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Hi! My name is Apollo, I'm 24, and this is a general 'looking for' thread! I'm here to dig up some pals!

Rules n' Regulations:
-Adults only. I'm not comfortable roleplaying with minors.
-Keep it SFW! Follow all site rules.
-No bigots, thanks!
-Please message below and PM me if you're interested in interacting.
-Please let me know your limits, triggers, squicks, etc!

-Third or second person, present tense, prose format only, please! E.g: "He raises his hand to wave."
-At least a solid paragraph per response is preferred!
-I like to loosely pre-plan a direction- eg, a prompt or concept. I like writing starters!

I'm not huge into roleplaying in-fandom, but there are a few i'm interested in:
-Zelda (although my knowledge base is primarily BotW centred)
-Alien, Predator, AvP

Genres and Flavours:
Slice-of-life, Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy-- I'm a big fan of 'meet the monster', cryptid reveal type stuff! I prefer to play monstrous characters. If I do romance, it's gotta be queer. I'm a queer writer, and so most of my characters are too. I prefer to play masc or androgynous characters.

In short: Got a monster, want them to kiss another monster? Hit me up!

Prompts and Starters:
This link will take you to a google document with the pre-written starters I regularly reuse. If any tempt you, please feel free to shoot me a DM!
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