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Multiple Settings The Criminals of Crimson Valley (apocalyptic, modern fantasy, small group, semi-lit)


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September 17th, 2022

The moon is crying. It was hard to notice at first, only the occasional low groan echoing down from the deep red sky above. But now it's all anyone can hear. Every day when the Suns set behind the horizon, the moon takes it's place in the sky and lets out a gut wrenching wail. It sounds like metal bending under a harsh weight, something so unnatural and yet filled with grief. I can't handle the sound anymore, it's driving me insane. I've started seeing things. Yesterday I saw my wife. She was standing in the living room, just as beautiful as she ever was. She told me that my neighbor had kidnapped her, and that I needed to kill him to protect her. My wife died 10 years ago. I'm afraid I don't have much time, I can already feel myself slipping away like the others. All I can do is end my own life to prevent myself from harming the survivors that live in my apartment building. Goodbye my friends, stay safe

A strange sound has been echoing down from the sky every night. It seems like the noise is causing severe paranoia and hallucinations in the majority of the population. Around 1 in 100000 people go unaffected by the sound, but those who kept thier sanity didn't survive long as mass killings started to occur almost every day. Contrary to popular belief, the sound that's causing the insanity isn't originating from the moon, but from a town called Crimson Valley thats tucked away in the Blood Forest. No one can keep their sanity long enough to reach the town, and in a last ditch effort, the government sent out a cry for help to all residents already in Crimson Valley. Unfortunately for them, the only people in that town sane enough to save the world is a small group of criminals. The entire Earth's fate is in the hands of unstable outlaws.

That's the majority of the story. There are some other things I'd like to explain but I think this is good enough for an interest check. I'll add more if some people respond to this post. Now, let's get some expectations out if the way:

What you should expect from me:

Im just an average writer, I would consider myself to be semi-lit. I write on average around 5 paragraphs a post, though during action scenes it will usually drop to about 2 paragraphs. I like to keep things open so the people roleplaying with me are free to add to the story as much as they want. I usually don't have a set direction I want to go in, so I love to collaborate and create new ideas with my peers. Im usually available to post IC around once a day, though I'll be around more for ooc.

What I expect from you:

All I expect is that you write a few paragraphs a post and that your writing level is high enough to keep up with the rest of the group. I don't really care how long it takes for you to reply, though I will usually move on after around a week of waiting. If you are gone for more than a week, I'll keep it open for you to jump back in whenever you're available. I do have one pet peeve that will get you kicked out of the RP, and that's OP characters. I dislike mass killing enemies and I especially dislike when people are unfair while fighting other characters. So, basically just be fair and please don't control other peoples main characters.

If y'all are interested, drop a post down below. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have :)
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