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Screenshot 2021-04-23 075409.png

Name: Josuke Koizumi

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 155 lbs

Personality: With a carefree attitude, Josuke approaches issues, almost never taking them seriously. Even in spite of being an aspiring hero. While Josuke may be serious when it comes to battle or personal matters when it comes to heroism, Josuke would prefer to have fun and relax, such as enjoying parties. Josuke also does not seem to take disputes seriously with others either. Josuke is highly optimistic. He still sees the bright side of things or something that goes wrong with a smile and an upbeat nature.

Josuke is especially idiotic, dim-witted, and sometimes just plain clueless. He often displays a lack of common sense. The simple attitude of Josuke and naïve remarks are frequently misunderstood as poking fun. While he is goofy and reckless, when someone is in real danger, he gets very serious. In most situations, he keeps a serious attitude once he starts to fight and is only seen smiling until he defeats the enemy or is confident that the enemy will be defeated.

History: Josuke was one of the rare kids who developed a combination of his parent's Quirks. Knowing he wanted to be a hero since he was very young, he was glad to receive a powerful Quirk. The inspiration drew from his parents, who were also respectable Pro Heroes. He promised himself and them that he'd train hard with it and become a great hero. In his preteens, he had already begun to act like a hero. He stopped two delinquents who attended his middle school and took people's money. He'd also "save" other victims of bullying in various ways. All throughout his years in junior high, at home he trained not only his Quirk, but his body too so that he'd be ready to enroll at U.A.

Role: Student

Quirk: Heavens and Earth - Josuke's Quirk gives him the ability to generate air/wind from the right side of his body, and earth from his left side. Using his right side too much causes him to experience severe migraines and using his left side too much causes his bones to stiffen and gradually slow him down.

Costume: Hasn't thought of one yet.
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Through all the heat, my heart still beats

Name: Utamaro Senju

Nickname: Senju for acquaintances, Uutan for his close friends

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 156 lbs

Personality: Utamaro has a cool and confident image at first glance, but it falls apart quickly after speaking to him a few times. He’s generally calm and relaxed, but can be slow in academic settings. If allowed to talk for too long, his stupidity and childishness come to light. Although confident at first, he quickly crumbles and becomes unsure of himself if that confidence is questioned. He spends a lot of time drawing in his sketchbook and will choose to do so over writing notes or training. He’s a people pleaser and tries to satisfy everyone when conflict emerges, but when overwhelmed he becomes irritated, defensive and erratic. His art also becomes inconsistent in quality, sloppy, and childlike in quality. He likes using a variety of weapons. By all means he is a jack of all trades and master of none.

When not in his uniform, he likes to wear a variety of colors and as such does not worry too much about if his clothes actually match or not.

History: Utamaro comes from a line of artists. His father was a pro-hero who died in his line of work. His mother and older sister are both artists and detest the idea of the youngest in their family becoming a hero, fearing he will turn out like his father. Utamaro spent his youth training to become a worthwhile hero, all while butting heads with his talented older sister and mother who compared him to her. He was a poor student due to spending most of his time drawing in his sketchbook, though he quickly learned to not close all the lines in his sketches unless he wished for his quirk to activate. He made it to U.A. after years of figuring out how to best use his quirk to assist him both in battle and support roles.

Role: Student

Quirk: Artist [May rename later!] - Can draw things into existence. The drawing will manifest itself as long as the outer lines are all connected. The canvas, be in paper, concrete, dirt, or something else does not matter. The tool used doesn't matter either: pencil, chalk, paint, marker, water, blood. As long as all lines are connected in a meaningful way, his creation will come to life.

Drawings are accurate to size and take about 5 seconds to manifest, with larger items taking more time and smaller items being the fastest. Utamaro carries around pencils, markers, chalk, paints, and brushes to make use of this. Drawings, if given no color will manifest, but will be weak and are destroyed easily. Utamaro can drain color from his own body and clothes to apply to his drawings. Colorless things will appear white. Draining his color, especially from his hair or skin will leave him weak. If he himself lacks color for too long, he will grow ill.

Items drawn are true to scale. Large items take more energy out of him. Small objects are generally fine. Objects made this way usually last for about 10 minutes, but smaller objects can exist for longer and are less taxing. Color will return to him when the object is either destroyed or dematerializes. Due to his quirk, the user likes to dress as colorful as possible so he’ll have a wide variety of colors to choose from. He cannot choose how much color he takes from himself, only what he takes it from. If he takes color from his shirt, it will drain from the entire shirt. Things drawn poorly and awkwardly will still manifest, but their quality will reflect that. Even if he does not have a clear mental image of what he wishes to make and how it'll work along with his drawing, the item will still be created. However, it will not function properly.

Costume: [Undecided, will return to later]


Burning hearts and bleeding roses

Name: Astrala Elizabeth Night

Nickname: normal people call her (Astral) Close people like her mom call her ( Bloom )

Gender: Female (F)

Age: 16

Height: 5’7

Weight: 119 lbs

Favourite Colour: Black and Blue

Birthday: 31st May 2005

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Personality: Like her sign, Astral gets bored pretty quickly that’s why she loves trying out new things, you can say she loves adventures and is also a huge dreamer, she loves expressing her thoughts through different forms of art like: poetry, dance, music and illustrations. (but that’s a hidden side of hers)

On the more visible side she tends to have a little scary and creepy vibe that’s why she doesn’t have much friends, she is very introverted and keeps to herself often, She is very hot headed with tons of anger issues and anxiety, she is a huge over thinker but is very quick witted and notorious for her pranks which adds to why nobody really wants to hang out with her. She is very well know for having her white hair with blue streaks something she inherited from her mother, she got her bright blue eyes from her dad.(*Might add more Later*)

Astral had never wanted to be a hero but that changed after her father disappeared he was a Pro hero and Had been taken away she and no one knows how or why, he was just assumed to be dead, but she knew he wasn’t, she knew that she had to find him and save the others who have to go through the same, whoever he/she/they are it is gonna pay.

When she was thirteen she started noticing the crimes around her, murder, theft, kidnapping etc, she realised the wrongs of the world she is living in.

it all started with a girl she knew and often saw, disappeared, and as her father had also disappeared it hit hard to her, she slowly plotted ways, searched areas, and did everything in her power to find her and she did, she found her about to be shipped away somewhere, that’s when she got to know the girl had an ability and the people who had kidnapped her were gonna use her ability, after knowing this she knew she could still find her dad, and she would.

And with that story she then did her best solving all crimes in her community and go beyond as much as possible and that’s why she is now a hero with a mask.

Every night once in a week she seeks to solve out crimes as she knows that it’s what her father would have wanted and with her being as obscure as she is in real life no one really knows who she really is, She is known as “The Shadow” in this form.

She comes in line from two different lines of quirks which made her a rare piece she has strong roots for her quirks and she knows she needs to protect it.
As she was the only child she was living with her mom who she dearly loves, and her mom...ever since astral’s father disappeared taught Astral everything to prepare her to be strong enough to cut people with a glare and enroll in U.A.

Role: Student

Hero Name: The Shadow

Quirk: She has the ability of Barrier and destruction/healing

Strengths: Her ability allows her to destroy things at the touch of hand and also allows her to do the opposite of it which is healing and she can protect herself and her companions with a barrier that multitasks in many ways eg: camouflage

weakness: The power of destruction and healing can not only drain herself but also comes with a price she needs to be careful with what she does and how, partly why she keeps to herself often. another Weakness of hers is that she can’t put up her barrier for long if she is in a case of panic or experiencing any emotion that leads her to Feel lost but at times when she is experiencing strong emotions like vulnerability or anger her barrier has an automatic response and holds up without notice.

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kyoka jiro

I like Vocaloid
Name:Lucy Suzuki
weight:110 pounds
Personally:She is kind To others even if she doesn't like the person also she is mature when she has to be. She is shy when she first meets someone new she warms up slowly.
History:Lucy was born in Tokyo Japan with her parents she is an only child,she discovered her quirk in kindergarten. She wanted to become a hero because her parents were hero's,She didn't have many friends That's why she is the way she is. She didn't have any friends because she was too shy to make any. Life was lonely for her without any friends.
Quirk:Mind control (Weaknesses is She can control someones mind for 10 minutes before it starts to weaken) (She has to touch them to mind control)
costume:A purple pilots suit
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1049 Simulated Lives / 1 Actual

Name: Yoshihara Hiromi (Hiromi is fine!)

Gender: Female (F)

Age: 15

Height/Weight: 5’2, 128lbs

Personality: Loyal and optimistic to a fault, Hiromi is all about seeing the best in people and doing what she can to be helpful. If she befriends someone, she is a steadfast friend, supporting them in their goals and drives and even helping them accomplish them if she can in any way. She has a bright outlook on heroes and their work, and admires those who help others aside from themselves. She is easily flustered and friendly to most, unless given a reason not to be.

Her loyal attitude can and does get her into trouble however. She is somewhat of a bleeding heart, and would try to shrug of injuries if it meant avoiding making friends worried. She is naïve, and easily tricked, though it is something she is keen to work on, having been burned badly in the past before for being deceived by one she thought was a friend. Despite this, she is still happy to lend an ear or a hand or a bed to sleep on, really she can sleep on the floor it's no trouble - no really she insists!

History: Hiromi spent much of her childhood without knowing much of her parents, bouncing from home to home, orphanage to orphanage. While she wasn't an unruly kid by any means, her quirk made it easy to blame her when things went missing, something other kids took advantage of, as well as some adults exploiting the foster system. Most guardians weren't willing to put up with a "kleptomaniac" for long, regardless of if she did it or not. This upbringing shaped her personality around proving her loyalty, in an attempt to keep close to people for more than a few months.

Early into her teens, she fell in with a group of other kids who were using their quirks to help people on the streets, led by a boy a few years older. Hiromi worked with the group for some time, helping them steal supplies and give them to those in need, money, food, clothes, she and the others used their quirks to steal whatever they needed. It was only after investigating what was in some supplies they were delivering that she realised she was heading down a darker path, the packages she was storing were filled with substances she couldn't identify, as well as weaponry.

When confronted, her friends revealed that they were fine with the path they were heading down, and that Hiromi should be too, they didn't owe anyone else anything after all! Trying to do the right thing, she got in touch with a pro hero to shut down the growing smuggling ring, heartbroken at the betrayal of not only her friends, but her own betrayal of the people they were supposed to be helping. To make amends, Hiromi worked to join a Hero academy to start doing some good for real.

Role: Student

Quirk: Big Pockets (Emitter)
Hiromi's quirk allows her to absorb and store matter into herself after tapping it with the palm of her hand. This storage effect is accompanied by the object seemingly fading into smoke before being drawn towards her. She can also store objects with a velocity and recall them with the same velocity, allowing her to fire projectiles back at opponents. This ability is not without it's limitations however. Items must be physically touched, even if just for a millisecond in order to be stored, and the extradimensional space is not infinite. She must also bear some of the weight of what she stores, preventing her from storing heavier items for longer than a few minutes. The more she carries, the denser she gets. She offsets this by taking advantage of her small frame and muscle to be able to lift as much as she can.

Costume: Leaning into her quirk and her past, Hiromi's first version of her costume is that of a gentleman/lady thief, complete with appropriate skirt and domino mask.

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The lord of randomness and the warp
(Old CS wip to get it to standards)​



Name: Taric Harcore

Nickname: N/A

Alias: void

Age: 18

Gender: male

role: student

height: veriable

weight: minimally a few thousand tones

quirk: void spawn: the user's body is composed of what is essentially a self-contained galaxy and pocket reality. while remaining fairly human-like in external appearance so far as the head and shoulders are concerned. the rest of the user body for safety reasons is contained within a specialised pressure suit that changes to acommidate the user.

The user is capable of causing rifts in reality up to 2 meters tall and 1-meter feet wide, these portals can be safely travel through by other individuals but not the user themselves. live creatures not transported instantly instead of taking a few seconds to travel between portals at the user discretion, or they can be "stored" and allowed out at a later point, maximum time before they must be ejected from this "hammerspace" is 3 hours. These portals are also able to allow the user to attack via long tendril-like whips that extend from the portal or much smaller rifts that after a few moments fire a blast of energy from them.

Nonorganic matter that not being worn or carried by a person will seemingly disappear total into the rifts if thrown in or dragged in by a tendril. This affects the user mass and size growing larger when the matter is “consumed” usage of rifts and everyday activity result in size decreasing leaving the user in a state of fluctuating height and mass. Only side effect of this is they are unable to eat normal food in any way. Currently trying to work out how to make it so his rifts allow the unaccompanied nonorganic matter to pass-through

Personality: Taric is a somewhat quiet individual that would rather stay out of conflict, though by no means at all antisocial he simply just prefer not to talk about himself much as he feels his powers and incredibly awkward. If one were to approach him Taric would be happy to though still fairly wary of people, true trust is hard to earn with the boy, and he will only go so far to be nice before just backing off entirely. overall he just doesn't want a repeat of last time.. But he'd genuinely appreciate friends if he ever manages to make any prheaps someone can bring back his older more playful spirit... though eh will entirely backtrack.

History: Taric had previously been one of the most cheerful people you could meet, he was just happy with his life. he didn't need to worry about powers or anything crazy in all of that. it was when he was fifteen when his powers finally flared up. this resulted in the destruction of one building at the school he'd gone to due to a currently redacted reason. this incident resulting in him being interred within the pressure suit he currently wears, and well.. genuinely broke him Taric was no longer the happy cheerful boy he once was but a softer more reserved individual, at least his feeling to try and help people remained.. after 3 years of "rehabilitation" it's helped him enough to get back to living normally sort of.

Elder sister: Maria
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Name: Zella Libra

Nickname: N/A

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Height: 5'6 ft.

Weight: 124 lb.

Personality: From an outsider looking in it would appear as if Zella was a kind, sweet girl, with a touch of playfulness. She outwardly acts very kind and sweet, and she appears extremely selfless. She speaks softly but is outwardly extroverted, often first to engage in conversation or speak up. She despise violence and appears emotional about the topic, normally going out of her way to prevent others from getting into conflicts that would result in violence. She knows how to play a crowd, and loves the pressure and spotlight, maybe too much. She smiles often, her mouth making the expression, but her eyes don't reflect the same happiness her mouth does.

Inwardly she is maliciously manipulative, her kind acts and outward personality a guise to cloak her selfish nature. She isn't villainous but she is very much more interested in her own image and self preservation, rather than the actual good of the people around her. She will willingly save people, provided it benefits her, be it fame or to just to look good in front of a crowd. However, if met with someone in need in the middle of night in a secluded alley, she would be far less motivated to assist. She hides this side from people well, her deceptive nature leading people far off the trail of her inner selfishness. In the correct circumstances, she is likely to be over dramatic, making the situation seem more dire than it actually is. She tends to dislike violence because of her quirk, due to her quirk, if people sustain injuries it is almost expected of her to take some of that burden, provided they know of it. She would oblige, to sustain her self image, however she would much rather the situation not occur in the first place.

History: Zella discovered her quirk at a young age, when a neighborhood kid fell off their bike and scraped their knee, Zella watched the boy fall and the boy got up unharmed, and Zella felt a sharp pain on her own knee and was surprised. Zella's was less severe, but the pain was still there, so she tried to refrain from using it often. Very few knew about it, as she hid it well, not wanting to get hurt again. Zella always strived to be someone everyone talked about, she would hang out with the popular kids throughout her early schooling, but would still remain kind to those less popular. She wanted to be perceived as popular but did not want to be one of the mean girls. She saw all the pro heroes and saw all the attention they got, so she wanted to be one when she was older. She would behave in a way to further her image.

Role: Student

Quirk: Empainthy (Emitter): Zella has the ability to create temporary links between herself and others. She must have a direct line of sight and be within a 20 yard radius of the other target to create the link, but the link persists for a few seconds after loss of line of sight, and provides vital time to regain the sight. She can break a link at will, but once a Link is broken, she is unable to reapply a link on the same person for a minute. A target knows when they are linked, as on their dominant hand a temporary heart appears. but not sure of which link Zella has with them. these links are not physical and cannot be broken by sheer force from external entities. Depending on Zella's choice, she can choose one of 2 links, which she can see.

Blue Link: Zella can make a blue link with someone, while linked, if the person Zella is linked to is harmed, Zella instead receives the injury, albeit at a reduced severity. Gashes become cuts, breaks become fractures or sprains. This cannot be used to on non living things or creatures who have passed.

Red Link: Zella's rarely used side of her quirk, where she creates a link with another living creature, while the link is there, any harm directed to Zella is instead transferred to her linked partner. Potentially very dangerous, so Zella choose to refrain from using this unless needed.

Costume: Undecided.


Four Thousand Club
Name: Ganbatte Ramune
Nickname: Smoothie
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Height: 6' 4" (Varies)
Weight: (Varies)
Personality: Willful and determined to a fault, she can often verge on outright stubbornness in how she will proceed with a course once set, yet at the same time does so with an aloof and casual ease. Her sense of justice is absolute to her actions as well even to her personal detriment, though it may not always line up with what is commonly accepted. Strangely. they hold a strong fascination with Koi fish and the water in general, particularly the mythology around them and holds it core to the view of how to progress as a hero.
History: Ramune has a complicated past, having been raised within an orphanage under the care of an enigmatic individual with an unspoken past. Such was not entirely peaceful however with elements of her foster father coming back on several occasions and threatening the Orphanage itself, even to the point of its demolition at one point and her kidnapping. The aftermath however was what resolved her to follow the path of the hero seeing their foster father in action to save her.
Role: Student
Quirk: Juice, The user is capable of both absorbing moisture and creating a liquidized version of targets through a siphoning and draining touch. This touch allowing her to distort these targets in a twisting motion regardless of their innate durability or hardness, even targets that would normally not be physically solid enough to touch. Targets drained are initially undamaged however will become extremely brittle, dehydrated, and shrivel. They may use these absorbed fluids in various ways, either through the use of pressurized water blasts, controlled water constructs or to augment her physical abilities and characteristics should enough be consumed, the exact effects depending on the source and type. As a side effect of this ability, she appears to relatively immune to ingested poisons and fluids as well as bosts remarkable durability isolated upon her hands. Finally, there is a limit to how much can be held internally before her body needs to adapt to the increased storage requirements, however with practice this limit may be increased through the idea of further pressurizing the fluids held.
Costume: N/A
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The Sop

  • Name
    - Aki Nguyen
    - Fox In The Box
    - 30
    - Teacher
    - Aki is quite an observant and quiet man. While he is soft-spoken and mild-mannered to everyone, he never enjoys being the center of the room and is sometimes shy to start a conversation unless it is someone close.
    - Contrary to most heroes, Aki shows little to none self-confidence in his ability (especially combat) toward his colleagues. He would try to avoid any situation where he has to compete with anyone unnecessarily, even yield if its needed as he has little ambition to win any fight. He, more than once, states that he has no talents compared to other professors in Yuei.
    - He has a calm, laid back attitude toward almost every situation. Even upon seeing an enemy or someone he dislikes, his relaxed and gentle countenance doesn't change. However, in a dire moment when he feel there is danger for the people around him, Aki can drastically change himself as he steps into combat, into an indomitable hero.
    - One of his best trait would be patience, in both combat or life. Since he's young, Aki had learned the outcome of every fight can be decided in just one moment, and the victorious side is the one who patient enough to wait for such moment. Aki applied this philosophy into his combat style, one that he keeps up with his opponents until the very right moment to finish them off.
    - He believes a hero's key trait should be cooperativeness.
    - Height and weight: 6' ft 0 , 65 kg
    - Hair: Black
    - Eyes: Black
    - Other Description(Optional): Light moustache



Name: Yanagi Hara
Nickname: Yani
Hero Name: Will-o-Witch
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3
Weight: 117

Quirk: Will o' Wisp
Yanagi's quirk gives her abilities like a mischievous spirit. She is able to split 'part' of herself off into little wisps that are capable of floating through physical objects. The wisps are able to mimick the effects of light and flame able to give vision or 'burn' or 'electrocute' those it might touch or go through without causing actual physical harm being more so an illusion effect that still can take a tole upon the body. Yanagi is able to see through the Will o' Wisps anything within its 'light' radius. The effects of Will o' Wisp can go so far as to effect Yanagi herself.

Yanagi's quirk is in many ways illusion based. While the wisps can take on the properties of light or flame, they can't actually create such substance making its effects purely mental. She can't use it to set things on fire. Likewise a nonliving creature would be unable to see the light created by her wisp though a person watching through a camera could. The wisps while intangible are slowed moving through solid material with more dense material requiring more effort to move through. Breaking off the wisps from her body while not innately taking away anything from herself physically does exert part of herself out to do so limiting how many wisps she can create. While normally unable to be interacted with, should something possess the ability to interact with the spirit it would also effect Yanagi herself even while not directly connected to it.

Wisps that are separated from her must eventually return to her. If she becomes exhausted while a wisp is separated from her body the wisp itself will dissipate leaving her with adverise side effects such as headaches until her body is able to recover. Should she have so much of her wisps dispersed at once the effect can become much more severe and it can take her much longer to recover.

Yanagi is able to use the powers her Wisps are able to do herself though she isn't as well trained due to some limitations. The act of becoming intangible can be rather draining on herself and unfortunately will cause anything she might be holding or wearing to fall off being... rather awkward to use if she is doing so on her whole body. Much like seeing through her wisps, should she become intangible she must emit light to do so making it rather obvious to see her. While she is capable of being invisible while in that state, she would be effectively blind if she wishes to be completely invisible.

Yanagi can come off a bit strange, often electing to peek on someone and stare at them without saying a word for a while before approaching them. The more quiet demeanor she gives off might make her seem a bit shy though she is quite the opposite. She is more then excited to talk with someone though often focusing on the other person or some other topic rather then talking in huge lengths about herself. She tends to have a natural curiosity towards others. She is quite lighthearted not allowing things to get her down. While she mainly wishes to be a hero for fun, she does deep down enjoy the aspect of being able to help people out along the way. She is rather smart when she puts her mind to it. She can be quite playful with others.

Yanagi has a habit of pulling little pranks, often more harmless in nature. Her curiosity can get the best of her where she tends to stick in her nose into places she shouldn't, whether it might be asking others about things that might be more personal or sneaking around to try and spy on others. While she is quite lighthearted she can have a rather dark sense of humor joking around about danger or the risk of death without thinking much of it herself. She can have trouble taking things seriously, to the point of making rather poor decisions despite knowing better. It is made a bit worst given she has a natural thrill for taking some risks even if unnecessary.

Yanagi had a rather simple childhood. Her parents were normal civilians both having full time jobs as she grew up. She would often find herself left in the care of a babysitter or as she got a bit older on her own. She discovered her own quite on accident accidently phasing her hand through the door and creating a wisp. Being a curious girl she was, she began to mess around with it eventually her little wisp floating through the apartment complex and sparking a bit of an uproar when it when poking into other peoples places and spying on them. It took a little investigation and her parents finding out about her quirk that got her scolded for using it in such a manner and told to not go around using it. Naturally she didn't listen completely though she was a bit more careful about using it.

As a student with others her age she was viewed in a rather mixed way. Known to be a bit strange known to stare at other kids. She still managed to find a group of friends. She had a tendency for liking to play little jokes on her friends from time to time making her known as a bit of a troublemaker despite coming off more unassuming. She always enjoyed listening to others excited to talk about different things though never being much in terms of focus on herself. She always had a love for horror particularly the spooky finding it quite enjoyable pestering her friends to a movie night where she would sneak films well above their age rating to watch. She was always the type to like to be a bit adventurous and the rush of taking a bit of a risk.

Yanagi decided to become a hero rather late compared to perhaps most potential heroes. While she had been working with her quirk secretly, it had always been for more of her troublemaking rather then for any sort of benevolent purposes. For her the life of a hero seemed quite fun. The act of saving people just came off as an extra bit to the job that was a nice bonus. It did mean she would be put more in the spotlight which she didn't care that much for it wasn't something she minded. With U.A. being a promising place to go it only lead to her to take her training more serious practicing to use her abilities in more ways beyond just 'peeping' getting herself ready to apply and hopefully get her way into the school and a hopefully quite fun career path!


Four Thousand Club
Name: Sargent Nathanial Saint Gorge

Nickname: Sargent Angel

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Height: 5ft 7

Weight: 182

Personality: Nathanial Saint Gorge Is a hardworking Officer. He doesn't know when to switch off when necessary and he is completely dedicated to when it comes to the defining word of the law. Regardless of when it comes to his job or out of his service. This however is his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. Since being so tense and serious about his job doesn't really make him the most social person when it comes to his peers.

Nathanial is also quite impatient when it comes to other people. He doesn't give a rat about any story or excuse. when it comes to it he is a stubborn man but he only does things because he cares about his position. However, being a person dedicated to the law he wishes to be a good role model to anyone he meets wishing them to follow in his example in upholding the law rather than breaking it.

Nathanial isn't without a soft side though. He only shows this side when he gets to know someone who can break that shell of his. He just really needs to learn to switch off when he needs to and personally he wishes it as well.

History: Sargent Nathanial Saint Gorge was born and school in Sheffield England. Fully dedicated to his studies he passed his GCSE's with 5 A*'s (equivalent to A+) In ICT, Physical education, Modern Ethics, Maths and English. Once he left school he went to the police academy to train to become a police officer of the London Metropolitan Police Service. The reason for this is because when he was younger his mother was kidnaped by a villain in his local area, sadly his father was overreliant on heroes and sadly his mother died before a hero could rescue her. Ever since then he wasn't going to rely on heroes or other people to save him.

Once he reached the LMPD He passed training in physical limitations and mental examinations. He did extracurricular activities such as speed chess, fencing, kickboxing and public speaking to schools. He received the baton of honor for his achievements in the academy. He joined the LMPD after his time at the academy and achieved a 400% high police arrest recorded than all of his other officers. Became part of operations in a Hero/police sting squad where villans teamed up with other crime organizations for profit. He was the leader of the police squad and successfully save the said hero from a gun wound he took himself by moving in front of them. Receiving a permanent shoulder injury in the process.

After the sting operation Nathanial was part of more operations such as this and received the official British Heros with no capes Award Handed over by London's number one hero Union jack. Still never liking heros Nathanial was glad he was going to be back to regular police work. When he was kicked out by the LMPD by telling him he will be transferred to Musutafu Japan. Saying that he has been chosen to be chief security at an academy of heroes. Due to previous events. He after learning to say and write the native language has officially came to japan to guard this academy of heroes.

Role: Head of Security In U.A Acadamy

Quirk: None

Costume: 1619633752307.png

Name: Humara Togoshi (If you aren't going to use nickname, call her Togoshi)

Nickname: Tora

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 95 lbs

Personality: Togoshi is very shy and doesn't talk much. If you sneak up on her, or just tap her shoulder she will jump. She usually keeps to herself sitting in the back of the classroom, if you try to make a conversation with her she will try to to you, but it might not be easy to keep the conversation rolling. Togoshi is very kind and sweet but can come off as awkward or weird to some. She doesn't participate in class unless she has to(for arcs, etc.). She can be very sensitive when it comes to someone talking to her. Togoshi can't really take a joke, she takes things she does very personally.

If something happens to one of her friends and she was near she blames it one herself. Even if it doesn't even make sense she still blames herself.

History: Her mother died when she was 5, so it's just been her father and her since then. They have a really close bond. Ever since her mother died she's blamed herself for her death. Her father kept telling her it wasn't her fault, but she wouldn't listen. Togoshi decided that no one else should have to loose someone they love, that's why she wanted to become a hero. Her father supported her every step of the way and they were so happy that she was doing well in school and was able to control her quirk. Every night he would ask, "Made any new friends yet?" She would say, "Plenty dad," and go to her room.

It isn't easy living life without friends.

Role: Student

Quirk: High Speed
This quirk allows her to move as fast as she would like and jump as high as she would like(hence the high speed). She really can't control how fast she goes yet, but she's got enough control over it to handle going fast. Running can cause her to get searing headaches for running too long. Her highest speed is 50-70 mph. If she doesn't land her jump right she can hurt her ankles and feet badly. She tends to only jump when she needs to.

(Drawing done by JenyDaiana on DeviantArt)
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✧☽ 𝒹 𝓇 𝑒 𝒶 𝓂 𝒾 𝓃 𝑔 ☾✧
Name: Washi Hamasaki

Hero Name: Washi

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Height: 6'0

Weight: 150 lbs

Personality: Though usually a laid-back, optimistic, jovial, humble and eccentric man, Urahara shows a deceptively cunning and serious side when the situation warrants it. He cares deeply about his students and will not stand for anything to happen to them. Despite his care-free attitude, he almost always speaks politely, but is sometimes sarcastic.

History: When Washi first discovered his Quirk, he had only discovered the separation part. To other people and himself, it seemed as if all he could do was separate things that could not be put back together. People started to fear his power because of how destructive it was. His own parents began to fear his Quirk. They didn't really want him to touch anything and that made growing up, difficult. They became tired of fearing and making sure he didn't touch anything and abandoned him. They put him up for adoption as they could no longer deal with him and his Quirk. Washi got taken into a kind and welcoming family of heroes. Living with them, he finally discovered the fusion part of his Quirk after not being able to touch much in so long. Before he was adopted, he was frowned upon by everyone. They all were scare of his Quirk and thought he was gonna grow up to be a villain. He was destined to be a villain. That's what drove Washi to become a Pro-Hero. He decided to be one out of his own trauma and fear of becoming a villain. He was determined to become a worthy hero and use his powers for good.

Role: Hero and Teacher.
  • Rank: 15

Quirk: Split & Union - With his left hand, Washi can divide/separate anything. Anything he separates cannot be fused back by any other force except his right hand. With his right hand, he can connect, fuse, and merge anything. Anything unified by him cannot be separated or divided by any other force except his left hand. His Quirk only works when he touches something with his bare hand. If he has gloves on, his Quirk is ineffective. His quirk is limited by things like size, quantity, and detail. It is a highly destructive Quirk that can be very dangerous if used without skill or mastery.

Costume: A generic skin-tight bodysuit with the primary color red and secondary black.

Other: Washi's Quirk is not two Quirks combined. It is one Quirk. His mother is Quirkless and his father has the ability to disassemble and reform, but all in one hand. Washi's Quirk is essentially his father's Quirk but on a much much greater and devastating scale. It's also separated in both his hands.

Washi will almost always be found wearing gloves.
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Professional Lurker

Name: Takahashi Mizuki

Nickname: Mizu

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'5

Weight: 115 lbs

Personality: Mizuki is quite serious, with a no-nonsense demeanour that can often cause her to come across as cold and callous when it comes to other people. She is incredibly adamant and focussed, specifically when it comes to her goal of becoming the next top hero, and she can often neglect anything that might get in the way of that, or simply things that wouldn't directly help. That being said, she is also incredibly loyal, and, once someone had gained her respect and friendship, she will do anything to defend them from harm. She rarely exhibits emotion outwardly to a great extent, having learnt in childhood to both be reserved with positive emotions and to bottle up her negative emotions. This can cause her to be unable to express herself or to lash out in anger when she can't contain it anymore, but she always tries to hold back from hurting people as much as she can. Despite a bad childhood growing up, and as much as she wont outwardly show it very much, Mizuki has developed a strong sense of empathy and justice, especially towards children, and as such feels a strong connection towards the innocent civilians she is training to protect, although she shows little mercy towards villains.

History: Mizuki is the child of a renowned villain and mob boss, Takahashi Kaito, the Tsunami. Whilst the two of them have both been very quiet on the matter, it is believed that her father may have exhibited abusive behaviour towards her and her mother growing up. Regardless, it is known that her mother was out of the picture by the time that Mizuki was entering her teens. Around this time her father started to groom her into becoming his successor to his criminal empire. Before this could progress too far, however, Takahashi Kaito was finally defeated for good and taken into custody, his criminal holdings having been systematically dismantled by a joint enterprise between the police and many notable heroes. Following this, having no known relatives for her to go to, Mizuki was taken in by an older couple who had recently lost their son to a villain and had volunteered in a program to look after children and teenagers impacted by villainy. It was from them that Mizuki first saw firsthand the impact that villains have upon society and became determined to become a hero in order to fight back and stop people like her father before they can hurt innocent people.

Role: Student

Quirk: Rain Dancer - The user's physical capabilities (speed, strength, etc.) are greatly increased when their skin is wet, up to superhuman levels. The increase depends on how wet the user's skin is and how much of their skin is wet. Liquids with a pH balance closest to 7 seem to work the best (ie. water). Waste water produced by the user's body (sweat, etc.) does not activate this quirk.
Limits - The user has exhibited the capability to run at nearly 60 mph and throw a punch with enough force to shatter concrete, under test conditions in which they were optimally hydrated.
Drawbacks - The quirk cannot be activated when the user's skin isn't wet.
- The user weakens in dry climates.
- The user requires more hydration than the average person.
- As the user uses this quirk further towards their limits, the friction generated by moving at high speed and the extra body heat generated by exerting themselves more will cause the water on their skin to evaporate faster, effectively cutting down the time the quirk is active for before they need to rehydrate.

Costume: An athletic one piece swimsuit with a cropped black leather jacket over the top. The outfit also includes a white belt across the waist with a number of pouches containing waterbottles and a pair of black combat boots
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One Thousand Club
Neji Tokofumi
Name meaning(? if there is one):
Alias(hero name):
Blood type:
May, 5th
Side(good/bad, etc):


Neji stands at 5'11 and 165 pounds, he has an athletic body from growing up training and also playing sports. He has blue eyes with brown hair which is in the same style as in the picture

Neji is a strong and motivated individual, he wants to be the very best and will do whatever he can to become it. He is very goal oriented and wants to do everything he can to achieve them. He can be kinda distant and closed off sometimes. Also can be self-centerd and arrogant sometimes. He can show a lighthearted side to himself but after what happened to his parents that side doesn't come out often, only after getting close with people.
Neji came from a superhero family. His father and mother were both superheroes, so was his grandparents and aunts and uncles on both sides of the family so needless to say that was what was expected of him too. The husband and wife hero team of Hiruzen Tokofumi and Sakura Tokofumi. His father Hiruzen controlled fire and his mother Sakura controlled water. They were a very formidable team and had taken down plenty of villains and criminals as well as save plenty of people from danger and natural disasters. His parents had met when they were in Hero school together and quickly formed a strong relationship and strong team. They both took their hero names from Japanese folklore. His father's hero name was Itsumade which basically means fire breathing monster, while his mother's hero name was Mizuchi which means water like dragon. Together they were the heavenly beast. Many people all around Japan knew who they were as heroes. His parents had always told him that his quirk was like a combination of theirs, being able to use heat with water. Like how his father controlled fire and heat and his mother controlled water.

When Neji was 12 years old his parents were out patrolling the city, thats when the worst day of his life unfolded. His parents were strong, but they were both killed by a strong villain. Hideki was devastated. He loved his parents and just like that they were gone, they were trying to help people and just like that a person took them down. Hideki was devastated, the happy energetic kid quickly changed into a depressed quiet 12 year old. For a while after that he hated his quirk, It was a constant reminder of his parents. Hideki refused to use it and gave up his dream of being a hero. As time went by Neji started to change, after talks with his grandparents Hideki decided to start using his quirk again and to try and become a hero again, but now he was different, the sweet kind young boy had now changed into a more arrogant and self-centered person. He wanted to be the best, because he thought to be able to stay alive that's who you had to be. That kind side that wants to help people is still in there though and comes out every once in a while.

Steak dinners
Hot Showers
Video Games
Working out

Letting people down

Quirk Description:
A quirk that uses Neji's body water to make steam like burst, and spray scalding, concentrated steam from the pores and soles of the feet and also allows them to manipulate the steam they produce. Can shoot steam from his hands as well and use it to attack enemies. The steam burst can come out of the users hands or mouth and the user can change the amount and the amount of pressure of the steam. The steam could come out like a mist or it could come out like water coming out of a fire hose depending on how much pressure the user decides to use. The user increases the temperature of their internal body water to the boiling point, generating large amounts of steam and evaporating any water or ice in direct contact with their body. The pressure resulting from this emitted steam can then be used to increase the force behind physical attacks, giving the user immense strength. The exact amount of force produced is proportional to the quantity of steam released, as the greater the volume of steam utilized, the larger the pressure that can be built up. On releasing the pressure, not only is the user's strength enhanced, but their speed increased as well.
Ultimate Move:
can also heat the steam using body heat turning it into super heated steam which is strong enough to cut through flesh,metals and plastics.
Quirk Drawbacks:
If pushed to the limit the user will become dehydrated but that's not really an issue cause they can slowly absorb water from the atmosphere around them,but can't absorb too much due to how much water the body can hold. If they over heat their body water too much they'll get scalded.

Neji is strong and fast, he knows martial arts, his parents taught him that he can't always rely on his quirk when fighting enemies. He is focused on his goal, he is also a talented athlete.
He sometimes acts without thinking. He can let his emotions get the best of him.
Letting people down, not living up to his parents.


I'm made to be loved, not understood.
Name: Hokkai Kasuka

Hero Name: Squish

Title: The Absorbing Hero (or so he planned as a kid)

Gender: Male

Quirk: Sponge

Height: 5'5 Normally, 5'9 when dry

Weight: 106.7 lbs

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: He's a thin guy who covers one of his eyes with his hair. The hair is blue with small patches of yellow, but the more he dries out, the more the yellow seems to spread. He has turquoise eyes that are often remarked about by others that look into the one visible. The visible eye seems to change colors occasionally between green and blue. Only time his right eye is seen is when he's in battle or when someone forces the hair out of the way, or when he's asleep. As previously said, he's thin, yet its extremely hard for him to gain weight or more body mass.

Backstory: His dad is rather square and his mom is an hourglass shape to represent the types of sponges commonly found. He was raised with a normal childhood, tons of friends, and no real negative input, yet he wants to be a hero to make his family proud... which occasionally is all he seems to care about. Attempting to become a hero, he put his old friends aside and now is striving to help all he can.

Personality when full of liquid: Very fun and easy going, he tries to befriend everyone, even if they dislike him. He seems almost bubbly with how extroverted he can be, but he's always shy at first. He loves pretty much anything... but is picky when it comes to food. Sympathetic with villains, he once felt sorry for them and didn't tell anyone he saw them escaping, and feels really guilty to this day. He carries guilt around and feels guilty for anything bad that happens that he took part in, no matter how much. On a side note, he is absolutely terrified of all bugs, nice or mean. He loves coming up with super moves for everyone, but is horrible with names.

Personality when dry: He gets semi-cranky, and sharp around some edges (Like shoulders, elbows, and knees). He snaps at anyone who he partly disagrees with, but won't go into a head-to-head fight with them. (whether its fear or not, take your pick) He usually just sleeps it off, and somehow by morning he's his usual happy self again. Acting like an older brother at some times, he'll try to protect you as long as it means he can sleep soon. He rarely gets like this, so not much detail is known.

Quirk Description: With the ability to absorb nearly any liquid he comes in contact with, he can also release it in either a blast or small streams from out of his body. He can also turn himself and other objects and people "squishy". Squishy mode is much more difficult to maneuver in, but it's a decent recoil softener for physical attacks. He can only "unsquishify" himself in less than a minute, but if he doesn't "unsquishify" them after that one minute, everything else reverts to normal after a 5 limit time period. He relies on his quirk most of the time, and teamwork comes naturally to his mind.
Hokkai Kasuka.png
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Max the Dragon

Draco Knight
Name: Miyaki Masamine

Nickname: His family calls him Mii. As of yet, he doesn't have any friends to have another nickname.

Appearance: His hair grows out to his lower back. He keeps it dyed a bright Blood Red. His eyes are also Red, seemingly from his mothers side, with a sunburst pattern. Though he hides himself under his hood and cloak most of the time, when forced to take it off, it is quite evident he is athletic. While he certainly isn't musclebound, he most definitely has muscle. Tends to prefer wearing black, or dark red.
Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 5' 5"

Weight: ~120lbs. Give or take a few based on the number of insects with him at the time.

Family: Has an older sister who is already a pro hero. She only just started up last year, so she isn't really all that well known yet outside their hometown. Her Quirk is apparently derived from their mothers side, which has a history of psychic like Quirks, and his sister got a bit lucky and ended up with a rare cryo-kinesis Quirk. His father and mother were both active heroes at one point, and though they were far from being nationally famous, they stopped plenty of villains and criminals during there hero days. They got famous enough that they were at least recognized as big contributors by a couple of heroes who were in the lower end of the top ranks.

Personality: As Miyaki got older, he became less and less social, so now he's quite shy around extremely energetic or outgoing people. He prefers to not talk in general if possible, but will answer questions with short answers if asked something. Even though he is like this, once you get to know him, he's quite a fun guy to hang out with, even if he doesn't talk a lot. He is a bit slow to trust people, but this is just his inherent nature. Once someone earns Miyaki's trust, he will trust you almost completely. If betrayed of this trust however, good luck getting him to ever fully trust you again.

Personal Likes/Dislikes: Enjoys reading a good book, but also works the Martial Arts he was taught during middle school. He will actively avoid being the leader of a group; in times of a crisis however, he will reluctantly step up if no one else is available or able to do so. He may only be able to actively communicate with insects and similar creatures, but he enjoys all animals in general. Enough so that before his Quirk manifested, he was all about becoming a Veterinarian.

History: Miyaki was always a loner, even before his quirk manifested, preferring to sit by himself during lunch and rarely talking to the other kids. When other kids tried talking to him, he would still make simple conversation, sometimes even joining in on a game of tag, or two. Certainly, while he was a loner by nature, it leaned closer to just being introverted.
Before he enrolled in school, he didn't really train his quirk much, he mostly used it just to help out.
The first time his quirk was put to the test, he found out that when needed, he could take control of a situation without even thinking. A nearby fight between a villain and hero got a bit too close to his school, and the second story began to collapse. A stray piece of rubble managed to knock out the teacher, causing the other students to panic. After a few seconds of this, a large amount of insects swarmed into the room from a nearby window and converged onto Miyaki. The other students, upon seeing this, froze in shock long enough for him to to give brief instruction to a few students to help carry the teacher, and to get out of the building quickly but safely.
Afterwards, Miyaka realized it was a annoying to be in charge, and decided to stayaway from being a leader like that as much as he could. Even now, he continues to hide the fact it was him who was on the news that year for essentially saving his entire class from being buried under the building.

Role: Student

Quirk: Insect Friend- Any insect, or similar creatures, willingly do whatever is asked of them. Spiders count, however, scorpions do not; with enough insistence, though, it seems they will work too.

His Quirk, while a combination of both his mother's and father's Quirks, is not the rare type that normally appears. Instead, his mother has a small psychic ability, able to read a persons mind, but only things they are actively thinking about. His father had a Quirk that produced insect-like pheromones that allowed him to control certain insects to a degree. This was combined into simply controlling insects as he wanted. According to Miyaki, he seems to actually communicate with the insects rather than actually control them.

While the strengths of his Quirk are obvious, since you can find insects nearly anywhere, the weaknesses are not so easy to guess. While he can certainly control any insects from anywhere at anytime, the response and ability he has to make use of them are different compared to ones he keeps on him at all times. While any insect he finds is basically willing to help him out, they aren't as able to follow his instructions as the ones he constantly talks to and takes care of on a daily basis. If he doesn't have access to his constant companions, he becomes limited to more large scale usage of insects. He won't be able to necessarily control them as well, and anything as complicated as infiltrating a building to get to a certain room using a specific route is impossible. (You can think of it like Gaara and his gourd of sand he carries around, if you've watched Naruto.)

One strength that is hard to notice, is the insects that constantly surround him seem to slowly gain an instinct towards people who are either hostile, or just suspicious in general overtime. It's believed this comes from his mother's ability to read a persons outer thoughts. The more time an insect spends near Miyaki, the stronger this seems to get. However, at it's strongest it can, at most, tell whether someone has ulterior motives, good or bad. As of now, Miyaki only has a few insects capable of letting him know if someone is suspicious, or if they are just weird. This is not a foolproof ability however. it's easy to fool as long as you aren't planning anything then and there, or if you are easily able to act completely normal around an enemy. Essentially, as long as you aren't actively thinking about what you are planning on doing while near Miyaki's insects, they won't be able to detect the ill natured intent, and won't deem you suspicious.

So far, he has yet to use his Quirk on a large enough scale or a large scale for a long enough time to figure out if there are any side effects, like a migraine, or something similar.
Time wise on a smaller scale... well it's always active seeing as he has a group of insects always with him, so obviously that isn't an issue.

Combat Skills (non-Quirk): Miyaki knows a good bit of Martial Arts. He's been taught enough for self-defense, but will definitely need to improve before being able to use it in actual combat against villains. He can use various weapons, but only the basics. He prefers hand-to-hand when it comes down to it, but he did enjoy learning how to use a staff and still practices with the weapon on occasion.

Costume: A hooded cloak large enough to hide the fact he has insects with him, or at least what kinds. A mask similar to those white and red Fox masks; he uses a silver and red mask that has extra eyes added to the design, though it remains as a fox. Underneath the cloak, he has a completely black suit that has many hidden compartments for his insect friends. Also for a snack or two... maybe.
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U-Incorporated 2nd Class Type Unit
Yakta Morriche

Nickname: Raptra

Gender: Female


Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 136 lbs

Personality: Yakta is a fairly straightforward girl, operating under a catch-all methodology of opportunistic pragmatism. She's more than willing to do whatever it takes in order to reach her ultimate goal: which is essentially accumulating fat stacks of money. She's a die-hard penny pincher, and dislikes spending on anything that isn't an absolute priority. She's not one for delinquency, and often just does what her teachers ask of her automatically, but her disinterest in subjects she considers useless leave her final grades middling most of the time.

Though her relaxed manner of speaking often has folks thinking she's not paying attention, Yakta is quite perceptive. Though she's not the joking type, that doesn't stop her from occasionally poking fun at things she finds ridiculous in nature. In fact, some could even describe her relaxed demeanor to be playful at some times. In spite of this, she's extremely goal-oriented, and is always looking for ways to make an extra buck or two.

History: The Morriche family moved from their homeland when she was only four years old. It was a move based primarily off of a change with her father's job, something about shifting offices or he like. She couldn't remember much of her homeland due to just how young she was, the only hint of it being what remains of her accent, what she does know was that moving would turn out to be the worst decision her parents ever made. Not that they did it out of willfull ignorance, or anything, most people weren't prepared for what happened.

Not even four months after moving, her father's boss was killed during a hero/villain fight downtown. Having been a relatively young man at the time, the company scrambled to sort out his assets. Amidst the confusion, rival companies began poaching talent. Her father didn't trust the board of directors to maintain stable employment for him, as their attempts to restore confidence were less than stellar. As such, he accepted a new job that was more stable yet paid far less than his previous one. All of this occurred in less than two months, over the course of which Yakta's family had essentially gone from solid middle-class to a lower income family. They downsized from a house to an apartment and sold both of their cars just to be able to withstand the transition.

With her father constantly working in order to maintain their income, Yakta spent much of her youth alone with her mother. The growing destitution of their living situation quickly drilled into Yakta's head the importance of money and the horrific damages the loss of it could bring. With the stress on their finances making her mother distant and easily irritable, Yakta sought to aid however she could by learning home maintenance with her in order to save money on any potential repairs they could need.

It was filthy and grueling in equal measures, but Yakta found herself appreciating the functional application of home maintenance over the boring nonsense she learned at public school anyway. It was around this time that her quirk began appearing, and the physical changes it brought her were more than enough to make her easily stand out in a crowd. She would perform tricks using her budding tail, until it began sprouting spikes and the Teachers had her wrap it up in class.

Whenever her father came home he was often burnt out by work, leading to him having a heart attack when Yakta was nine. Since it occured while he was on the job, they managed to get the company to cover his medical bills, but the time he spent in the hospital put a massive dent in their finances that forced the family to live on a bare minimum for a solid month.

For Yakta, the Month of Hunger would become something she'd never be able to forget.

She became known for being a middling student, only focusing on subjects which she was absolutely sure she could apply to her life. As such, she was exceptionally skilled in mathematics and literature, but floundered in most subjects save for a little science. Going into Middle-School, this cycle continued for the first year as she focused her life out of school on becoming a street performer. Having become adept at using her tail for tricks, she began earning an income to lighten the financial burden she'd been living in for nearly half a decade.

Her skills were particular geared towards performance, and to managing the finances she began to accure throughout them. She developed a reputation amongst her classmates for being an intense penny-pincher, always doing everything she could to maintain as much money as possible and shunning anything that could impact that. But what really garnered the most potential revenue?

Well, for Yakta it was obviously becoming a hero, those guys made serious dough, and her skills with her Quirk weren't exactly lackluster. So she began putting effort into specifically getting into a hero school, getting closer and closer to what would become her greatest source of money yet.

Role: Student

Quirk: Scale Spikes- Yakta's tail is covered in dense scales that are essentially bulletproof. Furthermore, growing from her tail are several sharpened spikes which she can launch from her tail with intense force. Similar spikes grow from her head, but Yakta can't fire them the same way she can fire those from her tail. Her tail is extremely thick yet flexible, and Yakta often uses it to augment her mobility and help her perform acrobatics. Its also been shown to regenerate like a lizard's in the few times its been damaged. The rest of her body doesn't seem to share this healing factor.



1% Nice, 99% Mean

  • she/her

    triggers: Rape, Pedophilia, Selfharm and Abuse

    Emmaline (Emmy/Emily/Em)

    ♡I love donuts!!♡

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Vagabond Spectre

Five Thousand Club

Student Identity

Takeo is a small yet physically lean boy. Mostly seen wearing colder colored clothing (Green, blue and violet colors). They have blue messy hair that waves down forming bangs on his face and fair skin. He wears a green varsity hoodie with a white button up shirt under it and a small red bow tie. gray shorts and knee high white socks, paring off with gray sneakers. One his most identified features is his photochromic eyeglasses which can be mistaken as sunglasses by some because of it's special function to change tint when exposed to sunlight.

Ogawa Takeo

Hero name:

Student (Potential Class Representative)





Described by the locals in his hometown as naughty, bright-minded and just overall lively. The first to notice on his rather cool and “fly” demeanor is his hint of curiosity and intelligence being mixed on the layer of his free spirited and wild nature. It’s no surprise that he is sometimes viewed as a nuisance with a loud voice by his peers but one cannot deny his abilities to understand mathematics and construction of materials with relative ease. In fact, he happily shares the gift and occasionally found helping other students in secret.

A mad scientist mixed with a party animal, if put in words. Taking risks that could punish others, especially to himself. There is a blurred line to his “stupid or courageous spectrum” and only those who could see well can identify it. Can completely defy an order given to him if he does not see the reason to follow so, which can lead to a more radical yet unnecessary scenarios.

Despite his evolved but untamed personality. There are times he has been sincere and mellow out of respect. He isn’t always lab explosions and rainbows. This usually occurs when he’s (The text has been ripped off from the page)

Growing up without a mother, Takeo grew up independently without parent supervision. Mr. Ogawa could barely keep an eye on the boy as his work comes first. He cannot do both at once. Spending his younger days mostly by himself, he developed his own set of standards which he carried over to middle school, known for his eccentric attitude. He had a few friends admired for him being that way, but never to the status of close friends. He can be easily labelled as a school delinquent but the fact the he can adjust himself to behave and pass the classes really baffles his teachers enough to leave their heads scratching.

At home, some of the neighbors would complain about the noisiness in the Ogawa residence because of Takeo. Whether his roaring shreds of his electric guitar or hammering nails on a wooden plank. His father, tired of hearing about his son’s antics in school. Often given piercing cold stares from other parents, especially last incident. Takeo was reported and found in the schoolyard for attacking 4 quirked young schoolboys and him standing tall as they laid on the grass. Takeo’s reason for engagement is to stand up to another classmate who Is being bullied by those boys, he stated. Due to lack of evidence that he is not at fault. He was still blamed for the incident.

Regardless, he was still around to move up to high school. It was about time he wanted to do something in his life. The thrill of being a pro hero caught his attention the most. His father is highly against it, disallowing him to join UA, especially when his wife was a retired pro hero. It wasn't an easy choice. It took 2 months of talking before he could fly high with the best. To meet his father's approval, he had to prove his worth first.

Helping around his local community in private and in his own way. Starting small by killing fungi and strengthening plants around the neighborhood with his quirk, get good sleep, save a cat down from a tree, manage to convince a young girl 2 years younger than him to come with him when she was being lured out to a stranger's van by persuasion and keep them safe within the convenience store. There was also a time where he "volunteered" to come in uninvited to a burning house, late at night. A few civilians were already evacuating everything and helping all they can to keep the flames from spreading. The boy arrived faster than the firemen due to the burning house being closer to his home. Running into the back door without safety gear. He went out of the house with an infant wrapped around in thick clothe, He was greeted with validly ticked off firefighters and a wailing mother. Turns out, he can fit right through the heated rubbles faster to get the infant out on time. He was of course scolded back home by his father, but he just couldn't bring himself to punish his son further. Not right after seeing his skin having 2nd degree burns on his arms and legs. He just couldn't see why his son is like this.

Quirk Ability


Hydrogen Peroxide- The same chemical sold in pharmacies. This cleaning agent is produced excessively on the skin. The user is capable of sweating H202 in part of their skin. Can be used to treat wounds of others or clean surface areas with little to no difference. Like most liquid emitter quirks, streams can be shot out from the palms to eject range, covering a distance of 12 feet long. Another special feature the user can do is increase its concentration levels. He can switch up his usual 3% H202 to a higher percentage like 51%, Takeo only uses this modification with his support gear. See equipment below

The limits stops at above 78% as he cannot harness its potency and could lead to problems if an attempt to do so is made. While increasing in concentration, it's function also changes. For example 8 to 28% can be used as a swimming pool shock treatment.

Drawbacks for long extensive use of his quirk will weaken his body as it brings fatigue into his system. Solution to restoring his energy and chemical reservoir is a good rest and sleep or for more rapid faster results, drinking sugar filled beverages or consuming anything that contains sugar.


Designed by Takeo himself. He spent his time, money and effort on the costume. Pitching the costume wasn't no walk in the park either. The color theme being dark turquoise and pearl white, he dons a dark turquoise shirt with rolled up long sleeves, slacks with a more darker shade of turquoise, kneepads, combat boots with the same color and white shoelaces. A chest rig with 4 cylindrical pouches that can carry 4 liter bottles as it's harnessed to it's user's upper torso. Originally he also requested for supplied bandages also but was greatly declined and now he's just left with two empty belt pouches enough to fit a smart phone.
Support Gear:
Takeo's Flamethrower- A wrist mounted flamethrower equipped on his right forearm. Another design request to add as a fighting chance when it comes down to real hero work. It took several redesigns and polish to get the right approved support item for the lad. Albeit imperfect, it was still far more favorable than not having one in the first place. It is strapped to the user's right forearm, adjusted more to it's side. It is grey in color with a highlight of blue near its barrel and tank release. The overall shape of the flame thrower is rectangular in appearance. It's ignition head twice bigger than Takeo's hand in comparison. It's arm cannon aesthetic makes it appear heavy in eyes It's tank holder is directly behind the ignition head. The overall length is short, it doesn't even extend past his elbow.

Like any other flame thrower, it is fires with a hold of the trigger, located on Takeo's hand like a bike handle. This is where his quirk applies to the gear. The handle grip has a design that can absorb his quirk substance and deliver it straight into the gear itself. This is how he can modify the flames and its functionality.

The flaws of the gear is quite simple. Being an arm cannon type, he has a smaller tank reserve to work with. This could lead to reloading every now and then. Said tanks are also exposed on their placement chambers while it will not explode by shooting a bullet on it. He is just not a fan of losing a container if it's damaged.
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Name: Emiko Yukimura

Nickname: Emi and or miki (close-friends), Yukimura (acquaintances)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5’5

Weight: 110 lbs

Personality: True to her name, Emiko is a very upbeat and friendly girl. She gives everyone equal kindness and will go out of her way to brighten people's day. Some would call Emiko a ditz, as she has the tendency to be very clumsy, and she can be a bit slow with social cues. That doesn’t stop her from being very optimistic. Emiko does tend to bottle up her own feelings, wanting to help her friends rather than asking for help. Despite that, you will never see her frowning, she prefers to smile through the pain and put her problems and insecurities to the side.

Hobbies: Emiko loves gardening and taking walks outside, she enjoys reading fantasy books and going out with friends.

Likes: Outdoors, Nature, Animals, Music, Reading, Writing, Playing Instruments, Baking, Summer, Spring

Dislikes: The Dark, Villains, Big Cities (As it weakens her own quirk), Thunderstorms, Snow

History: Emiko grew up in a very kind and loving household. She inherited her quirk from her mother, who runs a local flower shop. Her dad is quirkless, but is an officer in the police force. All her life, Emiko's parents taught her never to abuse her quirk and to always treat everything and everyone with the same kindness she expects to be treated with(regardless of their quirk or lack thereof). In truth, Emiko never had a plan on becoming a hero, she was content inheriting the flower shop from her mother. One day, however, she had gotten lost on her way home from school, it was then Emiko was cornered by a villain. Before anything could happen, a hero came in and saved her. That moment impacted Emiko, and that was when she decided she also wanted to become a hero.

Role: Student


Plant- Life: Emiko has a connection to all plants she comes into contact with. If she is in a dire situation, plants in her radius will come to her aid. She can also command plants to attack her enemies or those who have ill intentions. Her quirk can be used as both offensive and defensive.
  • Cons
    • The more plants she summons, the more energy she ends up using
    • In turn, she forms a bond with the plants, so if they are hurt the pain connects to her
    • The quirk is extremely draining, especially because she is weak, so if she pushes her mental stability she could injure or kill herself.
  • Pros
    • She is good at gardening
    • Knows what each plant does, and can tell which ones are harmless or lethal
    • Nature is attracted to her because of her quirk (i.e you’ll notice the grass is greener, or flowers blooming around her).

Costume: Her costume is very flowy and ethereal. Consists of earthly shades, she wears a flower crown (colors change depending on the season).
(I suck at describing clothes, so similar to this)

Voice of Nature_ Photo.pngbrillantsite.png
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The outcast
Dawn Constantine

Solid Spark




120 lbs

Disconnected from people, she does not try to make true connections and ties to others. She has only ever needed to fend for herself so that is what she does. She doesn't take orders very well and hates when people try to control her. Though to the ones she considers close, she treasures them and keeps them close. She has a hatred towards heroes, blaming them for her torture and never rescuing her from her hell.

Abuse, beaten, betrayed, lost. Those are the words that Dawn would use to describe her childhood if she were to be asked about it. She was the product of selective breeding on her mothers side. Hoping to create a hero based on two quirks combined. Once her mother found out how useless Dawn's quirk was, she went ballistic. She ended up demonizing Dawn to the entire family. By the time she was 13, every single family member and friend thought of Dawn as a demon.

Dawn was abused, beaten, scarred, and was the target of her own mothers anger. She was never allowed to leave the house, but that only made her stronger. Her hatred towards her mother slowly grew to her family and eventually the world. On the evening of her mothers birthday was when she was finally able to get her revenge. She had turned 17 recently and her entire family was having a barbeque in their backyard. Once it became dark, Dawn stepped outside for the first time.

She stared towards the family with a crazed smile. As one tried to hit her, as was normal at a family junction, their hand was sliced off. A blade of solid bright light was seen to be the culprit. The television inside glowed brightly, tendrils of light shining out of it. The family did not last longer than 5 minutes. Once Dawn was done, the backyard was filled with body parts, and her mother was crucified on the table. She could be heard screaming at Dawn as she walked closer. "You caused this mother... You created this demon...." Dawn said with an evil giggle as she lifted her mothers chin ever so slightly. "I'm not going to kill you... I'm going to let you watch the devastation you have created... and once I am done with this city... you are next.." With that, Dawn walked away. Her light beams faded as she jumped on a solid light board and flew away from the house. Dawn was dead, and Solid Spark was born.


Solid Light: The ability to control sources of light into solid objects. The more prominent the light can be, the more powerful it is. At night is when she is most powerful. it is also able to be used as a hover board, which she uses quite often.

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Name: Ryn Otahame

Nickname: Ryn of the body flicker

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'11

Weight: 180

Personality: complex individual. He is normally seen to be nonchalant and playful towards his close colleagues, and friends. However, he is unsympathetic and cruel towards quirk executives he is extremely confident in his abilities, and believing himself to be invincible. His opinion of others often only go as far as his judgement of their strength, and he is quite apathetic towards anyone he deems weak.
History: he was born to the streets, and kidnapped at a young age a fighting racket for children. If you win you get to live another day if you die, well...that's it. You get shipped of never to be seen again one day as Ryn was fighting this kid who had a quirk that could shroud himself in concrete Ryn was gonna lose. The enemy kid went to go for the fishing blow but missed, and all of a sudden Ryn was on the otherwise of the fighting arena. Ryn could feel this sudden urge of desperation shroud his body. He lets out the loudest roar a 10 year old could muster up, and everybody fell to the floor (gravity manipulation) everybody was screaming out in agony and pain from the force of gravity pushing down and crashing their bones.

Role: student, inspiring vigilante (if allowed)
  • Rank: What is your character’s rank as a Hero if they are one.

Quirk: teleportation from his mother able to teleport place to place or any object within a certain distance, and from his father, and Gravity Manipulation. The user can create, shape, move, control, interact and manipulate gravity, a natural phenomenon which all things with mass or energy — including planets, stars, galaxies, and light — attract (or gravitate toward) one another.

Gravity manipulation would allow one to increase or decrease gravity, be it the environment or individual objects. Increasing gravity would cause everything in an area heavier, causing loose objects to propel to the ground, cause people immobilized or crushed depending on the gravity increase. When doing the exact opposite, decreasing gravity, the user could achieve a similar effect to Zero Gravity since all objects float upwards, or lift heavier objects with astonishing ease due to the decreased weight. With enough control and skill, one could attract or repel objects regardless of direction, achieving an effect akin to Telekinesis, ignore or defy the laws of gravity altogether, allowing one to walk on walls or ceilings or manipulate orbital fields on anything.

Some users can control their gravitational field, allowing them to move faster, be more agile, conserve stamina, all by decreasing the pull of gravity on themselves, or fly. Master-level users would be able to induce zero gravity at will, generate black holes or exert power over the inverse of gravity, anti-gravity.

In combat, gravity manipulation is one of the most versatile in combat utility, allowing one to achieve offensive and defensive capabilities. Offensive uses include repelling enemies with force, kill them instantly, increasing gravity to crush or immobilize opponents, or hurling large objects at their enemy with astonishing force and speed by decreasing the pull of gravity on said objects. Defensive uses include creating a gravitational force field to repel all attacks (similar to anti-gravity) or anchoring oneself to the ground to tank heavy physical attacks or decreasing gravity of an attack to weaken its potency and speed.

I am able to increase or decrease the gravity of a specific target which the weight and force if the gravity crushes my enemies bones, muscles and organs etc

He is currently learning some Advanced level abilities.

Weakness of gravity manipulation taxing in his body, and sometimes affects his own bodies gravity in the process

Teleportation: can only teleprt 7 times a day.

]Costume: [/B]
The image on the right is my hero suitScreenshot_20210504-204205_Pinterest.jpg
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Name: Hanako

Nickname: The Falcon

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Heights: 5"2

wieght: 166


Personality: A confident shy tsundere. She is normally tough around other people, she doesn't like to show weakness so she tried to be scary and strong, but inside she is emotional, kind and actually care's about other people. She is confident and doesn't let people get in her way, she believes that women should get treated the same way as men does. She hates when men think women are weak and useless. She usually don't welcome people often unless your her friends.

History: She was born in a nice neighborhood, but everyday she will be bully because of how weak her mother is who is the 10th pro hero. They will call her weak and useless and how she will never become the #1 pro hero. As she got older she wanted to prove to them that women can be strong and powerful. As she was going against 3 of them she let out her wings that is dark as night and went after them without hesitation. Not knowing that she had wings she lift them up with her hand and smash them in the ground. They left while crying in tears and embarrassment.


Quirk: Telekinesis from her father side, able to lift objects and people with her hand or mind, she can make them go high or low, shrink/crush, and she get her wings from her mother side, she can go as fast as a jet and can blow people with just one or just two push.

Although she is still learning her abilities she is a fast learner and can learn quickly. She hates when people tell her what to do but she doesn't argue and let it go. Don't underestimate her cause she can will hunt you and beat you whether your a girl/boy or an hero.
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