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    Late Medieval (1487 -1492)

    Action, Adventure, Period Piece, Political Drama, War
    EX-1: Alma Mater
    The Birth of Conviction
    “Perceive ye not that we are worms, designed to form the angelic butterfly, that goes to judgment, leaving all defence behind? Why doth your mind take such exalted pose, since ye, disabled, are as insects, mean as worm which never transformation knows?”
    - Dante Alighieri, Divina Commedia: Purgatorio

    Though time may pass, the deeds of those who built the foundations of an idea are not forgotten. The noblesse oblige that befell many prominent individuals are nurtured, while the wolves of the sacred hill watches over them. The struggle between good and evil predates civilizations, awaiting the Creator's revelations. Revisit a time when the conviction of many is conceived - united under the cause of a powerful member of Genoa's elite. All that are bound to end, must have a beginning.

    [Complete "ACT I: The Divided States of America", "ACT II: Book of Laws", "ACT III: Fallen Empires" to unlock]

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PROJECT SYNDICATE (abbreviated as [SYN]) is a universal fictional world adapted for role-playing purposes that explores a variety of diverse settings and themes with primary focus on organized crime organizations. Spanning across different eras of human history are numerous thematic sagas that will be explored via different RPs - all embroidered by your participation. These stories serve to facilitate pivotal connections and continuity within [SYN]. All lore is subject to their corresponding RP and timeline. One need neither previous lore pieces nor historical knowledge to participate.

The following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced personnels and events in real life are purely coincidental and/or fictionalized. The following contents are made by and for personal creativity purposes. This project contains violence, strong language, suggestive themes, & substance depictions.
Viewer discretion is advised.

In Project Syndicate, we will explore each Act together before moving onto the next. This means that you will have different characters in different timelines. You also have creative liberty to relate them to the next Act at your discretion. While each Act is connected to each other, and it is highly recommended to start with Act I, they may be played in any order. The timeline with the most vote will be started first and foremost. So cast your votes.
EX Chapters are extra stories that complements the lore of the main Acts. Note that EX-1 and EX-2 will require the completion of certain episodes of previous Acts to unlock in the future.

- Posting schedules are tentative.
- No posting limits, but keep in mind others' availability to post.
- Players are required to check-in biweekly.
- OOC will take place on Discord for ease of communications.
- For field-related knowledge, please dilute some in-depth details when writing (i.e. IEDs, substance formulas, etc.). I do not wish to be on the NSA's watch list. Thanks.

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I think I left my ticket behind but can I still hop on for the ride?

(Heya Prim and other peeps.) ;D
Omg hi! The old gang returns!!! <3
Welcome welcome! We're just getting started. I'll shoot ya the Discord OOC!

Quick note. This will be a very loose adaptation. So there won't be as much material as Book of Dao.

Come here child, lemme punch that ticket for ya! ÒwÓ'

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