1. Desruc

    Fantasy  Adventures in Alanon

    The world of Pandora is set in times of the past, where swords were still popularly being used as weapons of the guards and soldiers. The English dialogue is as developed as it is today, and things such as gay marriage, racism, etc. don't exist in this world. The below transcript is a...
  2. dragonsFall

    Fandom  Crystalline

    WARNING! THIS ROLEPLAY WILL NOT FOLLOW THE SHOW, MOVIE OR CONTAIN CANON CHARACTERS! Background The Planet The Duality Rules Character Forms Accepted Characters
  3. kesshowolf

    Fandom  Lion King RP - Scar's Reign- looking for lions!

    I was hoping to join a Lion King RP but cannot seem to find a active one... I was wanting to make a Scar's Reign RP. So right inbetween when Scar took over and before Simba came back. If this goes long enough, I'd love to have the end of the movie time in and maybe there is a change or two in...
  4. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | Lore [Closed]

  5. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | OOC [Closed]

    Here's a place to talk, if we don't wanna do it through PM!
  6. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | CS [Closed]

    Here's a place to post our characters and keep track of them!
  7. Javax

    Fantasy  Maior Quam Nobis | IC [Closed]

  8. BubblegumApocalypse

    Multiple Settings  Searching for a serious 1x1 partner [READ]

    I've got an entire list of possible plots, below is the super condensed basic explanation for each of them. Please read my rules, reply to this thread with the required info, and I'll pm you! Rules 1. Be descriptive. I don't need a novella each reply, but at least 4-5+ sentences with details...
  9. Mariana Cormaic

    Fantasy  Looking for a mortal or fellow kindred for a Vampire: The Masquerade roleplay

    As the title implies, I'm currently looking for a partner to brainstorm a role play with Mariana and your character! Mostly looking for Slice of Life (and maybe romantic) RP's set in the early 2000's of the World of Darkness. I'm primarily seeking mortals, but other kindred are more than welcome...
  10. BlueJay1403

    Fantasy  Supernatural Soccer Stars!

    Alright, Second Attempt! Trigger Warning: Simulated Racism Welcome to this world, where humans treat the few supernaturals like dirt. In this RP, you play as members of two rival football (soccer for Americans) teams who have both, in a bid to seem more diverse, decided to allow a limited...
  11. Nenawa

    Fantasy  All I wanted comes in colors ~ original RP Search

    Hi everyone! I'm an experienced, literate roleplayer looking for imaginative new roleplay partners who would like to make a new and original story together! Let me start with a little info about me: I love roleplays that are creative, compelling, and complex rather than overly simplistic or...
  12. Saisoku

    Fantasy  Looking for Partner(s)!

    Hey there! You can call me Saiso if you'd like. Anyways, I'm looking for a partner! Preferably long-term. Here are some of my rules! Don't worry, I'm not too strict, hahah. [1] When it comes to starters, I typically like at least 4+ sentences. Now it doesn't have to be a giant book, but just...
  13. Florida_Man16

    Fantasy  Hell Hath no Fury

    Hello potential partners! I am looking for one or two partners to run along a plotline I have the skeleton of. It takes place in a fantasy-ish world in which demons might enter the physical world, rare though it is. There is magic, the world is developing from the medieval age to the start of...
  14. ungulatehoof

    Fantasy  Bloody Bog (Goblin RP) (OPEN!)

    The swamp of Yzug is a place no one dares to go, for inside reside the Goblins. Inside Yzug, the pungent scent of the swamp and the blood spilled on its grass and leaves leech onto your nostrils. It is so strong that even once you've left, the smell of Yzug makes a home in you. You will not...
  15. EllicharaTheReshiram

    Fandom  Seeking pokemon rp

    Hi! I'm seeking a pokemon rp at any litteracy level. We can do either pokemon x trainer (i'll be a reshiram baby and play the other pokemon on the team sometimes) Or we can do a pokemon X pokemon rp (i will be a reshiram)
  16. rosefilm

    Multiple Settings  rosefilms interest check.

    welcome to rosefilms interest check! about me. hey demons, it's me, ya girl, rosefilm. you can call me rose. i have about seven, almost eight, years of roleplaying experience under my belt. (such an accomplishment, i know) i'm currently a sophomore in college having changed my major around...
  17. Saisoku

    Fantasy  Anyone Into Heavy Fantasy?

    Looking for some long-term(hopefully) partner(s), who are interested in a heavy fantasy type of roleplay I only play as male, but will always do whatever I can to make my partners comfortable My replies are usually quick, within 1-8 minutes. If I don't reply, you can always 'bump' me a little...
  18. Florida_Man16

    Futuristic  Godzilla Shifterverse

    GM: Florida_Man16 Co-GM: TBA On another world in another reality, monsters live amongst mortals. In eras long past, these creatures, called Kaiju at the height of their power, held origin across the universe. From the embodiment of mother nature, to the wrath of nuclear weaponry, to...
  19. Florida_Man16

    Futuristic  Godzilla Shifterverse

    War. Death. Fire. The land above screeched with the sound of monsters fighting. They destroyed towns, mountains, forests. The Eath didn't like it. The Earth didn't like it at all. The ground cracked as lights like a magnetic storm erupted from every fissure. Volcanoes erupted and storms...
  20. DoggieSundae

    Fantasy  Hyaena (Hyena fantasy RP) (Always open!)

    Within the world of Ardhiya lies Mikiwiya, the homeland of the hyenas. Inside, you'll find sorcerers in their huts hunching over pots of magic liquids, boats designed for exploration and travel sitting patiently on the docks of the coast and along the rivers, and plenty of taverns for the...