high school

  1. SparklyMittens

    Saint Ivy's Academy for Misled Female Youth

    [div class=container][div class=bgimg] [div class=open][div class=opentext]fa-pagelines[/div][/div][/div] [div class=textbg][/div][div class=textbox] Inspired by my old friend @Casmir Landrikson. ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ Welcome to Saint Ivy's Academy for Misled Female Youth. An...
  2. JennaPetrov

    Realistic/Modern AHOI

    The New Girl. It was second semester in college that Jenna moved colleges from California to England, to stay with her father, Dr.Harris Petrov a neurosurgeon - or that’s what she says. But it gets complicated, on the way to her first class she crashed into a boy. She was too rushed to actually...
  3. Rusty of Shackleford

    Persona 5: Apple of Eden

    Over thirty years have passed since the great Phantom Thieves of Hearts singlehandedly took down a country spanning conspiracy, freeing both Japan and all of humanity from slavery. But it seems that humanity is one again in danger of losing it's free will. With the rise of virtual reality, ahd...
  4. ChaseStorm

    Multiple Settings Looking For BNHA Roleplayers

    Looking for people to roleplay BNHA with. I do exclusively yaoi relationships. Looking for roleplays for: BNHA 2ND Generation Villain AU Alternate Universes Cannon Divergence
  5. JennaPetrov


    So I’ve been thinking of this really romantic yet dramatic idea. You’re my brother’s best friend, a real badboy in the football team like my brother. Being the same age, we party together alot but the difference is I’m a bit of a goodgirl and a real lightweight when it comes to alcohol. Through...
  6. JennaPetrov

    Realistic/Modern Need male roleplayers into romantic, build up RP’s.

    Looking for male RPers into romantic, build up roleplays. Hit me up. Ciao
  7. JennaPetrov

    Realistic/Modern HEY!

    So I’m Jen and I’m brand new on this site, I have a idea and I’m just going to roughly explain it. If you are interested please hit my Private Messages. I’ve been thinking of this really romantic yet dramatic idea. You’re my brother’s best friend, a real badboy in the football team like my...
  8. Insanity Awakened 18

    Fandom Look Within For The Strength Today---Harry Potter {Private}

    This is a private Harry Potter RP between me and marina Lurkers are welcome ^_^
  9. emilyB

    Realistic/Modern Looking for Partners

    Heya!! I seem to have had a decrease in messages in my inbox. So because of that I am looking for some more rps to start with you all. What I am looking for: - Mostly male characters. I can play male if I have to but I would prefer to play female as I am female. - Romance building rp. - No...
  10. Ryse

    XMEN: The First Dawn

    "Since this is personal, let's keep it personal. Now most of you have children, and you love them for who they are-not for what they can or can’t do. There is a chance that one of them will have an advanced X-gene, and as they grow older, they will be considered mutants. You will love them...
  11. Temptation

    Realistic/Modern Cravings

    Hi there! I'm Temptation. Here are some basic points about me and my way of roleplay! I'm over the age of 18 and would like if my partners were the same. Just a preference. I can play either Muse A or B for each plot. I like my partners to have the first choice. I write at least two paragraphs...
  12. AzoicSiren

    MistfitHigh : A school for troubled teens

    So this is an Anime style, character base open roleplay. The high school is based in Japan and is a private school for those who tend to not fit in with public school or can no longer go due to family, court orders, Emancipation agreements. ect ( get creative about why they are there) there is...
  13. GhastlySquash

    Realistic/Modern Guilty Until Proven Innocent (Female Role Needed)

    I’m looking for someone to play this role in the following RP: Rick Gambetti has always been a bit of a delinquent. As a result of his own pranks, he’s been known around school as the class clown and an overall scumbag especially with his graffiti tags around the school that serves as his...
  14. sploot

    Multiple Settings kono oto tomare! ღ slice-of-life

    i can't code so enjoy this meme i made henlo owo i go by sploot on the internet and i'm anime trash. now i like action-filled & super plotty anime as much as the next guy, but i've been really craving something low-key where we can focus more on the characters and their relationships! gimme...
  15. MainEventMan

    Fandom Marvel/DC Crossover starring Spider-Man & Raven! (Looking for someone to play Raven!)

    Hello! So I had this odd idea for a Marvel/DC crossover RP, revolving around a strange pairing I had in mind. Spider-Man x Raven. XD So here's my idea. Pete and Rae are both teens, right? Well, in Peter's case he's usually a teen in high school in most of his continuities. :P So I had an idea...
  16. Lollia

    Realistic/Modern an oc search ✭ open ✭ UPDATED 04/23

    About me The Chara Plots status: open chara: faye hinley lowercase for aesthetic hello and welcome! i'm lollia. i'm a minor and been roleplaying and writing for at least five years! in this thread, i'm looking for a specific kind of rp with an oc that i've been itching to write! but...
  17. Wolvarina

    Supernatural Highschool (actual rp)

    This the actual rp so always stay in character @Jennifer Rose @Pika Draws @SparkleyRainbow @OGAirbear @DracotheBadBoi
  18. Wolvarina

    SuperNatural HighSchool

    Hi this is my first rp so it might suck Rules: 1.No god moding 2.only anime pics 3.Your allowed to be lovey dovey cause its a highschool rp Alphas: Wolf Alpha: Jennifer Rose Vampire Alpha:Available Demon Alpha: Dante Eclipse Angel Alpha: Angel Valentine School...