1. Sugarplum

    Multiple Settings  Long Term 1x1 Search

    Hello. My apologies. I don't know how to give this thread a "wow" factor. I am currently returning to the RP world and looking for a long term partner to tickle my fancy. I have been roleplaying for 10+ years and have dabbled in almost any genre you little imagination can come up with...
  2. TheAceInTheDeck

    Digital  Ace's Amature Art Dump

    Hello! Ace here. I'm an aspiring artist thats horrible at drawing. When I draw, it looks like 3rd grader drew. So uh, feel free to just ignore this whole thread and do something wholesome with your life. Anyway, here are the pictures.... Thats all for now. sorry to put you...
  3. cyrinicstrife3

    Fantasy  Nightingale Guild

    Hello! Nightingale Guild is a RP Fantasy. It takes place in a modern style, post 2000's Fantasy world where Mage's Academies are seen and used as the most important aspect between wars and politics. Nightingale was destroyed a long time ago by a tyrant, yet rebuilt by the current Headmaster...
  4. DyNaMiTe

    Fantasy  The 3 Dynasties [OPEN]

    This RP is identical to the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter; but instead I made this different. Instead of clans there are Dynasties (Dynasty); they're smaller than clans. You can sign up here; I'll be creating a CS, OOC, and a Main Link for the RP itself. You can let me know if you're...
  5. Auslander

    Fandom  Hollow Knight Roleplayers?

    Howdy! You may call me Aus, and I am looking for somebody who will roleplay Hollow Knight with me. Here are my requirements: Canon characters only. Semi lit (or lit). While new to the forum, I have a few years of experience rping. The characters from HK I can rp are Tiso, Quirrel, Pure...
  6. Localthembo

    Fandom  Sonic the hedgehog rp

    Sonic the hedgehog but, their just regular highschool hedgehogs. Sonic doesn't have super speed, he's just the star of the track team. Shadow is the new kid who is almost as fast as Sonic with his rollerskates on. The same roller skates he never takes off. Like even to sleep. Amy is a sweet girl...
  7. Soul Keeper

    Fantasy  Welcome to the Circus

    I am the same person who originally posted this thread. I just had to make a new account. I've had this idea for a while. four people, including me. My character is the ring leader of the circus. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he has the ability to switch between a human...
  8. xuanan

    Futuristic  paradise in purgatory - characters

    Please post your character sheets for Paradise In Purgatory below! This post will also contain information on existing characters in the casino as well which will be played by me on the occasions they are encountered.
  9. Knight boi

    Fandom  Jurassic world: Outsiders

    Remember the rules! no one liners do not be op and give other players chances do not travel from one location to another in one response it will take a couple depending on the distance And have fun!
  10. Knight boi

    Fandom  Jurassic world outsiders cs!

    Dino sheet Dinosaur Name: Dinosaur Species: Dinosaur Type: Size: Weight: how wide?: Appearance: (Either describe it or find a picture.) Diet: Behavior: speed: (mph) interesting body features: starting location: Human sheet Name: age: gender: sexual orientation: height: weight: hair color: eye...
  11. Knight boi

    Fantasy  The isle

    Renember the rules! no one liners do not be over powered be detailed don't travel from one place to another in one response it's will take multiple responses to get from on place to another depending on the distance. and have fun!
  12. Knight boi

    Fantasy  The isle (A survival rp)

    The isle is a large island in the middle of no-where where you will be playing at, the island holds many secrets and humans have tried to take the island, until they learned one thing.... dinosaurs live on this lost island and many species are apart of the ecosystem here, yet they were still...
  13. xuanan

    Futuristic  Behind the Iron Curtain

    A lone jet flew over the ruins of Moscow. In this sleek, expertly-crafted American vehicle, Maria Wiley and her designated android were seated first-class. The jet was a black crow on the horizon, an admirer of the barren landscape that lay beneath. The sky blazed by the duo. Bleak television...
  14. imasmolkitten

    Fantasy  Vampire King and a Hunter Queen

    Message me if you’re up for it Looking for someone who can play a male. Some Rules: ~ Don’t make me the only one trying to lead the roleplay. Be creative and try to make up a lot of plot twists never hesitating to discuss them with me. I already have some in mind :3 ~Lit — Adv Lit — Novella...
  15. Knight boi

    Fandom  Jurassic world: Outsiders

    Greetings survivors, let's go over the story again just to remind you of what happen to this corrupted island It was just a normal day at the incredible island, kids and family's having fun at the quite impressive theme park i mean like they had actually made live dinosaurs, then it escaped a...
  16. Prosellet

    Fantasy  The End of Silence

    Act One: An Artist's Refrain Location: East End Docks, London, England 4:45 am They found the body by the docks, half buried beneath the remnants of a wooden crate, with the glassy sheen of its remaining eye left open to search for a sun that would never come. Had it not been for the...
  17. xuanan

    Realistic or Modern  𝘱𝘢𝘳𝘢𝘥𝘪𝘴𝘦 𝘪𝘯 𝘱𝘶𝘳𝘨𝘢𝘵𝘰𝘳𝘺 | open!

    Here's the CS thread: Futuristic - paradise in purgatory - characters | RpNation The RP thread: Realistic or Modern - paradise in purgatory | roleplay | RpNation And the OOC chat: Realistic or Modern - paradise in purgatory - ooc | RpNation
  18. katdume

    Fandom  Looking for SCP Foundation 1x1 Roleplayers

    Currently I'm interested in anything from canon characters to OCs. SCPs count, but honestly the only SCP I have interest in with this OC is SCP-049; I will be RPing as my SCP OC, who's a lvl3 psychiatrist/researcher. The roleplay can go from casual conversations to interviews, though I prefer a...
  19. Dark_Swordsman326

    Fantasy  Welcome to the Circus

    I've had this idea for a while. four people, including me. My character is the ring leader of the circus. Not much is known about him other than the fact that he has the ability to switch between a human form (to trick people with) and a tree-like creature. Name: When Human, he goes by Marco...
  20. Hawkmoth

    Multiple Settings  Creepypasta Zombie Apocalypse!

    Setting: You thought Creepypastas were a plague to humanity? Ha! Since the dawn of humanity, evil has been manipulated by higher beings to suit their own needs. Some like Slenderman and Zalgo used to directly compete with each other for control of humanity. Recently, however... A new plague...