark, and it might be some kind of first day of school event they were all heading to. Actually, Miyaki felt he was doing way too much thinking lately. His nerves were getting to him, and he was also unconsciously thinking about possibilities due to his natural ability to lead. He shook his head as they got to the field, clearing his mind. He realized after they got there that he had walked next to Togoshi the entire time, but hadn't said a word, and probably accidentally ignored anything she had said...
Grinning dryly to himself, he wanted to apologize, but also didn't know if she had actually tried talking to him or not. He ended up getting a conflicted look on his face that he quickly hid under his hood. He still hadn't taken off his cloak, even after the teacher had entered the room; he had no intention of doing so either, unless told otherwise.


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Smell ye l8r
Everything seemed fine. The teacher, though in a not so friendly way, guided them to their classroom(which luckily had no other stragglers lost in the halls). Han found a random empty seat and claimed it as his, resting his backpack next to the desk and making himself at home. Finally, he was here. Now all that awaited was an exciting year at the hero course. Or so he hoped, until the teacher started talking.

If this was a TV show, that was where the jazz music stopped. Just cut to the point, simple announcement. Not the slightest hesitation was taken at the delivery of the news. Han was too busy comprehending the situation at hand that he couldn't do anything. Suddenly cut off the number of students? Take volunteers? Actual volunteers? And one of them, the first one too at that, was the boy that he had shared a little adventure together earlier that morning. Just what was all this about? Was this allowed on UA? Could he file a lawsuit against the school for this? Countless questions rushed back and forth in the boy's head as he stayed frozen in his seat. None actually gathered enough courage to jump out of his mouth. He just sat there like a fool.
"Just.. what is all this?"
Was all he said, muttering under his breath so that people could barely hear him. Even if it was someone sitting right next to him. The ends of Han's hair gathered a barely visible amount of frost as he tried to organize his thoughts. His hands rose to his face and touched his cool cheek.

"For the rest of you, let's really begin class. First off, I want everybody, including the volunteers, to follow me outside to the field. So, let's go."

Thus spoke the teacher. There wasn't even time to organize his thoughts now. The blue eyed boy rubbed his hands against his face and stood up from his seat. Out to the field it was. He decided to keep the thoughts away for now, maybe following the task would help him ease out on the complication.


Zella had overly dramatically rolled her eyes at Toshiro's notion about Yanagi being peppy while making a jab at her own behavior, and just as she was about to respond Yanagi made her own assertion on the matter. The prospect of this had caused Zella to become flushed, as she blushed a red shade. An unfamiliar feeling, for sure, one of true embarrassment, as her thoughts were clouded with an intense stream of thoughts that were born from the words Yanagi just uttered.

'Wait Yanagi why would you say that aloud, no one actually acts like that, and even if someone were to actually act like that why would you think Toshiro would act like that, but not like it would matter anyways since I do NOT like him, I just find him interesting, yeah, that's all. Yeah, he is really rude, and he CLEARLY has some issues, and those are not my problem to try to deal with.' Her thoughts were racing at a million miles a minute, as she looked at the ground and avoided eye contact with those around her as she was dealing with her thoughts. Her unsure thoughts continued to race, like they were trying to convince herself. 'Does he really like me, maybe , but I don't like him, I don't like him, he IS cute, but he is a total asshole, who cou-'

Her thoughts were cut short by the sound of the door opening, it seemed class was starting, and that thought seemed to have helped her regain her composure, if not by only a little, as she looked up on the Teacher, who arrived with the two students, and waited for him to say something, the look in the man's eyes was blank, devoid of any excitement that the students have all had, he clearly was one to either not care much or he has done this for many years, and it was unclear which. She walked over to the seat two rows behind Yakta, and sat down, not wanting to cause a disruption in class, and looked over to Yanagi as she patted the seat next to her. It was then the teacher began to describe his dilemma.

"I'm going to have to get rid of around five or six students. Something you should know is that if you volunteer to leave or end up getting removed, you can't join back in at any time. You would be placed in a general studies class until the next school year. It sucks, I know. But it's how things are gonna have to work. I'm sorry."

She immediately thought of it as a bluff, as she could count the amount of chairs in the classroom, some being engulfed by some of Taric's portals, however, on the off-chance it wasn't, Zella wasn't about to throw the chance she worked so hard to get out of the window. As the first boy volunteered, she had recalled him from the exam, having watched him take critical damage, the look on his face seemed to be one deep in thought, though from her initial judge on his character he didn't seem all that clever. It was unclear if the boy had figured out the potential bluff as well.

'Ah, the red headed boy wants to leave, that is to be expected, second thoughts probably since he is regretting his decision to join the academy, poor guy must have felt a lot of pain during the exam, and that's why he wants out.'

Up next was Tokage, who seemed all too eager to leave

'What is his reason to leave, I also don't take him for one to find out if this is a bluff, maybe my judgement is off today'

Then it was Toshiro who next got up, making his way towards the front, as Zella squirmed a little in her seat from slight surprise, still not fully mellowed from the earlier incident she had regarding him.

'I guess it's not all that surprising that he would be one to call out the bluff, I didn't take him for a risk-taker though, he must be really confident in this. Class would sure be boring without him though...'

Then it was time for Sunao, Zella shot darts at him with her eyes as she already pitied him like he was an injured puppy

'No surprise there. The boy who has no confidence surrendering his opportunity.'

Taric made his way up to the stand, mumbling something again, hard to hear him so she imagined whatever he had to say was not at all important.

'It seems for the better that Rick is leaving, the boy already seemed dangerous enough to keep around, he just ate 2 desks with his quirk, a liability, more than anything else.'

That was all of them, a poorly mixed crew of those who had the confidence to call out the bluff and those who lacked any confidence at all. As for her, she never wished to take the gamble, and wouldn't even if the spots didn't fill up as quickly as they did. She sat there patiently, waiting for the teacher to speak. He soon did, leading the class to the courtyard, Zella silently followed from behind, again, unwilling to cause a disturbance. She quietly whispered to Yanagi as she got up. "Thanks for earlier, by the way." She showed genuine gratitude to her for sticking up for her.

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Location: Class 1-A ==> Moving to Field

All was well.

Yakta had allowed the two new students to have their conversation between themselves, in spite of her desire to gleam as much as she could of her new cohorts. The primary motivation for this was ayet another new student who immediately made her way to Zel, who she called Zella in a rather excited tone. It would seem that the Yanagi had been located without too many issues. Between their reunion, Toshiro and Sunao's hushed conversation, and Hiromi and Emiko settling in, things were rather swell.

But that wasn't to say Yakta was unaware of the time, the class was supposed to start by now yet not only was their teacher not present, she was certain that several individuals that had ranked in the exam weren't present. What could be holding them up? Yakta was partially inclined to question Yanagi on this, seeing as she was the most recent arrival, but she wasn't ableto put out her question. This was because no sooner had she made to ask, the Teacher arrived with two students in tow.

No sooner did her arrive that Yakta finally slipped off the top of her desk, stretching for a second before planting her rear in her seat. She recognized him easily, and was certain that most of her peers did as well. The current fifteenth highest ranked hero, it would seem Washi was going to be their homeroom teacher. Due to the boys with him, Yakta could reasonably surmise that he had led them to the class, which she supposed cleared up enough.

But then he laid down a rather confusing ultimatum for them, one which Yakta couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at,

There were too many students and several would need to be removed, whether by him or by volunteering. They would be unable to return until the next year and would be placed in general studies instead.

All at once, Yakta had considered far too many variables to be ill-defined, but that didn't stop the red-head who she remembered from the exam almost immediately volunteering first.

And like that, Yakta's eyes narrowed as he stood off to the side. He looked rather empty, nothing like the eager smiles he wore during the exam or even right as he'd entered.

But he wasn't to be the first, in fact it wasn't long after him that Tokage of all people joined in. He offered encouragement to Red-Head, even asking Toshiro, Taric and Yakta to do well.

"Oh?" she tilted her head at that, bit merely folded her arms as she leaned back in her seat.

Her tail slowly wound around the bottom of her chair, tightening a bit as more volunteered.

Tokage's enthusiasm seemed to inspire Toshiro to join in next, his confidence in himself seemed to render the fate of General studies irrelevant. As he was explaining his unwillingness to steal a spot from them, they were soon joined by Sunao and Taric with similar sentiments. In fact, their words almost seemed to reinvigorate Red-head, who was smiling up a storm by the time they five had been assembled.

And like that, the majority of boys in class were supposedly to be removed.

Washi was quick to order everyone including the volunteers out to the field, which finally led her to uncoil her tail from the chair as she slipped out after Washi. Instead of following behind him, she made sure to speed up so she could walk beside him as they made for the field.

"Unsure how problem came, Mentor." she admitted as she looked up at him "Size problem difficult to discern."

"Regardless, many useful quirk among volunteers." she looked back to them as they walked "Shame to leave on backburner, but why take with if not part of class? They to be sidelined for first lesson too?"


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Hiromi hadn't the chance to reply to Sunao, but was impressed by both his and Emiko's quirks. Her plant abilities must've come in handy during the entrance exam. Unfortunately, she was too caught him in everyone's displays to show off her own quirk before they teacher walked in, though maybe that was for the best. Some of her capabilities relied on the element of surprise, and she'd hopefully be bale to benefit from hiding for now. Not that she was doing that permanently! Just until a better time arose! The teacher entered with the two students she'd noticed earlier, including the familiar spiky haired individual from the entrance exam, though Hiromi couldn't place where he had come in the overall ranking. And the teacher himself looked familiar...was he a pro? Or did he use to be?

I'm going to have to get rid of around five or six students. Something you should know is that if you volunteer to leave or end up getting removed, you can't join back in at any time

That shook her out of her thoughts, and for a brief few seconds she was concerned that there were no volunteers. A small part of her wanted to volunteer to help her classmates, but could she do that? Give up her own dream to help someone else who was just floating their way through the school? She watched as, one by one, 5 students began volunteering. Tokage, Toshiro and Josuke were giving off a strange confidence about them, and Hiromi shook her head at Yakta, silently begging her not to follow suit. To her relief, Sunao and Taric both spoke up about volunteering as well, though their own attitudes were much more defeatist. Sunao just didn't want to be here, which struck her as strange for a recommended student, and Taric seemed to doubt his own abilities, which crushed her own confidence. Their quirks were similar enough that maybe she should transfer to the general studies course, she might have better luck...but for now, a quota had been reached.

"For the rest of you, let's really begin class. First off, I want everybody, including the volunteers, to follow me outside to the field. So, let's go."

That was it!? They were just kicked to the curb like that? But why let them still come with the class? Questions on questions, and not an answer in sight. Hiromi went to try and catch Yakta, but the other girl was already making her way toward the front to speak to their new teacher, leaving her to awkwardly shuffle in the middle of the group, thoughts dwelling on the group that were so willing to give up their places so quickly.

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Once all 5 volunteers gathered everyone was to go outside including the volunteers. Of those who in the five was Spikes, Glasses, Portals, and the third lizard boy.... Curls. Surprisingly enough, Tokage didn't expect Glasses or Portals to offer themselves up. Glasses looked as if Tokage's words inspired him which was the opposite of what Tokage wanted, but nothing he could do now. Portals looked like he defeated himself, offering himself as a volunteer out of self doubt. Curls looked kinda the same, but perhaps he believes he can't amount to much? Spikes got a big moral boost and Tokage was glad for it.

As they all walked though the hallways leading outside, Tokage brought the five away from the rest of class more to be out of earshot of the class while walking with them.

"Don't know how many of you guys know, but I'll be honest I think this volunteer thing is a bluff. Why the teacher is making it I don't know, but that's assuming I'm correct. If I am be prepared, don't want us in the spotlight to fumble." He gave all of them a smile and proceeded to look at Glasses and Portals.

"I'm kind surprised to see you two among us volunteers Glasses and Portals, but if my hunch is wrong I'm glad at least that I'll be held back with you two! Hey Curls and Spikes! Names Tokage glad to be held back with you two!" Tokage turned his attention to the other two kids, and planted his arms around both their shoulders with him in the middle.

"Hey Curls, what's your Quirk? I imagine it's awesome! You two Spikes, you better spill the words too!"


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Toshiro's grin widened when Sunao ran up to join him and the other two students. It was comforting to know that if Washi's suggestion was true, he would at least be able to keep two of the reptiles he had become fond of. Taric appeared to be planning to join them as well. He felt a little sense of solidarity with the boys because of how quickly they all enrolled to be in the General Studies course. He could respect their lack of hesitation, whatever their motivations were. The class appeared to be truly ready to begin now that all of the participants had been chosen. Toshiro's amazement, the volunteers appeared to be joining the rest of the class in going outdoors into the field.

"So we'll be joining the rest of the class?" He stated, briefly pondering what was ahead for him and the others, but he quickly put the thought out of his mind as he resumed walking with the rest of the group. Toshiro turned around to face the other enlistees, a huge grin on his face and two fingers on the arm of his glasses. "Well, I can't say I know exactly what our teacher is thinking, but there's no turning back now, right?" He casually put his hands behind his back, obviously unconcerned about whether or not it was a bluff at this point. "Whatever happens next, let's make sure we show off our skills, right? After all, we're a formidable force." He encouraged them with a sneer.

A student caught his eye as he walked among his peers. If her body language was any indication, she appeared to be a little disturbed. After a closer look, he discovered that this girl was the only one in the class whose name he didn't recognize. Even if he was headed to General Studies at the end of the day, it wouldn't harm to get to know the girl.

Toshiro couldn't help but be intrigued when Tokage mentioned quirk, and he couldn't help but wonder what the redhead's quirk was. Even if he went away, he should still be able to hear the boy's answer if he gave i. Whether you're taking the Hero Course or not, learning about peoples' quirks can be beneficial. "Sorry to leave our little gang," he said with a peek over his shoulder, as he hurried up to go by them, raising a finger, "But I need to network some."

Toshiro caught up to Hiromi, gently quickening his pace and giving her a smirk as he walked beside her. "For someone who didn't volunteer, you have a really serious expression on your face! Isn't it possible that you're overthinking things?" He quipped, then turned to face her fully while continuing to move ahead. "I know how you're feeling. Right now, there are a lot of questions, but we've already made our decision."

Toshiro was sincerely hoping he could soothe the girl's anxieties, even if it was only a little, despite his cheerful tone and customary barbs. He didn't see the purpose in justifying things at this stage; after all, the volunteers had already been chosen.


Yanagi Hara

The teacher's entrance was to say not the least surprising thing about him as they got to their seats and he finally stated about having too many students. A rather curious thing to say given the fact they had taken part in an entrance exam that should of easily parsed them out. Even more strange was the aspect of having them volunteer. A very strange thing when a more practical exam would of been far better to ensure to get students who might make the cut. Perhaps some sort of test? Whatever it might be it surprised Yanagi a bit seeing so many jump at the chance to 'volunteer' with the spiky red head being followed by Tokage and... Tushi? A bit more on the strange side to say the least. With Sunny standing tall to volunteer as well and Taric following suit it made the girl blink and scratch her chin.

Oh... I guess I was too late to pitch the idea of a lotto... I'd of joined in on that, that would of been a fun way if its really true like he said!

A soft smile was on Yanagi's face entertained a bit by her own idea though the expression softing a bit quickly. Despite being a bit ditzy seeming she at least knew a little then to control how reaction as to not create the wrong impression. At the very least to a small extent... sometimes. Well it depending usually how much of a troublemaker she wanted to be and she at the very least knew if it was serious right now she didn't want to come off heartless by being misread. Standing up the dark haired teen looked over noticing Zella speaking. The girl blushed lightly as a bright smile came upon her lips giving a small thumbs up.

"Don't worry, anything for a friend!" She spoke with a happy nod keeping her voice low as to not be disruptive. The small on her lips once again vanishing keeping amore neutral though somewhat upbeat expression. The girl allowing for Zella to take the lead a bit as to follow behind. She wasn't quite sure just what they would end up doing though she was at least curious and a bit happy to have Zella around though hopefully things weren't as they seem and many of the other interesting people, even perhaps Tushi wouldn't actually be taken out of the class. Her eyes shifted forward noticing particularly the strange Yakta girl having shuffled up front to speak to the teacher, half attempting to listen in herself as they made there way outside.

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Emiko Yukimura
Emiko couldn't stop her jaw from dropping as their teacher made the statement. Too many kids? She looked around the classroom in an attempt to judge the space for herself. The classroom was a moderate size, and honestly, she didn't see the need to drop five kids. Emiko was about to raise her hand to inquire about the statement when one of the students volunteered.

She tilted her head at the red-haired boy who had just sat down before he was asked to stand against the wall. After him, several more kids volunteered, all going to stand to the side. Emiko thought about switching with one of the kids, surely, they'd make a better hero than her. Even if she didn't become a hero she would be happy knowing someone else had the chance.

The teacher seemed equally has taken aback, did he not think soon-to-be heroes would volunteer so quickly? It made sense that they would so that others could experience the class. That action alone screamed hero. Only after the five students were lined up did the teacher turn to the rest of the class. Emiko listened intently as he asked the class to follow him outside. Silently. she followed the class, slowing down slightly next to the volunteers. "Why did you guys volunteer so fast? Didn't you want to come here to be heroes?" The question wasn't directed at anyone in particular. She figured they all volunteered for the same reason more or less. "If you change your mind, I'll switch with one of you, okay?" Emiko didn't regret the words that left her mouth. She had meant it. Some of these kids had wanted to be a hero longer than her, it was only fair they got to stay in the course.

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Hiromi sighed internally as she heard Toshiro mention networking, figuring that meant her. All he'd done so far was be casually rude and insulting to her friend. Some hero he was going to turn out to be she thought to herself, glad of his exit to the general studies course. Maybe they wouldn't have to deal with him. He obviously didn't care that much about U.A if he was so eager to throw away his spot like that. Or maybe he was just overly confident in his abilities.

"For someone who didn't volunteer, you have a really serious expression on your face! Isn't it possible that you're overthinking things?"

Again, another masked insult as a quip. Though maybe her face did look a little sullen. But still, who did he think he was just casually jabbing at how people looked? The girl grit her teeth, keeping her mouth shut for now. No reason to get a bad reputation on the first day. "I'm just surprised that you're so willing to give up your spot so quickly," She said, trying to keep her eyes straight ahead, but struggling. He was...distracting. The way he moved and swaggered, his persona was all about confidence and drawing attention. "You're resigning yourselves to the general studies course, without a fight?" Hiromi was still trying to make sense of it. On the one hand, self sacrifice, very heroic. On the other, giving up without a fight, not heroic. What was the right play? Maybe some insight on Toshiro would help.

"I know how you're feeling. Right now, there are a lot of questions, but we've already made our decision."

Ah, so it was self sacrifice. And the way he said "We've" But it seemed he had questions too. "If you're gone, why do you think the teacher is inviting you and the others to the field?" She asked, more curious at the boy's own take on things.

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Watching the 5 students volunteer to be booted from the class was torture, and Flora's inner motives fought desperately to the point when Flora thought she'd be torn right apart. Her legs tried on more than one occasion to make her stand and declare that she'd be a volunteer, but something stopped her each time.

Now, filing in among the other students as they followed their teacher outside, Flora found her vision blurry, flooding with tears.

Any of the students who volunteered deserve to be here more than I do. It's likely that any one of them is more capable than me. I'm just taking up crucial space in a class that one of them can actually thrive at!

Wiping her eyes furiously, she pushed her way to the front of the throng of students and tugged on Washi's sleeve. She was still crying and it was embarassing as all get out, but she couldn't live with herself if she took up space that someone better than her could have.

"Sensei... My name is Flora Satzuki and-" She took a shaky breath, trying to steady her voice. "I placed 14th in the entrance exam and I want to apologize for not volunteering myself to be removed. If you see that I perform unsatsifactorily in this class in the future, I would much rather have you replace me with one of the students that volunteered than have me stay, because I'm sure that any one of them could be a much better hero than me and it's selfish of me to take their spot if I can't perform."

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On the walk to the field, Washi was approached by a student with grey skin and red hair. She also had a spiky red tail. At first, he didn't acknowledge her but once she spoke, he got his attention. The way she spoke threw him off. Even if he was a teacher and it was his job to understand students, it took him a moment to process what she just said to him.

"Um... if I understood you correctly, you're wondering what caused the problem and why are they coming with us. Well, the problem is actually something that has been occurring often here lately and they're coming with us because they don't have anywhere else to go and while they did volunteer, until class is over, they are still in this class." Wasn't long until Washi felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked to see another female student. This one appeared to be crying. "What's the matter?" She went on to introduce herself, apologize, and explain how she felt. There was a pause before he responded but he placed his hand on her head and smiled. "I appreciate the gesture. But everything is going to be okay." He pulled out a pen and drew a check mark next to her name.

Eventually the class would be led to U.A.'s exercise field. "This is the P.E. Grounds and it's where we are going to do today's activity." Washi's eyes shifted to the five volunteers from earlier. "With the exception of those five. I'm sure you're wondering why they're here with us. It's for the simple reason they literally have nowhere else to go at the moment and I was asked not to send them home or release them from class." An awkward pause followed his statement. "Anyways, listen closely as I'm not going to repeat myself." The main reason he wouldn't repeat himself is because he would forget his own instructions. "Now! Let me be the first to say, you guys disappointed me with your test scores." The expression he wore was serious and he stood faced in front of the class.

"Your scores were severely lacking and I'm surprised to see you actually made it into U.A. Can't even imagine what the people who didn't pass scores were." He mumbled. "With that being said, at the moment I don't believe any of you have what it takes to be at this school, let alone be a hero." The tone in his voice would be cold enough to make the toughest kids shiver. "Hopefully you can prove me wrong." He turned and began walking forward. "Today's activity is going to be very simple." Washi pulled a remote out of his pocket and pressed a button on it. For a moment nothing happened, but then a small room rose from the ground.

Inside the room was a large and aggressive villain. The thing about the room is that there was a wall on each side except the one facing the students. There appeared to be nothing there which made it look like the villain could just walk out or leave the room. "All I want you to do, is when I call your name, come over to me. That's it. That simple. Come straight to me. Not around and to me. Straight to me. If you can't do it. That's okay, just let me know. The guy in the room might step out and wander around but don't mind him. Just come straight to me." Washi looked over his clipboard before starting. "All five volunteers please stand off to the side. Oh! And Flora too. If you don't mind, you can stand off to the side as well." He looked over all the students and his papers. "Okay! Let's begin. First up, Zella? Did I say that right? Yeah, you're up."

Class 1-A > P.E. Grounds
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Hearing Hiromi speak her opinion on his behavior, Toshiro couldn't help but tilt his head back and laugh. "Man! You really are overthinking things aren't you?" He reiterated, before gazing back towards her, "Giving up my spot? Resigning without a fight? It isn't as big of a deal as you're making it," He replied dismissively, whirling around to walk backward in front of her, leaning forward. "Didn't you hear me? It doesn't matter if its General Studies or not. It makes no difference to me, I'll succeed no matter where I go," He stated, while his comment was haughty, the way he came across made it seem like he simply regarded it as a truth.

"Compared to me, there are folks here that need this training a lot more than me to encourage their growth. It wouldn't be right of me to take that away from them," He casually turned his head to the side as his lips pursed, before opting to address the primary problem, "Though, this may all just be some kind of test and I'm flapping my gums over nothing, huh? That'd make me look lame so I hope it isn't true!"

He let that thought shit for a moment before delivering a shrug and turned back around, "At the end of the day. It doesn't matter, I and the others signed ourselves up, and I doubt we'll change our minds," He halted, only to swivel his head to stare past Hiromi towards his other volunteers. "I wouldn't worry though. If we go to General Studies, I doubt those guys would be contented looking at my back. They'll be right there standing next to me."

Even though his last sentence still was wrapped in his typical snark-filled voice, it seemed to be a genuine comment. Of course, Toshiro couldn't leave it there, however, turning back to Hiromi with a vexatious smirk. "We'll probably blow right past you guys in the Hero Course regardless! I have two individuals who got in through recommendations on my side. You should spend time getting a mask unless you prefer eating dust!" He humorously declared, childishly pointing two fingers at Hiromi and sticking out his tongue.

Glancing back in front, he realized that the field was in sight, and he'd have to cut the chat short. "Welp, it looks like here is where we part ways. Thanks for the chat!" He gave a curt wave, stepping to the side and coming to a stop to join the rest of the volunteers and walk onto the field together.

As they reached the field and Washi began to go over the state of affairs, saying such things as "It's for the simple reason they literally have nowhere else to go at the moment and I was asked not to send them home or release them from class," and "Your scores were severely lacking and I'm surprised to see you actually made it into U.A," a massive realization ran over Toshiro. "This is......totally a bluff...." He felt that this was all but sealed now, unwilling to accept any of the statements that came from the teacher's mouth were genuinely real. A cold sweat poured down his face, as the truth of the matter hit him. "I really went and did all that big talk over a bluff! That's really embarrassing!" He yelled internally, clutching the bridge of his nose. He let out a tiny sigh, as he scratched his brow, resigning himself to see what transpired from here. Just then, Washi clicked a button, and then after a couple of seconds, a vast chamber appeared around him and all the pupils. Toshiro gazed about, taking note of the elements of the chamber, before fixing his focus straight at the enormous 'villain' that sat in the center.

With the announcement of Flora joining with the volunteers, things started to progressively become clearer, "Ah, so this must be the test for those who didn't prove themselves yet to become recognized," Toshiro thought, presuming that Flora had done something he missed which had designated her as acceptable in Washi's eyes. Feeling as if he was coming closer to comprehending Washi's perspective, he made his way over to the side of the room. Part of him wishes he had kept silent so he could take part. But, that emotion was swiftly tossed out of the window as he sat back against the nearby wall, knowing that all he had to do for the next several minutes was simply observe. And it seems like the first round was set to be entertaining. It was Zella's turn.

"Hooh, how unfortunate for her. She's gonna have to be the one to set the example with her own 'heroism', huh?" Toshiro voiced his thoughts verbally, crossing his arms, his attention entirely concentrated on the girl. "Can't wait to see how she performs! Don't go boring us now," He thought with a grin, seeming to assume that this whole event would be nothing more than an enjoyable show.
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So much for escaping. He was being dragged to, presumably, go take a gander at what the others could do. He already knew his Quirk was pretty rubbish, they didn't need to rub it in. Digging his hands into his pockets, he slinked out of the room after his ex-classmates. Damn it. Now he looked like an over-eager quitter, or a self-sacrificing hero. Neither were good impressions. He just wanted an easy way out of this place without leaving a lasting impression, bad or good.

He groaned audibly. This was a drag. As they walked, Sunao brought his mind elsewhere, just so he didn't have to suffer. He already had plans drawn up for tweaking his goggles and his yo-yo sitting in a notebook, but he could hazard a guess or two as to what he had scribbled down. Taking apart the components of his goggles and putting them back together again in his mind wasn't a terribly difficult feat- he did make them himself after all. Currently, they functioned on--

A voice piped up from beside him, breaking his concentration. He turned to see that Emiko had broken off from the 'hero class' group to come chat with the 'general studies' group. It would be a lie to say that her words didn't sting, even a little bit. He didn't quit without fighting. She didn't know who he was, and she presumed she could speak of his actions like that? No, it wasn't just him. He shook his head, chiding himself. He had to understand that. She was right, in a way. Why would all these other kids so readily give up their positions? Was it really all altruism, or was it all plans within plans? His eyes darted to Yakta as he thought this. Some were only in it for the money and exposure.

Sunao took a deep breath, then smiled for Emiko. A cute girl like her deserved more than a scowl. "I don't think you understand. For my case anyway." Sunao spoke calmly. "I chose to go, because I don't deserve to be here at all. You've all been through the wringer of an entrance exam, while I got the easy way in. You guys fought and worked hard to get here, while I got noticed by someone popular. All of you are more deserving of staying in the main class than I am. I told you guys already, but I got in by sheer luck." Sunao rubbed the back of his neck, and took a deep breath, then sighed. "Tell ya the truth, all my life, I never wanted to be a hero. Hell, being a hero's the furthest thing I had in mind. I just...happened to be in the right place at the right time, to have helped people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, and to be noticed by the right person." He paused, remembering that look in the hero's eyes, and remembering the vague, ever familiar features of her face. "And for some reason, I didn't wanna disappoint her. So, really, I'm only here because I'm a bleeding heart. That, or I've fallen in love with an older woman." He looked up from the floor, and towards the other students around him, then returned his gaze to Emiko.

"Y'know, I can't speak for the rest of us, but it means a lot to me that you wanna take the place of a nobody like me." he paused again, choosing his next words carefully, "But if I could take one for the team, and have everyone else, including the other volunteers, go on without me, I would. I'm sure wherever I belong will have a spot for me, even if it takes an extra year to get there." He flashed a grin. "What's a few months, huh? A proper tech genius like me in a general studies class? It'll be easy!"

Where was all this bravado coming from? The energy from his ex-classmates must be infecting him already. He disliked it, but it would be a lie to say that he didn't feel good about it. He reasoned that this wasn't too out-of-character for him. He was always the diplomatic type. Talking and reassuring others was what he did second best. Fighting wasn't his style, kit-bashing and talking were. Simple as that. Maybe this general studies thing was a good thing, the more he thought about it.

His smile faded away as his thoughts overwhelmed him, before, once again, he was brought out of his reverie by a heavy weight cascading onto his shoulders. “Wha--” he started, before Tokage, the albino reptilian cut in. Well, he was not wanting for exuberance. It was people like Tokage didn’t deserve to be here, with layabouts like him. “My Quirk, huh? Guess ya didn’t catch it earlier. It’s what I do best,” he held up one arm to demonstrate, “I become nobody.” His arm faded away from sight as he said this. “How many fingers am I holding up now?” He asked, before laughing, and returning his arm to normal. “Really, it’s nothing special. My dad had the same Quirk, and all he does is work the graveyard shift. You’d think if it was as awesome as everyone says it is, he’d use it for something cooler by now.

Dad. Where was he?

His vision drifted, before it came to a halt on one of the girls of the class that he hadn’t had the opportunity to learn the name of. She seemed...upset. Were those...tears in her eyes? She was holding back her emotions, or, well, was trying hard to. Sunao frowned. Come on. This wasn’t his problem. He didn’t have to interfere. As he was thinking this, he had already slipped out of Tokage’s arm, and was making a beeline straight for the girl. “Gimme a second, guys,” he waved to Tokage and the rest of the lot.

He reached into his pocket, drawing out a packet of tissues he got from advertisers on the street for some maid cafe. With a light tug, he opened the packet, and held it out for the dark-haired girl. “Hey, uh,” he scratched his cheek, unsure of what to say. He was skilled in people-reading, but he wasn’t exactly top of the class on what to tell people. “A smile better suits a hero. That's something someone told me before. You’re gonna be a hero, right? For us?” He offered her his own smile, as he took her hand and pressed the packet of tissues into it. “You can do it! I believe in ya, and I’m sure the rest of us do too!” He gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to her. He looked up at the teacher as he gave them the instructions, and glanced over at the room that had appeared. A test? The girl, whom he presumed was named Flora, was also exempted from the test. He thought he had seen the teacher mark something on his paper before that specific instruction.

Curiouser and curiouser. “C’mon. Flora, was it? You heard the teach, let’s head to one side, yeah?” He gently patted her shoulder, and ushered her to the rest of The Kobolds the general studies group.
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"yeah maybe i think? i mean i know normal classes have like twenty people normally right?" Taric mumbled in response. Somone elsr asked him why he volunteered Taric simply shrugging "umm well there are alot of other people that kinda deserve to be here more then me I kinda just was lucky" taric admitted with a small huff. Opening a portal again he'd pull that rat out before placing it back on his back and throwing it into the strange star filled void. They'd be led over to the PE area and apparently they would have to stick around for now becuse the teacher wouldn't let them leave Taric didn't mind it just ment he could watch as he and the others where instructed to step off to the side stepping away he'd watch before turning to the lizard guy that he'd managed to foget the name of already. "Umm so you think they are gonna call us up at the end becuse even if we arnt supposed to be here seems kinda err unfair to just get to sit around and do nothing right?"

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Flora stared at the boy who handed a pack of tissues to her. He had very grey skin and almost luminescent blue hair and eyes. He hardly looked human. A few seconds later Flora snapped out of her stupor, turning red, both embarrassed that a boy noticed her crying and that she had the nerve to stare at him weirdly.

A smile better suits a hero. That's something someone told me before. You’re gonna be a hero, right? For us?

He said, gently. Flora had quit crying now due to trying to make the embarrassment as short as possible, and she looked at the ground, awkwardly, her attempt to smile resulting in a half-hearted smirk.

"I'm not a hero.... Not yet anyway." She looked up at Sensei Washi as he gave the class instructions, and then dismissed the volunteers to the side. And Flora, as well.

Flora's shoulders sunk further as she tried to process what had just happened, the blue haired boy leading her to the group of volunteers on the sideline. Has the teacher decided to remove me already, based on what I said? It didn't seem like any of the volunteers were back in the class because of her being expunged though. Maybe he just already decided I wasn't fit because of my crying. Maybe he knew that the villain would rip someone as weak as me to shreds.

Half to the blue haired boy and half to herself, she finished her comment from earlier.

"It looks like our Sensei has already decided I am unfit before we've even began." She chuckled ruefully, scratching the back of her head rather intensely, trying not to cry again. You're at hero school, dumbass, you have to be braver than this! You're acting like a ridiculous child! "I hope he lets one of you back in because of it."

Flora tried to accept her place- or lack, thereof- in what was happening and see what the girl called Zella would do.

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The walk to the field was a short one, during this time Zella had the chance to imagine what the test they were going to the field was for. She imagined it would be a simple physical exam, perhaps a PACER test, some weight lifting, and stuff like that, after all, heroes should be in at least decent physical shape. Zella considered this possibility and was all prepared for it, as she could perform at least decently on physical exams after all, not amazingly, but surely she could do enough, thanks to participation in acrobatics she had gone through at a young age, leading up to her mid teens. She conceded that she likely wouldn't place above any of those with mutation quirks or speed enhancing ones, but she predicted that she would likely be able to do better than some of those who relied solely on their quirk for physical tasks.

She looked down at her clothes, she definitely wasn't dressed for a potential fitness exam, and lamented the fact that she didn't want to run in her current attire.

Soon, it became clear that it was NOT a fitness exam. The room soon came up, and within it, a villain held within. 'What the hell is he thinking, this is no place for a villain to be, unless it is just an actor, but I wouldn't put it past this school to be as reckless as this.' Zella thought to herself as the challenge was introduced.

Of course, she was up first, she gritted her teeth at first, hating the fact of the situation, she really doesn't have any other options. She nodded to the teacher as he gave orders to her. This seemed to be a simple test of courage. Unfortunately for the villain, this is an opportune situation for Zella. Despite the fact she didn't want to use her quirk to harm, well, she didn't really have any options, and the threat of it should be enough, anyways. As she walked up she calmly formed a red link with the beast of a villain. With any luck, the villain would refrain from attacking her, keeping her quirk a secret once again. She can imagine the smug look on Toshiro's face if she used it immediately after telling him she doesn't like to use it.

She walked up, the heart on the large hand of the "villain" becoming visible. She kept her eyes on him, pivoting to a backwards facing position, she began walking backwards, eyes locked onto the roaming villain who was still within the room. She then stopped walking, her heart pounding from a mixture of fear and anxiety. She smiled, looking upon the villain. "You aren't really a bad guy? Now, are you? Maybe a victim of circumstances? Why become a villain?" She stood there asking the villain questions she knew were hard to answer. Her faux sympathy for the villain meant to paint her as a more charismatic person than she actually was. Would it provoke him? Maybe just confuse the hell out of him? It was certainly an interesting thing to do. She had the opportunity to run to the other side but stood there, frozen, staring at the villain, as if to egg him on to do something. Test the limits in a reckless way. She smiled her nervousness away as she looked at the muscled villain in the eyes. "I don't want to have to use my quirk, after all." She voiced the threat in a light hearted manner.

Perhaps she had misunderstood the point of the exam. It was hard to read the teacher, surely it was hard to discern between what he told the students to do and what he actually wanted them to do. She decided to go against his word of going directly there, any real hero wouldn't let a villain just waltz around, would they? It's easy to just walk past and ignore a villain on the loose, it's much harder to confront them head on. That was her interpretation on this test.

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Yakta was unsatisfied with the answer Washi gave her, but nodded at his words in hopes that he'd give more details once they arrived. Besides, it wasn't as though she had time to push for more information, as the quiet girl from before approached him next and introduced herself as Flora. Then she went on a long self-pitying monologue about how undeserving of her spot she felt and how she was certain that one of the volunteers would probably deserve it more.

For some reason Yakta thought of Sunao, even though his self-doubts seemed far less openly volatile as Flora's.

But Washi just seemed to comfort her before writing something down as they reached the P.E. field.

Once they'd arrived he gave the same explanation that he'd given to the rest of Yakta's classmates before informing them of his dissapointment with the test results. Yakta could understand exactly where he was coming from. Though she hadn't brought it up beforehand the ideal of diminishing returns seemed like it'd be a problem for schools like U.A. Every day there were more people and every day there were more heroes, the efforts they'd have to do in order to keep the quality from going down as a direct result of the quantity had to be massive.

She'd seen the numbers of people that were tested during the Exam, so many that being in the top twenty or even thirty was nothing short of impressive. If Washi was truly so concerned with their results in spite of that, then perhaps comparing themselves to the other examinees had simply been faulty reasoning brought about by the fact that they were direct competitors. He wasn't comparing them to the rest of the Examinees, he was probably comparing them to the last classes that he'd seen.

And with that line of thinking at the forefront of her mind, Yakta wasn't exactly surprised when he displayed his lack of faith in their ability to succeed at both the U.A and becoming a Hero in general. To prove to him otherwise, he used a remote to summon a room before them. Inside was a extremely large man in the most stereotypical Villain Get-up that Yakta had ever seen. Often Villains and even Heroes would design their costumes to intimidate their foes, but this guy was taking it to the next level.

It almost looked impractical with how it was constructed, but that didn't mean his sheer bulk wouldn't pose a challenge. However, if Washi's words were to be believed then the only aim for this challenge was to directly approach him without even worrying about the villain. Yakta tilted her head at this as Zel was called upon to go first, eyes watching Sunao lead Flora over to the rest of the Volunteers as Washi instructed.

The Villain's lack of immediate threat rang hollow when given just how he appeared, there was no sane hero that would see such a fellow on the street and not at least inquire as to his actions.

Well, perhaps if it was a holiday of some sort.

Regardless, Yakta watched as Zella approached the villain, had she discerned the same thing Yakta had? Whatever the case, it seemed as though she intended to try talking him down, but Yakta noted something odd as she watched the events unfold: a heart appearing on the Villain's hand. Yakta tilted her head at that, but focused her attention instead on Zella's attempts at talking her way through the scenario. Though Yakta was unsure how much appealing to the Villain's potential personal problems would help, she was glad to see someone else had figured that Washi's words weren't to be taken at face value.

That didn't mean she had to show it.

As Zella issued her threat, Yakta raised a hand to her mouth and called out to her, "Oi Comrade, is the hearing bad for you?" she asked before nodding towards Washi "Mentor instruct straight line of travel, why be moving to big man instead?"

She folded her arms as she reached up with her tail to scratch at the base of her head spikes again, turning to the rest of her classmates with a shrug, "I hear orders right, comrades?" she asked as her eyes went from one to another "We to be moving right to Mentor, no?"

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