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Fantasy Human X Anthro | Odd Transfer!



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The world was filled with both Humans and Anthros. There was some history in the past, and ofcourse the two races has still not seen eye to eye. There are ofcourse those who forgive and forget, and those who dwell and live hell.

Your parents were wealthy, which means your allowance was great, althought they were busy all the time.. Meaning you practically lived alone. Your previous year at school was a little dull, little to no friends, nothing special, no focuses or anything. This year you needed to change something, you desired more than just plain nothing, especially for your last year! That's when you signed up for a transfer program! Just one little bit of information you forgot to read.. It was an All Anthro School across the city where you had to relocate.

It was too late, so you sucked it up, and dealt with it. Finally, it was the first day and last year of your newest Highschool, Cambelridge High.

As you walked into the school, you noticed every single piece of eyes locked on you in shock and confusion. Some excited, some disgusted. You kept your head down and decided to head to class early, where you saw a lone figure, sat at her desk. She seems slightly chubby, with a slightly messy appearance. Seemingly a tad bit scary and rough, with a clearly hard exterior, and full focus on her desk as she idly scribbled. She seemed to be a Alligator type Anthro..

You decided to walk over, to try and greet your first ever Anthro, and possibly friend!

That's when her eyes darted to you in shock at first, before narrowing a bit grumpily, and keeping silent. I looked back down to my paper and continued drawing, the only sound escaping me being a soft unenthusiastic grunt.

(( I prefer using First Person roleplay styles hence why the sudden Third Person to First Person change. ))


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