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  1. Wandering Spirit

    Realistic/Modern Hanabi High [OOC]

  2. Wandering Spirit

    Realistic/Modern Hanabi High [CS]

    [Appearance] [^ only anime/art pictures] Name: Age: Gender: Nationality: Occupation: [Student + optional part-time job] Sexuality: Height: Hair Colour: Eye Colour: Personality: [min. 1 serious paragraph] Miscellaneous: [min. 3 things]
  3. Wandering Spirit

    Hanabi High

    WELCOME TO HANABI HIGH ! The school is mainly focusing on the tourism aspect. Meaning that you will go on lots of trips to experience the cultures instead of just seeing them in textbooks. There will also be group projects and such [for the subject animation]. However they also have regular...
  4. Wandering Spirit

    The Tourism School: Hanabi High

    code by @pasta guidelines 001 There is a total character limit of 10 for now. 002 It is not first come, first serve. 003 There will be a minimum of 1 serious paragraph [min. 10 sentences]. 004 Try to be active, minimum 1 post per 3 days. 005 Keep the drama out of the OOC. 006 Let me know if you...
  5. Nay12

    | Yaundonia Academy Main (Open!) |

    "Everyone, attention please!" All the students, both new & old, quiet down as they look at the makeshift stage that was place due to the orientation being outside. The lady who spoke, Helena Galway the great granddaughter of Jonah Galway, smiled gently. She waved her hand around. Doing that...
  6. hwayi

    Multiple Settings hwayi's search for long-term 1x1 pals

  7. Kitsune2202

    Multiple Settings RP Partners wanted~

    Hey everyone! I'm Shay, but if it's easier to remember Kit because of my username that's fine too. I've been role-playing for ten years, but I took a three year break and have just recently gotten back into it. I like to think I'm an intermediate writer, but fair warning I'm dyslexic. While...
  8. RageOfInfinity

    Teenaged Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, anyone?

    I'm not sure how I'd want it to look, but I'm considering making it styled after the TV series, with several self-contained adventures, mixed with a few recurring themes and characters (including a return of Evil Jimmy, and perhaps Professor Calamitous. The main plot would revolve around an...
  9. aja maji

    So you want to be a hero? (IC)

    Bunks 1-4 are on flight 420 Bunks 5-8 are on flight 69 Bunks 9-12 are on flight 666 Reform students were pulled from detention centers not classes. Post should be as follows. pic: optional Name: John Snow power:King location:North interaction:Sansa Stark Flights connected in Korea. Upon...
  10. Nay12

    | Yaundonia Academy (Open!) |

    | Y A U N D O N I A | | | A C A D E M Y| "It's an academy for the strange!" ~Jonah Galway { I N F O } In the Victorian Era of England, a man named Jonah Galway was born. He was seemingly perfect. He was good at a lot of things you'll never expect. He had the charm of a true...
  11. YareYare

    Multiple Settings Ol' YareYare's Lil RP Shack

    This is gonna be fleshed out and cleaned up a lot better later when I'm not sitting in a library to get out of the rain while I wait for the time to roll around for my dental appointment. That said, let's see what I can do from my phone. Ground rules: - No ghosting, so actually say you don't...
  12. Zoe daughter of Poseidon

    Fandom please

    I'm looking for a rp partner. Does anyone want to rp with me? I rp Voltron, harry potter, percy Jackson, seven deadly sins, fairy tail, wolf, high school and attack on titan. I mostly use oc's but it's fine if you don't want to use them.
  13. YareYare

    Reviving Star Blush (technically a fandom, but one you can just jump into)

    Criminal Idol -- a series of 9 (publicly released, so far) story-based songs by the great Static-P! Don't worry about seeing spoilers here, as the series so far is non-sequential enough that the important story points are just the premise of the series. You can find all the songs here, and it's...
  14. scriibbless

    Multiple Settings Looking for groups/partner

    Hello! I'm new here and still trying to figure this place out, so bear with me! I've been roleplaying for going on 8 years now, and have moved from various different platforms over time, and have had slim luck with finding actual people who like roleplaying nowadays. I have 4-5 characters with...
  15. Gomenesigh

    Multiple Settings Looking for MxF Rps

    I'm not too picky on the genre. The only one I'm not too keen on are Sci-Fi genres. Other than that, the ones I'm most interested in are Medieval fantasy, School settings, Slice of Life, possibly some fandoms in Anime or Harry Potter (or others). I do only play OC's though, but don't mind if a...
  16. rosar.io

    Multiple Settings new cravings ! {mxf, f//}

    color: #fff; font-size: 14px; letter-spacing: 1px; font-family: Playfair Display; text-transform: uppercase; text-align: center; width: 550px; cursor: pointer; margin: 4px; margin-top: 15px; display: inline-block; padding: 10px; width: 70px; background: #D6C8BA; [class name=tab...
  17. Bellatsakha

    Magic Academy (Closed)

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a couple of people to play characters in a magic academy where they learn all kinds of things, but have to go on quests and adventures to increase their grade. There are 2 spots open and I'm pretty much picking by who responds first. Please please please only respond if...
  18. ocean-of-starrs

    Multiple Settings Looking for Modern Day RP!

    Hey! I'm pretty new to the site, but have years worth of RP experience under my belt; I'm not bothered with the specifics - we can figure those out later, to leave room for anything you might want to include All I ask is that it's a modern day RP, and that whoever we chose to RP, I'm able to RP...
  19. Kitsune2202

    Fandom Kamigami no asobi [CS]

    Character Sheet God/Goddess Name: Nickname: (Optional) Origin: [What Mythology are they from ex. Greek, Norse, ect.] God/goddess over of: [You can list all of their domains, or just the ones you want to focus on.] Appearance: [You can be descriptive, post a picture, or both. Please no...
  20. Kitsune2202

    Kamigami_no_Asobi/Mythology RP

    *Forgive me I'm not really good at coding anything yet* As time has passed the bond between deities and humans have diminished. The humans loosing faith in deities who felt so far away and unresponsive to their prayers. Deities who have lost touch with humanity because they prefer to sit too...