1. Luigra

    Fandom Minecraft + MCYT Roleplay search!

    Hello there! New to RpNation, but not new to roleplaying in general! GENERAL: Willing to rp both on the forums and PMs! Length preference is semi-lit (around 3-5 paragraphs), but willing to try literate or casual! No trope or ship is off-limit, so long as it abides by RpNation rules! FOR...
  2. TaperedNightjar

    Fantasy // The Other Side // Open/Accepting

    The Other Side This roleplay is marked MATURE and is not suitable for minors Thread Owner/Captain ● WinterHound Moderator ● tityanya Members ● N/A Themes ● Survival, slice-of-life, resistance, tyranny. Fantasy with very basic technological advances (Indoor plumbing, firearms, oil lamps/oil)...
  3. mysterybox

    Multiple Settings The Arena - battle rp

    I've been really wanting to get some practice in on fight scenes, and what better way to do that then to rp? The general idea for plot is that our characters are all fighters in this sort of underground fighting ring that's like mega popular and super funded, so it's big, got lots of...
  4. viralexe

    Fandom Tales of Univers

    Hello everyone. I'm curious to see how many would be willing to rp from the tales of games such as Tales of Symphonia, zestiria, berseria , Vesperia along with all the others. Think of the game Tales of Ray.
  5. OmniscientBurrito

    Fantasy The Fall- Episode 1 Gundra’s Demise.

    The World of Pulsana Has fallen, a Deadly cancer has begun to spread and Its just a matter of time before the denizens begin to realize it. Though some nations and kingdoms are closer to the Malignancy than others, all will eventually face this darkness, and either wether the storm or be wiped...
  6. Lir_the_witch

    Fantasy A Dad, two kids and an avian humanoid go on a wild road trip [m/m]

    What I'm looking for in an RP partner: - Can write minimum a short paragraph, I need things to be able to hook my fingers into - over the age of 18, I like using more mature topics or just factors of life in my stuff [I can be very clinical and sciencey when it comes to naked bodies, they're...
  7. TheSpeck

    Multiple Settings The Criminals of Crimson Valley (apocalyptic, modern fantasy, small group, semi-lit)

    September 17th, 2022 The moon is crying. It was hard to notice at first, only the occasional low groan echoing down from the deep red sky above. But now it's all anyone can hear. Every day when the Suns set behind the horizon, the moon takes it's place in the sky and lets out a gut wrenching...
  8. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern Moonlight monsters and those who walk at night

    Diego was tracking this fucker for a week now, it was a rouge werewolf that though it could waltz it's happy ass into oak hollow without any issue, bitch has been evading him but he's finally got the fucker. It's a dark late September night, just around 3 am at night, the moon is full and...
  9. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern The hidden world of the Undergrove family hunters [m/m]

    I'm looking to do a Halloween spooky season type RP, I have this character Diego who's a monster hunter in the modern day world like his family and those before him, I think it might be interesting and fun. Some more information: ~ Diego is like 29, make your character around that age please ~...
  10. hatespit

    Multiple Settings trying to get back into it

    hey there! let me try to keep this short;) call me hate. 23 years, she/her. i've been RPing for around 9 or so years, so i do love a lot a bit of detail! but i am rusty, and i also enjoy to match the quality and length of my partner. i'm not expecting you to write a novel every response - but...
  11. Foxglove_Rae

    Multiple Settings Looking for some partners

    Hi! You can call me Rae, my pronouns are She/her and my time zone is MDT. If any of these intrest you please do let me know! My preferred roles will be in bold! Giant royalty x human Sea monster x  pirate Yandere photographer x  muse Brothers best friend x  sister Villain x captive hero Doctor...
  12. TheHistorian

    Fantasy Deicide- A plot to slay a god

    From the eyes of Gods <~~~~~~~> Long ago the planet of Alduin, was Taken by several beings of incredible technological advancement calling themselves the Celestians. Having come to study the potential for future life to develop in the universe they cut the planet into nine sections and made each...
  13. Apolleux

    Multiple Settings Apollo's Digsite

    Hi! My name is Apollo, I'm 24, and this is a general 'looking for' thread! I'm here to dig up some pals! Rules n' Regulations: -Adults only. I'm not comfortable roleplaying with minors. -Keep it SFW! Follow all site rules. -No bigots, thanks! -Please message below and PM me if you're interested...
  14. Traumafixx

    Fantasy Looking for OC vampire or demon RP to join

    Hi!! I’m Fixx, 22 and I’m somewhat new to role playing so I’m still learning a lot and figuring out my style. I’m not to big on literacy and proper grammar but it definitely has to be decent enough to understand! Also must be 20+ I’m not to comfy with Rping with anyone under that, oh and I’m...
  15. Foxglove_Rae

    Multiple Settings It's research I promise!

    Hello! I'm Rae I got by she/her pronouns and I am in the MDT time zone, I am pretty active and can respond many times a day and write normally around a paragraph but never a one liner. I'm currently looking for someone to do a fun rp with me so If you find this interesting let me know! It was...
  16. TaperedNightjar

    Fantasy The Other Side - Humans, Non-Humans, Gifted Humans

    Hello everyone! I recently moved over to this website from Gaia. This is a roleplay I had on Gaia for three years. I have re-written it and changed it around a bit. The main roleplay thread can be found here. I am looking for mature roleplayers. There are many different roles available! Human...
  17. TaperedNightjar

    Fantasy The Other Side - Accepting Characters!

    (This is a re-make of an rp I had on Gaiaonline.) The Other Side Thread Owner/Captain ● WinterHound Moderator ● tityanya Members ● N/A Themes ● Survival, slice-of-life, resistance, tyranny. Fantasy with very basic technological advances (Indoor plumbing, firearms, oil lamps/oil). The...
  18. Ukko

    Fantasy for the next to come

    I'm looking for some fantasy roleplay partner but uhm maybe not like too high fantasy as I'm a new to roleplay and not really familiar with the like huge plotting roleplays or so. Anyway, I have quite an unusual style of writing and am no native speaker, but I'll try my best to adapt and learn...
  19. Lady Lauren the Flayer

    Fandom Vampire Diaries Roleplay Request

    Hi there ! This is my first request and I am hoping to find someone in this quite rare fandom ! I was formerly on Amino where I tried to find some partners but unfortunately had very poor luck with it. Upon doing some research, I've stumbled upon RPNation ! I must say that I am quite excited to...
  20. Twinny

    Multiple Settings 1 on 1 Roleplay partner search

    Looking for one on one active role play partners I like realistic role plays, fantasy role plays medieval role plays, animal role plays. I'm okay with anything, I just don't Fandom role plays or canon.