1. TPBx

    Fantasy  Four Suits Vol. 3 Interest Check (New Players Welcome)

    Hey Everyone, TPBx here! Back with the continuation of the story of the Four Suits! Here is a quick summary of events so far: There once was a Kingdom created by a great mage who then split apart his rule over it into four regions named after the four suits of a deck of cards: Diamonds, Clubs...
  2. Aratani

    Fantasy  [ The Fifth Shinobi Age ]

    The Fifth Shinobi Age [ Current Roster ] @Twinky - Itsuki Hibiko Amagawa / 13 / Genin @_Line 213 - Nil Odo / 13 / Genin @LadyOfStars - Morgan Odo / 26 / Jounin @Rusty of Shackleford - Takeshi Hanada / 14 / Genin @EldridSmith - Raiden Keisei / 13 / Genin @Crayons - Aya Mutsumi / 14 / Genin...
  3. StrickPlayer

    Fandom  Demon Slayer RP

    Looking for female partners that are interested in doing a Demon Slayer RP. I have a rough draft of an idea of how I imagine it going --- Genji, born in Kyoto and was raised by two loving parents. However, One day at midnight on his eighteenth birthday. He violently grew horns on his head that...
  4. Amehime Arukana

    Fandom  Looking for a RP Partner (Sengoku Basara Roleplay)

    Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well at this week start. As I mentioned in advance, I planned to make a request for an RP Partner for a 1x1. So without further ado, let's do it: I am looking for a partner to roleplay about Sengoku Basara, since I just entered this fandom and really, I...
  5. rosefilm

    Multiple Settings  rosefilms interest check.

    welcome to rosefilms interest check! about me. hey demons, it's me, ya girl, rosefilm. you can call me rose. i have about seven, almost eight, years of roleplaying experience under my belt. (such an accomplishment, i know) i'm currently a sophomore in college having changed my major around...
  6. Crayons

    Multiple Settings  Shinsengumi RP!

    Hello! I'm hoping to put together a group to do an RP based on the Shinsengumi. Depending on interest, this could be fandom/crossover fandom between various Shinsengumi-based fiction, or more realistic. I'm cool with a mash-up or just focusing on one, or making a completely original scenario...
  7. Necrefiri

    Multiple Settings  Follow the Paper Trail . . . (Now with New Pic Plots!)

    Hey there everyone, this is my first search thread here on this site so the thread isn't going to be all too impressive. Mainly because i am still learning to code processes here in threads. So I'll Starts of the typical way. Alright, just like it says I'm looking for one on one role plays...
  8. Magnar

    Fantasy  The Hidden Kingdom

    The Hidden Kingdom Behind the walls of an impenetrable mountain range, deep within the Unapproachable East, there lies a kingdom of unimaginable beauty. A kingdom where the walls are set with beautiful rubies, and where the streets are lined with gold and inlaid with glittering gems. There...
  9. Loki777

    Multiple Settings  Past/Historical RP search

    Ello Rpnation! Loki Here I have been RPing for quite some time now, and am interested in looking for fellow individuals who might be interested in some Feel free to call me Loki or Lokage. Here is some helpful information about me: I tend to post third person paragraph(s) form. (can be...
  10. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Out-of-character Chat ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms.Hello, all! Welcome to Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms' Out-of-character chat thread! We will both be using this thread and discord for our out-of-character chat! Announcements and important information will be place in both sections so that members who don't use...
  11. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Lore ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms .All canon lore can be found here! Current Status: Work in Progress
  12. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Character Sheets ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms.Listed below is the Character Sheet template, please fill out each section to the best of your abilities! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask! Don't forget to refer to the [ Lore ] tab! If you want to make your own faction or have a character...
  13. crucially

    Fantasy  Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms [ Three Kingdoms Inspired ]

    Fated Ties: Splintered Kingdoms.Yin and Yang, Chaos and Order. Neither may last forever, and in the wake of one inevitably follows the other. An Empire is in its twilight. Emperor Xinyi's power at court is almost nonexistent, curtailed by his crushing defeat at the hands of the Great Khagan...
  14. Homogenized

    Fandom  [Hakuoki] Hot Samurais Anyone? | Always Open

    Hey there, I'm Homogenized, I'm 24. I have been Rping on/off for a lil over a decade. Please read below, don't skim please. MM preferred, will only do Hetero if we're doubling Main boys are Yamazaki and Heisuke But I'm confident I can play any of them ;3 OTPs are Yamazaki x Souji | Yamazaki x...
  15. KittenSkull

    Multiple Settings  Kitten's Original RP Ideas ❤

    Yo! Names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(21+) and is willing to make friends OOC as well (as I love new friends!) ⋙ I prefer to roleplay with people who are literate to advanced-literate. I post multi-para to novella and if I...