1. Deepfish

    Realistic or Modern Rise of the Fallen- A dystopian Superhero Story

    Its 2043 and The world has fallen into a nightmare. It was building for a long time and plenty of people saw it coming. Yet stopping something and seeing it come your way are two very different things. The four horsemen have ridden and the world is stuck in the aftermath. Today, a cruel and evil...
  2. ReptilianDude

    Fandom Transformers RP.

    Pretty simple really. Just any plot, with the exception of romance, with any of my Transformers OCs, or canons, if you want! My OC’s:
  3. bucketofbolts

    Fandom lotsa fandoms for you ! (transformers, monster prom, etc)

    hello hello ! I am magolor! I am a minor though I don't mind what age you are, just don't be creepy! I am also fairly literate, depending on how much you write I can get up to 10 paragraphs! I usually average 5-7 though. (usually just 5 for a starter, they're my weakness </3) I come mainly...
  4. AppleJuice

    Futuristic Murder Drones Roleplay

    A friend and I need people for a murder drones roleplay! We got a lot of world building and theoretically concepts. Feel free to check it out!
  5. ReptilianDude

    Fandom Transformers AOE: Hunted (Bayverse RP)

    THE HUNTED Taking place during the events in AOE, this RP follows multiple Cybertronians, Autobot, Decepticon or unaligned, on Earth, attempting to escape Cemetery Wind and KSI respectively. Needing to hide, most of these Transformers will have to face the danger s present, such as remaining...
  6. Splitter Mouse

    Multiple Settings Looking for RP partners!

    Hello, my name is Mouse and I’m looking for some chill and fun rp to do! I typically like rping as children and robots. I prefer wanting to do light and fluffy rps but I’m open for some adventurous-type rp to do! I strictly do OC rp only and no fandom rp. What genres I feel about: - Found...
  7. ReptilianDude

    Fandom The Transformers: Same war, different story. (G1 RP)

    We now return to the Transformers! Welcome to Transformers: Same war, Different Story! We all know the Ark and the Nemesis, the respective ships of the Autobots and Decepticons, which crash-landed on Earth, but what if there was 2 other ships, containing extra crew members? Well, this is their...
  8. Sherwood

    Starship Troopers inspired Palladium Robotech Game (Open)

    After re-reading Heinlein's book Starship Troopers, I am interested in a UEEF-based PbP game based on using Cyclones or Silverbacks instead of being focused on the other Veritechs like the Alpha, Beta and Valkyrie, or the larger ground-pounding Destroids. I would be using the 2e rules, dipping...
  9. StatusUndead

    Futuristic Robots, Zombies & Superpowers

    It was just another routine mission for Aziza Habib. Though, her routine was far from the norm. It wasn't that long ago that Earth wasn't all that complicated. Sure, there was a lot of crazy in the world. Political tensions were high, and corruption and violence was around every corner, but that...
  10. KittenSkull

    Fandom OVERWATCH ((Dark Themed)) - {Long Term - Literate}

    Yo! Names KittenSkull and I'm currently searching for a long term, literate roleplay partner who is mature(21+) and and willing to make friends OOC as well (as I love new friends!) I mostly use fandoms with OC's tossed into the mix but I can also play strictly OCs as well. :bishiesparklesl: I...
  11. Mace13

    Futuristic The Death | Interest Check |

    The Death The Before The Before was a time where everyone was prosperous. Everywhere besides the farms were big cities. Skyscrapers touched the clouds. It was everything one could dream for! World peace, flying cars, and more! The only thing that the people struggled with. Was overpopulation...
  12. Trektek

    Multiple Settings BoN Act 3: Modern Age

    BoN Act 3: Modern Age Time continues to move forward on the world that is known as Eldwaldeon. Nations continue to fall and rise. Many that had existed for many millennia are but fragments of what they once were such as the Western Alliance, Toulais, The Fafrium Empire and even Greater Titania...
  13. ManicMuse

    Futuristic HARVEST MOON INTEREST CHECK (Group is live. Come join us.)

    Designed and coded by @Nano. . . // accents ---------- start of top banner ----------> -------------------- start of title section --------------------> ------------------------------ start title ------------------------------> HARVEST MOON. <------------------------------ end...
  14. ReptilianDude

    Fandom Transformers 1x1 RP search! (G1 or Bayverse)

    Feeling like doing a Transformers RP as of now. mostly there isn’t any detailed plots I wanna do, but I would like to do some Bumblebee (the 2018 movie) type thing. As of now, the only continuities I can do are: Generation One Bayverse Also, it is ok to RP with either canon characters or OCs
  15. moonrise

    Futuristic ᴄᴏꜱᴍɪᴄ ꜱᴛʀᴀɪᴛꜱ [ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇᴅ]

    @pinkmoonrise & @NightNurse
  16. ReptilianDude

    Fandom TRANSFORMERS: Those Who Remain (A Bayverse RP)

    TRANSFORMERS: THOSE WHO REMAIN Some months after Optimus Prime, his crew and the Guardian Knights departed for Cybertron, Many believed that their war here was over, and they could move on in peace. Many months have passed, and no-one has seen any Autobot or Decepticon, until now. As you see...
  17. Ferociousfeind

    Fandom Transformers: New Moon

    - CYBERTRON - This is a cold rock, distantly orbiting a violent blue star, in a quiet corner of the galaxy. Just underneath its frigid surface is innumerable veins of a volatile, cobalt-blue material commonly known as Energon. Millions of years ago, a miracle occurred and life developed on...
  18. jaam

    Multiple Settings General, fandom and OC roleplay search!

    Doing this again, for I've started getting back into some of these fandoms, thus, I've really been wanting to start a roleplay with them. Typically, I go out and list every fandom I'm in, however, there's a bunch I've lost interest with, so it's probably for the best that I just stick with those...
  19. Ciro

    Futuristic Angel, Demon, and Sci-fi RPs

    New and looking for RP Partners interested in: Angels x Demons x Humans Sci-fi or futuristic Dystopian Currently very interested in creating a sci-fi, bio-punk and nano-punk human society in which angels and demons are active. Perhaps the new tech helps humans finally catch and see that...
  20. .Phantom.

    Fandom Transformers Interest Check!

    Hi there! You may have seen my previous interest check thread and if you have not, feel free to check it out if you're looking for a more broad spectrum of things that I RP for! This one here is specifically me checking for interest in a Transformers Roleplay, as I'm craving one! A few...