1. EveCreates

    Futuristic  There Are Shadows In Space (Sci-Fi Rp)

    “Are the evils in space really so evil?” -Modern Philosopher, Unidentified Your character is a scientific researcher in space, studying alien life forms recently found on a newly discovered planet. My character is a humanoid dark alien, which has a fairly restricted ability to shapeshift...
  2. justkai

    Fantasy  The Fae ⋮ Historical Fantasy

    Hi there! Welcome to my first thread post ✧ ☞ GENERAL PLOT This plot is set in a sort of fantasy medieval era; kingdoms and lots of magic. Creatures exist and are known of by the general population but whether or not they are accepted is something we can decide on together. Most of the world...
  3. EveCreates

    Multiple Settings  Little Dancer

    “...You think I seem perfect…? You think I seem happy…? You think I seem smart and successful and beautiful? That’s because you can’t see the bloodbath on the inside.” -Maiko Maiko is a straight A+ student at Blackwater University, and admired by most others attending the college, although she...
  4. emotionalwreck4

    Multiple Settings  Partner search 😀

    Hi! I’m looking for some long term romance rp partners. I would like a partner who will play male in a mxf pairing. Please read the whole thing, I have 3 plot ideas and then some more about me. 1. Soulmates Every Dhampir (half human half vampire) is assigned their destined soulmate at...
  5. Death man

    Fantasy  Any roleplay

    Anyone can join. Starts in the jungle and it can go anywhere I sit on a tree branch drawing in my sketchbook and I hear someone coming and my eyes glow red and blue. I stand up and I look around to see who it is
  6. Lolita666

    Fantasy  Hiya!

    I just wanna roleplay with someone i'm new to this site, but not so much to role-playing. It doesn't matter what we roleplay really as ling as it's expain if i don't know it, so i can get a grasp of it and be able to reply the right things.
  7. EveCreates

    Fantasy  When Day Breaks

    “The winter leaves, the summer comes, the oceans dry, the skies all cry. Every evil beast awakes when day breaks.” You, a small-scale adventurer who calls a certain village home, have been going to that village’s tavern for years, and there’s always been a strange young woman sitting in the...
  8. Sir Aizen

    Multiple Settings  Commence The Hunt [ALWAYS OPEN]

    Your average, everyday fellow roleplayer says: _____________________________________ Top of the mornin' to ya'll! Link here (or just Shaggy. One or the other works), looking for someone to engage in a long - term RP with! I've been itching to try out certain themes / pairings, so let's get...
  9. EveCreates

    Fantasy  Romeo and Juliet Had It Easy

    “You see, dear, will always be cruel to you, and none more than yourself.” -Necromancer Elder My character is part of a cult of darkness, and yours is part of a cult of light. War breaks out between the two cults. My character captures your character, but on the journey back to my...
  10. EveCreates

    Fantasy  We, the Night, and He, the Light

    WE, THE NIGHT, AND HE, THE LIGHT “It’s like a mirror has descended from the sky, shattering our beliefs and rebuilding them in the opposite. Darkness and light are at war, but they also fight against our preconceived notions. Chaos. That is what this world has become.” We are in a world...
  11. Itz_Joker

    Futuristic  Execute Order 66

    Execute Order 66. Every single Jedi is now an enemy of The Republic. Wipe out the Jedi traitors and bring peace to the galaxy. No where is safe. The Jedi Order must be brought to justice. Hello! Here I am again, getting the Star Wars RP bug. I have so far been unsuccessful in finding a...
  12. SRReal

    Fandom  Her Dæmon (His Dark Materials)

    (Still figuring this out) Plot: Sinéad, a thirteen year old girl, escapes the horrid orphanage that she had been trapped in. She finds herself in a little town on the outskirts of the Arctic Circle. Terrified of going back to the orphanage, she runs. And runs into (Y/C). Literally. (Y/C)...
  13. EveCreates

    Multiple Settings  I Know Not, Therefore I Am Not

    “Some scars are on the outside, some are on the inside, and some are in my head. Does it really matter? They’re all scars, and they all mean I got hurt. I always get hurt.” My character (Lethia Morticia Lisha) and your character (whoever you want and we decide on) are students at The...
  14. Desruc

    Fandom  Digimon SparK

    It all started on that fateful day, April 7th 20XX. In the strange city of Reclusia, a 24-year-old province of Canada, six children reside within this city. Having only lived off of the Digimon card game, even if that, the children all had varying reactions to sprites of strange creatures, their...
  15. sloime

    Multiple Settings  searching for partners! || f/f || original

    howdy there folks! the name is sloime. i'm currently looking for someone to rp with - i've been roleplaying for about 4 or 5 years now but it's been a really long time since i last did it and i've been wanting to get back into it, so here i am! before we get started, a lil bit about me: i'm 19...
  16. EveCreates

    Multiple Settings  The Voice of Hell

    “You’ve sinned horribly, huh? I guess sinners can be beautiful too, then.” -Your Character Devin Eulalie Lorelei is a half human, half demon girl who has such a beautiful, inhuman, magical voice that she can’t talk, or else people will just get hypnotized. If she sings, she can convince people...
  17. EveCreates

    Multiple Settings  We Met in the Firelight (Actually Not Cheesy)

    “Tonight is a dream come true. After all, what goes together better than blood and fire?” I am my character, Freyja Lethia Talutah, a demon who was banished from Hell for a hundred years (not a long time for a demon) as a light punishment, and decided to stay on earth and enjoy life as an...
  18. EveCreates

    Multiple Settings  Pen Pal

    “Even the dead get lonely.” -Unknown I am the ghost of an older teen girl, and you are someone leaving a note for a recently deceased family member. You left a space at the bottom of the note for the person to write back if they could, but instead, I wrote back, and we got to talking through...
  19. sirenhead

    Realistic or Modern  fnaf fans

    is there anyone wanting to do a fnaf rp? please let me know if you are
  20. Allo

    Fandom  Tokyo Ghoul AU: Imprisoned (Main Thread)

    Tokyo Ghoul; Imprisoned There exists two different species that are at a never ending war with each other. Humans... And Ghouls. Monster that use the face of humans to prey on them. Humans have banded together against the Ghouls, and organization called CCG. Commission of Counter Ghoul. An...