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welcome to rosefilms interest check!

about me.
hey demons, it's me, ya girl, rosefilm.
you can call me rose.
i have about seven, almost eight, years of roleplaying experience under my belt. (such an accomplishment, i know)
i'm currently a sophomore in college having changed my major around three times, might go on a fourth - we'll see how this semester goes.
i only play female characters and this is a courtesy to you because neither of us wants to see my angsty or stereotypical attempts at a male character.
i'm very keen on romance, can't do a plot without it.
i'm a highly detailed writer, i can write up to eight paragraphs and more. i feel like it's also important to mention that i have tried a hand at writing various books, just never came around to finishing them. so writing a novel for you in the length of a post isn't, how do you say, difficult for me. i do know that there's not a lot of people who can do that and i don't want to intimidate you into not roleplaying with me, i can match my partners length easily. it all depends on what kind of writer you are, and if we click.

my post frequency can vary from spit-firing ten posts in one day to once a day. i work the majority of the week, specifically sunday-thursday. through those days i have class, but during lectures i tend to zone out anyways and will probably, instead of listening, be sending my reply back to you.
i'm a pinterest fanatic, i don't know why this is important but it's my about me so.

about you.
you're literate/advanced lit preferably. i just need enough to work with, and enough to be contributed.
you adore playing male characters.
you absolutely love romance.
you can send at least a few posts a day or even just one. so, a sort of a nicely open availability.
um my standards are pretty low so give me a minute to think.
that's all i got.
oh wait, you promise to solemnly swear to no one liners ever. thank you for your time.


you’ve got mail:
muse A owns a quaint small business that’s going under, and muse B runs the faceless corporation that’s taking over. both unlucky in love they take up online dating, and end up electronic pen pals with an undeniable connection. while in real life they’re enemies, online they seem to be soulmates, unaware of who exactly is on the other side of the screen.

life as we know it: after the death of their mutual friends, muse A and muse B are left with custody of their friends’ baby. the downside? they hate each other. the catch? neither of them want to ignore the wishes of their departed friends, so they agree to try and raise the baby together despite their issues.

just like heaven: after being in a terrible accident, muse A’s apartment is put up for rent (belongings and all) and muse B - an out of work loner - takes the place. but it’s all too good to be true, because muse A is a ghost who doesn’t remember what happened to them, doesn’t realize they’re a ghost, and does not appreciate a stranger living in their apartment. muse B tries everything (exorcism, cleansing, rituals) to get rid of the stubborn ghost, but muse A doesn’t budge. luckily (or unluckily) for them, they’re not really dead, but they’re in a coma in the hospital on the other side of town.

the treehouse: muse A works at the local hardware store and muse B is a single parent who just moved into town and promised their kid to built a tree house, but truthfully they've never even touched a hammer, and now they're panicking.
good neighbors: muse A and muse B are two incredibly different people living on the same floor of this really humble apartment building; muse A is admittedly a bit off-kilter with her quirky personality and spontaneous bursts of incredible, child-like energy. she’s cheerful, ambitious and with a tendency to simply skim over the sad, hurtful parts of life rather than deal with them accordingly. muse B is introverted, witty and broody and spends most of his time contemplating the many mysteries of life. sarcasm seems to be his one and only defense mechanism and irony his best friend. muse A quickly grabs his attention with her seemingly trusting and light-hearted personality, his odd need to figure out the source of her never-ending happiness making him sneak second glances at the younger girl quite often. their paths barely ever cross except for when they pass each other in the foyer or happen to be doing laundry at the same time. one night, when a slightly tipsy muse A is out drinking alone after being stood up (for the third time that week), it’s muse B who swoops in to defend her when some random guy is coming on too strong. unfortunately, he can’t fight for shit and immediately ends up getting hurt with only muse A left to take care of him. the rest of that night muse A spends cracking jokes and lightly teasing the embarrassed man as she cleans him up, the two of them truly connecting as they share a lot of secrets that no one else knew about them. muse A starts coming to muse B at the oddest times, asking for help with chores and errands that she’s definitely able to do by herself, always wearing her cutest pajamas in an (obvious) attempt to seduce muse B, who’d respond with witty remarks and awkward stutters.

loyalty: when muse A (someone who’s led a comfortable life in a stable home) encounters muse B (someone who’s struggled since birth and was raised by members of the neighborhood gang) on a hot summer night, an unlikely romance blossoms. as opposite as the pair of them are in circumstances and attitudes, they click somehow; initially, muse B sees no reason to share that they’re affiliated with a notorious gang. as long as they’re careful it won’t ever be an issue, right? muse A and muse B’s relationship progresses in a positive direction until one night when muse B’s car is tailed by someone from a rival gang while muse A and muse B are on a date. without warning, the blissfully-ignorant couple are caught up in a drive by. no one is critically harmed, but muse A is definitely shaken. though grateful that they both survive with minimal injuries, muse A’s entire world is turned upside down when muse B admits that they were the intended target due to their gang ties. muse A- who couldn’t be further removed from that type of lifestyle- is devastated. despite muse B’s attempts at reassurance, muse A is fearful for muse B’s life and also for the safety of their own loved ones now that they know the truth of muse B’s background. muse A has to wonder if the feelings they have for muse B are enough to justify putting themselves and their friends/family in danger. will muse A end up giving muse B an ultimatum? will muse B choose loyalty to the one they love or to the only family they’ve known?

true feelings: muse A is on a flight to finally meet up with their long-distance lover (muse B) for the first time. too nervous to focus on anything else, they start talking to muse C, who’s sitting beside them, to distract themselves. muse C turns out to be a really cool person and there’s an attraction between them that’s totally unexpected. when the plane lands, muse A is conflicted about parting from muse C and the feeling is mutual. so they exchange information and go their separate ways. later that evening, they have an unexpected reunion at muse B’s home. it isn’t until that moment that muse A realizes that muse B and muse C are related. (brother, cousin, doesn't matter).

a killer romance: muse A, lost on a summer trip to seoul, south korea, (or anywhere, up to you), takes photos of the streets she’s turning down so she can retrace her steps. she unwittingly captures muse B killing somebody in the background of a picture and is too distracted to have even noticed him. he saw her though, and takes it upon himself to follow her. when he attempts to steal her phone to delete the pictures, muse A catches him and he plays it off as having wanted to ask her out for coffee. he begins a romance with her, telling himself it’s just so he can make sure she doesn’t turn him in, but ends up falling for her. when she sees the picture again just before leaving for home, her entire perception of him is ruined and she must confront him about his life of crime or run in fear as fast as she can.

titanic, beyond the waters (high craving): muse A and muse B were both on a sinking ship (could be the titanic, could be another ship. or we can even make this modern) and they had an intense romance going, but when the ship went down they got separated and they both thought the other had drowned. but now it’s the late 20s and muse A is in new york where they were hired as the photographer/caterer/florist for muse B's wedding without even knowing it.

the geisha and the samurai: muse A and muse B are orphans who meet by chance on the street. with no one else to look after them, they spend several days fending for one another and gradually becoming friends because of their similar circumstances. when muse A doesn’t turn up at their usual meeting point one night, muse B is forced to assume the worst and move on. years later, the unlikely duo meets again; muse A has become a beautiful geisha while muse B has become a fierce samurai. the two instantly remember the connection they once shared and begin to fall in love. unfortunately, muse A captures the attention of an abusive shogun (muse C) who will do anything he can to keep muse A to himself.

debutante: when their successful, merchant father amasses enough wealth to afford a valuable piece of property, a rather unrefined muse A finds themselves thrust suddenly into the upper class. though they have no title by birth, muse A is now considered eligible for courtship by noble sort. now more than ever, it’s of great importance that muse A learns proper deportment- how to conduct themselves in society-from a professional; muse B is hired for this purpose, to prepare muse A for their debut to society at a grand ball. every day muse A attends etiquette lessons, in which muse B attempts to teach essentials such as how to dress, how to ride a horse, and how to behave at a formal banquet and so on. muse A proves to be an exhausting student, never quite behaving as they should, questioning every rule.

the secret prince: an irritable female knight (muse A) is charged with the burden of rescuing the king’s brother after he’s been taken prisoner and held for ransom; the royal caravan was waylaid by a band of hooded assailants led by muse B, a dastardly unknown marksman. muse A realizes that her best chance of finding the king’s brother is to be ‘caught’ by muse B too, so she orchestrates a clever plan to appear like a helpless damsel and soon enough she is successfully abducted by muse B. when the knight is left alone in a dank dungeon, she is able to go in search of the king’s brother. suspicious of his latest capture, muse B stops muse A in her tracks and they engage in hand-to-hand combat. it isn’t until Muse B is momentarily overtaken by muse A that muse A notices the birthmark on muse B’s neck, the very same mark that all of the males of the royal family possess. muse B is of royal blood and seems to have no idea.

the fallen angel: one day, on muse A’s way home, they come across muse B lying in the middle of the road. they appear hurt, but are unresponsive when muse A tries to rouse them. not having a phone on them to call an ambulance, muse A carries muse B the short distance back to their home and tries to revive them. after several minutes of rest, muse B awakens with the most excruciating scream of pain. they jolt up, and immediately start drawing sigils on the walls of muse A’s home with their own blood. terrified, muse A demands that muse B stop and explain themselves. muse B removes their shirt, revealing where their angel wings have been clipped and states they used to be part of god’s army. muse A has never been particularly religious, and needs plenty of convincing that muse B isn’t a lunatic. muse B explains that they have been banished from heaven and they need to hole up with muse A because they have no where else to go and the world is unsafe for them. muse A reluctantly agrees to let muse B live with them, and over time, helps to teach muse B how to pass as a human. after muse B finally feels safe with muse A, their former life comes back to haunt them in a major way (i.e. called back to heaven, required to fulfill duties, etc.)

calling of the sea: muse A is the child of wealthy man living in a seaside town; they’ve always been afraid of the sea, yet oddly fascinated by it. when muse A was a child, the ship they were sailing on was attacked by pirates and they were barely able to escape. although the lure of the sea has always been there, muse A has since refused to ever board another ship. several years after their brush with pirates, in the dead of night, a suspicious ship sets anchor a little ways away from shore. pirates make landfall and begin to pillage and plunder the town. the militia stationed in the town are quick to react and a fierce battle breaks out. with the perfect distraction created, the captain of the ship, muse B, heads for the most opulent-looking manor. muse B breaks in to muse A’s home and begins to raid muse A’s late mother’s jewelry. in an attempt to stop muse B, muse A steals one of their father’s swords and holds the pirate at sword point. since muse A has never had any kind of training, they are easily overpowered by muse B. upon taking a closer look at muse A, muse B decides that they are worth far more than any bejeweled trinkets. so muse B offers a proposition; in exchange for ending the bloodshed and leaving port, muse A must come aboard muse B’s ship as a captive. muse A is terrified, but they are kind-hearted and wish to protect their town, so they reluctantly agree. so now muse A must face their fears and leave their life behind. How will they fare and what will their relationship be like with muse B?

banshee: people tend to think that muse A is strange. they’re a loner who always seems to be lost in thought, devoid of sleep, and red-eyed as if they’ve been crying for days on end. there are whispers about muse A’s tragic past, but no ever dares to ask muse A what really happened to them and muse A is all too glad to be left alone. since muse A was young, they’ve suffered from this affliction, this uncanny ability to know when someone they care for is about to die. it starts with a deep, heart-wrenching sadness, then inconsolable sobbing and then a deafening wail that doesn’t cease until someone’s dead. now, a little older and wiser about their condition, muse A keeps to themselves, petrified to get close to anyone lest they accidentally bring death upon someone else. it isn’t until muse B, someone new to town/someone unafraid of the stigma surrounding muse A and quite into the macabre, does a little independent digging into muse A’s past and a bit of ‘investigative following’ that they realize the truth. muse A is a banshee- a harbinger of death. confronted with this information, muse B attempts to appeal to muse A to use their curse for good. perhaps, working together, they can thwart death.

blood-bag: muse A is one of the first of a small group of humans to transfer in to a formerly all-vampire boarding school. muse A and their human counterparts are selected to attend this school not only for their impressive GPAs but also because of their rare blood types. tuition for the human students will be paid by means of bi-weekly blood draws administered by the school nurse; this blood will be rationed and used as nutrition for the predominantly-vampire student body. for the safety of the humans, vampire students are by no means allowed to drink directly from their classmates.. or at least they’re not supposed to. muse B doesn't seem to be able to keep himself away from muse A after getting a taste of the blood from one of her tuition blood bags. what dangers will arise at this academy and it's incredibly odd arrangement?

that boarding school: here’s a boarding school where all students, staff and faculty are supernatural beings. dormitories are separated based on kind. despite efforts of administration and faculty to make the school harmonious, there are tensions between kinds (e.g. vampires vs werewolves) and even between families within supernatural groups (e.g. vampire vs vampire). if that’s not complicated enough, there are half-lings who are caught in the middle of all those tensions at once. (i haven't decided what muse a and b are, or anything like i have in the past plots. this is more of a free for all, something to discuss and decides among-st each other.)

- “Aren’t you tired of being nice? Don’t you just want to – ”
“If I stop being nice, I’m hitting you first.”
- “Look, I’m not a hero or anything, but I am going to stand over here with the good guys because they’re much less likely to stab me in the back.”
- “Don’t look to me for ideas. My plan was to be dead at this point.”
- “If I’m required to be in therapy, you should definitely be in therapy too.”
“You killed someone!”
- “Most of my interactions with other people are warning shots.”

- “You’re kind of, uhhh …”
- “I’ve done too much fighting for you to let you give up and die now.”
- “The dirt knows your sins.”
-“Isn’t the idea supposed to be ‘you saved my life, now I owe you a debt’?”
“Nope. Other way round. You saved my life, so now I’m your problem. If you don’t like it, then kill me.”

uh, so i'll be adding more plots and prompts each week. if you're interested in anything i've listed here, shoot me a pm. thanks for reading!

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Those are quaint plots.
I do believe the lexicon and writing standards you are looking for have just arrived in the form of myself.
I would be open to most of your plots. I can choose, but I have a feeling one of them you have been itching to do.


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Those are quaint plots.
I do believe the lexicon and writing standards you are looking for have just arrived in the form of myself.
I would be open to most of your plots. I can choose, but I have a feeling one of them you have been itching to do.
PM me with the plots you like, I don’t have a specific kind of plot i’m specifically looking to do, but I will say my favorite is the geisha!

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Hiya, I thought your fallen angel idea sounded like a lot of fun. I love those kind of fish-out-of-water stories. If you're still interested in a partner for that one I've had some ideas rattling around my head.


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Hiya, I thought your fallen angel idea sounded like a lot of fun. I love those kind of fish-out-of-water stories. If you're still interested in a partner for that one I've had some ideas rattling around my head.
send me a pm!!! i’m still looking


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Oh my god I love those Prompts! Anyway I am better with Fantasy RPs but I can be persuaded to do others, I am best with male OC's and I LOVE Romance, I would love to discuss an rp with you.
I am in love with both the secret prince and as well blood bags. As well if you are interested I am wanting to make a custom rp or at least bring out some ideas for consideration


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I’m so in love with the Fallen Angel plot
My writing is good but I’m also afraid that you won’t think that
Gah curse you anxiety and insecurity


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Hello! I won't say that I'm on the same level of writing as you are, since college has left me rather rusty, but I'd love to play iF you're still taking partners! The Samurai and the Geisha plot is most interesting, specially if we add more elements of Japanese history and culture to it.


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Hello! I won't say that I'm on the same level of writing as you are, since college has left me rather rusty, but I'd love to play iF you're still taking partners! The Samurai and the Geisha plot is most interesting, specially if we add more elements of Japanese history and culture to it.
I am! pm me (:

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