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  1. Aron the Aron

    Fantasy  The Princess and The Dragon, not the most imaginative story out there... (private)

    @MJ ._. Here's something to get you started! The darkened world of Mitil's closed eyes spun as she slowly roused from her... slumber? Was she just sleeping? It certainly didn't feel so, it was much too cold to be her quarters, and whatever she were on was hard and icky. A splitting migraine...
  2. mood.

    Fantasy  The Courting (Sign Ups)

    fonts used: biiig name body text, role text to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----image---- ----post container---- ----post contents----...
  3. mood.

    Realistic or Modern  The Courting

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  4. ItsVelvet

    Fantasy  Warm Up RP

    I want to try out the Website's system and just basically try to vibe with roleplaying before I do anything serious. We can try a basic dungeon quest with traps and monsters. I like the idea of a character sheet to give direct permissions for Roleplay, such as being a Knight means people are...
  5. Kris

    Multiple Settings  Long term Roleplay

    Hello! As stated in the title I’m looking for a few long term roleplays. A few things to know before we go further. -I am female and only play female characters. I will double up on a male character if needed. -If romance is involved I only do MxF. -I prefer my partner to be 18+ due to...
  6. Exzerass

    Multiple Settings  RP partner search [Original storylines]

    Hi there! My name is Ex and i'm looking for a long term RP partner! I have a lot of themes i'm currently interested in, which range from sci-fi, DnD/fantasy and fantasy western. I'm not really looking to do any fandom roleplays, but i'll make an exception for Pokemon and World of Warcraft if...
  7. burntfrosty

    Fantasy  MxM Fantasy RP

    Hello hello! You may call me Oliver or Olli! I’ve been really craving some sort of romantic, slow moving adventure with a long term partner. I would love a medieval setting for the rp; I have a lot of characters for it as well. Just to name a few, here’s a few of the characters I will be...
  8. Euphoria_00

    Multiple Settings  Looking For Rp Partners!

    Hello! Im looking for a couple 1x1 Rp's. I'm new to the site and don't quite know my way around yet so please be patient but here's a little bit about me to kick things off. I've been roleplaying for a few years now and consider myself to be Semi literate. Im comfortable writting anywhere from...
  9. HappyHedgie

    Fantasy  Adventures of the Rat Elf

    Pretty much looking for a high-fantasy/DnD-esque rp centered around our characters traveling together! I’ll be playing my newly created Elf-hybrid, Aseni, whose refs are attached! He’s half elf and half nobody-knows-what, though he's commonly referred to as the Rat Elf because, well, just...
  10. Synthetic

    Fantasy  [Isekai Hell] - Killing Time! A Little Trouble in Lanost Village

    This roleplay is a part of the Isekai Hell group. If you want to join or learn more about it, follow this link: Isekai Hell ---- Eric, the Weird Kid The sun was starting to descend toward the horizon. In the humble forest village of Lanost, with the trees as high as they were, the sun had...
  11. Kris

    Fantasy  Long term Roleplay

    Hello! As stated in the title I’m looking for a few long term roleplays. A few things to know before we go further. -I am female and only play female characters. I will double up on a male character if needed. -If romance is involved I only do MxF. -I prefer my partner to be 18+ due to...
  12. Sole Survivor

    Fantasy  Up For An Adventure?

    welcome, dear reader. thank you for stumbling upon my humble search thread. after a rather forced hiatus due to real life, i return again to the land of stories. i cannot express how excited i am to hopefully get into some fantastic stories. also for ooc i enjoy writing in lower case, but all my...
  13. Yummyyuck

    Fantasy  1x1 RP Partner Search: Unstructured Medieval-Fantasy RP (Always open)

    Struggling to contact me? Try my Discord: Yummyyuck#9424 Green = Important information. Skip the white text if you don't care. Ask questions if you have any. Hey there, I'm an avid RP fan with a crippling addiction! I'm always on the search for new RP partners since I never burnout, and...
  14. Novama

    Fantasy  Isekai Hell Characters

    We will collect the characters of the world here. While major NPC's will likely be collected in the lore thread, your characters, companions, and minions all belong here. After visiting the rule thread and filling out the character skeleton, post the completed work here. Each character needs its...
  15. Novama

    Fantasy  Isekai Hell OOC

    Welcome to the general chat for Isekai Hell. Here you may chat about whatever. You may also plan group ups, discuss rules, ask questions, and find the Discord server link for those that like Discord for ooc. We are hoping Isekai Hell will grow into a community and look forward to talking with...
  16. Novama

    Fantasy  Isekai Hell Rules
    Index: Top Post

    Here, you will learn all you need to know to participate in the Isekai Hell rp world and tell your very own Isekai story. If you have any questions or believe rules are missing, please contact @Novama. As time passes, we may revisit the rules to make additional rules, clarifications, or...
  17. Yummyyuck

    Fantasy  .

  18. Baphomet

    Fantasy  Pokémon Travelers

    The grass moaned, *rustle rustle* as Minerva "Ninny" Capscian & Andy Richter walked to their destination. Ninny stopped suddenly to enjoy the weather. Having grown up together, Andy should know there's nothing to worry about from her sudden stop, as she often liked to admire her surroundings...
  19. Jagdish

    Multiple Settings  Pick-A-Plot 1x1 Search

    Hello (Updated Nov 02, 2021) Below, I've got specific plots and some characters I'm hoping one of you will want to explore with me. I have intentionally left some massive gaps and flexibility in these plots to make sure we're accommodating your cravings as well and not just railroading down my...
  20. dragonpog2002

    Fantasy  Glimmering Lands Rp

    Hello! This site is super confusing but here goes.. Forsyth is a land divided by tribes, your tribe depends on your Heartstone. Your heart is.. A stone. So what is it? Are you a White Quartz, imbued with the greatest powers of divination? Are you a nomadic Green Quartz, separate from your...