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Fandom Universe Correction Agency: Bot Crisis All-Out Attack. (RolePlay)


Bringing you the story of heroes.
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To Universe Correction Agency: Bot Crisis All Out Attack!
The exciting third chapter of the U.C.A series of RolePlays!
I hope your ready for a gnarly quest to battle an entire army of a half-million murderous robots.
If you are just arriving, and interested in joining, please see the recruitment page (and please check the title to see if we're open or closed.)

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Otherwise, proceed on, and reply whenever you are ready.​

2fort: 3:30 AM
Explosions, gunshots, and screaming. Surrounding the walls of the old warehouse was the blood of many who had fallen in battle. Within the walls, a single man listened to these sounds of death and destruction as he built what looked like an automatic gun turret pointed out at the courtyard.

And he did it all with an honest smile on his face.
Yes, this was how things were. Mercenaries from opposing sides killing each other on a daily basis, whether it be for fun or for bragging rights. Don't get that twisted, though. These men were all attached to a machine that pretty much prevented them from permanently dying. Yup. To these men, war was a game. It was their life. As the wrench made it's final whack, Engineer backed away from his creation and folded his arms. The sound of his machine beeping filled him up with so much joy. Not to mention the revenge crits he's going to get once a Spy gets too cocky.

Engineer walked over to the other side of the room, sitting down on a makeshift lawn chair he built to sit back and relax. This was the life. Laying back, drinking a cold one, and listening as Scouts get blasted to next weak, and complaining about it in the chatroom. Normally, games at 2fort take quite some time, but that's why he often comes back to it. The constant puppy guarding of the intel made it his go to spot to catch some Zs. For, hours Engineer would just sleep away the day, and if he hadn't been killed by a Spy or something, would join in on a conga line started by a friendly or something.

This time, however, something began to feel....off. Engineer awoke from a long day of sleep, to find that the area was....quiet. Not like everyone dancing in the sewers quiet, but....dead quiet. Engineer stood from his chair to see his Sentry still in tact. He figured that a Spy would of got it by now. Then again, he would of known. Engineer walked out to the courtyard, it too was empty. He walked over to the courtyard's entrance way, but immediately hid behind the wall when something came to his eye. He didn't know what exactly he saw, but it turned his brain on to panic mode real fast. He darted to the staircase, but his right leg suddenly stops working.

He rolls onto his back, looking down to see that his leg was gone. No stump, no blood, just.....gone. He crawled up the stairs oh his hands, the sound of loud, metal stomping not to far behind, a deafening sound of...some kind of audio playing loudly creeping into his ears. He tried to crawl inside the spawn room, but his hands suddenly vanish too. No matter what he tried, his body refused to move. He turned his head to see them coming. Mechanical legs marching straight toward him, closer and closer. Engineer's body went numb, and he let out a silent scream as the gun fired it's shot.

Before he knew it, Engineer was awake in a bed. The dark room illuminated by a purple glow that had become all too familiar to him. He looked around to confirm where he was, his optics glowing as he looked out the window. The Genesis, the giant pink crystal that watches over all known Universes, floating in the middle of space.

Universe Correction Agency Dorm Rooms: Unknown time.
Engineer sat up in his bed, rubbing his cranium as he tried to remember every detail of his dream. He got up from his bed, sitting down at a desk and pulling out a piece of paper. He began writing down everything he could remember. From the silence, to losing his limbs, to...them. He did this so many times that it wasn't even therapeutic anymore. He sighed and looked over to the side of the table. "Well...Another day, another dollar, right fellas?"

He said to a pile of his dead friend's hats.​

"So, anything different?" The calm voice of Marina Ida broke the silence inside of a breakroom, Engineer sitting across from her on a table. She sets down two cups of coffee, Engineer not even touching it.

"No." Engineer spoke. "Same mood, same everythin."

"How's the prosthetics?" Marina asked. "It's been a while, right? No permanent damage?"

"No." Engineer replied.

"Hmm..." Marina sat down. "Any luck with Cugai?"

"No." Engineer replied once again. "Same excuse again."

"Mmm..." Marina sipped her coffee. "Engi. Maybe it's about time you talked to someone about all this. All this sulking isn't good for your health."

"What? Be told that I should accept they're dead?" Engi asked. "That Cugai is right, and bringing them back is wrong?"

"I know Cugai's been strict with you, Engineer." Marina sighed. "I mean, if I lost Pearlie, and my only chance of bringing her back from the dead was just out of my reach, I'd be mad too...but, I think Cugai may have a good reason for it...he's just not telling you."

"He has." Engineer spoke. "He says that they died within our universe, meaning that bringing them back could cause some kind of negative consequence. That if we did it to them, then we do it for everyone to has died in every universe. Dogshit if you ask me."

"Hmm..." Marina stands from the table. "Well, I need to head back to my universe. Pearl and I have a new album we need to cook up."

"Alright." Engineer says. "Thanks for the chat, darlin."

"Stay off the hook, Engi." Marina said with a smile. With that, Engineer was left alone to sulk in a dark room. Alone with his thoughts.

A good while has passed since the Black Void incident. The entire facility involved was seen as the stuff of legend, dealing with the Dark Multiverse and walking away unscathed was not an easy feat. In fact, the whole ordeal was so draining, Cugai and Fugai, two Administrators involved, have decided to go on vacation to replenish themselves. So that leaves me to watch over things....My name is Rebecca Maynard. I am a new Administrator of the Universe Correction Agency. Kind of funny, when you think about it. How could a collage student, with no knowledge of...well, all this, become an Admin. Well, I guess they saw something in me that not many others saw. Come to think of it, I think they say that to almost everyone. I think they pity me. They took a good look at me and they thought I was such a big fat loser that-

"Uuuuuuhhh, waitwaitwait, I don't think I should say that." Sitting at a bench outside the U.C.A watchtower, Rebecca Maynard, a young woman from Kalamazoo, was appointed as the newest official Administrator. Saying she was nervous was an understatement. She hopped they weren't giving her anything super hard. All Cugai and Fugai said was they were getting packed up, and after they were done, then they would tell her what she needed to do. For the time being, she wanted to record a video message to introduce herself to her team. This was her seventh attempted.

"How am I going to do this?" She said. "It feels like the world is watching me and I'm scared out of my mind."

From Rebecca's side, a coughing man could be heard. She looks over to see the source. The creature looked almost like Sonic The Hedgehog, but he had quite the....undesirable looks. He stood behind a booth.

"Don't feel bad, Beckie. You're an Administrator! Do you know how many Agents don't get that opportunity? Heck, one day, I'm gonna rise out of this stinking position and I'm gonna be an Administrator, right up there with the big guns!"

"Uuuuuhh, thanks, Ugly Sonic." Beckie said. "I'm sure you will...get that chance one day?"

"Yeah, ONE day." Ugly Sonic said, his mouth full of spite. "Ya know, I think this face could do a lot of good for the U.C.A., but it's like these people were never told to not judge a book by it's cover. One day, baby. One day Imma be on the top of the chain, and I'm gonna take Balalaika out on a hot date."

"Yeah, the last time you tried that, she threatened to throw you in a meat grinder." Cugai walked out of the watchtower, a flower necklace around his neck. "Come, Ms. Maynard."

Universe Correction Agency Watchtower: Unknown time.

Rebecca walked into the HQ, Cugai and Fugai standing before CiMos, the supercomputer. "This is it, Ms. Maynard." Cugai said. "CiMos here will assist you with anything you need. As our newest Administrator, we can't wait to see you in action."

"Well, while we drink piña coladas on a sandy beach in ancient Hawaii." Fugai states.

"I'll do my best." Beckie said. "B-but, what am I doing exactly?"

"Well, we know how you stress out pretty easily, so we found a little problem you can take care of. Your first baby step, if you will. CiMos?"

With that, CiMos displayed the three a large city. It greatly resembled San Francisco, but Beckie could notice slight differences. The monitor then shifted it's focus on what looked like two individuals. A boy and...a giant robot bear???

Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex: 5:55 AM

"Greeeeeeeeegoryyyyyyyyyy?" A female voice called out.

"Where are ya, little man?!" An abrasive, male voice called.

"GET OUT HERE, YOU WORHTLESS TWIRP!" A loud, angry voice shouted.

Footsteps where everywhere. Loud and mechanical, they stomped across every floor in the Pizzaplex looking for "Gregory." From the far side, hiding in a photo booth, a small boy peeked out the curtain to see if the coast was clear. He quickly hides back inside and speaks into a watch on his wrist.

"Freddy. Where are you?" The boy said. "All three of them are closing in, and there's too many of those stupid service bots."

"I'm coming, Gregory." A gruff, yet friendly voice came from the watch. "I must warn you, though, I am low on power. I don't know if I can get you far from them."

"Just get over here!" Gregory shouted. Realizing what he did, his spine stiffens and he looks back out. The green metal of one of them glistened from the dim lights. The robot looked over to see the boy. "There you are!"

Gregory made a sprint out of the booth, running as fast as he could. The bot yelling for him to come back, Gregory kept his focus in front of him. He then could hear the sound of something else running toward him.

"Gregory!" It was Freddy, running toward the boy.

Gregory and Freddy ran toward each other, the latter's stomach opening like a mouth. Just as Freddy got his hands on Gregory, who tried to climb inside, something odd happened. A purple pulse overwhelmed the two, with enough force to push Freddy to the ground. Both Gregory and Freddy lie on the ground, the cold breeze of the night air brushing across both of them....wait a second.

Gregory sits up, rubbing the back of his head. He looks around and notices that they are no longer in the Pizzaplex anymore. In fact, they weren't at any place they were aware of. They were outside, standing on grass on an island in he middle of he ocean. He then gazes out to the water, and he sees a large city. It's buildings stood tall, lights illuminated the place like a burning candle.

San Buena, California: 12:00 AM

"What...happened?..." Gregory asked, Freddy walking behind the boy.

"I don't know...This looks like San Francisco....but my scanners doesn't recognize this place?..."

"M-Maybe it's your battery?" Gregory suggested.

"You think my battery brought us here?" Freddy asked.

"No!" Gregory replied. "I mean we need to charge your battery, maybe it's wonky because you're running out of power."

"Perhaps." Freddy replied. "But, there is no charging station around."

Gregory rolled his eyes in frustration, before looking over to see an abandoned van.

What luck for the two. Gregory, despite constant warnings from Freddy, manages to hotwire the car and gets it to turn on. Using two jumper cables, he connects Freddy to the car battery. "Well, let's hope it has enough gas."

"While I don't condone using someone else's property to charge, I suppose whomever owns this vehicle would understand." Freddy said.

Gregory then sat himself on the ground, sighing. "What is going on, Freddy?"

"I don't know, Gregory." Freddy said. "But, I'm sure we can figure this all out."

"Yeah..." Gregory sighed.

"Listen, I think you should get some sleep." Freddy said. "We can ask around in the morning."

"....Ok..." Gregory rested himself on the ground, Freddy covering him with a blanket from within the car. It smelled funny, but it was better than newspaper. Gregory allowed the rythmic sound of the cars engine to lull him to sleep. "Goodnight, Freddy."

"Sweet dreams, Superstar." Freddy said. He then goes into sleep mode, allowing the battery to charge his own.

Universe Correction Agency Watchtower: Unknown time.
"There." Cugai said. "A Universal drift had happened. Many have been misplaced because of this. All YOU have to do is get this kid and....whatever that is out of that universe and back into their own."

"Huh....Soooo, do I just send a team in there to grab em?" Beckie asked.

"Well..." Cugai looked up at the screen. "I guess you can let them sleep for now. Just keep an eye on them until then, alright?"

"Gotcha." Beckie said.

A portal opened, Cugai and Fugai walked toward it. Suddenly, Beckie turns around. "WAIT! What if something does happen?!?!"

"Balalaika and Pepperjack are close by!" Fugai called back as the portal closed. "They'll tell you what to do! There's also a red button, you can push it, y'know."

Beckie turned back to the monitor, watching the two. She scoots up to the screen. "Ok, CiMos. We won't let them down. I am a proud U.C.A. Administrator! Nothing is going to stop me from screwing this-"

Two hours of nothing passed. Beckie had fallen asleep watching the monitor, and had fallen asleep. So far, nothing seemed to happen, Gregory and Freddy were still sleeping as well....What Beckie didn't hear was the blinking light on the dashboard, warning that something was indeed happening.

"Damn it...Ze test failed. I knew ve should ov used more Heavy bots." The man watched from a monitor, he could see a man wearing a yellow and blue costume looming over a pile of rubble. "How are ve going to take over ze multiverse if these freaks are preventing you from becoming stronger?!" The man looked up. "I'm afraid, ve may need to pick another target." He looks into a glowing red eye, both of them floating in the voidless mist of space.

"Ok, I'm Thinking ve need to target a world without superheroes. A world vith relatively low defenses...."

The sound of jumbling noises came from the mass as it formed a small monitor, showing a large city. The man looks into it. "Hmm....A universe vere everything needs ze internet to function?...BRILLIANT! I knew I had gud ideas! And zis city is a perfect place to start."

The thing with him grumbled, as it begins to morph and mold it's formless mass. The man grinned as his army began to form.

San Buena, California: 10:00 AM
Gregory's eyes opened, the sound of he engine rumbling still filled his ears. Gregory sat up, rubbing his eyes, and stretching his back. He sat there, remembering that they were still in a different place. Though, it was nice that he wasn't in a place being chased by killer robots anymore. He stands and walks over to wake up Freddy, but his eyes then catch a glimpse at the city. At first, he's confused, but then his eyes widen in horror. "Freddy! Freddy, wake up!"

Freddy awakes, looking around. "Gregory? What's the matter, Superstar?'


Freddy stands up, looking out to the city, his own eyes widening. "Oh....my..."

Universe Correction Agency Watchtower: Unknown time.
"God...." Beckie had awakened, looking at the monitor. Half of the city looked as if it was destroyed, with a good portion of it still under attack. She could even see a large, blob-like creature clinging to the side of the tallest building. How long was she out for? Did she let this happen? "Oh god....Oh no, oh NO!.....WhatdoIdowhatdoIdowhatdoIdo!" Beckie began to panic. She then looks over to the large red button. She clenches her fist, and presses it, summoning the closest available agents she can contact.

This is where you come in. Good luck out there, agents.
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On top of a large building…
While the robots were invading the city, Someone was watching everything unfold. Who was watching? The Decepticon leader, Megatron!

“.. No sign of the insects yet..” The Cybertronian says. He continues watching the chaos from above.

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Megatron wasn't alone on that building however, there was another watching the invasion unfold, who exactly? It was the evil tyrant Frieza who had been rebuilt after his defeat on namek by the super Saiyan son Goku, "these earthlings are pitiful." Mecha frieza sneered.

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“Yes.. they are nothing but a inferior race..”
Megatron looks again at the invasion.
“This will teach them a lesson.”
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"OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO" frieza laughed evily as the invasion continued "destroying a city is a fun way to say hello" he smiled evily


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“Yes.. I’ll go help the troops. You can accompany me if you want..”
Transforming into his Cybertronian jet form, Megatron heads towards the invasion to help.

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Frieza smiled wickedly and fired a death beam at a building, blowing it up. "I think I'll have my own fun" he smirked wickedly as he saw humans run for their lives.


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Darth Revan & Canderous Ordo

"Well... this certainly isn't Telos." Canderous said with a obvious sarcastic tone. He and Revan were now stuck in a position where they're only option was to fight what was essentially a neverending enemy attack. Droids were coming from everywhere, slaughtering anyone who got in the way, and all the while Canderous was trying to guess why. A more important question though, why was the Dark Lord and his Mandalorian companions in a completely unknown city fighting a previously non-encountered enemy? Nothing was making sense, and it why going to make Canderous-

"67." Revan said outta nowhere. Six more nearby robots were eliminated thanks to Revan's Force Storm. Canderous said nothing in response, a new confusion clouding his mind. "Huh, oh, sorry." Now the Dark Lord, the one who personally saw to the Jedi's genocide, the man who was as ruthless and as merciless as the Sith came, that same man was apologizing?! "Back on Tatooine, when we were exterminating the last Sand People, each time you got a new shot in, you would always make a loud announcement. Despite not wielding the Force, Canderous could sense a sad smile on Revan's concealed face.

Canderous thought this was just the worst time possible to get nostalgic. Droids, even more, were approaching steadily. And Canderous was starting to run low on ammunition. "That was the last mission you and I went on." Revan was continuing to recollect. "Let's go on more when we return, yeah."

That actually sounded quite nice. Now Canderous was given a new reason to fight. "Hunting", as Revan was always saying, was only fun when someone else who can actually match you tags along. It's not like the Sith Council could/would tell Revan no to taking a weeks vacation from his Sith Governing.

In only 17 additional minutes, 86 more robots marched on Revan and Canderous. Canderous ran outta ammo almost immediately. Revan's solution was the most unexpected. He gave Canderous his Red and Purple Lightsabers. "Slice away." Once again, Canderous could sense a smile, only this one was absolutely something a little more genuine. Force Lightning, this time emitting a red-like energy, was emitting from Revan's palms. "Machines are weak!" Revan was now shouting. "Quit insulting us with metal as foes." Releasing the Force Storm, Revan took out 50% from the waves. "Blood... flesh... SOUL! Machines are without them. That's why they're weak, thus unworthy to fight me."

Canderous was chuckling while also slashing the last few machines into pieces. "Hopefully HK isn't nearby." The machines from the area were all gone now. "Come on, like you said, machines are weak... let's find some real competition."


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In the sky, Revan and Canderous could see a strange looking jet in the sky, which begins to descend, towards them...


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Darth Revan & Canderous Ordo

"This is just like the Forge invasion!" Canderous was still slicing anything that came his way, while Revan chose to remain still, conserving his Force Powers until they met some genuine enemies. It was a pleasant surprise to see Canderous was already an expert when it comes to Lightsabers.

Revan, a little restless, took a seat on the pavement, wanting to
meditate. Perhaps the Force could provide some answers. But it was so strange. He was unable to sense Malak and Bastila's presence through the Force. This place, its title California, gave Revan a sickening feeling. His Force instincts were shouting to leave. His mind though, it said spending a little more time to investigate was fine.

Revan's yellow eyes immediately open, as the Dark Lord senses a new unique presence. Canderous saw it too, though only through visual means. It was some enemy unrecognizable Aircraft, making its way straight towards the two men.

"Sniper's still outta ammo, no way I can stop it!" Understandably, Canderous, someone without the Force, was starting to panic. Revan stood and joined his Mandalorian companion. "I can feel..." So that's why there was such a strange presence. "Listen, that's no Aircraft, Canderous."

Once again, the Red Lightning was emitting from his palms. "I'm going to release multiple storms as one." That sentence was enough to tell Canderous things were about to take a turn. "Don't worry. Using this technique will cause the entire sky above us to coat in my lightning." It was a move Revan was willing to try only once, when there were about 6 Destroyers in the skies above Telos. By covering the skies in Red Lightning, Revan was able to cause every single ship to erupt at once. It cost a lotta energy though, which makes it a one use attack.

Given there were just as many enemies in the skies as there were on the ground, Revan saw this as the greatest way to get everyone's attention. He could then speak to someone with some genuine authority, not some machine. Spending 16 seconds to completely charge and channel the multiple storms, Revan shot them all into the sky, collapsing onto the ground immediately. Luckily, Revan was strong enough to where passing out like last time wasn't an issue. "This'll... get someone's attention."

Canderous said, "Hope it takes that thing out too."

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Mecha frieza was about to vaporize said humans with some eye beams when he noticed the red lightning storm "what is this?" He asked, clearly shocked at the sight before him, he decided to jump down to the ground and look around the city "okay what just happened?" He said aloud "was that some sort of natural weather phenomenon or something?"

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Jack-A122: 100% 100%
Felix-A231: 100% 100%
Hailey-B160: 100% 100%
Ellie-G296: 100% 100%

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Mentions: UltraWagonWheel24 UltraWagonWheel24 (U.C.A HQ)​
00:30 Hours, December 1st, 2552 (Military calendar)
Location: San Buena, California
"We should be deploying a few klicks West of the reported hostile army. The Engineer mentioned this before we even stopped Konahrik- the only reasonable conclusion I can offer is that either this is the hostile armada of robots, or it's the Flood based on signature count alone. Keep it tight, watch your sectors, and remain on the E-Band. Anything that's Human without an IFF, don't open fire unless engaged." Three green blinks lit up the tags on the man's HUD as Jackson turned on a pivot and jogged through the portal, his team close behind. Immedeately dropping to a crouch a few feet from the exit, Hailey took to his right; peering through the Stanchion's scope as Felix pulled up to his left flank with Ellie at the rear. The portal closed, and the distant sound of explosions and gunfire permeated the stillness of the otherwise normally bustling Earth-like cityscape.

"Clear. Setting NAV now. Move out." Uniformally standing upright, the fireteam of four Spartans kept their weapons raised and on a constant swivel; their Motion sensors alerting them to any sudden movement. The uncanny nature of their location caused a momentary sense of odd familiarity to pass over them as they made their way through the desolated streets, yet no one said a word other than Jack- who spoke softly as he kept his eyes trained on the streets ahead of him. "Fireteam Maverick to UCA, we're on site- three-hundred meters and closing on the contact point, over."


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”Foolish insects! They think their little weather can hurt the mighty Decepticon leader?” Megatron thought as he dived into the storm, trying his best to avoid the thunder strikes. He was almost hit, only leaving a small burn on him.
When Megatron was about to hit them, he transforms, revealing himself in front of the two.
”I’ll crush you, inferior humans!”

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A red portal soon tore open on the Watchtower, heralding the arrival on one particular Umbra Witch. Her blue steel eyes narrowed at the newest Admin as her curvaceous body emerged from the depths of the burning hellscape known as Inferno. Bayonetta had arrived, and she had one of her magic revolvers pointed at the new Admin's head from across the room. Konahrik's soul had been stolen from her, and when she couldn't track the knight down she went for the next target on her list.

The UCA.

The Witch's tone was fused with potent venom.

"I'm only going to ask this once. Where are those two bumbling idiot Admins?"

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image (1).png

"That's no way to treat the new UCA Admin"

A dimensional rift opens in the Watchtower and Stephen Strange walked out of it, seemingly coming from another dimension. The Sorcerer Supreme had been warned of the Umbra Witch by Kain who helped in keeping Konahrik's soul from being taken. He casually walked over to Becki's side.

"The name's Doctor Strange and I would like you to put that gun down now, we have a bigger problem to deal with"

He said gesturing to the alert, that he and most likely Bayonetta got as well, that was shown on the screen Beckie was looking at showed what was happening. Strange thought it might be a universal invasion of some sorts but clearly, it wasn't from their world so who's doing it could very well do it to the entire Multiverse and that way bad.

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It didn't add up. First they attacked him, then they attempted to kill Storm. There was an unknown third party sending these robots, and Magneto demanded answers.

However, something else stood out to him. Storm was rather hasty to depart after identifying they weren't Sentinels. What was her plan? He needed to know.

An hour later...

The superhero sat on the roof of the mansion, speaking into her watch, unaware she was being watched by an invisible eavesdropper. "Storm to Headquarters. We have reports of strange robots in our world—several isolated attacks. I'll be coming in with samples of the robots."

Satisfied with her initial report, she disconnected and opened a portal, right before the eyes of her nemesis. As she went to step inside, the watch pulled and flew from her wrist. Magneto caught it as he appeared before her. "Consulting with forces beyond this world?" he growled, holding up the stolen item.

"Erik!?" Storm gasped. "Give that back! I don't have time for this."

"You will make time. In fact, you will take a vacation. I will pay your friends a visit instead."

"You're going to attack them...!" Storm knew his penchant for brazen actions and violence. Her fists crackled with electricity as she prepared for a fight.

Magneto uprooted a segment of the fence around the mansion and quickly brought it to entangle Storm, barring any advance. "Attack them? How shortsighted. I won't harm them... assuming they don't resist my efforts to help them." He saw the vinyl bag with robot samples in her other hand and pried it from her grasp. "I'll take this, as well."

Storm was taken aback by this situation. She struggled frantically in her tight enclosure as she watched the villain disappear, the portal closing behind him.

UCA Watchtower...

Balalaika and her entourage of intelligence officers filed into their office upon receiving the alarm signal. With the recent renovations, the interior looked similar to some room in the Kremlin. She immediately donned a headset once at her desk. "Talk to me, devochka," she commanded Beckie over comms, conveying power and authority in just a few words. She could see Bayonetta on the cameras, aiming at the new girl. "Oh, and let Bayonetta know she has gift cards ready to claim... for only the hottest boutiques, naturally."

HUNK worked painstakingly to make the modifications to his last TMP magazine. R&D had created subspace magazine expansions, letting a thirty-round mag carry one hundred. He glanced over to his next task: a pump-action shotgun. The phrase, 'I have 57 more goddamned rounds in this four-round magazine,' came to mind, forcing his lip to twitch towards an amused grin.

Sadly, his musings were cut short when the alarms blared. Welp, he knew what this meant...

"Showtime," he grunted as he pulled on his gas mask. His gear was already organized so he could be prepared at a moment's notice. He marched up to the tower, ready to receive his mission. However, he stopped to look up towards the opening portal.

"Ma'am, we're reading a UCA signature incoming. It appears to be Storm!" one of the intel officers reported.

"Perfect. Right on time," Balalaika retorted.

"Wait... Ma'am, that's not Storm!"

Floating down from the portal was a man—obviously not who they were expecting. HUNK drew his magnum; he had no polymer weapons ready, so this wouldn't go well.

Magneto immediately snatched the gun from the agent's hand and discarded it to the side. "What a human reaction," the master of magnetism scoffed. "I have come not to crush an ant colony, but to cooperate."

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The Umbra Witch rolled her eyes at the Doctor and the new arrival of the man in the helmet. It was starting to get a little too crowded in here, and if she had to hear about those damn gift cards ONE MORE TIME the entire agency was going to go straight to Hell and she would do it with an honest to Sheba smile on her face. She raised her other weapon at Magneto in an attempt to regain control of the situation. She aimed Love Is Blue at the alarm system and fired, blasting the button to shrapnel and silencing the annoying alarm.

"You know what? It's getting too crowded in here. I say you boys have all of two seconds to leave before I turn this place into a living fireball. Are we clear?"

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"If you have no interest in being of any help I can gladly escort you back where you came from."

He rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed before turning to Beckie, Stephen clearly saw them as no more than an annoyance but whatever beef she has with Cugai and Fugai, it will have to wait, a universe is being overun with mechanical monstrosities. He looked over to see Magneto of all people, but he immediately knew it wasn't his Magneto. But something told him that they weren't too different from each other, and they really needed more powerhouses like Magneto and he seems to be the perfect one for this mission.

"So what seems to be the problem? And how come you're now realizing this, the city looks like it's halfway destroyed?"

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Beckie was in shock. A universe was under attack and some crazy woman and a metal man comes in. Despite her time at the U.C.A, she was still unfamiliar with many of the people there. Well, she knows Strange, and HUNK, but this crazy broad?

Beckie looked behind her, seeing the monitor showcase the state of the city. Oddly, despite its massive size, and a god portion still in tact, it seems barley any human life was there anymore.

She holds up her watch. “Y-Yeah? We have a…robot problem…I think. It was supposed to be an extraction but…erm…T-The drift brought far more with it…”

Balalaika’s monitor showcased the universes current situation. CiMos having hacked into many security cameras, it showed the boy and his bear, the bots, and the current agents investigating.

Beckie looks around again. “O-Ok, first off…WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?!?!”

Specialist Specialist Develius Develius homintales homintales ReptilianDude ReptilianDude
San Buena, California: 10:12 AM
There was no one left. Not a single human. In a span of eleven hours, the city was reduced to a robot paradise. The sound of robotic voices could be heard, a delinquent Boston accent multiplied as they ran around, breaking and smashing anything.

A “Wohohooo” here, a “BONK!” there, they were free to do what they wanted…of course, and long as they gather any and all technology.

All the while, the massive blob-thing still clung to the side of the city’s tallest building. Looking closer, it’s body seemed to be made of mostly wires, reaching inside the structure to collect any and all technology it can grab. A large, liquid metal plate covered it’s back, making it look more like a giant trilobite.

From afar, a man watched as the creature did it’s thing. His red and black skin made his glowing eyes stick out like a sore thumb.

“So…this thing is commanding these droids? Whatever this thing is, I must know it’s purpose. Perhaps it will get me off this old rock. Maybe…it can be of service to me. Hmmm….I suppose if I am to gain my revenge, I will need a stronger army. I just need to get close to it…and with the amount of these loudmouth droids, it won’t be easy.”

He sighs. “If it means seeing Kenobi dead at my feet… suicide mission it is then.”
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And So It Begins...

UNDERTALE: Genocide Route: Judgement Hall

* so...guess that's it then....
* don't say i didn't warn you
*i'm going to grillbys

*papyrus, do you want anything?
It was the same dialouge as every other Genocide Route. How many times had the kid done this now? 10 times...? 20...? By this point, Sans had lost track and part of the skeleton simply didn't care anymore. He's just going to dust, blank out and wake up in the next timeline. The next timeline where that demon decides how far they're going to let the future go before they rinse and repeat. There have probably been hundreds of resets by now. Hundreds of timelines starting and stopping before just being cut off. It was to a point he quit counting.
He glanced at the cut on his chest. It no longer even hurt to be slashed by that thing anymore. Yet he slumped to his death all the same. Just as the script said. Just as the kid expected. Just why do they keep doing this? What do they even hope to acheive? What is there to ahceive anymore?
As usual, his vision faded out and the skeleton got ready to wake back up at his station to start it all over again. He could only hope that maybe the next time it's a pacifist route just so he could experience peace for a breif moment. Even though it wouldn't last. But what he was going to wake up to would be nothing of the sort...


Rio glanced at the terrfied expression on his girlfriend's face as the hot headed ex rockstar, Whitty, finally had enough of this hour of rap battle harassment. Rio had remembered the guy from a time since passed, being a grand fan of his music and had demanded a rap battle. What Rio didn't realize or more so didn't care about was the fact that Whitty had no desire to deal with music again after his past endevors. When you were on the run from an organization who was supposedly looking out for everyone's better interest and the one set of people you did trust turn out to be psychotic demons only looking for their own profit, you aren't really going to be inclined to do a rap battle. Especially when said psychotic demons were who gave you a passion for music to begin with. However, Rio was the type who refused to take no for an answer.
Whitty tried to be cool. He really did. He urged Rio to leave when they first met and even managed to do Lo Fight, a pretty chill sounding song, in the beginning. Even after being upset that Rio still hadn't walked away, Whitty didn't lose it yet. Overhead showed his annoyance and Whitty figured he might get the hint. But nope. Rio beeped and booped on. He demanded a third song. And Whitty could no longer keep a hold on himself. So now here they stand, Rio being about two minutes from his doom and his girlfriend honestly looking like she wanted to wet her pants despite being a demon who could easily get them out of here. Her confidence in her boyfriend was to the point it was reckless. Just like Rio's own confidence in his singing...
What did Rio do about the crisis? Rap battle of course!! It was hard to beleive that Whitty would even respond to music in this angered state but he did. Rio found the fast pace of the song to be thrilling, not caring that it also meant they were closer and closer to this alleyway becoming a crater. He just held his mic and sang, watching the disorted animations near Whitty as he sporadically responded to Rio's tunes. He noticed that the area was getting bright. Bright...brighter.... Soon, Rio couldn't even see, having to sheild his eyes. And that was when everything would change...

FIRE EMBLEM 3H: Outskirts of Gerrech Moch

Today was supposed to be the day. The day that Claude finally kept his promise and rejoined Byleth. He'd told her some time ago that he had to be away to take care of some personal business. He didn't elebaborate fully on what, only that it had to do with Almyra. Byeth had wanted to come with him but as the new leader of Fódlan, she couldn't just leave the rebuilding effort. Not when their new dawn was finally in the works. Claude promised Byleth he would return and the mercenary turned professor left a promisary ring with him before they parted ways. But today was the day that they'd be reunited.
Or so Claude thought. When he arrived back within reach of Byleth, she abd an army were being attacked by an unknown force. Claude beleived them to be bandits. But no ordinary bandits were going to be able to do what was to come within the next few minutes. Claude had grown quite used to combat by this point, able to steer his wyvern through the skies with ease as he attacked with his sacred bow, Failnaught. Things seemed to be going well. Byleth's army was doing a good job at keeping things clear and he was doing the rest. At this rate, they would be victorious in no time...
Suddenly, Claude felt a mysterious force behind him that was threatening to pull him and his wyvern in. Like a strong current that was near impossible to escape. He tried to push himself forward but it was as if the force had him trapped. He couldn't overcome it.
"No...not like this...not when I got so close--!!" the archer said through gritted teeth.
His mind was frantic for a strategy. Maybe there was an open place to shoot? Shooting at the blue light behind him seemed to do nothing. His arrows just went through it. That and it was much too bright to properly aim at. He swore he could see faint cracks within the very sky that this light was in! But that was impossible, right? This light...it was a shade of light that he couldn't help but think of Those Who Slither in the Dark on. But that was impossible. They defeated them ages ago! Then what else could have such power? Claude was, for once at a loss and it was making him panic. He was always two steps ahead. And he was about to never have that advantage again. All he could do was brace himself as the mysterious light grabbed him in. He could, for once, only hope he was lucky on where it took him...

San Buena, California

*that was different... just what did you do this time, kid?

Sans usually got headaches when he expirienced Genocide Route resets but this one was worse than all the others. His skull felt like it wanted to burst. He held his right eye a bit, trying to block out the light that he knew was coming from it. His magic always spazzed a little bit after a reset...

"...rap battle and now we're stuck in some weird city with some creepy robots in it!! And you still think that was awesome?!? What is WRONG with you?!"
"Beep boop bop!!"
"Ugh...whatever!! As if we have time for this!!"
A rather tall looking bomb head and a shorter kid with cyan hair were not too far away from Sans, arguing. Or rather, maybe the bomb head was arguing with himself because the kid wasn't exactly speaking proper English. Wait a second...why did this kid look familiar to Sans? Had they met before? Eh. Probably had at one point. Sans had a feeling that this kid was similar to the one in his own world. One that could cause trouble if he wanted. But Sans got the vibe that this kid really only cared about rap battles and probably wasn't going to be a problem.

*heya. you look like the time you're having is just the BOMB!!

Even now, Sans couldn't resist the urge to pun at the two. The cyan haired boy seemed to love the joke as he laughed immediately. The bomb head...not so much.
"Oh GREAT!! First I deal with some cyan haired rap battling brat who got me stuck here and now I have a skeleton who thinks he's funny!!" Whitty seethed. "Not to mention we're stuck in some crazy city swarming with killer robots!!!"

Whitty threw his arms up in frustration as Sans just followed his gesture, seeing the sight of the town. The skeleton shoved his hands in his hoodie pockets in typical Sans fashion.

*welp. i guess it could be worse...

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noticing the bots taking over the city, Megatron decides to leave the two he was about to attack, deeming them defenseless. Turning into his Cybertronian jet form again and heading out of the storm. He decides to land on a small building
However, unknown to him, Whitty, Boyfriend and Sans is in the exact location the building was in.


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Darth Revan & Mecha Lord Frieza
A collab with Sir loin of beef Sir loin of beef

Whilst walking across the unsettling pavement, Frieza saw the two figures standing close to the remains of several machines. Lord Frieza was personally uncaring when it came to anyone who was... Disposable. "Oh my, what do we have here?" The self proclaimed emperor of the universe asked, his question being directed at Revan and Canderous.

As this new enemy was approaching, Revan was taking the opportunity to analyze the possible foe. He could sense a strong energy, certainly nothing like the Force… still, it was strong, something even Revan wasn’t able to ignore… it was something able to surpass even his own strength. So long as the option was there, now was not the time to engage. Revan, his analysis concluding, spoke. “I am the Dark Lord Revan.” Usually introductions were unnecessary. In his own Galaxy, Revan was a figure the people would recognize instantaneously. His presence alone would unsettle anyone, and quickly spread across any world.

This was not his Galaxy though, it was somewhere else entirely. His weak connection to external Force, the new cities, new presences, new foes, it was now too obvious Revan and Canderous were in a completely separate universe. He would need to tell Canderous about his theory when the chance was available.

"Well, in that case, I am the great Lord Frieza." The cyborg emperor introduced himself. "And yes, every single terrible story you've heard about me are true." Said the frost demon with a smirk on his face indicating he was proud of his reputation as the most powerful being in the universe, Majin Buu and Lord Beerus not being active at the moment much to his relief.

Lord Frieza? There was a title unique to Revan. Was this creature native to the land, perhaps also a sudden guess? Now was the time to ask. And ask carefully. “I find myself in an unfortunate position, Lord Frieza.” Ugh, giving respect to others like this, it made Revan feel awful. Then again, perhaps this one was someone whose strength was able to outclass his own? “I am… unaware who you are. My companion, Canderous, and I, we’ve only just come to these lands.” Revan could sense it, Canderous’ feelings were rapidly mixing. He spoke to Canderous through the Force. We can’t take this one, not like this. Make no attempts to attack.

"What a coincidence, so did I" Frieza said to the other galactic dark lord, satisfied that the Sith Lord had given him proper respect, "it seems I am also unaware of who you are" he spoke in a casual tone. "So anyways what are you doing here?" He asked.

Now it was Revan’s time to introduce. “I am the Sith Lord, Darth Revan. The only one able to ensure the Jedi’s complete genocide, the one who leads the Sith Empire towards a glorious future, the one whose limitless fleet will spread across more than just my Galaxy, forcing peace upon those who foolishly think freedom doesn’t lead to chaos.” Canderous was going to stay silent. Sure, his actions with the Mandalorians were quite notable, still, they were nothing like Revan’s own feats. “In just 3 years I was able to establish control, now the sole Empire able to lead my Galaxy to greatness. So… what am I up to, you ask?” He thought a second. “Exploring until I find a way to return, I suppose. Killing these weak machines is also a nice way to pass the time.”

"Yes I could say the same about disposing of useless minions" Frieza said, "I'm not sure what a Sith is exactly but it reminds me of the stories about the planet eater Moro I've heard and the wizard Bibidi" he thought on Revan's speech about his Sith empire "yet another self-righteous maniac, at least we share similar ambitions to rule everything" Frieza thought although he didn't feel like vocalizing these thoughts.

This was getting them nowhere. Conversations about unknown topics, just standing there while there was a good chance enemies were approaching. Frieza was likely in the same position as Revan and Canderous were, stuck in an unknown Galaxy facing unknown enemies and likely to soon face even more unknowns. “Lord Frieza, me and my companion… I’m afraid we must move on.” Canderous’ worrying signs were now a little too visible. Even without a real connection to the Force, Canderous could still sense Frieza’s strength, and, more importantly, Revan’s own worry.

Revan concerns weren’t so much about his own person. Should push come to shove, taking on this Frieza was possible. But Canderous, his survival odds were in the negative range. And Revan wasn’t ready to lose his only friend in this mess. “Let’s leave Canderous.”

Frieza thought about it for a second and decided to let them live, he had other things to do today, like gather any and all technology and plot his revenge on son Goku for humiliating him on Namek. He decided to look around for more technology to gather, killing Goku could wait until later, how much later was not a factor, as long as the super Saiyan perished he wouldn't care.

Revan and Canderous were now starting to walk away from Frieza, Canderous’ own pace less subtle than Revan’s. “This isn’t Telos, that’s a little too obvious.” Canderous spoke, making sure his voice wasn’t so audible. “I’m not really sure where we are. Let’s just find a ship and go somewhere we won’t find any crazies like that, yeah?” Revan could only agree. Hopefully there was a functioning ship nearby. It was times like these where Revan would miss the Ebon Hawk, the greatest and most reliable ship in the Galaxy.

“You’re right.” That wasn’t something Revan was willing to say on many occasions, especially to Canderous. “Give me my Lightsabers, something tells me I’ll need them soon.” He attached the sabers to his custom Sith Robe. “Maybe on the way we will find someone who is a little less… fearsome. And a little more willing to share information.”


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To Revan and Canderous, this situation was now even more stressful. Aside from Frieza, who wasn't exactly a friendly face, the only following encounters were even more enemy machines. This place was like some sorta purgatory. An endless Hell containing a limitless force. And all the fighting was causing Canderous to lose steam. The realization came to Revan fast. His friend wasn't going to survive unless they found some assistance.

Eventually, Revan found several more unique presences through the Force. All were strange, much like with Freiza's own presence, these were unlike anything Revan saw in his own Galaxy. With very few options, Revan, with a now injury suffering Canderous, ran towards a few potential objectives.

As though the Gods were spitting on them, even more machines came to attack the two men. Canderous, still able to use 100% precision, shot them into scraps with his new weapon. It was a shotgun, one a certain machine wasn't going to use anytime soon.

Canderous spoke to Revan while reloading his gun. "Forget what... I said." At this rate, Canderous was going to pass out soon. "This is worse than the assault on the Forge!" To Revan, that was complete nonsense. "At least then Bastila was fighting alongside us. Not to mention the environment was something we could adjust to." His voice was raising in volume. "But this... this is going nowhere fast, Revan." No Darth? Brave. "This city, what little isn't on fire, isn't going to last so long as the only occupants are crazy machines trying to massacre everyone else, including you and I." Obviously, these words were true. Which was all the more reason the two should leave as soon as possible.

At this point, it was no surprise when more machines made an appearance. Only this time there were at least 60 in a single wave. Each was carrying a shotgun, which gave Canderous the urge to find some protection. He chose an old rusty vehicle sitting on the sidewalk. How many more were there waiting to attack? Hundreds? Thousands? Perhaps even millions? Soon even the Dark Lord would succumb to exhaustion.

And then, as a 2nd insult, the 1st approaching Revan at all, an additional 30 machines were now surrounding the couple. "Dammit!" Canderous, realizing his rusty protection would now give nothing, chose to join Revan's side in the street. "Last stand?" Despite the awful situation, there was now a grin on Canderous' face. He once told Revan the only way Madalorians should fall is in a fight against impossible odds. Were these those odds?

"No..." Revan said, his voice cold, a strong sign the Dark Lord was ready to give this fight everything. "I'm unwilling to lose you as I lost-" *BANG* Crimson liquid was splattering against Revan's mask. His attention made its way to a nearby machine unequipping his rifle. "No..." Revan said once more, this time spoken without emotion.

As Canderous was now falling to the ground, Revan caught his greatest friend. "No... no, no, NO!!!" Not like this. This was Canderous. The greatest Mandalorian to exist. The one who fought alongside Revan on Dantooine, Tatooine, Telos, the Forge, and everywhere else Revan found enemies. Such a man wasn't going to lose it all like this, Revan wasn't going to allow it. Holding on tightly to Canderous, who at this point was unable to speak, the shot going through his throat, Revan's only objective was to save the Mandalorian. "Canderous, look at me... look at me!" It was impossible, his eyes were moving all across the place, most likely, Canderous wasn't even able to completely grasp the situation. "I can... I can fix you. I can fix you, Canderous." He could fix anything. The Force made anything possible. "Don't leave, not like this, please."

As it was all coming to a close, Canderous, in his last moments, spoke one last word to the Sith Lord. "T... Tragen..." Revan's real name. The same name only three people were told about. Malak, Bastila, and Canderous. Now... they were all gone. In that moment, Revan's mind was completely empty, containing no feelings, emotion, thoughts, nothing... except one thing... just one thing.



Now the streets would only get even more chaotic.


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"You dare challenge Magneto—the master of magnetism—with a few guns?" the supervillain questioned, almost astounded by the tall, bold, angry woman. The veins by his temples bulged as his anger quickly built. He reached forward and used his powers to pull at the four oversized pistols, attempting to steal them from their owner.

"Don't fuck with a witch," HUNK cautioned Magneto. As expected, this one was just as proud and hot-headed as the others. The agent backed out and grabbed his magnum, preparing to move out.

"We don't have time for this," Balalaika interjected over agent comms. "Those of you who aren't screwing around with Bayonetta, move out. Portal opens in ten seconds. We'll brief you on-site."

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What a shame. The Ebon Hawk, the few pieces still remaining, was now gone. The Dark Lord, not one to tolerate failure, was going to give his personal Assassin Droid a long talking to. Especially since there was no way the Ebon Hawk was going to cruise again. The initial crash was strong enough to cause the Hawk to split into two slices while the crew was still in the atmosphere. And then those pieces were closing in on the surface, which only made even more pieces. Needless to say, the Ebon Hawk... the only thing connecting Revan and his companions to a time when they were constantly moving around the Galaxy, always looking towards the unknown... it was gone.

But HK-47 was more than certain this situation was not his own creation. There was only a 0.000743% chance his programming was malfunctioning, causing the Ebon Hawk to crash. Thanks to Revan's limitless earnings made across the Galaxy, HK's most recent upgrades and modifications were as pristine as they come. So the Assassin Droid, already the greatest in the Galaxy, was certain the cause was an outside issue.

But there was no time to speculate on what made this mess possible. There were enemy machines scattering across the flaming city's remnants. HK-47, one who, once again, thanks to his programming, saw every single machine in existence as a subservient when comparing to his own model, was sure to eliminate the machines using extreme prejudice. Dispatching a whole wave was, obviously, incredibly simple.
"How embarrassing." The Assassin Droid spoke to the machine corpses whilst shooting still operating ones. "Despite the insulting existences you all chose to live, you can still obtain absolution in providing me the scrap necessary to construct more Frag Grenades." Adhesive Grenades were also gone. But to HK-47, nothing can surpass a Frag Grenade when combining it with a large crowd.

Eventually, the machines pathetic attempts to eliminate HK-47 came to a sudden closing. By his own count, HK-47's total count, across all years, was now 492,211. "Only 7,789 more to go until I reach Master's goal." And given the impossible to miss Red Lightning Storm erupting a few minutes ago, HK's chance to update the Dark Lord was coming. His new Frag Grenades now in possession, the Assassin Droid was starting towards his Master's likely position. The Mandalorian, Canderous, was likely there too. Fighting against an endless machine force in an unknown city? To HK, this was the perfect chance to test out some new strategies.

Unknown to HK-47 though, the Dark Lord Revan was not in the mood to trade strategies. With a little luck, Revan's wrath, as impossibly complex as it was, was going to pass soon. Of course, Revan would need to unleash it upon more machines first.

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