1. Baku.Katsu

    Fantasy  MxM angsty RP

    Hey! Just looking for a literate partner to do an angsty male/male romance RP! I have no preference as far as setting or plot goes and I'm more than happy to whip up some scenario after we discuss what we both like (such as fantasy or horror for example). So if you're interested just hit me up!
  2. ValentineTheEmotional

    Multiple Settings  *:・゚❀ Help me Find some Fantasy ❀・゚:*

    °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Hi all! It has been a while since I've come online to write, but gosh darn it I miss it and gosh darn it I really want to write some fantasy. High fantasy, urban fantasy, future fantasy, any kind of fantasy you can think of - it's some fantasy I wanna write about! But there's...
  3. BubblegumApocalypse

    Multiple Settings  Searching for a serious 1x1 partner [READ]

    I've got an entire list of possible plots, below is the super condensed basic explanation for each of them. Please read my rules, reply to this thread with the required info, and I'll pm you! Rules 1. Be descriptive. I don't need a novella each reply, but at least 4-5+ sentences with details...
  4. taliaangeni

    Fandom  afterlight - An OC Twilight RP

    rules⌔ Scrollable. ⌔ No canons. No Edward. No Bella. If a character is canon-like I'll ask you to redo. ⌔ Drama is encouraged just keep it in plot. ⌔ Multiple characters is also encouraged. I'm only accepting a few people so the roleplay doesn't get large and out of hand. ⌔ No god-modding...
  5. Mariana Cormaic

    Fantasy  Looking for a mortal or fellow kindred for a Vampire: The Masquerade roleplay

    As the title implies, I'm currently looking for a partner to brainstorm a role play with Mariana and your character! Mostly looking for Slice of Life (and maybe romantic) RP's set in the early 2000's of the World of Darkness. I'm primarily seeking mortals, but other kindred are more than welcome...
  6. PapyrusXNellie21

    Fandom  Here We Go! Another Interest Check!

    Heyo! PapyrusXNellie21 here! I'm looking for ONE fandom at a time, but multiple fandoms 👽 Means I'm REALLY craving this fandom FANDOMS: Invader ZIM 👽 UNDERTALE Gravity Falls Vampire Knight👽 Ships I'm interested in: Invader ZIM; Dib x My oc Zim x Your oc Gaz x Either of our ocs Tak x Zim Gaz x...
  7. paiyu

    Fandom  Roleplay with the Vampire [ Louis x ? ]

    Hello, hello, hello! So, in case it isn’t obvious, I’m looking to play as Louis de Pointe du Lac against some other Vampire Chronicles canon character. I would prefer someone who has at least read the first three books of the vampire series, but if all you know about the series is from the movie...
  8. mors oscula

    Fandom  Endless Sun (Literate Twilight RP) *Exclusive*

    Background Information So if you are on this thread then you have obviously seen Twilight and the dramatic adventure that the five movies have taken us on. Now, if you're like me, then you absolutely loved the universe although some of the characters *hint hint, Bella Swan* kind of annoyed the...
  9. Karin Kurayami

    Multiple Settings  MxF Rps (always open)

    Hello everyone!! So I'm Karin and I'm looking for some good rping. When I'm not working, I love to create stories with someone. That being said, if you can, try to reply as much as you can. Understand that if I'm responding constantly and insistent on a response, I promise, I'm not trying to be...
  10. rosefilm

    Multiple Settings  rosefilms interest check.

    welcome to rosefilms interest check! about me. hey demons, it's me, ya girl, rosefilm. you can call me rose. i have about seven, almost eight, years of roleplaying experience under my belt. (such an accomplishment, i know) i'm currently a sophomore in college having changed my major around...
  11. TerrinX

    Realistic or Modern  Blackwood Academy - IC

    1. Bella Von Brosch @TerrinX 2. Ariana Bianchi @Rayvian 3. Rosario Nocht @Shadow Alpha Fanged ________ Human 4. 5. 6. Name Nicknames Gender Age Sexuality Race Human Grade (11/12/College Semester 1-4) Appearance Personality History (Are they new to Blackwood? Do they know...
  12. TerrinX

    Realistic or Modern  Blackwood Academy - OOC

    Talk here and stuff
  13. TerrinX

    Fantasy  Blackwood Academy - Vampire Enrichment Club (5 Spots Open)

    Welcome to Blackwood Academy Here at Blackwood Women's Academy, we give our students the very best in education and school life. Dorms with luxurious space and comfort, open labs for scientific pursuits, campus shops, fine dining, and of course our numerous club programs. One of which is of...
  14. TerrinX

    Realistic or Modern  Blackwood Academy - Vampire Enrichment Club (2 Human Spots Open)

    Welcome to Blackwood Academy Here at Blackwood Women's Academy, we give our students the very best in education and school life. Dorms with luxurious space and comfort, open labs for scientific pursuits, campus shops, fine dining, and of course our numerous club programs. One of which is of...
  15. WhimsicalWriter

    Fantasy  Vampire Plots

    Hey all! It's WhimsicalWriter, a.k.a. Whimsy or Em. I've been craving vampire stuff hardcore, so I came up with some ideas that I'd love to roleplay. I'm also open to hearing your ideas. Feel free to leave a comment here or send me a PM. Allow me to get through some rules real quick: --I am 22...
  16. Suitcliff Ohara

    Fandom  Kpop Prince concept anyone? -Maybe even Vampires or some other Mystical critter? Open to doubling-

    Welcome~ To my little slice of the world we call Roleplay; Now I am sure some of you have probably seen me around a little before. I have been a part of this wonderfully charming little site for a few years now I admit. I've been at the game we call roleplay for about- I want to say somewhere...
  17. scorpiodragon

    Fantasy  Shards of Destiny (Jump In Accepting Always) Chapter One: A Meeting Of Vagabonds

    Joining: Please go to Shards of Destiny Acceptance to throw up a quick sheet and check the Lore, specifically the linked in character sheet about the ages of the races. Link to the character form is above in the tabs. Other Threads: These other threads are related to Shards of Destiny...
  18. Struberyl

    Fandom  Vampire the Masquerade: 1x1 Storyteller's Ed. [Tabletop inspired] [Open]

    Good evening, lick I'm here, real as life, offering you the opportunity of a lifetime, an opportunity to play in the world of Bloodlines - yes, that glitchy game with the ubiquitous cult following. The very same one - sort of. I've been struck with the Storyteller bug, and desire to run a...
  19. The End

    Fantasy  "βιτε mε." {1x1 Advanced Search Thread! Open!}

    Hey there! I have been dying to RP lately, and I'm in search of an advanced roleplay partner! Requirements: Literacy, meaning that you go into great detail/description with your posts. Length, something along the lines of four or so paragraphs would be nice. I would like something to reply to...
  20. broadwayboy223

    Multiple Settings  Looking for RP partner (mostly MxM)

    Hey guys! I'd love to find a partner to come up with an original fantasy or realistic MxM RP. I do have some generic pairing ideas as well as some fandoms. Open to ideas and other pairings too! Fandoms: Hadestown (would LOVE to do a RP of this show) Moulin Rouge (would be fun to do a Moulin...