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  1. Jewel

    Multiple Settings  Serious Roleplay Inquiries Only | OPEN!

    Jewel's 1x1 Partner Search 2.0 Hi my name is Jewel. I am looking for 1x1 partners. Please read all of my rules before replying.Thanks ABOUT ME: - over a century of roleplay experience - timezone UTC-12 - been on RPN for 4+ days - studying xenoarcheology at uni - ghost friendly but only if you...
  2. DarkRabbit15

    Fantasy  I'm back! Looking for long term MxF or MxM roleplay!

    Hey guys! I'm DarkRabbit. I'm a 24 year old female from Canada. Currently, I am an LPN student (learner practical nurse). I have three semesters per year. There day I might not reply due to being busy. However, I do always try and reply when I can. There are some days where I can reply multiple...
  3. Nightmarish

    Realistic or Modern  Red Lake University

    ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ * ~~~~~ Welcome each and everyone one of you to Red Lake University. A prestigious university located in the scenic, historic town of Everwood, New York. Featuring an expansive catalog of majors, incredible academic programs including renowned professors...
  4. Henery

    Realistic or Modern  Inner Demon | Always Open

    Inner Demon: Inner demon is a roleplay following a group of students at a High-School science class. During the class, the professor accidentally released a dangerous chemical that turned some of the students into mutants with powerful abilities. If you're interested, it can be found here...
  5. Henery

    Realistic or Modern  Inner Demon|Always Open

    Backstory: Inner demon is a roleplay following a group of students at a High-School science class. During the class, the professor accidentally releases a dangerous chemical that turns some of the students into mutants with powerful abilities, which removes their aversion to violence. Mutant...
  6. NordinTheLich

    Fandom  [M4F] Partner Needed For Big, Long-Term, OC-Only "My Hero Academia" RP

    So, I'm gonna get the biggest potential hiccup out of the way. This is a big RP. I have sixty OCs that will be split between us, 37/23, with me taking on the larger load. However, don't let the huge cast size scare you off! Given the roles these characters fulfill (villains, teachers, students...
  7. Crxss

    Fantasy  Trinity, school for enhanced individuals {Arc: 1}

    The rising sun casted it's bright light onto a tall building, giving it a warm, orangish-yellow glow. Atop this building was a very small gap, like the fabric of the third-dimensional space had been cut open. The gap closed, then it opened again. There atop the building stood a mysterious man...
  8. Crxss

    Fantasy  Trinity, school for enhanced individuals OOC

    Here we can discuss about the roleplay!
  9. SomebodyElse

    Realistic or Modern  St. Acadia Academy (1950s Dark Academia)

    You've been attending St. Acadia Academy for quite awhile now. It's always been abit of an eccentric place. But the history and architecture of the school speaks for itself. Founded in 1815 by Lucien Hawkford. It's served as a expensive boarding school for the intellectual and rich. From writing...
  10. Siir3n

    Multiple Settings  Looking for partners! MxM only.

    Hi there! I'll keep it short so you that you don't have to read a whole book. My posts however, those are a whole book. And I would like the same from you. At least 5 paragraphs per, please! I have been writing for 12yrs, I am 23yrs old and a woman. I am mentally ill and have a lot of free...
  11. Crxss

    Fantasy  Trinity, school for enhanced individuals CS

    [Put an Image of your character here. Anime, anime-style, or semi-realistic fcs only.] Name: Occupation: Age: Birthday: Height: Personality: (At least a paragraph.) Power: (Description needed.) I know this seems extremely bare but this is only the bare minimum that is required to be...
  12. Apple-On-A-Tree

    Fantasy  August Academy- 2 slots OPEN

    Welcome to August Academy! You, along with 300 other people have been selected for your extraordinary powers. You may have no idea what a mean, but you will soon. You see, you're not human. You are an elf. In a mysterious event, you were switched with your human parents original child. As a 15...
  13. Crxss

    Fantasy  Trinity, school for enhanced individuals

    I'm not good with all the coding and making posts pretty but bare with me. A middle-aged man in a fitted, dapper suit sat silently in deep thought. He pinched his prominent square chin as he stared at a nearly blank piece of paper in front of him. "Mm... How exactly should I go about the...
  14. erzulie

    Realistic or Modern  𝑻𝑯𝑬 𝑪𝑨𝑳𝑳𝑰𝑵𝑮 — 𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫

    code by nine lives ♡ fonts used: name + detail titles body text role to replace fonts, replace them here then in the corresponding variables under * fonts used * check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----background---- ----main content----...
  15. Maal

    Multiple Settings  monster hearts ✧ open

    code by nine lives ♡ fonts used: main title & tab titles subtitle/subheaders body text to replace fonts, replace them here, then search up 'font-family' and replace them there too between the ''! ----tabs---- ----tab one (cover)---- ----text effect thing...
  16. rosar.io

    Realistic or Modern  BLAIRE ACADEMY

    BLAIRE ACADEMYThis was never a choice. They never asked to be here. CHARACTERSOUT OF CHARACTERIN CHARACTERSCROLL!PLOTNo one knows exactly when Harrison Blaire founded his academy. But they do know that he didn't do it alone. The Academy takes in children from the well-known, the wealthy, the...
  17. ChaiLatte

    Fandom  Kiss Kiss, Fall in Love!

    Hihi! I'm Chai. Currently looking for Ouran HS Host Club! I've only watched the anime so far, sorry. *(✿^-^✿)* MxF - OCxCanons - AU Aged up characters in a university-type setting - Doubling/Tripling/Multiple Characters I'm wanting to write an OC and multiple canons and am hoping for someone...
  18. Kitsune058

    Fandom  Reddie (IT RP)

    Hello! I'm looking for a long term Reddie (IT) rp partner (multiple partners, not only looking for 1), you can play whoever. I'm 26/f and would prefer someone 21 or older. As for the age range of the characters, preferably teenage (18+). I reply quickly to rps. We can discuss plots, and I...
  19. Buttercastle

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Long-term Partners! (Complex characters + Plot twists + Unique stories)

    Introduction Hello everyone! I'm rather new to RP nation but as a start, I'm going to just do a brief description of my main OC’s, and write what I prefer when roleplaying. I like to have my partners learn my characters off a blank canvas so they have a purely original idea of my characters...
  20. Wolfiee

    Fantasy  Saint Vladimir’s Academy (Vampire Academy) CS

    Hello everyone! I don’t feel like making this look all fancy since it’s just where our characters will be placed! So all you need for your form is a list below other then that use any fancy you’d like for your forms. Name: Age: Gender: Species: Role: Sexuality: Brief personality: Brief history: