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  1. A Killer Queen

    Fandom  My Hero Academia Roleplay [ 1 x 1 ] [ Semi / Literate ]

    Howdy! I'm going to keep this pretty straight and simple: I'm looking for a My Hero Academia / Boku No Hero Academia roleplay. I am open to doing Oc x Canon, Oc x Oc, and some Canon/Canon but it depends on the ship. I really am looking for Oc x Canon though and I'll happily double up! I have...
  2. Rusty of Shackleford

    Realistic or Modern  Katawa Gakko CS

    Greetings! Welcome to the thread! Any rules can be found on the interest check. Feel free to ask any questions you have as well! Name: (You remember it, right?) Age: (Should be 18-19!) Sex: (Can be anything!) Sexuality: (No discrimination here, my dude) Ethnicity: (Be reasonable, yeah?)...
  3. The Crimson King

    Fantasy  [Characters] Prosecution Overdrive!!

    Prosecution Overdrive!! Coming soon to a theater near you! Starring: @The Crimson King as Erik and Gander (Arc Creation, Manipulation and Transformation) @Forgotten Home as Artemis and Asclepius (Cure Wounds) @LindsMagee as Tempest and Elysian (Illusion Creation) @Blackrose7 as Amelia and...
  4. Professor red

    Realistic or Modern  New year new plot

    Hello it’s ya boy red. How y’all doing. So. I got this sudden craving for a love triangle Been craving this for a while 1 please please please don’t ghost. Let me know if your gonna be away for a few days 2 no one liner. Yes one every now and then is ok. But if that’s all you reply with...
  5. The Crimson King

    Fantasy  [Interest check] Persona inspired slice of life, monster-of-the-week?

    Ok, so, I really only have a general idea of what I wanna do with this, that being: a group of senior-year high school students, probably a sort of friend group with mutual interest in the supernatural and other such similar topics, decide to undergo an occult ‘game’ that will apparently allow...
  6. Lost_Flame

    Multiple Settings  Kayla's Epic Roleplay Ideas

    Hi there! The name is Kayla, I'm 19 and hoping to find someone to do a loooooong RP with! I dont do many fandoms but I'd be down to do something in the GTA 5 or RDR2 universe, Albeit with OCs. I love pretty much every theme and setting but these are some of my favs, also romance is kinda a...
  7. tuttiteia

    Realistic or Modern  I'm back (searching for partners)

    Hi everyone! Haven't been online on this site since march 2020, but hey I'm back. As I don't have any active roleplays atm, I would love to get some long-term partners. A little about me: I'm 20 years old (21 this year). I can reply most of the day. Can play both female or male. What...
  8. bubbletea--queen

    Fandom  OPEN Yasahime/InuYasha, Fruits Basket, Vampire Knight, Beastars, Fandom RP

    Hi there!! I'm new to this site and looking for certain fandom RP's. If you are interested in RPing me, please send me a message and lets plan something out! Also I DO NOT write with minors! A little about my RPing preferences I RP in multiple paragraphs in third person POV, from 1-3...
  9. Rorry_Moom_

    Fandom  This is about fantasy/horror/romance

    Hello! This pose is kind of specific. I've always wanted to do a horror/romance roleplay for a while now. If anyone is interested message me. If you type paragraphs that's ok, of not that's on too. Sometimes I do get really specific and detailed but sometimes I'll just put one line. If so I'll...
  10. Aniihya

    Futuristic  The Modded Games (Out of Character)

    This is the out of character thread for the roleplay "The Modded Games".
  11. Aniihya

    Futuristic  The Modded Games (Characters)

    Character template: Name Age Gender Year/Class (format example: 2-B, 4-F, etc. Years 1 to 4. Classes A to G) Appearance Clothing (freetime clothing and variant of school uniform and accessories) Modifications (can be anything from just a limb to full body) Preferred disciplines (disciplines...
  12. Aniihya

    Futuristic  The Modded Games (Cyberpunk School Sports Festival)

    The year is 2095. Technology has come a long way as cybernetics has become practical enough that they can surpass human ability. However Japan has enacted strict laws to prevent people from frivilously abusing the technology and generally people who have cybernetics without having had a previous...
  13. mxchxxri

    Fantasy  Roleplaying Idea.

    Hello! This RP idea contains mythical creatures, abilities, and ranks. If you aren’t interested please skip! ~ The ranks (Lowest to highest): Humans, Hybrid, Alphas, Demons/Angels, Phoenixes. ~ Humans: The lowest rank in society, with no abilities; Hybrid: Still a low rank, with no abilities but...
  14. Lir_the_witch

    Fandom  DP Danny x Dash anyone?

    dthfgjk okay so like, Teddy ghost (or as the other stupid name swagger bishie) is like my favorite ship from Danny phantom I actally want to play Dash, whoever wants to play Danny with all his cool super ghost powers can, but I have a lot of head canons for Dash and it's fun or if you really...
  15. MitsuMitsu

    Fandom  Spirits of Kamome Academy~~ a Toilet Bound/Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun RP~~ INTEREST CHECK

    CS: Fandom - Spirits of Kamome Academy~~ a Toilet Bound/Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun RP~~ CS Kamome Academy, by many people, is seen as a very normal school. Students spend their days here, receiving a normal education, going to the same clubs, usually leaving before nightfall. But, if you...
  16. SepticKiddo

    Fandom  Sanders Sides RP

    Hello! I am making a Prinxiety and Moceit and Threesome *Remy, Thomas, and Emile* Roleplay! Everyone can play as ONE character! Roman - Septic Kiddo Virgil Logan Patton Janus Remus Remy Emile Picani Thomas
  17. amberskies

    Realistic or Modern  long term 1x1 fxm

    hey! i'm ana, i'm 19, and my pronouns are she/her. i'm looking for the following in a rp partner; - 17+ - replies every 1-3 days - gotta have some fluff, angst, romance, and slowburn - no short replies; im looking for long replies (not novella style tho) - realistic faceclaims - mxf pairings...
  18. Rusty of Shackleford

    Realistic or Modern  Katawa Gakkō (School for the Disabled) (CLOSED)

    (As of now, the RP is currently closed!) The town of Yamaku, located in the Shiga prefecture of the Kyoto region, is nothing remarkable. The only odd thing about it is how...disconnected it is. Despite an hour or so long drive from Kyoto, the population is incredibly small, mostly made up of...
  19. Lara_M36

    Multiple Settings  I have so many plots!

    Hello! I hope everyone has had a great holiday! I have a few plots that I would love to visit. 1. Arranged Marriage: we can pick the countries. Maybe even Fantasy based! Our two character have known each other since they were 7 and 9. They were best friends until she was swept away in...
  20. irenic

    Realistic or Modern  𝕂𝕀ℕ𝔾ℙ𝕀ℕ

    ----content container---- ----title (input your title twice! ***one line only! if you want two lines, reduce font-size!)---- ---outlined text---- ----* * * title here---- Kingpin ---filled-in text---- ----* * * title here---- Kingpin...