1. Lordxana0

    Futuristic Thorn Unbound (A Mecha Academy interest check)

    "It has been two centuries since the Black Arms Empire overthrew the Galactic Alliance. Despite greater numbers the technological difference between the G.A.'s Battle Mecha suits and the Empire's biomechanical 'Thorns' proved too great to match, with each Thorn being considered an army of one...
  2. Mrs.Summarty

    Fantasy Grand Ridge Academy Medieval CS

    Designed and coded by @Nano. Please do not remove the credits or claim the code as your own work. . . . // accents ---------- start of left side ----------> -------------------- start of tabs --------------------> ------------------------------ start of header 01...
  3. gxxberkit

    Fantasy Rosengarten Admissions Office [New Oasis: Academy CS Sheet]

    // Header --- (Setup) // Header --- (Left Side) NEW OASISACADEMYCHARACTER SHEET // Header --- (Right Side) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Setup) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Image) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Text) PEAT"Oh... Hi again.... Y-you're going to go over...
  4. Feral

    Realistic or Modern ♡ Misfits of Yearwood Academy ♡ | CLOSED |

    coded by uxie! fonts used: headers subheader, body text to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----title page---- ----top---- far...
  5. Optimo

    Fantasy Lone Oak High School Dorm Assignments

    BOYS 101 - Malik Harris & Chisomo Elliot 102 - Attano Corvo & Leasath Cissnei 103 - Tobias Jones, Jack Baker, & Kloudus Orion GIRLS 101 - Elysia Rose, Kamila King, & Tiffany Cissnei 102 - Shirley Irwin & Echo Dellis
  6. birth of venus


    OUR LADY WOLLSTONECRAFT ACADEMY. gm'ed by birth of venus
  7. justnyxxie

    Multiple Settings ˗ˏˋ ꒰ ♡ ꒱ ˎˊ˗ nyxxie's search for oc rps ˗ˏˋ ꒰ ♡ ꒱ ˎˊ˗

    𝗗𝗶-𝗝𝘄𝗶 n y x x rules n stuff what if we roleplayed? name nyx or nyxxie intro ik this is for, you know, a character sheet but the code was so cute n sweet and IDK MAN i just wanted to write up the rules here ToT i hope it isn't very weird?? anyways! hi everyone :9 here are a few rules...
  8. tulsaa

    Realistic or Modern Gossip Girl: West Coast Characters

    Character Sheet Please include the following in your sheets, once I've liked your sheet/approved your character you're good to go in adding them to the cheat sheet and tuppering with them and such! Name Age (14-18) Grade Reason for Attending St. Martin's (Academics, Sports, or just rich)...
  9. Reiyumi

    Fantasy FLAoM (Closed permanently)

    Faelore Academy of Magic Welcome to the school for the magically inclined, from those that can use magic to those who are themselves magical. Everyone is welcome from the age of eighteen to those in their thousands. Please come and join us on campus to learn more about the wonderful world in...
  10. Reiyumi

    Fantasy Faelore Academy of Magic Arts (Open!)

    Welcome to the school for the magically inclined! From simply being a magical creature to possessing the innate ability to use magic, our students are all different types of odds. We strive to welcome all into our halls. Everyone is welcome with a trace of magic. Just be careful of the magical...
  11. meepster

    Realistic or Modern 8 Teacups to Hell - A urban fantasy supernatural teen drama

    Heya y’all! I’m meep, I’m 19, and I’m pangender. I was born in the States, but I’m Canadian-American and currently live in Vancouver. Also bi and taken. I have been RPing forums-wise for about 7-ish years now, overall for even longer. Below is an idea that’s been gnawing at the back of my head...
  12. Elenion Aura

    Realistic or Modern New Oasis: Academy [Open]

    // Header --- (Setup) // Header --- (Left Side) NEW OASISACADEMYANIME INSPIREDSUPER-POWEREDACADEMY // Header --- (Right Side) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Setup) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Image) // Second Page, Interest Check --- (Text) PEAT"Oh... Have you come to...
  13. Optimo

    Fantasy Wonderverse Lone Oak High School Characters

    Appearance: (No realistic fc's please.) Name: Hero or Villain name: Race: (If you plan to be anything other than human or metamen, speak to me about it first.) Age: Gender: Height: Weight: Eye color: Hair color: Occupation: Personality: Hero/Insurgent Classification: (See below.) Powers...
  14. Optimo

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School OOC

    OOC chat for roleplay.
  15. Seraphiel

    Fantasy Avolair Academy: School For The Supernatural [OPEN][New][Modern Fantasy][Sandbox][Collaborative][Literate][Students/Teachers/Hunters/Guardians]

    Avolair Academy OOC Character sheet page Extra Info: Places, dorms, schedules, circles, clubs, more (Would love this to be at least a semi long-term roleplay, notify for breaks or drops). You may post questions, interest responses, and ideas. I welcome everyone to participate in the creative...
  16. Optimo

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School

    In a universe where all types of supernatural beings exist, there's a planet called Erth. On this planet resides supernatural protectors called superheroes. These superheroes protect Erth from supernatural beings that want to destroy or control it. These superheroes were born with special...
  17. cazhascake

    Fandom plus ultra! — my hero academia interest check

    ' i think that saving people is just about the coolest thing someone can do. ' greetings and salutations! welcome to my roleplay interest check for the manga/anime series, boku no hero academia / my hero academia! ABOUT ME! you can call me connor, or caz! i'm 18 and use he/him...
  18. SaltyWater

    Fantasy Stonewall Academy {CS}

    *Please Read These Before Proceeding With Anything Else!* 1. The OC limit is 3 students. For a chance at creating a staff member, please see me directly. 2. All student characters have to be 17 or below. No matter what the hybrid or power may be. 3. Hybrid animals cannot have the traits of...
  19. SaltyWater

    Fantasy {Stonewall Academy for the Gifted}{Open}

    Veronica Ballard Congradulations! Congratulations! After a careful review of your application materials, we are pleased to welcome you to Stonewall Academy of Fine Arts! For over one hundred and thirty-two straight years, thousands of promising scholars like you have found Stonewall to be a...
  20. Garbage Pail Kid

    Fandom Bleach RP Interest Check, Nerds and big sword lovers welcome.

    Do you like bleach? do you like exercising evil ghosts with the coolest weapons? then this will be the RP for you! Me and @LadyOfStars are going to be running a bleach thread as a love letter and hype for the new arc coming out! We want to maintain a fun atmosphere and since there is quite alot...