1. Primula

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Act I (1856-1867)
    Index: Chapter 1: Old Wounds

    .. . . ACT ICHAPTER 1: OLD WOUNDS CONSPECTUS 1856. To discern the truths from fiction, a certain gathering of gifted individuals with the intention of reestablishing their presence in the criminal world. At the behest of a telegram, many peculiar members associated with the Grimaldi household...
  2. Primula

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Lore

    .. . . Project SyndicateLore DISCLAIMER The following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced personnels and events in real life are purely coincidental and/or fictionalized. The following contents are made by and for personal creativity purposes...
  3. Primula

    Multiple Settings Project Syndicate: Primium Edition (Always Open)
    Index: Interest Check Directory

    . PROJECT SYNDICATE :s -- Tab Images + Covers Container -- -- Tab Images + Covers ---- Tab Image 1 ---- Tab Cover 1 ---- Tab Cover Text --fa-lock-- Tab Block 1 ---- Tab Image 2 ---- Tab Cover 2 ---- Tab Cover Text --ACT I-- Tab Block 2-1 ---- Tab Block 2-2 ---- Tab Image 3 ---- Tab Cover 3...
  4. TheHistorian

    Realistic or Modern The Source- An odd superpower RP

    3 years ago a strange event occurred that was widely ignored by the media. A brilliant green meteorite entered the earth’s atmosphere and landed somewhere in the Outback of Australia. Yet this was just the start of a series of strange events that would change the way the world operated. UFO...
  5. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Eighth Day

    On March 17, 2028 a falling star slammed into the Earth in the middle of a tent city located in Los Angeles. It vaporized in a pyrotechnic display leaving nothing behind. Hundreds of homeless were in the vicinity of the blast. In response to the emergency the National Guard was activated and...
  6. Secret agent

    Realistic or Modern Female partner wanted for agent vs Henchwoman RP

    Looking for a partner who is interested in an Hero/Agent vs Henchwoman RP
  7. Secret agent

    Realistic or Modern Female partner wanted for long term secret agent RP

    Looking for a partner who is interested in a long term Hero/Agent vs Henchwoman RP. Here is the plot An agent by the names of James Awe is known to be the best agent the agency has in it's fight against a sudden rise of all female gangs, criminal organizations and corporations. His mission is...
  8. amberskies

    Realistic or Modern } craving a hitman / secret agent plot {

    hey there, you can call me amber or ana, i'm 21 years old (she/her)! i'm looking for someone to play the male role (muse a) in the mxf plot i have posted below. though i came up with the plot myself, it is heavily inspired by the beginning of the movie the gray man as well as general elements...
  9. UltraWagonWheel24

    Fandom Universe Correction Agency: Bot Crisis All-Out Attack. (RolePlay)

    WELCOME To Universe Correction Agency: Bot Crisis All Out Attack! The exciting third chapter of the U.C.A series of RolePlays! I hope your ready for a gnarly quest to battle an entire army of a half-million murderous robots. If you are just arriving, and interested in joining, please see the...
  10. UltraWagonWheel24

    Fandom Universe Correction Agency: Bot Crisis All-Out Attack. A Multiversal RP. (CLOSED)

    The Universe Correction Agency has one mission: To assist with Universe-sized problems. Made up of many different individuals from across the Multiverse, the U.C.A is a super organization that will lend a hand to any world in danger of other-worldly threats. Consisting of Agents and...
  11. BestHelicopter

    Multiple Settings [M4A] Elite FBI Unit

    looking for a FBI roleplay where we are agents in an elite FBI unit together solving only the most serious of crimes; murders, abductions, abuse and terrorism. Something that's gritty, has drama, surprise twists but also has a lighter side. I'm a sucker for a bit of slice of life so I'd like...
  12. Serobliss

    Futuristic Valorous Order: Insignius Blade | Volume 1-3

    Code by Serobliss // Navigation Bar Interest CheckWorld ValorousOrder발로리스 오더 CharactersRoleplay /* Left Box */ Story Threads /* Link 1 */ READ MORE +2022-1-22본관《Main》 Valorous Order: Insignius Blade | Volume 1-1 /* Link 2 */ READ MORE +2022-1-22본관《Main》 Valorous Order: Insignius Blade |...
  13. BestMinotaur339

    Fandom Mino's 1x1 Fandom Search{{MXF/FXF- DOUBLING FRIENDLY}}

    Hiya! I'm Minotaur, but you can call me Mino! :) Small Note: **If you're looking for anything Anime related, this is not the thread for you! Sorry!!** I'm a 23-year-old female and happily married. I do work in Sales full-time, so I do get drained really easily. So please don't push me every...
  14. Serobliss

    Futuristic Valorous Order - Interest Check

    .VALOROUS ORDERVAPHASE ONETHE PARADOX RAVENEXCELSIUM ARCHIVESINSIGNIUSINTERESTREGISTRATIONLORECHARACTERSROLEPLAYSYNOPSIS.On a large world known as “Agartha” lays the greatest sprawling cities of the powerful Empyrian Empire, the former being the latter’s capital world. Magic of all kinds and of...
  15. LostPrimarch

    Realistic or Modern Altered- Legend of Epsilon Squad.

    Rejuvenate order conference hall, Florence Italy. 6:00pm The crowd gathered outside the conference hall was abuzz with people gossiping and making their predictions, multiple large screens showed a semi circular table. Five microphones were set up at the table but only four chairs were there...
  16. LostPrimarch

    Realistic or Modern Altered- an original superhuman world

    Thirty three years ago the earth was Hammered by a series of meteors and comets. The east coast of the united states, a slash across the atlantic, and most of europe were hit the hardest, however nowhere on earth was spared the destruction. Long dormant volcanoes woke up in a fury, earthquakes...
  17. LostPrimarch

    Realistic or Modern Power- a three part series

    The setting Set in 2037 our story revolves around a team of scientists and mercenaries employed by a billionaire benefactor named Robert Granander. This man has gained his vast wealth by creating new oil refinery techniques which produce oil with nearly no pollutants created when burned. from...
  18. Slothgirl20

    Realistic or Modern Espionage roleplay!

    Hi everyone! As the title suggests, I’m looking to do a very action packed espionage roleplay with a splash of romance set in either WW2 or the Cold War. But before I jump into the details of the plot, I’d like to point out that my knowledge is very limited since I’m not reviewing this in uni...
  19. LostPrimarch

    Fandom A Pokémon World

    Set in a world the exact same as ours except with one major difference. Pokemon, digimon, and all other kind of battle monster Entertainment never existed. In this similar modern world a strange phenomena occurred. The skies lit up with what seemed like aurora borealis except all across the...
  20. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern They Walk Among us - Supernatural meets Secret Agency RP

    Welcome to the Internal Security Agency. Don't let the dull designation fool you, the ISA has a very specific purpose: To protect the USA and its interests abroad from the supernatural, paranormal and unexplained. ISA Agents undertake missions to track, capture and if necessary, kill dangerous...